The Old Dog Presents: The Tricky Trunk Contest

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Like many of you I love trees. Their variety, their individual "personalities" and their majesty constantly astound me.

For this contest I want to focus on one aspect of trees. The trunk or "Tricky Trunks" as I'm calling them. I want to see unique and unusual trunks. Ready? Let's get started!

Here Is My Example For This Contest

I saw this "Tricky Trunk" on my recent visit to Germany. It's gnarled mass mesmerized me!

The beauty above the trunk contrasts the tricky tangles below!

Now It's Your Turn! Here Are The Rules!


  • Please take a picture of a "Tricky Trunk!" It must be your own photo not one that you find on the internet
  • Show them to me in your comments and I'll make a post rewarding the best ones!
  • There will be a prize of one Steem each for the top five
  • The contest ends seven days
  • There is a limit of two entries per person

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Thanks for following me on my blockchain travels and I look forward to sharing my adventures with you.  

Until next time, 

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

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That's amazing! Even better that it looks like it's exploding out of the path and wall.
Mine isn't quite as grand, but I thought it was quirky.

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Still very cool!

Wow who would have thought such a trunk would produce such flowers! Amazing!

Here is one I thought was cool!

cropped P1180082.jpg

Pretty cool, but even better is the tiny pot it is in (part of the bonsai tradition!)




Wow who would have thought
Such a trunk would produce such
Flowers! Amazing!

                 - old-guy-photos

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Well done!

Seriously I like this contest, but I still don't know whether I could find a tricky trunk like what you have captured as the sample photography here!



I think that you’ll find one!

Tricky Trunk - I love this theme :) Let me submit one of my most recent tree shots. These are the Quindio Wax Palms - the tallest palm trees in the world and the iconic tree of the Corora Valley, Colombia. I just published a post where you can learn about the palms and the place :)


If those trunks are not tricky enough, climbing them surely is! :D


Absolutely amazing. I want to see a picture of you at the top grabbing a coconut!


Haha that would be cool :) They reach up to 60 m in height.



This is one of my favourite trunks, looks a little like a serpent to me. Taken in the stunning rainforest at the Bunya Mountains National Park.


You nailed it with this one!


Thank you!! : )
You've got to love nature and all it's wondrous things!


Incredible. I have seen some bizarre trees but this one really stands out. Awesome shot.


Thank you @phortun, nature at its best! It's amazing what we can find isn't it!!


Exactly ;)

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  ·  2년 전

Thank you @kus-knee.

My participation: olive trees ... I am in the Greek period. I also made a post.
Old Dog's contests!




Good job!

Who knows what caused it to deviate so suddenly during its growth?



Thanks for hosting this awesome contest, @kus-knee! ;)


Very cool!

Here's a tree trunk I found in Beijing:

camera download 696.JPG


Very tricky!


Oh dear. I was hoping you would say: "very trunky" - so I knew I had a shot at a prize.

I Found this while bike riding a couple of weeks ago. I don't know anything about it. Maybe the old trunk is used for children to see squares and circles and to climb on...just a guess.



Thanks for your contribution!

Some cool looking trunks here. I would like to enter my favourite tree. This is the bum tree. Thank you for hosting the contest.



Good one!

This is one tricky twisted up trunk so twisted up that it's lost it's head but this Banyna Tree trunk is still alive and twisting away in the local cemetery of Bangkok.

Entry #2 - Same trunk from two angels.




Yes so so tricky!


Thank you @kus-knee would certainly hate to be caught up in that twist :)

Tricky Trunk in my fav cafe:)


Yes. Very tricky!

@ kus-knee hello dear friend, That is an excellent tree, if you doubt its trunk is very particular.
I really appreciate these fun quiz, This is my collaboration.
This is one of the oldest trees in my city, it is the reason to be protected behind the fence.
Thank you very much for these dibertidos contests
I wish you a great day


Very interesting!

Those trunks look like they were assembled from spare parts!

Here's mine (Both taken in West Wycombe, UK):


Nice entry!


This tree, I found in Mauritius when I went on vacation to the beautiful island during last year.

There are some amazing trees in these comments.


Extremely tricky!

This Banyna Tree i spotted in a Japanese garden while on my travels though Koyto this tricky trunk ever had a see through hole in the trunk crazily twisted yet it was still alive with a nice head of green leaves.



Very good!


I saw this tricky trunk in a national park down south of Thailand unfortunately it was a tree trunk that never meant to rise into the skies but managed to crawl along the ground like a snake on the hunt and strangle it's neighboring trees in anger and jealousy. I like to show you two angles of this angry tricky trunk :)

Entry No #1




So tricky!


Cool...Thanks @kus-knee :)

My humble contribution to your contest:

I took this photo in Barcelona in front of the Palau Sant Jordi while waiting for the concert of Roger Waters to start.


Ooooh you did well to see Roger Waters! I saw him in Zurich (The Wall) and Locarno where he played the whole ablum "The Dark Side of The Moon"!

If you win 1 Steem maybe you can share it with him.


It was a great event.
Please find a better candidate for a reward. People need some encouragement these days. I'll be just fine.
You're doing a great job.


This one I took in the Limpopo province of South Africa, it is a baobab tree, just look at the size of that trunk.


Tantalisingly tricky!

How about these "tricked out trunks" in a trunk?
100_1825 (1).jpg
The djumbe (wine glass shaped) is Iroko wood and the dunun is Bois Blanc otherwide known as white wood.


Very cool!

Top kudos for using gnarly!


Yes I gnawed on that word for a while!


Thanks for entering!

Not really a tricky one but one massiv Figtree. Never seen something like this before.



Looks tricky to me! Good entry!



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My 2nd entry for the week would be this old tree. This one spoke to me so I had to take a photo of it. While old and full of character, I also see lots beauty. I have no idea what the tree is, I took this photo on a hike I did in an old gold mining town. There is very little remaining of the town and in this area where we hiked to, the only signs left showing the area was lived in is the trees and what can be still made out as what was once gardens some 130+ years ago. If this tree could talk... what would it tell us?


I love it!

2 heritage trees i shot yesterday. Same ones i shared before.
First is a Bodhi Tree.

Second is an Indian Rubber Tree.

Posted in


Nice entries!


Thank you

That's one helluva a 'bar' to set...

amazing treetrunk!


Im sure that we'll all be amazed but what's coming!

Wow that's one awesome head of flowers on that tricky trunk i'm in !!


I will await you!


Thank you !!

Here just a example of another internet company that has just messed up and can't find it's way out a bit like google when i can't find you what you want. I saw this Banyan Tree on one of the streets of Bangkok when i holidaying Thailand.

Entry No - 2.


Same twisted tricky trunk slightly different angle.



Great shots!


I think this is gonna be an interesting contest..

Even though i dread entering bushes, i will enjoy the contest.

Expect my tricky trunk soon.
That's an amazing "Tricky Trunk" there with the most beautiful flowers have ever seen.

I love this contest.



I look forward to seeing your photo!

@kus-knee, I've dedicated a poetry piece to this contest. Kindly find my piece below.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.


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