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This contest is very simple, a contest that everyone can join, participate and have fun at the same time. The first trial contest I LOVE 80s had a great response- more than 800 views, 250 comments/entries, more than 100 organic upvotes.
So I decided to continue. I will separate contest in 4 categories by the weeks before we step into 90s :)

  1. WEEK - OPEN - everything related to the decade
  2. WEEK - MUSIC related - music clips, album covers, posters...
  3. WEEK - FASHION related
  4. WEEK - MOVIES related - movies, tv shows, series, tv commercials...

Last week it was the first one and it was open for all entries related to 80s!
We had the chance to see some bizarre items from 80s , fashion, great music clips, movies, games, toys etc.

Sequence 04.png

This week contest is THEMATIC - I LOVE 80s MUSIC

This week is MUSIC related entries -It can be everything ( music clips, a cover of albums, lyrics of the songs, posters....

The RULES are simple:

  • You have to resteem this post.
  • share a photo/clip of anything you think that best describes music in 80s, and a short description.
  • There is a limit of 3 entries per account
  • The only valid entries are those which are added in the comment section.
  • This is going to be a weekly contest from Wednesday to Wednesday
    If you get inspired by this contest you can make your own post and share a link under comments section or you can just drop your picture/clip and write a comment.

**Here are few examples

  1. Samanta Fox - sex symbol of 80s

2, Guns n roses - music icons of the ’80s,

3, Whitney Houston - How Will I Know - one of hers first HITs


This week we have bigger reward pool thanks to @pepe.maya, please do find time to visit the great blog, now the second and third place can get a reward too :))

5 SBD from me and 5 SBD from this week sponsor@pepe.maya

  • The winner will get 5 SBD, second place 3 SBD and the 3d place 2 SBD


Last week contest was judged by @fibra59 and here are the results!
Third place
@mariitabrito with the great entry

Second place
@luanne with the great entry

@godchild with the winner entry

The criteria

Your entry can be funny, personal, nostalgic or anything you think that can be interesting to share.
Every week will be the new - guest judge, which will choose the winner.
This week judge is @smasssh

Have fun!

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i like the 80's myself :)giphy3.gif


Thank you for your entry, 90s contest is on the way :) It is going to start in 3 weeks.
just please resteem the post for making your entry valid.

Thanks again for asking me to be judge. For that reason no entry from me but still already a Resteem to easily refind this post with all who participate.


Thank you for accepting, hope you will have fun judging:)

@olegw this is my entry, "upside down" by Diana Ross.

majek fashek.jpg

This poster shows the Majek Fashek's Prisoner of Concience


Category 2


Category 3


dolly parton.jpg

This is one of Dolly Parton's song sung in the 80's which I liked while growing up named "9 to 5".

lucky dube poster.jpg

This is a song by Lucky Dube sang in the 1980's titled, "Hand that Giveth (Slave)"


Category #2

lucky dube poster 2.jpg

I divide 80's music into 3 buckets. Hair Bands, Punk and Pop.

Hair Bands: Twister Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It (1984)
Man, when I was in 4th grade these guys were wicked cool. Watch it now, and, well, still awesome but in a different way lol

Punk: Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia (1980)
Unfortunately I did not discover this band until the 1990s, but what a break through group in the punk movement!

Pop: Michael Jackson - Thriller (1982)
This one probably needs no explanation. This song was epic and became an entity of its own. I remember going to the skating rink and when this video played EVERYONE would stop skating, sit on the floor, and watched with eyes glued to the big screen.


Thank you for your great entries :)

1.Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

2.Grace jones

3.RUN-DMC - It's Tricky


Thank you for your great entries :)

First Entry:
From the one we knew as the king of pop and he titled it Billie Jean

Second Entry:
Lipp inc. Funkytown

Third entry:
from Madonna "Queen of Pop" since the 1980s with the song she titled like a virgin


Thank you for your great entries :)

Entry # 1 Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

What woman did not identify with that song at some point? They just want to have fun and have a great time, this is a song that makes your day.

Entry # 2 Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

A song that marked this decade as one of the best, is a classic that young people today enjoy no matter what time it is.

Entry # 3 Michael Jackson - Thriller.

A song that was very fashionable at this time, there was no party where they did not place it and all at the same time they danced the choreography. Without a doubt it is a very influential song that when you listen to it you feel in the 80s


Thank you for your great entries, just please resteem the post to make your entries valid for the contest.

Talking Heads Road to Nowhere

B52s Love Schack

Madness - One step beyond


Thank you for your great entries :) Love them all:)

The 80's music video scene CANNOT miss this one
Tawny Kitaen on the hood in music video of "Here I Go Again"

http://vevo.ly/Kh3ruP (music video White Snake)


Thank you for your great entry :)

Gracias @olegw y al juez @fibra59 .. super contenta de haber ganado el tercer lugar.. seguire participando en los próximos concursos!!


