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So recently I got a young family member (@bucksforaging15) involved on Steemit. He's fifteen now and growing as a writer and one of our hobbies has always been wild food foraging and natural medicine. So when I showed him Steemit he couldn't wait to get stuck in. I quietly have been watching his progress and he quickly ran into a problem many new comers experience here. Bandwidth shortage. The kid was rearing to go and every day keeping me updated every day on his post ideas but struggling to get them on the block chain so I threw him a delegation through block trades to get him on his way.

(A little @bucksforaging15 and a much younger @mudcat36)

It's been amazing to watch someone I've been teaching wild food foraging and wild medicine to since he was waist high create content here on Steemit. It's also been amazing to watch him scan through blogs and learn more and pull information from this community to expand his understanding of the natural world. We were chatting via Skype last night for our annual catch up and true to his character he arrived at the same spot I did after engaging with Steemit in the early days. That spot being there are people on the platform who struggle with certain things and maybe we ought to see what we can do to support those folks. So we decided to launch a contest aimed at giving away Steem power delegations and everyone can take part.

The contest rules are simple:

  1. Write a post about your journey into learning or teaching natural medicine or wild food. This can be a story short or long, a standard descriptive blog post, however you want to discuss you're journey into learning or teaching.

  2. You can put someone else post in to recommend them to win. I.e a new comer to the homesteading or wild medicine groups. If you want to nominate them go for it. This contest is predominantly aimed at new comers but senior ranking users can jump in and forage great talent out of the block chain weeds.

  3. Use the tag #naturalmedicine or homesteading in your post.

  4. Up voting and resteeming this post isn't a requirement but it would be appreciated.


Myself and @bucksforaging15 will be going through the entries to pick the three best submissions. A lot of this will be down to post sincerity and presentation. If you want to enter and you win and you want your prize to go to someone who needs the SP here then just let us know. We both will be fielding any comments or questions on this post throughout.

1st: 100 Steem Power delegation for 90 days.

2nd: 50 Steem Power delegation for 90 days.

3rd: 30 Steem Power delegation for 90 days.

It's all that simple and I can't wait to see what you guys bring to the table. #naturalmedicine is a great group and one of the ones I really like here on Steemit. My first posts when I started here on wild food and medicine only had the homesteading tag to run with so having a place to bring more people together around this subject is awesome. Now that I'm back to where I can engage with Steemit more I want to do everything I can to help support the tag as well as new arrivals on it. If this contest takes I'd like to make it a rolling thing with bigger prize pools and more incentives. If you guys have any ideas as to how to help there then reach out to myself or @bucksforaging15 in the comments below.


Last year I started a support group for new users called Newbie Resteem Day alongside @davemccoy. We had a full team and started another group called @newbiegames run by @simplymike. Over time our core group of active members went off to engage in other community driven projects and time constraints made it keeping it afloat a toughie.

But now @newbiegames is back and looking for curators. If games and helping new users is something that interest you give a shout to @simplymike or @newbiegames. She is a power house Steemit user who selflessly gives all she can to community projects so she is a treat to work with. You can be a newbie and be a curator so this call isn't just for senior users here. Just reach out to @simplymike if you're interested.

Well guys that's it for now. Myself and @bucksforaging15 are really am looking forward to your entries. Keep being awesome and keep on Steeming.

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Thanks for the shoutout, @mudcat35.
And an awesome contest. If I can find the time, I'll definitely join

@remind-me in 4 days.

@remind-me in 14 hours


Hey @simplymike, I will notify you on December 7th 2018, 12:00:00 pm (UTC)
Later! ( read more... )


Hi @simplymike!
You asked me in this comment to create a reminder.
It seems the time has passed!

Woo! Love your post - we've given you an upvote with a chance to be featured in the weekly curation. We’ve also resteemed it. We encourage you to use the #naturalmedicine tag so we can more easily find you.
If you're a supporter of all things natural healing, and haven't already got on board our collective, you might like to read our introductory post here. We'd also love to welcome you on Discord here!!

We are also holding a challenge at the moment for a chance to win up to 20SBD worth of a prize pool! You can read the original post here and entries are due by Solstice on Dec 21st. It's the last challenge of the year - come join the fun!

If you are a new user, or know a new user that may be interested, check out this contest by @mudcat56 for the chance to win delegation!

Happy Steeming!

We love this challenge, and thanks for your support. @bucksforaging is fabulous, and we love reading his work. We'll share this on the Discord server and we have added it to the comment we're using this week to get more exposure - this is a great idea to help out fellow Steemians and increase engagement on this wonderful platform.


As always thank you so much for your support. I love your tag so it's a real treat to take part in it. In many ways I wish I could do more in regards to delegations but don't worry. I'll get there. lol. In the mean time I will happily keep engaging and try to help add incentives for folks who here in this great resource we have in #naturalmedicine. :)

Hey I started following @bucksforaging because of the mushroom foraging posts he had, and I was so impressed that such a young individual was so enthusiastic about mushrooms and writing and community.
Resteemed and I hope to participate!

Xx ToL


He's always had a head for it since he was little. It is remarkable now that he's in his teens and he's stuck with mycology as a life long passion. I sometimes have trouble keeping up with the kid in truth as he's a bit of a sponge. I'm hoping by contests like this he can learn the ropes and meet more great folks on here around things like natural medicine as it's an amazing tag while at the same time promoting newcomers. Its a great place though as a simple daily stroll through the posts and you find just as much information available as you would find in any book. It's also more personal as you can ask questions from the content creator directly. It's basically a great learning portal for a youngster so I didn't hesitate pointing the kid to it. I really appreciate you taking a look and look forward to whatever content you submit. It's a win win with contests like this because everyone gets to engage and have a blast. Thank you so much for stopping by and keep on steemin. :)


Yes, it is one of the best groups on here and I'm so excited to see more people engaging I creative ways on the platform.
Looking forward to it!


Hi @maribelquere97, thank you very much for your entry! @Mudcat36 and I look forward to reading it. Unfortunately, we can't view the post. There might be an issue with the link. Could you please re-send it? Thank you.

it is need to be resteemed for wider visibility. Love to participate too @mudcat36. I will see If I can write something out of it. because I love to forage wild food and started to learn about more natural medicine recently. But I dont see the dateline of the submission for the contest.


The deadline is 7 days after the post was released (December 9th).

A worthwhile effort indeed. We nerd to encourage newbies

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I just declared to my inner circle today that I will now live the life of an independent entrepreneur and pursue a homeopathy / naturopath practice.

I came to this conclusion after having recently moved in with my elderly father, and getting practical results in managing his ailments. (In addition to my own track record of clearing my ailments using natural methods.)

I think I"ll combine my announcing blog post will also be my entry to this contest.