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If we talk about exchanges, in reality there are many that exist today, there are all types, for all different tastes. All offer, security, speed and low costs, however the creation of more and more tells us that there are still elements that have not been added, and that users are still searching for better options.

In many cases, we have very good exchanges, but their commissions are so high that they limit the participation of any subject that moves small amounts. It is terrible when you notice that you have $ 5 but you can not do anything with them, because the commission alone will be responsible for converting them into $ 0...

Lost in commissions

There are many exchanges, some of them offer you lower commission rates, but finally they all charge, generating a loss to the client. Let's look at some commissions

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If we observe, we have a commission that any subject will say is only 0.2% but, if this person dedicates himself to it as a job, and makes more than 20 trading transactions in a day, he will be losing more than 20% of his capital , per day! And also, assuming that there are always small spaces for losses, the calculations are demotivating.

let's see another ..

bithumb fees.png


Fees for receiving money, if the deposits are small! . If you are an investor with a considerable amount of $ maybe a small commission would not affect you, but who happens to charge a commission for small deposits? If the deposit below tells us that you do not have, or do not want to deposit more than the minimum, then you also have to pay, for that you prefer not to invest, and lose your opportunity.

It is clear that the payment is necessary, because how else could the relevant payments be made in order for the platform to work? There is not, wait ... It seems that there is an alternative. Digitex

What is Digitex??

Digitex is the first, commission free Futures Exchange on the blockchain


Yes, without commissions. You will ask yourself and how are the costs going to be covered? Of course, for that there is a solution.

Digitex Futures Exchange

Creating an ERC-223, compatible with Ethereum token of name DGTX, will be used to move the collection of commissions and all lost, profit and type of payment will be translated in DGTX, because it will be the native currency of Digitex Futures Exchange, it will be the payment par excellence used in the platform and possessing it will be synonymous to get rid of annoying payments.

The way thought by Digitex to pay for all expenses will be covered when creating new DGTX, which will be through voting by those who are the current owners, in order to vote it will be necessary to have DGTX, a consensus will avoid creating bigger tokens than expected, minimizing any type of inflation. In addition, the usefulness of these token will cause it to be quoted, which will maintain the constant movement of the users, while some need to sell, another will want to buy. The first issue of a token will be given to 2 years, so the use of those that existed in the beginning must be acquired with caution. let's see how the scenarios for the token scaling could be.

Screenshot_2018-09-14 Digitex-Whitepaper pages - Digitex-Whitepaper v 1 1 pdf.png

Digitex WhitePaper

in this table we can see what Digitex expects, where a high volume of participants will make the price increase, and be able to cover expenses, without the need for high inflation, thinking about the inclusion of new users is not impossible, since that many would feel attracted with the simple fact of eliminating commissions, they would not be victims of losses as they have seen in other exchange systems.

Trustless Futures Trading

Innovating the previously seen, Digitex proposes the option of making transactions without storing your money in the exchange, there are difficulties in the platforms that currently operate for example:

Decentralized Exchange Challenges

  • There is no privacy, on occasions large transactions become a prize, and a fight takes place, which ends up slowing down the process.
  • Reliability and scalability, of course there are still problems
  • High costs, faster, more expensive and other elements that play against.
  • If the user does not show that he has the full amount in the contract, he can not carry out the negotiation.

Benefits of Centralized Matching Engine & Order Book vs Decentralized Exchange

Making use of centralized servers to achieve benefits in these conflicts

Greater speed, allowing scalding, for being out of the chain of blocks, to prevent any speculation on any transaction. There may be a leverage, which allows a trader to expand their trading possibilities, obtaining more possibility of progress, without limitations.

Combination between centralization and de-centralization to bring the best service to your reach. The exchange uses decentralization to update the data of gains and losses, but does not have the capital in physical, as well as access keys, your money is safe and its disposition.


Free of hacking, before requesting a withdrawal an application is made of the balance sheets that the person possesses, and a record of the matched transactions is made, reason why although a person can cheat a final amount to withdraw, he could not do it with the information that belongs to the complete analysis, for which no thefts could be presented, in addition, Metamask can be used, to maximize its security, in view of the fact that larger parameters are required to make a withdrawal.

The Digitex Futures Exchange

The Digitex Futures Exchange is a trading environment for the trustless buying and
selling of digital currency futures contracts with zero transaction fees. The exchange
does not hold any client funds, combining the trustless security of decentralized
account balances with the speed and reliability of a centralized order book and
matching engine. Digitex WhitePaper

Digitex Blog


Zero Trading Fees

Forget the commissions, you can make a list of your possible strategies without worrying about the amount you leave in your commissions, DGTX, cover what you can lose, and your destination seems to be stable, since everyone will need it to make use of Digitex , so do not worry, because the time has come to increase profits, and minimize losses!

Decentralized Account Balances

Far from losing, your capital is safe in the chain of blocks of Ethereum, the use in the exchange is done through a smart contract you can rest assured that only you have access to your finances, and the exchange can not make use of it. At no time do you need to send keys, so you will always have full control.

