🌸 WIN 5 SBD! Contest! Spot the Fake #02! 🌸

3년 전


YAY!!! The first week of #spotthefake is officially closed! A winner has been chosen (announced below) and this week's photos are below


I will be running #spotthefake every Tuesday, and I will post a few pics of a few antiques. It may be antique lighting, antique furniture, or even top designer furniture. One or more will be fake or reproduction.

It's up to you to #spotthefake. Post your choice in the comments, and maybe let me know why you think that.


  • To enter, you must upvote and resteem my post
  • Leave your choice in the comments, you can choose one image, two images, or all the images - it's up to you 😍😍
  • The prize will be 5SBD, payable once the 7 days is up.
  • I will take all the correct answers, of the qualifying entries and do a random draw with this site


Well done, @lolicorn. You are the winner!

No contestants got both answers correct, and only four people guessed one answer correctly! I think it was a difficult choice! This week is a little easier 😍😍 The answers were 1) the yellow glass light, and 3) the pink and clear glass light!

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 11.11.08 PM.jpg


Okay, y'all! Last week I noticed that it was a bit difficult to choose when there were so many choices, so like my good friend
@battleaxe says - KISS - Keep It Simple Steemians! There are only two photos to choose from, one is a proper antique bombe chest of drawers purchased in France, and the other is a very good replica.

A bombe chest, especially the inlaid cabinets like these, were very popular during the Empire/Victorian times, and enjoyed a bit of a neoclassical resurgence from the late 1880’s - about 1910.

To enter, you must UPVOTE, RESTEEM and guess the correct image! Answer will be revealed this time next week!

Image One:

910 x 1220 x 500 - R22800 INCL VAT ( 1 AVAILABLE).JPG

Image Two:

SOLD 820 x 950 x 440 - R22800 INCL VAT.JPG

🌸To enter, don't forget to upvote, resteem and leave your answer in the comments🌸
🌸Thank you for your participation, I am super excited!🌸


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That's a hard one..... I'm gonna say image 1 is the fake


Tell you next week! X

I think that Picture 2 is fake just got that vibe to it


Oh, haai, @sweeneydean, nice to see you! Thanks for your entry, will post results on Tuesday!

Um...that one.


lol, no! That doesn't count!


Lol I tried ♨

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img credz: pixabay.com
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wow, thank you so much!!!
Of course I'm in for another round :)
I say #1 is the replica


Yay! Awesome! Let you know next week x

Thank you for posting @princessmewmew.

Lovely idea......

Both are lovely.

Wishing your contest all the best.


thank you so much! Would you like to take a guess?


You are very kind.

I will guess the chest/commode? in photograph number two.

Thank you for asking.....Cheers.

Sé muy poco de muebles, pero me hacen recordar un lujoso mueble que había en la funeraria de mi pueblo. Había sido propiedad, al parecer, del dueño de la casa que era rico y los comunistas se apropiaron del lugar. Tenía dibujos chinos y se podía ver que era un tipo de mueble de los que ya no se fabrican.


While I don't understand Spanish, Google Translate helped me to understand what you are saying! These pieces are quite luxurious indeed, with price tags of over $3000! 🌸🌸

Si bien no entiendo español, Google Translate me ayudó a entender lo que estás diciendo. Estas piezas son bastante lujosas, ¡con etiquetas de precio de más de $ 3000!


Thanks fo your entry! I’ll let you know next week!

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Oh hey Ross! Thank you for entering! 😺

I think nr 1 is the fake one 😉 lol
Don't ask me why!


Yay! Thanks again for entering ❤️


Yeay 🤗 Your welcome and thank You for having this cool contest 💕

..I think not your 1 is the fake 1 hehhe
Do not ask me why..


Hi @kaleem345, thank you for your entry 😺😺 Don't forget to resteem to be entered into the random draw


OK dear now I'm resteem

Hmmmmm image 1


thanks for entering 💕

Sure no 1 is fake 😂


Hi @coretan, I am so glad to see you again! Thanks for your entry 💕


U'r welcome my princess, I'm also glad to be here :)


Thanks for your entry! 🌸

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Thanks for entering 💓

Hi @princessmewmew, I really enjoyed the competition last week. Let me know if you want me to do a tally of the results from the last competition and do up a chart or something for you (because I love #infographics).

My guess is that Image One is the fake, again no particular reason other than if someone said one is a really good replicate, then I think the first one looks much nicer to me :D


Hi! Thank you for your entry, glad to see you again! That’s really good reasoning actually!

Thank you for your offer, it’s really kind of you, I’ll let you know, but it’s not a massive task or anything for me!


I will keep participating until I become an antiques expert (or you stop running the competition). It's just a fun way to engage with people here actually :)


Hehe! Yes, it is. I also take part in #steemit-ironchef, and I've met a lot of cool Steemians that way too. Contests are fun!


I can't remember but somebody was trying to put together a page for all the contests held on Steemit. Will have to send you a link and check to see if your contest is on it :)

I'll try my luck with image #1 being the fake!!!


ohw, hi, Cheffy! Thanks for your entry! Don't forget to resteem to qualify😉😉

The Picture 1 is fake


Thanks for entering 😉 i will post the answers on Tuesday

#2... Resteem and Upvote :)

I think image 2 is fake

you see real photo !!!

Upvoted,resteemed and following 😊
I think the cabinet in picture one is a fake replica coz the handles and the metallic parts looks brand new and shiney.

I also voted for you and I am following you. Follow me back.

Both look good but my guess is #2 is the fake?

  ·  3년 전

i choose the 2nd one is fake.

Image 1 is fake B-)

The first image is possibly fake :)