Myth Contest Winner!

3년 전

Hey everyone! Sorry this post is a bit delayed, I did the @steembasicincome share last night after the post finished, but yesterday was a negative spoons comatose day, and werds r hard, y'all.

But we have a winner for the mythology contest! (drum roll)

It's @ecoinstante, for her sad myth from Colombia, La Madre Monte (she wrote it in English and Spanish, so go read! ^_^)! Thank you for participating, @ecoinstante!

myth winner.PNG

Sorry no cute cat judging footage this time, guys. Negative spoons. Blah. The kitties did have treats, though. :)

Be good, Steemit! Thanks for reading! <3

That minnow your mama always warned you about

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I am going to investigate and share some more positive myths - thank you so much for your support - please say hi to your beautiful gaticos for me!


Aw, that's OK, a lot of myths are tragic! It's practically a running joke with Celtic myths to be tragic. XD The lovers were kept apart, everybody dies, the curse is lifted just in time for them to die...

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