Stats for yesterday's (12th Jan , 2021) Dice Roll Game over at @PlayDice

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Stats for yesterday's Dice Roll Game

If you don't know what the game is, head on over to @PlayDice and check the posts.

In Short though:

Every ~5 hours @PlayDice rolls the dice, your objective is to roll something higher... If you do, then you share the STEEM/SBD with everyone else that did the same.

How Do You enter?

Simply by UpVoting a post that is still in an [OPEN] state.
Easy As That!

the top game is still good to vote and play

The tables below show the games for yesterday and the winners/losers, as well as the Top Players for yesterday and for the week. Currently there are no additional prizes for Top Players, but that will be changing soon. ;-)

Yesterday's Win/Lose Stats

GameDice RolledWinnersLosers
Game Link72033
Game Link7640
Game Link62714
Game Link71922
Game Link62121
Game Link3373

Yesterday's Top Players

PlayerGames Played
@baasdebeer6 (5 won)
@pileofsteem6 (5 won)
@playpoker6 (4 won)
@chrisparis6 (4 won)
@ilanisnapshots6 (4 won)
@playhighcard6 (4 won)
@mrf6 (4 won)
@bonp6 (4 won)
@thearned6 (4 won)
@robtheranger6 (4 won)

Yesterday's Top Win Ratio (played 1/2 or more games)

PlayerWin Ratio
@springlining2 played, 2 won = 100% win
@holybread1 played, 1 won = 100% win
@jgullinese1 played, 1 won = 100% win
@kgakakillerg1 played, 1 won = 100% win
@kevmcc1 played, 1 won = 100% win
@andresurrego1 played, 1 won = 100% win
@qam21121 played, 1 won = 100% win
@baasdebeer6 played, 5 won = 83.33% win
@pileofsteem6 played, 5 won = 83.33% win
@braaiboy6 played, 4 won = 66.67% win

Don't miss a game!

Wanna make sure you play in every game and stand a chance at not only winning the SBD from beating the dice, but also from making it to the top? Then Follow @PlayDice on @SteemAuto or something similar.

click here to find out how to follow @PlayDice

Oh yes... Feel like having some extra fun?
Call double-or-nothing in the comments of an open post and predict your roll, and if @BraaiBoy acknowledges it, he will take you on!

Play Dice for free and win STEEM/SBD:

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