CONTEST My favorite item from collection 3 SBD prize, ---- winners of the contest , day #12 ----

4년 전

Next participants are the winners:

  1. prize 1.5 SBD: @fortify got 1 regular vote from @itaka

  2. and 3. prize (0.5 SBD) got all three other participants each @itaka , @gade and @heart0048

Winner's entry is LEGO Starship:

I will go on with this kind of competition and my wish is to attract more collectors in different fields of collecting like post stamps, postcards, pins, sport cards, sticker albums, toys, HO train models, comics, books etc

I hope that you will participate in the future in this competition and also tell to your friends to join, let it be fun for all of us...


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Thanks but one thing I really still don't understand how to work on contest... Just simply understand me please... What Do i do whenever your contest will come..

dear @life.time your great post...i love this post...thanks for sharing..

  ·  4년 전

Thank you so much @ life.time.