300 Steem Tattoo Contest

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This will be my first tattoo, i have been walking around thinking about a getting inked for years and finally i have won over my indesisive nature and blissfully realized what my first tattoo would look like. I need however help from this amazing community to get this image or idea in my brain, on to paper or a file, wich would make it easier to share it with other people, namley the tattoo artist.

I am terrible att drawing even though i'am getting better, and i suck at graphic design because i have not tried it, therefor i created this contest that will last until the end of 2019, i'am not in a hurry. I want to get this right.

The Terms
300 Steem will be rewarded, payed, gifted or whatever to the person who willingly spends their own time drawing or sketching a tattoo concept. I hope that is a fair offer right now,(at$0,92 rate, $276). I hope the community can help me grow that offer into a very fair offer, and with time, inevitably into a very generous offer when Steemit continues to grow.
The winner will be decided by you, in the comments, and by me.

The Concept
Let me set the background for the tattoo. One of my carefree happiest memories in life so far was when i was maybe 3 or 4 years old playing video games with my brother in our childhood home in Sweden. 1993-1994, windy winter night and to our joy our mother has joined us. My vision in my head depicts a scene wich looks alittle bit like this:
My mother sits in between her two sons, who are looking on when the mother playing Super Mario on a small cube for a tv.
That is my idea for the tattoo.

The Details
Lower arm tattoo, unless other advice convinces me. Does perhaps not give alot of skin to work with but i want a small-"lagom" sized tattoo mostly in black and grey. I imagine a cartoon image in my head of a older brother on the left of a mother with her young son on the right. We se them from behind or side to depict them of clearly playing of video games retro style.
It is a sincere happy moment, but i want the tattoo in black. Maybe the slightest hints of colour if it makes sense, if it doesn't, no. I'am not sure if i want Super Mario to be intigrated into the tattoo but i'am am not against the idea completely. Almost like silhouettes, not like a blotch of black but distinktive shapes that is distinguishable from dark clouds. Mother and sons playing game, sitting on floor looking at a small black cube tv with curbed bulging screen.
On second thought the view should probably be from the front to easily depicts act of playing a game, with the tv in the foreground.
No faces only shapes and silhouettes, touch of cartoon feel, with the appriciation of minimalism. Older brother on the right and young one on the left, from the front view.
Young mother, with a healthy motherly Mrs Weasley'esqe aura, 23 years.
Both boys avrage size for that age, say youngest at 3.5 years.

I will edit this if i come up with more easier ways to explain myself in the future.

Thank you for reading, and i will ofcourse answer any question you might have in the comments.


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I love this concept/idea bro and I will never forget those feelings when we played Super Nintendo hahah

I wish I was good at sketching... I hope someone will take on this challenge! :D

Hey @exyle do you know anyone who can help my bro out? =)

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

I need however help from this amazing community to get this image or idea in my brain, on to paper or a file, wich would make it easier to share it with other people, namley the tattoo artist.
It should be which instead of wich.

I will strive to represent such a beautiful memory.

  ·  2년 전

I appreciate that.

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an interesting tattoo thank you for visiting my blog