Winner @wa2qr for guessing correctly! Good Job

2년 전

We have our winner !


Yesterday I posted a challenge. It was to tell me what this "stuff" is. I requested a couple pieces of information and got a lot of responses. Now comes the winner and the reveal!

The Challendge was to tell me what this stuff is?!?

Some clues are that it is bigger than a fingernail, smaller than a breadbox and it was found in my house.

The challenge

-Upvote this post
-Resteem this post
-Make a comment describing the stuff
-Edited comments disqualifies them as entries.

Do you have this Stuff?

Have you seen this Stuff?

Can you get this Stuff?

Guess what this "stuff" is and win.

The answer:

It is not an easy guess, because without the food coloring, the spheres are invisible in water, and you might think it is just water which some of you guessed. When I added a bit of color, they looked like waterlogged intestines, which you wont' find around my house!

The winner guessed the following:


The video proof of that I had created.

Here is another bit of info.

If you see a tiny baggie of these at a novelty shop, they are the gel balls. They grow immensely and last for months.


The left one is hard as a rock, appears to be plastic. On the right, the same object after touching water, Squishy like an eyeball. Yes, they grow that much.

Congrats to @wr2qr


Your 10 SBDs are on the way!

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and the the winner


Thanks for taking the time to play!

Remember. Your job is to make sure people know that simply putting it "on the blockchain" does NOT mean that it is on the Bitcoin (or another reliable decentralized) blockchain.

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Oh I'm delighted. Thank you @htooms for these contests. And thank you all for congratulating me.

excellent congratulations @wa2qr, surely you have a good teacher, I will follow you and learn from you.

Congratulations @wa2qr and thank you @htooms for this wonderful contest :)

I hope I can win the contest too like @wa2qr but I know @htooms have a lot of contest,so that mayb next time I win.

Wow nice contest @htooms hope u will conduct more contest like this

When another is a good your contest

Congratulations to the winner . I tried and I hope to win again. Thanks

Congratulations to @wr2qr who has won this contest, hopefully @htoom will hold a contest for her next and I will be happy to participate,
Once again congratulations the winner ..

  ·  2년 전

what a good contest.

I want another similar contest. :(

when another similar contest?

Congrats @wa2qr I think you are so good in science subject!

Congratulations @wr2qr
waiting for the next contest, hope i can be the winner in the next guess
haha so it's not some kind of liquid soap like i guessed :D

Wow, Congratulations to @wa2qr, you are the best, so you can win in this contest. All that can be a motivation for all of us, to learn again, I will wait for the next contest. thank you very much @htooms

Congratulations to the winner of the contest and awesome of you too to have put the contest into existence. Keep the good work flowing man

Wowi tried so hard, i was not even close lol. Congrats to the winner

Congratulations @wa2qr, you are very lucky to win in this contest, I am also happy for your success. Hopefully for the next contest I will be the one to win ... :)
I really salute you @htooms, because you have a very high social life, with you making this contest, it really helps us all in working in Steemit. Hopefully you will be more successful for the future for all your good.
I will wait for your next contest. Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful day...

Ohh No !!!
I am not the winner but no worry.. Congratulations @wr2qr...
Your eye is so clear and soft....
Great initiative contest @htooms.. I enjoyed it


Btw what was this?.. It looks like ring structure.. Didnt notice in whole vedio... It made me to think for hr.. I checked it from all angles but couldnt guess😂😂..


It is just the way the balls of gel look in colored water. I am actually making colored gel marbles to put in clear water to see the difference, because I have nothing better to do, hehe.


Wow the truth is that never happened to me that mind hahaha, the image was somewhat difficult to guess, great job for the winner, congratulations.

  ·  2년 전

congratulations to the winner. I loved the contest.

ohhhh ... wonderful proof. Congratulations to the winner.

I tried for nearly 1 hr but couldnt...congratulation to winner... Hahaha same again waiting for next contest

I almost got brain smoke trying to guess! great contest, thanks for the fun.

I'm not the winner, but I want to thank you for this wonderful contest. very creative and fun. Congratulations

Hey, @htooms I really salute you, because you have a very high social life, with you making this contest, it really helps us all in working in Steemit. Hopefully you will be more successful for the future for all your good.

Congrats @wa2qr and thanks to @htooms for this lovely contest.when i saw the video i compared myself as jackass because my guess was too bad😐😐

Congratulations for @wr2qr
as the winner of contes @htooms
great contes master @htooms,
I really appreciate your talents and achievements.
thank you very much for you @htooms

How nice! there would be no right, excellent contest

small ball

@htoom doing a great job !!!

Congratulations for @wr2qr
as the winner of contes @htooms
Your contests are very good, so your contests are in demand by the other steemians.

Congratulations @wa2qr and thank you @htooms for great contest

Congratulations @wa2qr amazing contest

  ·  2년 전

Congratulations @wa2qr really nice contest thank you @htooms

I just want to congratulate the winner, maybe we can win cloth times..
Thanks @htooms

Congrats @wa2qr.
Better arranged contests by @htooms.
Hope to be win next time.

Sure...Next time I'll win the contest @htooms. However congratulations to winner. That would be nice guessing contest.

Wow I was going to go for that, but I was too cowardly to answer, your contests uplifting, amazing and totally mind boggling, o enjoyed every bit of them.

looking forward to another.

excellent talent, congratulations to @wa2qr as a contest winner from @htooms
I am very interested in your contes, I follow and will wait for the next contest.


thank you master @htooms

I am following and resteem this post

Your contes is very simple master @htooms
I like it very much.
good contest

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A very extraordinary context I love it and also admire it

that's amazing contest. thank you a lot @htooms for this contest

congratulation the winner @wa2qr. thank you @htooms