Competition for the development of smart contracts with periodic payments


Friends - the online auction competition has not ended yet, as another competition for developers has started. If you are not by hearsay familiar with smart contracts, you have free time and a desire to create something valuable for the Free Ton ecosystem and get a decent reward for it, then let's get started !!!

The Free Ton community is actively expanding and there is a direct need to automate various actions. Monthly subscriptions are a key monetization channel for the Internet, being the most practical monetization channel for businesses and communities. But in the crypto world there have not yet been successful full-featured payment systems for cryptocurrency subscriptions. Therefore, it is proposed to create smart contracts for "subscriptions" to Free TON, to facilitate the work with cryptocurrency and the convenience of all participants

Dates of the competition:

July 16, 2021 00:00 UTC — August 31, 2021 23:59 UTC

A task:

Introduce a system of smart contracts with recurring payments ("Subscriptions") on the blockchain, through which Free TON users will be able to pay to unlock access to special debots / smart contracts for a certain period of time. Users must be able to periodically pay with TON Crystal or TIP-3 token (e.g. USDT) in order to subscribe to DeBots / Smart Contracts and be able to cancel or suspend the subscription at any time. In turn, the owners of debots / smart contracts should be able to track subscribers in order to unlock the use of debots / smart contracts or some of their functions. Verification (for services outside the network) and verification (for services on the network) should also be introduced

Existing examples: Solc; C ++


  • Smart contract must be written in Solidity or C ++
  • Subscription option using TON Crystal tokens as well as any other TIP-3 tokens
  • Distributed smart contracts are preferable, participants should avoid operations with large data sets as much as possible (distributed programming paradigm)
  • The subscriber must be able to control the subscription status
  • Product owners must be able to provide the subscriber with a link with the terms of the subscription to sign a transaction that is played over a specified period
  • The system should be tested on any test network (,
  • The smart contract must be hosted in the Free TON community repository according to the following document - GitHub - freeton-org / readme
  • Your repository should include a README with introduction, usage and deployment instructions
    The solution must be licensed for free software


100 000 TON (≈45 000 USD)
80 000 TON (≈35 000 USD)
70 000 TON (≈30 000 USD)
40 000 TON (≈18 000 USD)
20 000 TON (≈9 000 USD)

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