Quick Contest -Win SBD If You Know This Hack!

3년 전

I used to be well known for my contests. Here's a quick one - hopefully.

When out voting one day,

I noticed this crazy animation happening with the arrow.


When I clicked to vote, the arrow started spinning. I am not sure what causes this or how to make it occur again. It happened today so I made a quick video.

Well here - figure this one out and win.



  • Watch the 11-second video
  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem this post
  • Tell me how I made the upvote arrow spin
  • Edited comments Will be disqualified

Detail clearly how anyone can get an upvote to spin!
Tell me which browser you use, what operating system.

The first one to get it right, wins!


The prize is 20 SBD

I am starting the contest at 5 SBD but...
The prize goes up as we wait longer for an answer, first increase at 30 minutes.
Contest goes for 24 hours. Prize increases every hour during EST waking hours

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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No, It was not photoshopped or viedoshopped, I hit record
and took the video three inches from the screen!

Edit: It is not a slow connection problem.

I use Firefox, the OS is Linux (Debian) I will show how how I did it, One click opens the voting percentage bar, then a double click on the voting arrow. (a fast double click). This also works on the Chromium version browser. I am not sure if it works on Windows. Upvoted and Resteemed.



Answer 30

Your entry wins!


@htooms, thank you very much for the well-deserved prize !!! I will be attentive to the next challenge.

We are at 15 SBD and I have lots of answers but...
-Comment edited -disqualified!

Hi @htooms, please join our Discord, we need to communicate with you.




Ok, I will give it a shot.


I am on discord and nobody answers. There is just a bot.


I spent half a day there in your discord. Nobody seemed to have the need to communicate with me. You have my email address. htooms@protonmail.com

I still have a little sp to enjoy that bar, but I guess there's something wrong with the internet connection or maybe the double-click.

@htooms... Wish I knew the answer...

Thank You for running this contest to give people a chance to earn SBD's.

Have a Good Weekend...

Cheers !!

In my opinion, the rotating up arrow is caused by a disrupted internet connection, so it will take a while, to regain a stable connection,
I often get problems like that, even more than 11 seconds ..
Upvote and resteem done.

This happens very often, when the internet connection is slow or the platform takes time to load, then this happens at the polling station.
I did not have a contest, it would have been before I followed you
I take the opportunity to wish a wonderful weekend dear friend @htooms


If I don't get a better answer, you will get five. My other contests were every week before delegation was incorporated on the platform. I used a bot to give someone large power votes for an evening. Have a good weekend yourself.


Thank you very much for your response, you are a very kind man.
Happy rest

Hello! my browser is google chrome, with windows seven operating system, the arrow turns when we vote for a publication and the internet is too slow and it takes to respond to the heat of the platform and sometimes when our power is very low, I hope to be lucky

I am using Google Chrome and Windows 10, this happens when there is something wrong with a node on Steemit. It was happening to me yesterday when Steemit was going up and down.

I guess its due to the weak strength of internet connection. The upvote do spin but have never noticed it in that form it did.

Upvoted and Resteemed!


Seventh answer... we are at 10 SBD now.


It must definitely the internet connection and the browser being used. As a web developer, the spin bar for upvoting uses the an ajax technology and the moment you initiate a request to upvote by clicking the button, the connection time and most importantly the browser type aided that spinning reaction. Sadly, I wish I had enough SP to have the spinning bar for voting, Eeew! But pretty soon I sure will too.


Sixth answer... (see comment video at the top)

hola trabajo con google crhome y windows 7 . La verdad no entiendo muy bien la pregunta. Lo que puedo decir es que una vez que votamos. Damos cliks en la reglita que está al lado y arrastramos el cursor hacia la derecha y determinamos el porcentaje de voto que deseamos dar. Eso es lo que entendí. Disculpe si no entendí bien. supongo que esto fue lo que usted hizo y luego tomo el video.


Eighth answer...

That always happens when the Internet connection is very low, because the Internet is using many or because the system fell. Even sometimes it happens to me in Steemit.

sometimes I argue with my brothers when they download a lot of things because the internet gets heavy and that happens.


