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Time to join in! Season 15 Round 1 has officially ended!

This means that Round 2 can now begin! Are you wondering who won the first round and which photo we get to create some artwork with? Well, we had lots of good submissions, but I look for things that are creative in a wild and strange sort of way...

And the Winner is...


Somehow, this entry from @ecoinstant just seemed Wild & Strange, and he got it this time. A big thanks to all who entered though! Also, for his entry, @ecoinstant gets 3.313 SBD & 1.540 STEEM!


This is a relatively simple contest. All you have to do is create some sort of "artwork" out of the winning photo submitted by @ecoistant. When you create your artwork, reply to this post with it. No upvotes, resteems, follows, or any of that needed. Just create, reply, and have fun!

This round is the second part of a five part "season" where each new rounds builds on the winning entry from the last season.

Here is the progression that this contest follows.

ROUND 1 = PHOTO – Take a photo to enter – COMPLETED

ROUND 2 = ART – Use winning photo from Round 1 to make a piece of art - BEGINS NOW!

ROUND 3 = MEME – Use winning art from Round 2 to make a meme

ROUND 4 = POETRY – Use winning meme from Round 3 to make a poem

ROUND 5 = SONG – Use winning poem from Round 4 to make an original song

Here are the official rules for Round 2:

  • Using the winning photo provided by @ecoinstant from Round 1 as the inspiration, create your own original artwork.
  • You can use any medium, such as paint, pencil, clay, digital, coffee, etc, to create your art.
  • The winning piece of art will be used as the inspiration for the meme in the next round, so you may want to keep that in mind.
  • Enter original work and provide your entry in a reply to this post.
  • You can still make a post out of your entry, but your post does not count as an entry, only your reply.
  • Keep everything kid-friendly and G rated.
  • You must enter by the post payout from this post in order to be a valid entry.
  • By entering, you are giving me full permission to use your entry however I wish.

Have fun and get creative! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Also, if you enjoy making posts with stuff like this, why not make a post out of your entry as well. For one, it raises more awareness about the contest. Also, it gives you another chance to gain some STEEM and/or SBD for your efforts, and many times steemians have made more off of their posts about a contest entry than the winners of the contests did! What a crazy place this steemit is!

The winning entry from this round will receive the liquid payout from this post!

Until next time…

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saludos amigos esta es mi participación, suerte a todos.
WildnStrangeXV angeldark.jpg


gracias amigo

saludos amigo @papa-pepper y a tus apreciados seguidores, como siempre intentando participar en tus divertidos concursos.



Oh man! I want one!



papa-pepper 2.jpg

haha hermano moneda oficial del 2019...


Great job!👍👍👍

It's called, "Alternate Reality in Middle Earth."


Looks like an alternate reality!


Thanks! I was actually thinking about the techno-viking while I was playing around with this in Photoshop. If you aren't familiar with the techno-viking, it's worth a quick search. It's basically some rad techno music and a guy who looks like a viking warrior (or my brother) kind of parading down the street with a techno-viking dance of happiness. The original picture looked so happy and open; I wanted to play with an opposing idea while maintaining most of the authenticity. Oh, and I wanted to learn to use Photoshop too. :-)

very interesting contest, need to find more time on my hands!

Mi versión vikinga de @ecoinstant
vikingo nvo.jpg


Very nice!


Wow! In the sea of steemit!!!

Hola @papa-pepper, acá dejo mi participación.

señor 1.png

Heres my 4 entries for this weeks Art contest for round #2! I did a promotional post as well, heres the link if you want to check it out:
#1) On Fire

#2) Crayon Drawing!

#3) Basket Case lol! 😂

#4) Far Out Lol!😂

Thanks and good luck everyone!

That's a beautiful fun, i appreciate this contest.
Upvote and resteemit done.


Cool - you should try a little artwork.


Those steemit logo on your beads
Looks like papa-pepper the steemit-beard-gang

There is some great work on this one! Glad to be part of :)

Screenshot (278).png

I was searching for the steemit logo until my eyes caught them at the weirdest but creative place hahaha. Nice entry! And congrats @ecoinstant

Congrats @ecoinstats ! Hahaha I knew you would win! I will be doing my art soon and entering round 2 as well @papa-pepper !👍👍👍 Upped and resteemed for you!

Wow, Lovely contest.
Congrats to the round one winner @ecoinstant.
And thank to you @papa-pepper for the contest....

this is a very interesting contest.