Discover a new world of Blockchain Speed with GoChain

3년 전

Gochain is the latest invention in Cryptocurrency speed, security and efficiency. Gochain is a blockchain built on the popular Etheruem. The Gochain platform hopes to solve the age-old blockchain issue of scalability by increase the speed of transactions by 100 times.
Using the Proof of Reputation (POR) algorithm, Gochain hopes to achieve true decentralization and real commitment by using organizations with high stakes of brand or image to process the transactions. Gochain also ensures that these nodes are located in different parts of the world and related to each other so that decentralization is achieved in the fullest sense.
Gochain uses smart contracts in transactions to ensure that all parties feel secure and are treated fairly in the trading system.

Defending my design

I used the Gochain colour to create a stylish and dark background while using sharp and light colours to illustrate the unique and glowing nature of GoChain. My chart-style design also illustrates that everything comes from the central point which is GoChain and it becomes easy for viewers to see the unique features and benefits emanating from the GoChain platform.


Click here to vist the GoChain website


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