IFC Season 2 Round 4 - Find More Players

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Hello there! Welcome to our digital spaceship castle.
Artwork credit - @jimramones on steemit

Hey again peoples! Hope you're doing well!
It sure has been a fun adventure so far exploring the universe with you all. :) I've been pleasantly surprised and I'm looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us.

The previous round was a tough one and we didn't get many entries, I expected a few more and was going to offer an extension to anyone who wanted it, though.. After reading a comment by @bashadow who suggested extending the round even further.. I agree and I've decided to extend it at least another week and might end up extending it even longer.

Especially since we've only just recently finished judging round 1, so you should have time to get in an entry even if you didn't start working on one yet, by the way here's the results for round 1 if you missed it.

PS, will send the steem to the winner shortly when I get a chance, been a bit overwhelmed!

Even though we didn't get many entries for the previous create a new IFC song round the ones we did get were pretty awesome! And I'm super excited to see how our new IFC song turns out. I can't wait! Mad props to the people who did enter, you all did an awesome job!


The subject of our fourth quest is going to be.. "Find More Players".

I feel like this is an important round to help get things rolling a bit more and to help things become a bit more lively around here so I'm going to be awarding the Unidentified Object rare legendary relic to whoever wins this round.

(Artwork credits = @artgirl)

The Unidentified Object is a mysterious item we found in some ancient ruins near Cryptopia on Digita and it has the ability to mimic any other relic.

However.. You only get to have this item until the end of the season and then next season it is up for grabs again in similar manner.

You can once again go about this quest however you please, though to give you an idea of an example.. A blog post talking about the game and inviting people to play might be a good way to go about it!

Feel free to mention that I will sponsor some players who have low RC with a small amount of delegation for the duration of the season if they say they will commit to playing somewhat regularly.

I think I saw someone say that either 20 or 25 steem was enough to help newer people post more regularly and I could probably sponsor like 5 to 10 people with that amount.

And also you can remind people that players can play by email if they have an issue with low RC as well, that way they can still play in our game and have a chance to win steem without using their limited about of RC.


So far we have received support and 10steem from @underground and I have confirmed that @ats-david and @krnel and @timcliff and @steemcommunity will also be supporting us again this season.

Underground, ats-david, krnel, timcliff, and steemcommunity are all witnesses, so if you support what we are doing here at the IFC please look into them and give them a vote for witness as well. By the way to vote for ats-david you should vote for his @ats-witness account.

Also it looks like @ecoinstar will donate 100 shares of steembasicincome to the winner of the grand prize!
And thanks to @bengy for delegating 25 steem. :)



The challenge will finish after 7 days when the post ends and provides its payout cycle or when all entries have been submitted.

25% of the post payout goes to curation and after that what's left will now be split up 75% to the winner of the round and 25% to put towards building up the @ifc account.

For those who play via email.. This will be recorded and saved for you, and.. If you're unwilling to make your own steem account we will at some point be willing to convert it for you to whichever currency however.. Not for small amounts, you must earn at least 10 steem for us to take the time to do this for you.


1. Round 4 of season 2 starts now and the subject is "Find More Players".
  1. Create a blog post on steem for the contest or send an email if you are playing via email.

  2. Title of blog post or subject of email must contain, "IFC S2R4"

  3. Leave a link to your post in the comments below unless you are playing via email in which case myself or someone else will do so. (This part is important and a lot of people forget this, please put the blog link in the right place so our judges can find it)

  4. And you also have to use the #ifc tag in your blog post as well unless you are playing via email.

  5. You must accept that if you somehow get hurt doing any of our quests you can not reasonably hold us accountable. You must take responsibility for your own choices and actions in life. This is a voluntary game where you choose to play. Only you can make such decisions for yourself.

  6. You are responsible for paying the appropriate government taxes, fees, and service charges resulting from any transactions with the IFC or Marketplace. We are not responsible for collecting, reporting, paying, or remitting to you any such taxes, fees, or service charges, except as may otherwise be required by law.

Acceptable content

A. A blog post or email about Finding More Players.

B. Language is primarily in English and if you would like to participate from elsewhere in the world it is up to you to translate your message into English so we can understand you.
C. Do your best to make sure everything is properly sourced.
D. We also encourage role playing for those who enjoy doing that. :)

Also we now have judges guidelines so you can see what the main judges generally look for in an entry, links to those will be below.

Good luck in the contest!!

Click to enter the Discord chat room.

Click to go to the rules page.

