Fractal Writing Contest #11, and winners of the previous one.

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The TENTH Fractal Writing Contest is over. There were 9 contestants this time, I think we can do better than that and let our creative juices flow! We had haikus, stories and a wonderful Fractal-Rap entry that I wish someone could record aloud over a haunting backbeat. Most entries had to do with birth and creation, something coming into existence with a big bang!

The contest post expired with a payout of 4.361 SBD, and the rewards are as follows:

@kaelci1st2.9 SBDshort story
@drwatson2nd1.5 SBDfractal-rap

Congratulations to all participants and a big thank you to all upvoters. I'd like to see more participation in these contests and get a bigger reward pool to distribute, so it would be helpful to resteem and/or upvote. If there are enough SBDs made by the contest post, I will try to reward more winners.

By the way -- I was thinking of sending printouts of the fractal to the winners instead of SBD rewards, but I have to check out how to do it first; online on-demand print services, perhaps? If anyone has any suggestions feel free to post them.

This week, the ELEVENTH installment of the Fractal Writing Contest will run.

The Contest

Each post in this contest series will contain a fractal, a 2-dimensional representation of a complex mathematical formula. The participants have to post a comment

with something inspired by the fractal, be it just a title, a haiku, a story, whatever.


  • You have to reply with a comment in the contest post.
  • The reply must be inspired by the fractal, but no explanation needed.
  • Any kind of content is acceptable: just a title, a haiku, a poem, a short story, a painting, a photo, a video, a doodle, whatever. The content must be yours, no links to other people's work accepted.
  • I will pick the best reply, when the post expires (1 week after posting it).
  • The winner gets 50-75% of the SBD made in the post, minimum 1 SBD. The rest are split to the other winners: if there are enough SBDs made by the contest post, I will try to reward a 2nd- and 3rd- place winner, as well.
  • Upvotes and resteems are welcomed, but not necessary to participate.

Fractal for Contest #11:

click on image for detailed view

by @nyarlathotep

A fractal made in JWildFire
(click on image for detailed view)

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Antagonized Angel


Great poem, and the connection to the image is obvious. Thank you for another entry of high-quality!


My pleasure! I am glad that you like it. BTW I love your mandala posts that you are doing now!

The Portal
The trajectory of a spear
is a gravitational affair.
The trajectory of time,
leaves me in despair.
I traipse left and right.
forward backward I tread.
I hike up and down
somehow in time I promenade.
always in a direction fixed
mostly in a rate leased
to the local gravity affixed.
No longer this will be the case
No longer I will suture my whims
to pHysICal ReaLitY. This harness
will crimson the grey lines
the edges where gods dine
in eventual steps will be mine.
This harness will tear this prison
down and awaken a vision-
less domain, a self sustaining portal
where I move in time immortal
Transfixed will be the horizons
the axes and the origins
I move free.

When the lace caught, how quickly the dress went up was alarming.
Showing the girl’s thin frame, now slowly charring.
What a crime it was to use alternative energy.
The men in her village had fed their rage with envy.
She had long since stopped moving against the stake.
Having used her witch’s powers to avoid her fate.

My entry:

Every one of us has a painful reality. His life is different from ours
Each one of us has his own problems and a lot of problems ... but each of us has one goal
Freedom from a dark darkness .... and living an easy and enjoyable life ....
Thus, some young people were a group of men whose age differed
And even their homes and the nature of their lives but brought them the problem of one miserable reality
Love the appearance and draw the attention of men to them .... Agreed to find even a simple solution
Or temporarily for their world is trivial ... They are in their thinking caught their eyes
The beautiful princess ..... Their hearts were enchanted by their confident little footsteps and their walk
Nathrh ..... captured their eyes that spark is clear ..... Her perfume fragrant fragrant
Princess did not touch the hand of life cruel .... Zintha tough words some say
It is obscene in her words ... but they see her as the princess of a new art that trains themselves
They agreed to build a fortress to be their new stronghold ... and to protect them
The princess of every soul is tired ... earning them and their prince a name that he knows
Big and small .... Tvnno in her guard one of them became the writer and the other Knight
And the other adviser and the other scheme of wars and the last defender of her honor ....
Or some of them Vtulo ruling successor to the ministers then ... ... the Princess has become
A great empire .... heard the echo of its name in all parts of the globe ....
It became a name that arouses fear and hatred of people .... They became coveted to all obscenities
But the mates were one hand and their mother ...
Until the fate of fate and the separation of friends

Thank you! :D and congrats to @drwatson!

I'm looking forward to reading the contest entries for this new one! I won't be entering this week, but have resteemed. :)


Congrats @kaelci!! So happy to see your name here as the winner!


Thank you! :D

My entry:
"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going"

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Sho - almost thought I missed it LOL wouldn't want to break a participating trend here :D - If you are in discord you can feel free to DM me a link when you put these out - if you want!


You are not allowed to miss the contest, not even once! I made a discord account some time in the past, but I have never used it extensively; I'll see what I can do with it now...


Well if not on discord drop it in one of my comments - I would appreciate it!