I am happy to have you with us :)

it still sounds everywhere in the world


Thank you for your entry:)

This contest is so cool! All these songs bring me a lot of memories from my childhood. Long life to 80s!!! 😉

Here they are:

#1: Dire Straits - Walk of Life

#2: Europe - The Final Countdown

#3: Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams

Entry # 1 Queen

Bicycle Race/ SuperrrrrrrrrrrPosterrrrrrrr

Entry # 2 Queen

Bicycle Race


Thank you for your great entries, just please resteem the post to make your entries valid for the contest.

I mean - give me that award 😂😂😂

Roxette -
Swedish pop duo and my favorite band at the time - going through this, I even remembered all lyrics :)


Thank you for your entries :)

My 3 favorite: Nostalgia, love,tenderness
1/ Nostalgia
2/Love; Through the years
3/Tenderness; Laura

They will be always in my heart and my best moments.


Thank you for your great entries, just please resteem the post to make your entries valid for the contest.

Great challenge @olegw, it's always nice to flash back to "better" times :)

#1 Entry
A cult singer, a cult song, a cult 80's icon... PRINCE - Purple Rain

#2 Entry
One of the most recognizable 80's song, and typical 80's rhythm...

#3 Entry
Song that changed everything and announce something new in future.


Thank you for your entries. All are great.

Great idea for contest! This is a tough one, so much choices, here are three of those (by order of years they came out):

#1. New Order - Blue Monday (1983)

#2. Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer (1986)

#3. Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (1987)
This one is maybe a little weird entry, this song became much more popular lately by "rickrolling" someone, but in that time Rick gained great success, and also it's a little funny entry

One more funny thing, ill actually resteem something before my first intro post :) .


Good memories😁thank you for your entries.

Mi primera entrada
John Travolta and Olivia Newton John 😍
me encantaba esta canción era un clásico


Thank you for your entry :)

Mi primera entrada @olegw. Devuélveme a mi chica (Sufre Mamón) - Hombres G, Recordando los 80's...Hombres G hace su aparición en México con este tema...que fue un verdadero "trancazo"... me remonta a mi época escolar cuando llenaba el bolso con cassettes en lugar de libros jajaja.

The 80's were a hectic time with some interesting fashions lol and who can forget the Yuppies?


Next week is Fashion 80s contest, waiting for your entries :)

Salt-N-Pepa PUSH IT
There is no way you don't know this song and that famous dance. 😉


Thank you for your entries :)

One of my favorite songs from the '80s...
And we are still Livin' on a prayer! 😉

Mi segunda participación @olegw. La Bamba-Los Lobos. Ha obtenido éxito a escala mundial, y fue la primera canción en español que llegó a ocupar el primer puesto en los Billboard Hot 100, en 1987 interpretada por "Los Lobos", ya que fue el tema musical de la película «La bamba» que narraba la vida de Ritchie Valens

The 80s music is so motivating! Love to hear it while working out or speeding on the highway! These moviesongs inspired me! Thanks for this contest,gonna Pump up the volume now!

Entry #1

Paul Engemann-Push it to the limit
The movie,the whole soundtrack so inspiring and this song really pushes me!

Entry #2

Joe Espisito- best around
R.i.p. mister miyagi

Entry #3

Stand your own-no retreat no surrender
Omg what a movie ,all these 80s movies inspired me and than this music and this training montage.im a real 80s baby haha!

THANKS for this great contest! Even when I’m not winning,you let me start my day great. Thanks mate


Thank you for your entries :)

I am a 70s baby, but very late 70s. this looks fun. I’ll be posting something soon .


Thank you, waiting for your entries 70s baby ;)

This is my entry to the competition

very remembered song and movie

Flashdance - What A Feeling

Metallica all the way. Their best album "Kill 'em all" (1983.)

1982 Thriller.-Michael Jackson.


Thank you for your entries :)

This is probably my favorite '80s song:


Thank you for your entry :)

Bruce Hornsby - Mandolin Rain
Many people know Bruce Hornsby's "Way it is" it is the original composition of song "Changes" by 2pac shakur. Mandolin Rain is from the same album "The way it is". Famous album from 80's.

Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face
Voice parts by Perri Lister. This was a hit in times and a bit more deeper song from Billy. [Also i recommend to check more special album from Billy called "Cyberpunk"]

Gary Numan - Cars
CLASSIC from 80's and a unique song! This was a start of those industrial times and alternative music.


Thank you for your great entries :)


Still Loving You by the Scorpions
From The Album Love at first Sting

All of Scorpions Musics are great Mild Rock And Hard Rock!

Sweet child o mine by GnR
From the Album Appetite for Destruction
November rain, Strange, Patience, Locomotive, welcome to the jungle, Paradise City, Don't Cry!

Air Supply
Making love out of nothing at all from the album 1983 greatest hits

Air supply music never dies


Thank you for your entries :)


Thank you for your great entries :) just please make sure to resteem the post to make your entries valid.

1️⃣ Launch of music TV channels MTV & VH1
MTV was launched on August 1, 1981 and VH1 on January 1, 1985

2️⃣ A nice charity song with beautiful message, We Are The World, written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie

It's singed by Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and stars like Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, Bob Dylan, Cyndi Lauper, Diana Ross, and others.

