Photo Hunt Contest #1 - New Theme Announcement - Animals

4년 전

Hello Steemians...

Showcase your talent by entering this exciting competition... Got a Good response for my previous photo contest... Thank you for the support.. Keep supporting..

Photo Hunt Contest #1 - Theme - Animals


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  • Create a post With title "Photo Hunt Contest #" and with tag #photoquesthunt and post the link in the comment section or you can even just Submit your photography work in comment section.
  • Last date to submit is 22nd Feb
  • Only Original Works accepted.

Most creative Photograph wins the contest... 

Winner will be rewarded with 3 SBD 

Good Luck To My Steemit SweetHearts ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜 Hope You Enjoy....

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My best buddy Bobby shows his love for his cute hamster friend on Valentines Day :-)


You got a 100% upvote + Resteem as well mate.

Cheers, @Finance2Nomad


That's a cute snap:) Belated happy Valentines Day Bobby

Came across this cute little guy in the north of Okayama, in Japan. I only had a 14mm fisheye lens with me so i had to get up close and personal.



oh it looks so sad :)


amazing photo, almost a human, congrats!!! (really)

This one's from last summer in Spanish Fork, Utah. Running of the wild horses.


IMGP9537 (Large).jpg
Hope you guys enjoy this image, it is a female waterbuck I photgraphed on a game reserve near Mosselbay in South Africa, it is probably the best photograph I have ever taken.

hello here is my participation I hope you like it. regards

This is my entry for the contest

a monkey eating noodle.

Here is my entry for Photo Hunt Contest #1 - Theme - Animals
Thanks to @photoquest for hosting the contest.
Upvoted and resteemed.
Wish you all the best!


This picture is from my long going project of photographing foxes in nature


If you like wildlife photography - don't hesitate to check my blog for more!


OMG!! Its stunning:)


Awesome moment! I love this image!

My entry for the contest can be found here.

Thanks for doing this contest! :)

Cool contest, #TmSmile tweeted this post to over 50K followers √√√


thank you very much:)

This is one of the brilliant contests on board and I really do admire it. I am participating in this contest and I really hope I win. Here is my entering FB_IMG_1500143412977.jpg


Can be found all over the internet, so not likely his...


yeah that's why I asked @westking...


The fact that you find similar thing don't mean it this .


but it cant be same dog same pose same car.... if it was yours then there would be some or the other thing different... any way sorry buddy I cant accept this photo.. you can submit other one if you like to participate...


is that your pet photography?


@westking Please don't post google images... participate only if you have a original photograph taken by yourself...


I guess you have to check my photo and compare with your google photo.


hello @photoquest.
this is my Gary, he just found a perfect spot to chill on!
nice one Gary...


hahaha funny:) cat in a bowl:P

My nephew's photogenic dog..steemians meet lucky...


ohhhh .. choo cute lucky:)


thank you... :)

Wkwkwkw funny mongkey..... Visit my Steemit beginner all @irsyadzeal thanks

Hai friend nice pic

good photography....
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