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Which carbohydrate has more vitamins, because?

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Hello friends, we are going to have fun playing, answering very simple questions.


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Carbohydrates are a group of chemical compounds which have the general formula:

For example glucose is a carbohydrate and has the formula C₆(H₂O)₆
Cellulose and starch would be another example with (C₆(H₂O)₅)ₙ , where n depends on the length of the cellulose or starch chain.

Since the term carbohydrate describes only one molecule/one type of molecule, the only way for a carbohydrate to contain a vitamin is to be a vitamin.
So a vitamin which follows the formula shown above would be the answer.

The problem is, there is no such vitamin:
the B vitamins contain nitrogen → no match
vitamins A D E and K have too less oxygen → no match
vitamin C has too much oxygen → no match

So no vitamin is a carbohydrate → No carbohydrate is a vitamin.
Therefor also no carbohydrate contains any vitamins.

I know this is probably not the answer you expect, but it is the only correct answer to the question you asked if you like it or not.

Since you are no scientist(I guess) I wish you luck trying to understand what I tried to say above.