Answer 14 - Good try @veronicasmb I would say it rotates longer with a slow connection, but that is not why. The pot will grow when I finish the overnight comments..

It keeps fluctuate bcz of steem market fluctuation..
It may be calculating ur vote % on Steem market price.
Or may be its ur internet connection problem


Answer #9 - none are acceptable so far. . . . Thanks for commenting.


Ohh i got ur question now..
It is rotating bcz its setting ur vote to 9%
So you want to make it rotate again?
Just simply "remove your vote" i mean reset your vote.. And again vote...
Iam using chrome browser

Its a network problem. It happens like that sometimes. i have experienced it several times. sometimes is is not even always respo0nsive but when you click it again, it brings an option of downvote


Answer 25 - I used to think that it happens sometimes until I figured out the hack and now I can do it any time I want. Close but, no. I never had the flag window pop up unless I click on the flag. That one is interesting.

Hi htooms
uhh i dont know how u doing that with the arrow
i am too new to see those % in vote
someday i will find the answer
best regards o/


Answer 11.. thanks for commenting - today you will find it!

Hey @htooms
I think it has nothing to do with slow internet connection.
It happens due to the time lag between the creation of new blocks, as we know that it takes minimum 3 seconds to generate a new block.
Every new block accommodates the new information on the steem blockchain whenever we upvote flag post or comment the new information has to be fed into the blockchain.
Sometimes when people use the platform simultaneously the block gets filled and new transaction (in this case upvote) has to wait until the next block is generated which takes 3 more seconds this continues to happen until it finds an empty block to fit in.
We generally do not observe this since block generation time is too small (3 seconds)
This can happen not only in case of upvote slider but also in case of posting and resteeming.
Different browsers show this in different ways
In your case it showed a rotating arrow
In my browser it shows a rotating ring.
Hope you found this useful.


Answer 18 - My browser shows a rotating arrow and a non-rotating arrow. Lots of words but nobody has told me as per instructions. . .

Describe (or detail for me) "clearly how anyone can get an upvote to spin!"

I don't know what you did, you voted about 2.7 with an interested spin, I myself was more keen how much the your 35% vote value will affact the post. I think there must be some lag on steemit itself or you may had a slow internet connection though you denied it. The reason which I presume is that your vote value is being set other than the last vote, that had made arrow to spin.
The third and the reasoned to be doubted, "you are a magician and you make fool of all stemians".


steemd says, "@muzi0202 · 10 hours ago (edited)" so even if I were a magician and even if your answers were correct you would have been disqualified :/
Thanks for participating. This evening I will reveal all if nobody reads the rules and qualifies with the right answer.

In my opinion, there are several causes, I still have a reputation that is still small also experienced the same thing as in your video. I often experience things like that at night. I think the first is, can we say the possible cause of network is not good, so when we want to vote the article, takes a long time, up to a few seconds, maybe even double click. And if the Internet network is not good, although we have loggin Steemit account before, but when we want to vote, we are asked to loggin again Steemit account.

And the second cause, if at that time many people are opening Steemit, then Steemit harder for us to open, and the process is very slow, although the network we use is good, but Steemit is very difficult to open, and loading is very slow. I see, it often happens at night, because I think at night many people who use Steemit. In my opinion, Steemit does require some new additions to the project, so the project is lighter when loading, even though many people are using it, like some other projects. I use the Google Chrome browser for windows 7, and use the Wifi network. Thanks for sharing @htooms...
Upvote and resteem done...


Answer 15 - lost of good ideas as to maybe why.. etc.
Steemd: @reynakarina · 9 hours ago (edited)

  • disqualified

it usually happens with me when internet speed is low also when i have less
it spins then shows you are low on bandwidth


Answer 17 - Thanks for commenting.

Its calculating ur upvote at 9% thats may b reason its rotating... Theres new option which can allow you to remove your vote so you can upvote (make it revolve again)
What say?


Answer 13 - The second video in the comments shows that I can make it rotate when I want to - I chose 35 percent. Good guess

hello @htooms,i have discovered it too on my google chrome,i think its because the user you are upvoting just started blogging on steemit or has a low rep...the reason i said this is because,this is how it does on smoke.io when upvoting,and its still a testnet..and i dont think you did something to make it do that,cause i never remembered maybe i did something,before it showed up.


