Photocircle announcement: (new) Daily Top 10 contest schedule

2년 전

Dear Photocircle Contributors!

In the past months of the curation project, we have been very thankful for the participants & supporters that is keeping the project sustainable. Even though the world of crypto (steemit in particular) isn’t in its good shape, the project still progress & able to sustain its operation.


You might have notice the slight moderation on the daily Top 10 Contributors contest. In comparison to the previous weeks, we are unable to cope up on the sbd rewards due to a lower steem price.

We don’t intend to lower the the rewards for each contest, instead we are looking into an option to decelerate (slow down) the phase of the daily contest. In the past weeks, the usual two (2) categories per day will be reduced to one (1) per day. This is just a temporary approach to the current state of steem.

Below is the amended daily contest schedules for your info:

Week #1

Monday - Nature photography
Tuesday - People & Lifestyle
Wednesday - Animal photography
Thursday - Magic hour photography
Friday - Vehicle photography

Week #2

Monday - Architecture photography
Tuesday - Cityscape photography
Wednesday - Street photography
Thursday - Macro photography
Friday - Abstract / Minimalism photography
Saturday - Hall of Fame Voting round
Sunday - Hall of Fame feature post

Take note: The changes on the contest schedule is temporary until further notice.

PC Badge group.jpg

Top 10 Contributors contest rewards

On each category, the reward pool is 5sbd!

- Top 1 image will be rewarded with 2sbd!

- Top 9 images will be rewarded with an equal share to the remaining 3sbd, each of the top 9 contributors will be receiving an amount of 0.33sbd!


Stay tuned for the next announcement!

With appreciation,
Photocircle team

Learn about this new photo curation project by clicking >here<

To learn more about the new project feature, please click on the quest image below.

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Noted. This venture must be a win win win for everybody.
Is this coming week #1 or #2, so we can time our submissions appropriately?
And, of course, regardless of the format, thanks for the opportunity to enter our work :)


That's also one of the reason why we are changing the schedule, if this new schedule will be helpful for the participants, then we might consider to keep it this way.


Yes a quick post like “today’s theme is xyz and cutoff time to enter is 24 hours from now “ would be really helpful.


Thanks for understanding :)

i have a question? Do we make submissions on the exact same day or anything over the week will be counted?


We curate / select from the past 7 days until before the time of posting of winners. This will give more time for the participants to work on his / her posts :)


great! i suggest this should be mentioned on your posts. Makes it easier for new ones.


Yes, we will be including this to every daily post to serve as a reminder to all participants. Thanks for the advise.

😊👍 no problem at all! You're doing great even with "stormy weather" so best wishes and keep on! 😊