The JAG Contest: Win SBD By Telling Us Why You Don't Give Up

3년 전

Welcome to another edition of the JAG contest.

Last week was awesome.

Congratulations to all of the winners. Click here to check out the winners.

This week’s theme is: Why I Don't Give Up

That's right! We want you to tell us why you never give up. What motivates you? What keeps you going?

Judge for this edition is (will be announced later)

Prizes: Total SBD payout will be distributed to three winners; 33% each


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  3. Your entry must be between 50-70 words

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I have encountered so many difficulties, hardships and and pains yet I refuse to give up. Well it's not because of am strong, neither is it because I derive joy in it but one thought keeps me going, making me believe that soon it will be alright.

What keeps me going is this.
I believe that every attempt I make that there is a greater chance of me breaking through, so for me to relax or loose hope means am reall missing this opportunity.
So even when weak, sick or tired I keep trying because I believe it only for a while

I will never give up until here because this is the beginning of my struggle. and this is also a great opportunity for me to succeed in working. and surrender is not a proper path but a misguided chasm
a lot of experience that I get here so I will not give up staying struggling even though big fish fish never prey me

Despite the hopelessness and harsh reality that life gives me, I don’t easily give up because of my own dreams and burning passion. It is also because of the people who continuously believes in me. Yes, these are my motivators and they keep me going. Life will always be hard. That’s a given fact. But it becomes bearable because of the people we love and love us as well that never gives up on us. They believe in us so we have all the rights to believe in ourselves that we can do this, we will get through this and we should never look down. Instead, we must face the world up high, tap our shoulders and say to ourselves, “We can do better than this! We will succeed and we shouldn’t stop doing our best.” Yes, there were times that we fail, we make mistakes, we gain regrets and we just wanted to shut the world off. But it’s okay to feel that because we are all humans.
And then we should rise up again, feeling recharged, stronger and eager to face life’s hardness and this goes on.


I don't give up because I already did once before and it was worse than drowning, so now, instead of sinking gasping for air, filling my lungs with emptiness I keep going forward or backwards, it doesn't matter, in the end the important thing is to keep moving and discover those little moments that make it all worthwhile.

The thought of letting people who sacrifice their happiness to get me where I am will not just leave me be. When you have people who believe in your life's dreams and invest their own life into it, then I see no greater motivation than this. It is my goal that they get the right return on their investments (not necessarily monetary).

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My father always told me and my siblings that life was a competition. As a child, I wondered who I was competing with, but growing up now, I know.

I never give up, because I have to beat my previous self; the old, weak, version has to be overcome by the new, unknown but superior, version.

I don't give up, because I have to make my life's story a bestseller.

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Being a social promoter I had self notions that I will suceed in this platform. Also the large amount of support and motivation from my followers keeps me going.

There are times that difficulties and adversities are dragging me down and are giving me the thoughts of giving up. But I always remember that in dark times, I must look into the brighter side. Trials are there to mold my character and bring valuable lessons in life. And I'm always motivated by the thought that I won't fail if I'll keep going. I'll fail if I'll give up.

Dear Chicken @iamthegray (oops GrayPhoenix),

What a wonderful contest dear Sir. Thank you for putting this lovely prompt on Steemit!

Here is my official entry:

Understanding our promise to a higher being is a powerful reality. Even if human life has never been kind, there is no other choice but to move forward, and stay motivated. Discerning that there is more joy than pain in this world, and that this life is a short one is encouragement to not give up. Creator is Love, and that is the ultimate lesson. To love and be loved.

Respectfully submitted, @eaglespirit.


I was born, fed, clothed and nurtured by poverty from childhood up to this moment but I refused to let that weigh me down nor give up. Irrespective of my life's challenges, I don't give up because I believe in my dreams and myself. I know I'll be great for there'll surely be a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks💖💞

I know when we are asked why we should never give up,some people will say because they have worked hard and cant quit at the last moment. But as for me,the main reason why i dont give up are my parent! They worked really hard for me and my siblings. Although i come from a middle class family,they always try to provide me with things rich people own. An iphone,laptop,wifi etc...
As i am growing up,they are getting older and soon they will retire. I always try my best to make them proud and i will not give up because i want to be able to give them all they will ever want when they are old. We need to work hard and not give up not only because of ourselves but also because of our parents. I want them to one day look at me and say "yes,it was worth giving you all you wanted because we know if you could buy us the world,you would."

