A Video Commercial Contest 4 All The YouTubers & Dtubers on the Platform

3년 전

So I've been getting nice amounts of SBD for my votes @smartsteem and I want redistribute some of them to the community. And how will I do that? Through a video contest of course!

Because quite a few people complained about various difficulties uploading to d.tube, that condition is now OPTIONAL

(Thanks @mrlightning for the awesome design! Check out his profile for roleplaying, photography, D&D and graphic design content! He's a really multifaceted guy!)


The rules are simple; make a positive video about Steem and it's various features.

You may dedicate a part for the different Dapps running on Steem blockchain.

It has to be between 1 - 5 minutes long.
You may use characters, special effects and everything else in your arsenal to make it interesting & amazing.

The video must be uploaded to YouTube, with your Steemit profile link and a link to the d.tube video version in the description.

You must make a post with your video and a brief explanation about this contest, and comment here with the link to your post.

Third place will get 10SBD (currently valued at 93.4$)
Second place will get 15SBD (currently valued at 140.1$)
And first place will get 25SBD (currently valued at 233.5$!!!)

Finally because video making takes time, submissions will be open until 31\01\2018, so make your January awesome by participating!

images used for the design are

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Jennis from Friends, I can't look at her anymore, LOL.

Great commercial!


For that I even sacrifice some of my precious mobile connection out here in the jungle to watch it!


I remember your first ad for steemit months ago, it was amazing !! and now this one! It looks so futuristic, inviting and serious. And you have chosen blue colors for text.. maybe this will subliminal talk into minds of facebook users ;D
great work, I really appreciate it and will share the link to the outsiders ;)


That's a realy good video. I like the fast and flushy style of it.




Holy S*** that's​ an amazing Video.


Sehr gut! 👍 Und jetzt eine etwas langsamere Variante für die Ü40-Leute 👴 👵. :-)


Cool video! I like also the music that is pumping up ;)


Hi great editing and idea and pictures, the only thing I would change is typography (I know the blue color is color of the logo Steem, but I would choose another color with more impact)...
otherwise it is really awesome :)

Video submissions will be accepted until 23:59 Israel Time

Good Luck!


Thank you all who participated, I will start working on the winners announcement post

Here's one more for ya, geared to informing YouTubers that the future of remonetizing content is here NOW... through STEEMIT and DTUBE! 😀

Great contest @imacryptorick. I appreciate your work by fully upvoting.

Hi @imacryptorick! Here is my entry for this contest. I hope I am not late.

Click here to for link to the post →know more about steem


You are not late, good job!

  ·  3년 전

Nice contest @imacryptorick! It's a shame I'm not able to use programs to making an elaborate video but i resteem this post for my friends.


That helps too :-)

  ·  3년 전

Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (01.01-07.01): Win free SBD and STEEM for current week.
Thank you @imacryptorick for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free SBD.

Did a repost, subscribed to Your blog and voted for Your post. I hope there will be many participants.

Upvoted and re-steemed!
Good luck and great IDEA!
I hope many steemers will make amazing video;s!

Best wishes

@einarkuusk this might interest you, maybe?^^
If he participates, then BEWARE, he will take one of the top 3 places. ;)


Haha, I hope so!

Hi @imacryptorick , D.tube worked for me, albeit only 480p...

Here is my entry:


Awesome! You're in!


Yesss !!! :)

i suppose this is the right one ? ... well i hope so c0ac7ffd2d23780b46aa58d6f03440b7--symbols-emoticons-smiley-faces.jpg

gods dam that moji is a bit big innit ?
so the part obese fish have been stalking me about :

its not automated okay you rich dicks (not you, dude, ... "them" ... i checked my stats a lot and its a handful of stalkers, i'm thinking ex-gfs or exes of ex gfs ... or maybe the hackers-on-meth hahah)

good luck, i'll just leave the other one if by chance anyone reads it they might still get here from there xD

viewed, voted, commented, and re-steemed ...

anyone follows me i'll follow back within a few days

if you have complaints please check the link, or else just do that content dictator thing you do i no longer care ... a resteem is a resteem, atm to 187 people, thats 187 chances to have it re-resteemed,


you can check my profile give comment & upvote :)

Wow you are so good to the community. If only I know how to edit videos I would definitely participate lol! By the way, happy new year to you :)


Happy New Year!

I cant make a video, but i did give you follow. If you like cannabis give me a follow as well

Hope you'll get some intresting contestents :)


I sure hope so :D

This is cool! i got rid of my rode mic for some dumb reason otherwise id join in on this. Only been here a few days but its been amazing thus far. Loving the platform here. cheers


Maybe you can find someone who can lend you a mic? :-)

With these competitions you are strengthening the SteMeT social network. Thank you for that.

Great initiative @imacryptorick. It's very cool and nice of you sharing what you have to other people. Bless your heart. Good luck to contestants. ^_^

Do we have to use any special tag for this contest?


Nope, just the requirements stated in the post minus the Dtube upload, which was removed due to participants' difficulties

Great initiative dear. Regards Nainaz.

Hey @jerrybanfield, I don't know if you'd like to participate yourself, but I bet quite a few of your followers might.

So if you support this initiative, could you please resteem this post?

I'd like there to be as many entries as possible, and I think the Steem community would like that as well :-)


Hi there, I'm thinking of participating, but would it count if I did graphics like animation or motion graphics??


It needs to be a video commercial with sound, how yiu make it is up to you

I really hope I'll find time to attend!

Videos from at least 30 seconds are allowed

beautiful post

Awesome.... I see open until Jan 31 ... I will make something. Post too old to Resteem ???


Shouldn't be a problem, you don't have the resteem button?

Hi @imacryptorick , I assume all components of the video need to be either made by the author or used under creative commons or with specific permision ?


It can be a combination of author generated media, creative common media, and copyrighted media IF it falls under fair-use.


Since the commercial can be framed as a social commentary, because it's about a social platform that brings social change and only a few seconds will be used to illustrate social commentary, I guess using something like a dolphin swimming can be categorized as fair use...

I honestly appreciate this contest.

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great initiative my friend... I am going to take part in this contest definitely...


Chop-chop :P

love this! i was actually gonna do one of these videos for the hell of it and to help friends because i am starting to repeat myself alot! which is a good thing!!! So Yes thank you and please I am jumping in!!!


Awesome! :-)

Hehe, this would be a neat project to test out the new camera on. Count me in. Hopefully I can get it done by the end of the month.

Good job