Support others Date 24.6.2019

4개월 전

Well yesterday post didn't worked as i expected

So i will explain a bit more , i'm using Steemit for nearly a year now i made some moves here

Now i want to give back to the community
How i'm going to do it?
Daily contest i will create new post everyday if you created good post just write a comment with link to the post , every day i will pick 2-3 posts which i like th must and will give them 100% upvote

New users will get priority

Please spreade the word

As there was no comments for my yesterday post i pick

@netaterra and @vjbasil as winners

for doing and

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This post has received a 10.00% complementary upvote from @swiftcash 🤑

Hello @mrme1984 I think it's great the way you want to support the community, I congratulate you, maybe it does not mean Spanish-speaking steemians, but anyway, here's my link ...


I will try as of today to pass some post in English, thank you for your good work.

@mrme1984 I really appreciate your efforts by giving back the community what you have earn.super like it keep up the good work.

Can I ask you something . Are you interested in small steemit project , without any investment , but definitely you will be benefited with this project as it will highlight you in steemit. You can find me on discord adityajainxds#3203. Just listen to the project if you like you can join else no problem.should I explain you in the comment also. Thanks have a nice day.


@adityajainxds i was not able to get a hold of you contact me on


@mrme1984 first of thanks for showing interest in my project. I have replied the whole project on your given mail id and I have also accepted your request on discord. So if you have any questions please feel free to ask.i will be glad to answer them all.thanks