INVITATION ONLY - Are You the Best Capper Contest #2 - WIN SteemMonsters Cards & STEEM

5개월 전

NFL Playoff will continue this Saturday

3 lucky players who made it to round 2: @boatsports90, @minimining, @salazarcag.
This contest is only for you three. Best of luck this weekend.

Contest rules

1.There will be 4 rounds; I will make a new post for each round
2.Pick as many teams or over/under as you want per round
3.You will move onto the next round if you have more wins than losses or a tied record
5.You will win 1 mystery SteemMonster beta common card if you move to the next round
6.If there are no winners, I will award 1 SteemMonsters beta rare card to the player with the best record
7.Grand prize will be 2 STEEM for 1st place, 1 STEEM for 2nd, 0.5 STEEM for 3rd
8.Ranking will be determined by total wins minus total losses; highest 3 players wins STEEM.
9.Deadline to enter round 1 is Saturday, Jan 12th 4:00 PM EST

Example Entry:

Eagles +8 or Eagles Under 50.5

Games Info

week 19 schedule & lines.jpg

Check the Score Here

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Colts +5.5
Rams -7
Chargers +4
Eagles/Saints under 50.5


Congrats, you are the only contestant to move onto the next round with your tie record this week.
Since you are the only one remaining, you win the grand prize of 2 STEEM and you also get 1 SteemMonsters beta common card. Thanks for playing.


Whoo hoo! Thanks so much! Definitely could have been a better performance, but I guess it was good enough, haha. Thanks for organizing!

Colts U
Cowboys O
Chargers U

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KC - 5.5 Over 57
LAR -7.0 Under 49.5
NE -4.0 Under 46.5
NO -8.0 Over 50.5

Hy @mellofello

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