3️⃣ a-ha - Take On Me

One of my parents' favourite songs, and the one that instantly make you dance :)

Thank you for your great entries :)

  1. Songs of the group "Modern Talking". Oh, this sweet caramel voice of Thomas Anders to the tune of Dieter Bohlen at 120 beats per minute ...

Thanks for the contest @olegw It was very nice to be back in my youth!


Thank you for your entries, just resteem the post to make your entries valid for the contest.

I only know little about 80s music and it's Human it's because my tito always play it.
My first entry:
"Human" is a song recorded by British synthpop band The Human League, and released as the first single from their 1986 album Crash. The track, which deals with the subject of infidelity, was written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

This is my entrance I hope who can forget these classics, I hope you like it.

lagu ac dc terbaik - museummusik.jpg

AC/DC band hard rock from Australia. Band rock Famous in the world
70an dan 80an. The hits "Back in Black, Highway to Hell, Thunderstruck, Shoot to Thrill dan T.N.T".

images 1.jpeg

Lionel Richie – All Night Long (All Night)

images 2.jpeg

Rhythm Nation (Rhythm Nation, 1989). Janet Jackson

  1. Huey Lewis and the News - The Power of Love (Back to the future cuz I luvit:)
  • Snap - Rhythm is a dancer

  • and last but not least
  • Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters
  • My 1st entry:

    Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me (1985)

    One of the best songs made for a movie.

    My 2nd entry:

    Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - Conga (1985)

    Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine, is a group that is important in the musical field since it will be the Latin musician's place in the American market. The song caused euphoria around the world and still causes it.

    Thanks @olegw for making this platform more fun!
    Here is my entry, I am sure you all will remember with a smile:

    The Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffiths.

    I decided to pick this one because I spent the entire decade of 80s watching people dancing and dancing it in every single get together or party I went to.
    If you think about it, who did not danced this at least once in his/her life?

    Mi segunda entrada me encanta esta cancion una letra hermosa luego de la muerte Leno ocupo los primeros lugares la colocó en el número 30 de una lista que realizó llamada «Canciones del siglo», sobre la base de su trascendencia histórica.

    Awesome contest!
    My picks...
    Come On Eileen: Dexys Midnight Runners

    When Doves Cry : Prince

    Every Breath You Take : The Police


    Thank you for your great entries :)

    My 1st entry:

    Modern Talking - "Brother Louie"
    Álbum: Ready for Romance (1986)

    Modern Talking reinvented electronic music worldwide with an impressive original sound. Until nowadays you can still hear nightclubs and discos.

    My 2nd entry:

    Abba - "Fernando"

    Álbum: Gracias por la música (1980)

    For me one of the best groups of all time. with a unique sound and lyrics of their songs very beautiful. to show this song.

    Hi @olegw very good your contest.

    My 1st entry:

    Europe - The Final Countdown (1986)

    A very successful song in the 80's and with a very attractive sound.

    My 2nd entry:

    New Kids On The Block - You Got It (1988)

    It is the best American boy band pop, in my understanding of all time. Opening the way to the market to large groups in the genre such as: Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and FIVE. And "You Got It" for me the best song of them here I show you and I hope you like it.

    Eighties were not a creative years for the Rolling Stones. They roll through it on the wings of the old glory. But they do deserve their place in history of rock'n'roll, despite that decade of mixed emotions…

    Movie and music of Vangelis, revolution of the time

    Still listening her even it was...

    And master himself :)


    An American science fiction movie produced and directed by Steven Spielberg. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" is the fourth-highest-grossing film of all time in Canada and the US (141,854,300 estimated admissions).


    This was a big album for WHAM with hits like "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go", "Freedom" and "Careless Whisper".

    Hey! this contest awesome!. Here is my link entry for the contest: Thematic -I LOVE 80s MUSIC. https://steemit.com/contest/@esdee/thematic-i-love-80s-music

    Love this contest 😂

    #1. Frankie goes to Hollywood - Relax

    The sound is so distinctly 80s

    #2. Aha - Take on me

    High-tech in the 80’s


    Thank you for your entries , love them all :)

    Paula Abdul's album Forever Your Girl was her debut studio album, released June 13, 1988. In the mid-80's Paula had worked as a dance choreographer for various artists such as George Micheal, Duran Duran, and Janet Jackson.
    She actually began her career as a L.A. Lakers cheerleader when she was 18 years old.


    Thank you for your great entry :)

    I LOVE THE 80s Entry #1 Celebrating the Women! The GoGos

    Belinda Carlisle, yea, lead singer for an ALL GIRL BAND the GoGos!

    Screenshot-2018-3-14 THE GO-GO's Vacation STEREO Countdown appearance 27 6 1982 - YouTube.png


    Head Over Heals

    An all girl band, who wrote their own music, who played all their own instruments, and who were commercially successful was a rather significant accomplishment in the '80s.


    Thank you for your great entries :)

    Mi tercera entrada @olegw..Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart..
    Hermosa canción.


    Thank you for your entry:)