🎨ColorMeContest 6th Edition! Theme: Undead🎨

3년 전

A warm family hug Steemit. 😜

On this occasion I dedicate myself to create a skull based on a template established in the friend @blacklux and @debart contest, if you are interested in participating I recommend you enter here.

This is the template from which my drawing starts..

To create the skull was not very difficult because less than a month ago I saw a movie that I thought was beautiful, this film is COCO, there I saw infinities of decorated skulls, and from there my inspiration began, without further ado I present my work final.

Here the step by step:

I say goodbye to you, dear reader, but first I want to thank you for taking the time to read my publication. 😎

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When you stand in front of the mirror, do you like what you see?

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I saw Coco too and its a beautiful movie!! Great entry @quamce Thanks for your entry and good luck!


if friend I've seen her many times ... how nice that you liked my entrance, thanks for the wish !!!