CONTEST! - Who Wants some SBI?

8개월 전

I just did another power up and have 10 STEEM left for a lucky person.


  • A comment is one entry
  • A resteem is two entries
  • The contest runs for 7 days, or until the payout day of this post.

What is SBI or @Steembasicincome

SBI is a social experiment where you buy SBI units by sending a steem to SBI sponsoring another person. These units determine how large a vote you receive from SBI for your posts. The goal is to provide contributors on the blockchain with a basic income, allowing them to produce better content.

I love the idea and support it wholly. There needs to be a way that contributors can create content consistently as we wait for the rest of the world to come to Steem. There is a producer/consumer imbalance right now on the blockchain and I don't see it getting better int eh short term. SBI provides some of the income necessary to keep going.

Comment, re-steem, etc!

If this goes well, I may make it a monthly thing.


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Send SBI this way please. Congrats on the power up.

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

nice to see you powering up, congratulations!
SBI isn't very rewarding at the moment with mmmmkkkk311 countering most of the sbi vote value, but that state probably won't last forever... so, I'm in :)


I've been self-voting on any of the posts that they are down-voting. They are the only posts that I upvote and I don't do it till they do.

In fact, part of the reason that I am powering up is to have more STU so I can counter his affect 100%. Currently I'm relying on the curation reward from the vote to even things out.

When I have enough STU, I will start self-voting at the 6 day mark if they decide to hit the post.

Always interested in getting more SBI.