Winner @americadelsur - You Know This Hack!

2년 전

We have our winner !


Yesterday I posted a challenge. Tell me how I made my upvote arrow spin! I requested a couple pieces of information and got a lot of responses.

  • Some seemed to think it was a glitch, and they offered tech support (not a glitch)
  • Some said it was browser related.
  • One or two mentioned a double click but did not provide other info.

Here are the videos I posted showing what you were to find the hack for...

The first video I uploaded showing the hack.

Then this one to show it is not a glitch, but Intentional.


I found this using a Linux based computer and the chromium (open source) browser. Every time that I pulled up my vote slider and double clicked, I was able to make the arrow animation work. I tried it on all the computers in the house. I don't have Windows or Apple, but I did try one with Fedora and none of my browsers could spin it.

The winner said it works on Debian, using Firefox. I might not have believed it but there is a supporting video on their post. Good going!

Out of 30 possible entries we have a winner

Congrats @americadelsur


Your 20 SBDs are on the way!

20sbd prize.png


Thanks for taking the time to play!

Remember. Your job is to make sure people know that simply putting it "on the blockchain" does NOT mean that it is on the Bitcoin (or another reliable decentralized) blockchain.

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I wasf ive SBD when I first saw your challenge. How are you paying twenty now? I got my upvotes spinning now. Cool.


the prize went up as time went by without a correct answer. Glad you are voting in circles now.


I'll work on it, thank you very much.

Well I can now tell you it even works by quickly double tapping the 'mouse' pad on my laptop with my finger ;) (Windows and Chrome) Contest success!

And speaking of contests, @surfermarly so graciously nominated me for the comedy open mic one- gee thanks Mar! ;0)- how badly can I embarrass myself? Find out tomorrow (most

Congratulations @americadelsur
thanks to @htooms for this contest and we will wait for the next contest.hopefully i am the the winners 😬😬😬

So nice of you to make giveaways.


I'll be on the lookout in the next few days to participate as well. Greetings.

congratulations to all those who have presented an answer, especially to the ganodor of the day.
Thank you very much dear friend @htooms for allowing us this fun
I wish you a beautiful Sunday

I want to participate next time! I'll be keeping my eyes open.


I am open to ideas for any competition. I don't care about the money. The best return on my investment is happy steemians!

A great prize, what luck!

Congratulations @americadelsur,
And thanks to @htooms for making this contest, and we will wait for the next contest, hopefully we will be the winners ..

Thank you for posting this contest @htooms.

Congratulations to @americadelsur. more happy Steemians.


I also use same browser but the irony is I never encountered this. The answer is simple, I don't have much steem to get that bar.
Congratulations to winner and thanks to @htooms.

Congratulations to the winner, my response was not correct but thanks for allowing me to participate, I will be pending for the next contest

Congratulations to the winner, I will follow your blog to learn from your experiences

It's a pity I couldn't participate, I'll be looking forward to your next challenges :D greetings.

Eagerly waiting for next contest..

Congratulatory to the winner.

Congratulations to @americadelsur, for the winner in your contest, he is entitled to get SBD from you, because the answer is very good, I've read it. Hopefully I will win at the next contest. Thanks for sharing @htooms, and hopefully you will be more successful for the future... :)

Congratulations to the winner of this contest, your contest is very helpful to us all, and you have a very high social life, I will wait for the next contest. Thank,,,

waiting for the next contest @htooms 🚵🚵🚵
I am very enthusiastic and i will join the next contest

One thing I want to say if you won't be offended is if you do something innovative and put it to test to small minnows for a contest. Please make a distribution of it, 20 SBD is a much big award I think a half dozen people can share it with smile on their faces.

Very cool the response I am getting. Thanks all.

Que cool

Vaya por que no vi este pos antes:( estaré al pendiente de sus post para participar en otro saludos amigo :D