Community Poker: Hand 28 -=- WIN: 18 Steem (SIGN-UPS)

3년 전

Thanks to @chops316 donating last weeks winnings, the new pot for this week is now 18 Steem.

-=- Winner takes all -=-

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You have until 11 AM PST/ 1 PM CMT / 2 PM EST on FRIDAY to respond and to upvote this post.

You must upvote and comment (REQUEST A HAND) by then, no exceptions. Please read the rules below to clarify.

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Folded Hands *

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You are a spammer and scammer. Second you are linking to a steemit clone that will probably steal peoples WIF's. STOP THIS NOW before you become a project of mine.


I'm sorry
My account was hacked


Sorry that your account was hacked but since these links are a scam, can you delete them? I wouldnt want anyone else to fall victim.

Este es un aporte a la comunidad, a futuro también sería interesante poder contar con más juegos.


También corremos blackjack en este momento, pero planeamos ejecutar más juegos pronto.

Can i have a hand please. Thanks. J

I Request a hand!!

Weeee !! @chops316 (clap clap) you rule. Wow, that will make this round very interesting. I see a lot of requests. I want to call this one =).
Deal me in.
GL HF everyone

Request a hand. Deal me in!


Do you want to know why the fastest players are in danger of extinction?

Request a hand.

deal me in please

wow @chops316 really donated his winnings back? thats so generous of him


Not really. I'm just going to win again this week. ;)


Hahaha well the floor is all yours sire...


he re-invested :)

Hi!! Im in

Deal me in please.

request a hand



Sign-Ups closed earlier this morning. A new game will start next Thursday.

I'd like to request a hand please.

Thanks for dealing me in again !

I'm in again

Deal me in.

deal me in, please


deal me in please. thanks

request a hand

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I would like a hand; please deal me in.

I haven't played anything remotely close to poker in years. I can't play to participate in this game. Thanks for hosting it.


I am glad you are joining us this week.

Yeay, poker! This will be fun.

Please deal me a hand. Thanks.


Request a hand

Deal me in

Request a hand.

deal me in please

deal me...

request a hand me...

I wanna play

They are just playing with us guys for your votes do not get into their words

Deal me in please.

"I Request a hand please"

I also request a hand

I request a hand

I request a hand, deal me in

Thank you for collaborating with me to promote this post as explained at

i request a hand.


I humbly request a hand! ☺️

I'd like a hand, please.


Missed the cut this week. Sorry. Will you join us next Thursday?


I'll try.

deal me in!


Request a hand mate...tq

That might be fun, requesting a hand.

Request a hand! Deal me in :)


Deal me a hand please! 🥂

I would like a hand. Thanks!



Hands closed this morning. I am sorry you missed the cut. See you next Thursday?

Authenticity BOT!
Great job! We found more similar posts, but your post is the 1st one posted.
GrumpyCat can give you a downvote because of the copies! Defend yourself!


This account went to shit?

Buen post, excelentes juegos. Gracias por compartir.