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Hello Artists and Art Lovers ❤

The contest Art of Love has ended. After 2 weeks, there were 96 artworks posted for this contest. I appreciate the precious time, passion and effort you have put into your art for the contest. I’m so proud of you all for contributing great art and adding great value on the Steem blockchain.

Art seems subjective but for quality curation, we have to make judgements based on these 8 objective judging criterias.

  1. The subject matter of the artwork: artwork have to meet the rules of the contest (no repost on Steem, no NSFW, no plagiarism art, …)
  2. Composition: The way the subject matter is framed, the placing of the other elements as well as the prospective shown.
  3. Techniques, degree of difficulty: How the artist manages the lines, shade, definition and use of the art medium. Also take into consideration of the time and effort needed to create the artwork, a few hours for simple artwork versus a few months for a masterpiece.
  4. Drawing anatomy: The fundamental skill, comes from the study and the talent of the artist. Their ability to capture accurately the whole body structure and also in every detail like hands and fingers in living subjects.
  5. Light: The impression given by the lighting in the artwork, the ability to use light and shade to communicate the message of the artwork
  6. Colour: The harmony or contrast created by the use of colour in the artwork, does the artwork use colour effectively?
  7. Creativity: The idea and concept being communicated through the artwork.
  8. Overall impression: The feeling and impression from the artwork as a whole. This can be more subjective than other art judging criterias.

Now I’m honored to announce the prizes for the following 6 artworks. Congratulations to the prize winners !

3rd Prize (3 Artworks) : 1000 TOPAZ tokens each

Happy viking family by @elias15g

3.Happy viking family.png
A warm image of a viking family drawn by @elias15g. They also provide some images of the drawing process which is nice to see. Visit their post to read more and see how this was created.

Sunset Lovers by @doze

Sunset Lovers.png
@doze captures the moment beautifully in this picture of “Sunset Lovers”. There is a great compliment between the wide view of the landscape and the intimacy of the couple and their silhouette. The sunset is the best filter.

Real Love by @potatosauce

3. Real Love - potatosauce.jpg
@potatosauce’s art work show’s the love between father and daughter. It’s a very beautiful image and the eyes are touching and say everything.

2rd Prize (2 Artworks) : 2000 TOPAZ tokens each

The Lovers by @georgeboya

2. The lovers.jpg
A great concept by @georgeboya that shows amazing creativity. I love the combination of colours and different symbolic elements. The technique used here is very unique.

The Love Shack by @artbyadida

2. The Love Shack - artbyadida.jpg
This large scale mural completed by @artbyadida has a great story behind it and looks amazing out in the open. Take a read to find out more.

1rd Prize (1 Artworks) : 3000 TOPAZ tokens

Be My Valentine by @mafufuma

1. Be My Valentine - mafufuma.jpg
At first glance, you might not realise this painting is made from light, a very unique method of creating artwork that uses long exposure to capture light as it moves and draws the many aspects you can see. @mafufuma shows his great skill and creativity in this work.

Again we thank you all for sharing your art in this contest so everyone has a chance to learn and gather inspiration from you all. Together we can create a great art environment and art community on the Steem blockchain.

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That is beautiful selection Liv, you are right I have not noticed the way how Mafu created his work, there are many professional tricks and knowledge making it possible to create such beauties. I bet it was not easy to make decision about the works, considering that there were 96 of them. That was a beautiful contest and my Congratulation to All the winners and participants. Well done everyone and very creative interpretation of Art of Love!


Thank you @stef1 for your kind words. We are very lucky to have such talented people in our community. It is always difficult to choose, but I hope everyone who participated feels the results are fair and well balanced.

Keep well and I hope to see you around on the steem blockchain ♥️♥️♥️

I am really honored for the second place Liv:) I must say that the concept and the execution of the contest was perfect and we saw a lot of amazing lovely artworks:)
Congrats to all the winners and participants:)


Congratulation George, as I said before I love your collage!!!


Thank you so much Stef:)


Congratulations honey for being one of the winners. ;)


Thank you so much dear Carmen 😊

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You're welcome friend!


You're welcome @georgeboya, your art creations are beautiful and I hope you continue to create more and share it with the world, so we may all enjoy your craft

We are very happy, dear livvu for being chosen, we are very grateful for your great work and congratulations to the other winners, kisses and many greetings.


I am very pleased to hear you're happy with the contest @potatosauce. It was a pleasure to be able to see and share your work.

congratulations to the winners, the criteria were considered for the selection. art of love.

Congratulations to all the winners and congratulations to you dear Liv for your contest, I consider that you have chosen the best works. You're great in all aspects and I'm going to miss you. :(


Thank you @yanes94, I may be less active, but I will always try and give you as much support as I can. Keep on creating ♥️


You are a great person and I am very grateful for the support you give me, beyond that, your friendship is even more valuable to me.
Greetings dear, I hope to see you soon. :) <3

Congratulations to the winners.

Congrats to everyone!!

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Thank you @creativecrypto, I will have to find out more about your project, it sounds really interesting.

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