Answer 12 - on my second video you see that I can easily choose to spin the arrow or not.

This phenomena you are experiencing is no doubt secondary to the 'reality fields' being breached by Steemit as the most prevalently powerful and most utilized Blockchain platform available today.

When Dan Larimer's technology is used in synchronous parallels at the precisely correct position and moment, temporary rifts in dimensional space are generated (similar to 'folding' space time, but one step further, on an extra-dimensional paradigm).

If you tried this maneuver in precisely the same place on the exact opposite side of the world, you would discover your arrow spinning with the same momentum but in the opposite direction... A sort of synchronous Blockchain communicative Coriolis effect, if you will.

This effect is temporary and nothing to fear, yet...

Once EOS achieves mass scale planetary adoption, regardless of application, the worldwide data logs updating identical information, at the exact same time, will be the epoch of what will summon Angels...
Or Demons.


I didnt understood anything. :(


Answer 20 steemd says "@scan0017 · 8 hours ago (edited)" disqualified.

But it would be interesting if the arrow rotates right in the northern hemisphere and left south of the equator. Hmm.


Nuts! 🥜
I am here on Steemit for entertainment purposes only. I was only going to say 'meep,' but that was taken. 😔

my friend @htooms,My browser is with yendex Browser , Windows 10 operating system, when we vote for a publication, the arrow is activated and the Internet is very slow and it responds to the heat of the platform. I hope lucky


Answer 21 - No, sorry. I did say that it rotates for a longer period of time when the Internet is slow, but I can make it rotate or not rotate. See the top comment above. My video.

Your memory might be getting utilized by cpu or an app in the background


Answer 22 - It is not memory and that would not explain how "anyone can make it spin"
Hehe, you don't know my computer, it's an office building in a box.

Its a connection issue......it happens when there is a bad reception.


Answer 19 - not even close. See my video at the top of the comments section. I make it spin when I want to.

Yawn: Good mate morning all. I just picked through the overnight entries and Nothing complete or correct.

Prize money just hit 17 SBD

The 9% of vote is 0.69

browser: google chrome Operating system: Windows 7


Answer 24 - That could be true, but not what I asked for. Thanks.

My hp is Android,,,cannot to spin

I don't think it's a connection issue. I think if you upvote something and then again upvote something within a second, I mean quickly, this might happen. Maybe because the previous upvote is happening.
This might seem to be a dumb one.


Answer 28 - It is not a complete entry, if you watch my video in the comments section, I can make the arrow spin any time I like so it is not a problem with speed. (you edited your comment, so even if it was right, you would not have qualified.)

sometimes it stops because it is waiting for it to load. I think


Answer 26 - That doesn't count as an entry.

This isn't an entry, just a comment :) I had assumed it was just a glitch, or maybe the connection was slow, so I'm really curious to learn how anyone can make that happen.
Cool contest luv ;)


Thanks @dreemit - It is good to have your comments in the midst of all these entries. Three hours left!

Hello @htooms, Excellent work, this happens when the system is slow and it takes to load anything and does not facilitate the connection


Answer 29 - your entry is not correct nor complete - See video of two votes, one with spin and the other without.


We are at 19 SBD folks. Looking for a qualified entry here.

The right answer helps too

Disconnected the connection after clicking.


Third answer

well i use chrome
as a simple answer i would say
when you have to make upvote arrow spin
you just have to press that arrow
or when we upvote it spins


Answer 27 - Does it do that when you vote? That is not correct, but if it were, you would still be missing browser type and operating system.


well every time i upvote it spins
i thought there are only five rules which are started by bullets
i am now more curious to know the right answer

There is only about one hour left people. Name your OS, name your browser, tell everyone what they need to do to make the voting arrow spin!

It is not a slow connection problem.

We are now at 20 SBD for a prize!

  ·  3년 전

The operating system is Linux. Double click and give a vote percentage by double clicking as well.

How do you that? I can't. i mean i click two time the "upvote" button but don't show me that porcent bar, i don't know why. :( you may help me? I really appreciate your answer.