Highly Liquid Futures Markets

Undoubtedly, participation in Digitex is imminent, everyone will want to be part of an exchange without commissions, for which the largest will be willing to invest in it, increasing liquidity, providing Digitex grows as the foam.

Automated Market Makers

Trading robots and the possession of 20% of DGTX in the market guarantee that the purchase and sale standards have a balanced margin, to ensure that inflation does not exceed the profit margins of all those belonging to the ecosystem.

Digitex Native Currency

The DGTX demand is guaranteed by the utility. Withdrawals, deposits, profits and losses are expressed in DGTX, its possession is necessary, and its usefulness is clear, so expecting more people to enter and its value increases, is so simple like watching drops fall, and predicting that it will rain.

One-Click Ladder Trading Interface

Pleasant to the eye, a graphic representation of offers and prices, in a staircase, which allows the user to identify the movement of the trade and the decision making effectively in a faster way.


High Leverage

Screenshot_2018-09-15 Margin and Leverage on the Digitex Futures Exchange - Digitex Futures News Blog.png

Digitex Blog

Through the so-called leverage, users can make purchases or sales of up to 100x more than what they have, through futures contracts, where they do not necessarily have to cancel instantly what they are trading, 40% of what is traded will be enough to carry out the negotiation considering that it is a purchase or sale in the future.

Sub-Millisecond Order Matching


Digitex will not have problems of scalability, or processing your system is Erlang / OTP which is a processing language, what we use in our whatsapp application, where thousands of messages arrive in a millisecond, with millions of people connected across the length and breadth of the world and we do not see that its platform is paralyzed, so it will be Digitex, who will update orders and prices regardless of how many users operate at the same time.

Off-Chain Price Discovery, On-Chain Settlement

Digitex Blog

Speed and confidence, Digitex offers us the best options of two scenarios, it is like deciding to dare to drive on a new road with a borrowed vehicle, leaving yours at home. Something like this happens when Digitex offers us exchange options without mobilizing our capital, so as not to run dangers.


Decentralized Governance by Blockchain (DGBB)

In view of the costs incurred through the creation of DGTX annually, it is important to know in which way they will be created. To do so, we will have the vote of their owners. They will decide when and how many DGTX will be created in order to avoid out of control.

Complete Privacy

Without losing time any user can operate, without sending documents that can be stolen in the network, guaranteeing the security of each individual.

Blockchain Driven

Digitex breaks the schemes, and propose new management that fully benefits the user, greater speed, greater security. Active participation, and also and most importantly, free of commissions which gives way to investments without fear of loss, without thinking and analyzing so much. Real time and with apalacamiento. What big investors need to take a chance, and what every new trader needs to start. Digitex seems to be the one.


Case of use :

Angel is thinking of investing in the Blockchain world but has $ 10 exantas, has verified the commissions of the different available exchanges, and has concluded that he can not start hsata to obtain a greater capital, calculating the commissions by sending and receiving, plus the traiding, only has $ 3 available, which is very little. Someone comments on Digitex and Angel is happy and decides to invest, he is happy to be able to use his $ 10 without losses in commissions.

The Digitex Token (DGTX) Economy


Screenshot_2018-09-15 Digitex Futures, Commission-Free Bitcoin Futures Ttrading.png

Digitex Website

The base and sustenance for this project is the DGTX, its demand is guaranteed, since it is necessary for the use of the free system of commissions, this is attractive for the users, which will cause that every time they are added more.


Token distribution

Screenshot_2018-09-15 Digitex Futures, DISTRCommission-Free Bitcoin Futures Trading.png

Digitex Website


Are you interested in earning your first DGTX? It's simple, Digitex has a program program for users to have access to their tokens, you simply have to enter Digitex Early Access, place your mail and continue doing some social tasks, and prepare yourself because you are already participating! Successes!

Screenshot_2018-09-15 DGTX Thank You.png
I am already participating, what are you waiting for?

Additionally, for Steemit users there is a special reward inSteem Bounty and participate!


Screenshot_2018-09-14 Digitex Futures, Commission-Free Bitcoin Futures Trading.png

Digitex Website



Who are behind this project


Digitex Website



After so much waiting, the opportunity has come to take control of our capital, Digitex offers you the opportunity to plan strategies without fear that the profits will go into commissions, besides, do not fear that your funds are in an exchange, with Digitex it will not be necessary, you will not need to send KYC, nor will you transfer your money anywhere, thanks to Ethereum compatibility, you will use the best of both scenarios without taking risks, without giving your passwords, or worrying about hackers. It is you and the investment opportunity at the door, in conjunction with future contracts that offer you leverage, if you are thinking about investing, the time has come for you to read about Digitex and draw your own conclusions. If you want to know more here you have their networks.

Finally I see Digitex with years of experience in 2021, telling the story as the first to abolish the commissions and stay after so many changes.

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