@moneyinfant, Think this can make your list?


I do believe so ;-)

What is surrender?
Never having had a moment full of mists?
I have had them, but after going through muds that delay the advances ... and think until here I arrive, I will die.
I have felt joy again and I have come out of sadness.
New ideas emerge, the highest gave me his inspiration.
and here is scope to see a little of the glory of existence.

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Anytime I go through difficult spells in life, I reflect on the testimonies of great personalities:
-William Harvey laboured eight years to prove how bloodstream circulated in the individuals body, and it had taken the medical profession another twenty-five years to demonstrate he was right.
-Thomas Edison experienced 10, 1000 failures before he enhanced the light bulb, an invention we all are enjoying today.
I always understand that it doesn't matter what I go through. What counts is the response to the difficulties being faced.

I believe that life is in stages and every experience (good or bad) is a lesson. So I push ahead, knowing that something better might just be around the corner. It is this hope that spurns me on. I don't know the future but I can hope that it is better. That's what drives me on: Hope


I don't give up because the death has no option. I m quite aware of how life treat one when one is no more so I always try to make every second count. The thought of my accomplishments and goals all lies in this.
Secondly, I always looked back at the achievement of my father. My drives and strife goes beyond his life slogan"what do you want me to do".

I don't give up because I have people that depend on me, people that I have to care for, provide and protect. I would not like to think what will happen to them if I give up, so the simplest way to put this fear to rest is to never give up and keep going not matter how much sorrow or pain it could cause me.

For me, it's quite simple. The Vision of whatever it is I'm into is my driving force & that force comes from a place of created passion. I keep my gaze fixated on the price without looking sideways. This is pure discipline I believe. So I've trained myself over the years to be dogged when it comes to my goals because that's the way to win in life.

I don't give up because it is not in my nature to do that I just don't know how to do it even during the toughest of times I just let out a good laugh and I carry on you see giving up does not take away your problems it magnifies it because giving up makes you weak thereby making something that is very easy to do become harder and the more you give up the harder it gets giving up takes away a part of you it rids you of your happiness and fills you with regret and that is why I NEVER GIVE UP

I don't give up because life is a precious gift from the heavens and this is a journey I want to take to the fullest. It is somehow cliché but those life quotes you have heard in your childhood are the truth. It is exciting to know what your future holds and the promise of tomorrow. For my journey here on Steemit, I never give up on my dream to become a whale someday because the promise this is the only platform where I get to do my two passions in life - writing and earning. I believe Steemit is for the long-term and I want to see it flourish and become on top of the most successful blogging platform that runs on a blockchain. So I am here for the long-run!

Why would I give up after spending so many time and money?
Why would I give up after giving much expectation to people around me?

Yes, life has been so cruel and heartless, but giving up will it make life to be easier?

Giving up on my dreams will it make good things to come easier or will it make my dreams to be actualized? No, Never!

So why would I give up?

If giving up is an option, the world would have been a world of mediocres.

I will never give up because giving up itself is a very big challenge which I can't afford.

Life, if you like through all the problems on me, giving up is the hardest thing I will do!

Life I know is a unity and struggle of opposites, full of ups and downs and rise and fall. Life is not a straight pathway and I am being driven to success by the thoughts of my capabilities. There is nothing any man can do that I cannot do that I cannot do. The only difference between the next man ahead of me is just time and opportunity.

I like this post
Dear Sir/sis my post comments and upvote of your post comments and upvote will

Giving up simply is pointless to me. When you give up, the situation remains the same. Giving up doesn't solve the issue rather could even create more problems. Why even set a goal if you can't achieve it? Why was i born? My parents haven't given up, so why would i? When the going gets tough, i encourage myself, push myself till i achieve my goal. For me...hope springs eternal.

In life you would always encounter one challenge or the other.

I haven't given up because am aware of this fact, even God didnt promise us a life without challenges but whatever we ever come across, his grace is always sufficient for us.

I never give up because am always optimistic, i do not focus on what am passing through because i know it will surely be over and the future holds better for me.

Nunca me rindo porque rendirse es de cobardes.
Y me considero una luchadora en la vida.
El amor a mi familia me motiva a seguir adelante.
El estar en constante movimiento me recuerda que soy una persona activa a pesar de los problemas de salud que padezco.
Si no estoy ocupada mi mente atrapa mi cuerpo y el resultado sería catastrófico.