NFL Highest Scoring Game Contest #12 - Win 1 SteemMonsters Beta Rare Card

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Contest Prize:

Pick the highest scoring game and Guess the exact total score of the highest scoring game to win a mystery beta rare card from the hot new game SteemMonsters. Tournaments have begun and is it super fun. For more information about SteemMonsters, check out their website.

Contest Rules:

1-Upvote is appreciated but not necessary to enter the contest
2-Reply with highest scoring game and the highest total points that you predict for that game
(For example: Eagles at Saints 59)
3-First entry that comes closest will win the prize
4-Each player may only submit one entry
5-No editing after you reply so chose carefully (I will check this before payout)
6-Deadline to enter round 1 is Saturday, Jan 12th 4:00 PM EST
7.If there are no winners, I will award 1 SteemMonsters beta rare card to a regular player as a THANK YOU

Game List:

week 19 schedule & lines.jpg

Image source

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Chargers at Patriots 67


Congrats, you are the winner.
Your prize is 1 SteemMonsters beta rare card.
Thanks for playing.


Awesome. Thanks

Colts at Chiefs 63

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Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City Chiefs 59


Eagles at Saints


Thanks for entering. Please also guess the total score to complete your entry.

Chargers at Patriots: 48

Cowboys Rams 61


You can only pick one game to be the highest scoring game. Please pick one and delete the other one.


Is it right now? Sorry

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Yes you are good now. Best of luck.


Cowboys Rams 59

Colts at Chiefs 60

Colts at Chiefs 54

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