20180421_151139_0001.pngOriginal by @yeszuzia and modified by @charisma777

PS.. If you'd like to be a part of the community in some way but don't want to play in the game, we're still looking for a few regular judges and always looking for guest judges and sponsors.

Please feel free to resteem or share this blog post on any social media to help get the word out to more people who might want to play! <3 Thank you.

Also if you want to be notified of each round or updates send an email to informationfindingchampionship@gmail.com with the subject "Add to IFC mailing list".

Plus here's a YouTube video I made on the subject of the IFC that I'm going to include with each round post.

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This is a great challenge in terms of the growth of the contest, more participation increases the competitive nature of the contest and most importantly creative entries and many different perspectives of solving the tasks.


Word! I agree. Thanks for the feedback buddy. It means more work for us judges if we get more players, but.. I think it's a good thing for the game and community in general and I want to see what we're doing here grow and reach more people.. So hopefully in time we can do that and make a bit of a splash, so to speak. :)

  ·  3년 전

Glad your extending the last round! Song writing is much more difficult then I imagined it would be, and I'm not even trying to sing or create a beat.


Drop them beats @tryp

  ·  3년 전

Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats


Boom! Done. Round 3 winner right there.


Cool @tryp ! Glad to hear you're working on something. :) That round will be extended a bit longer as we're still judging round 2, I'd guess you probably have another week or so! Good luck! And looking forward to seeing it if you get it done. :)

We got our first entry via email from @plushzilla which I will post below. I'll make sure to remind the judges of this as well when it comes time to vote for this round.

Not sure how the email entries work compared to writing Steemit posts (so I am just giving it a go this week).

I thought about how we can find more players for IFC, and this is what I have found/came up with:

Spunkee Monkey - this is an initiative created by @dreemsteem that is encouraging children to do something similar to what we are doing with IFC so I think there is an opportunity to collaborate with them:

State of Steem (SoS) posts - @pennsif wrote a post about some of the contests running on Steemit and we should definitely be adding IFC to the list:

Participate in other competitions/contests - I know that there are people who play IFC that also hosts other contests (@bengy being one of them), and there are also other contests like the iTalent contest that stopped last month because the organiser is too busy so we can try to pick up their players/delegation (@ivan.atman) for the IFC instead. I think if we can try and help/support one group then they will probably also reciprocate and bolster our numbers, especially since many other groups have dropped out

Not sure that this is enough for a post, but I figured that at least it will help me to get back into the swing of things :)



@contestkings also have a Discord and white list for no upvote no resteem required contests


Cool. I'm not totally sure what the white list thingy means, but I'll have to check them out! Thanks.


It is just dropping into Discord and asking them to check out the contest announcement. To see that there is no obligatory upvote resteem or follow.


I checked it out and it looks promising and something I may want to do in the future, however right now it looks like they are still really small and not getting many eyes on their posts and I'm extremely overworked and not sure it's wise to add another job onto my weekly list of things to do for them since they don't seem to have very much of an audience yet.. Though in the future if they start picking up more steam I'd be happy to go through the motions and get our contest listed on their list! Thanks for the suggestion and lemme know if you think I'm wrong and that I should try to sign up with them anyways? Do you think they have a big enough audience to justify it? I went to numerous of their pages and saw like zero comments from people who weren't part of their group.


I'm going to be responding to the email entries both via email and copy pasting my responses here on steem as well. Below is my response to plushzilla.

Responding to your round 4 entry.. Would love to work with Spunkee Monkey, however our IFC game is an 18+ adult game so I'm not sure how we could work with children.. Maybe we could someday have an offshoot just for kids? That would be cool! However I'm not sure we're popular enough yet or well funded enough yet for that.

Will look closer into the pennsif post about contests and also the iTalent thing. I'm not sure if there is a way we can work with them or not, however.. I do want to work with others when we can and it's reasonable to do so! Those sound like some potentially promising options.

Also.. It would be cool to collaborate on contest stuff, I remember in the past we had talked about doing a thing where IFC people could play against other communities and I still love that idea! Though things have been so slow on steem recently I'm not sure now is the right time for that. Still definitely a good idea though! And I bet if we were able to work with other communities that some would take interest in ours and join us. :)

Some great ideas there! Thanks Plush!!

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If you build it they WILL come!

Here's my entry, it's a call to action.


This is my invitation for the contest.
Entry Post

Here we go for this week! I'm going to give it a kick in the arse to hopefully get it a bit more visibility!


If I'm not too late, here is my entry for this weeks challenge :)