Winners! And Payout Info From Share Your Story Contest!

3년 전

My very first contest I've held here on Steemit is over and I've learned a lot from it. There were only two entries, but they were both good stories so I am happy to send out their rewards (I would've been happy to send our more Steemit too! Maybe next time 😎)

Without further ado I'll announce the winners:
@izzynaveda won first place and a prize of 1.41 SBD
This was partly due to her great story about her Grandfather saving her life at a family BBQ, and partly because, up until yesterday, hers was the first and only entry into my contest. Lol 😉 Thank you once again @izzynaveda!

@cheekah came in with her entry, just under the wire to qualify in time. Hers was a very captivating story about her literally putting out a campfire her little brothers made in the family living room. If not for her 12yr old (at the time) heroics things for her and her siblings and their whole family could have been much worse. So, thanks for entering the contest @cheekah and thanks for your quick acting way back then! If you'd like to read their stories you can see them here

The prize breakdown was as follows:
I promised 2SBD for this contest. I received 0.82 liquid SBD from upvotes on this so that works out to 2.82 SBD in the prize pool. 50% of that = 1.41SBD, 30% of 2.82 = 0.846 SBD.

These amounts have been transferred to @izzynaveda and @cheekah, respectively, as you can see below.
Story Contest #1 Winner Payouts - Copy.png

Please stay tuned and follow for more contests and other fun stuff to come!

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Thanks for sharing dude, I was thinking of holding some contests too and your experience is really inspiring.

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OMG GHJKGHJK, thanks to you! This is actually the first time I win a contest! I think you should keep doing them, is a really good way to know more people in our comunity. Congratulations to the other winner! Her story is really breathtaking.

Thank you so much.