Contest Time - Caption This Photo

3년 전

Hey everyone! I though it was time for something fun.

Caption this photo:


I will be announcing a winner on Monday. Best caption wins 10 Steem

Thanks for participating.


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endurance is reliable

Coming to a shoreline near you ... one night only ... Cirque du Rock Crab.

Hello. You've reached Scott Stevenson Photography, please hold the line, we will be right with you.

HODL~~~! I think I can see the bottom~?

Holy Crab!!! Thats a long way down!!

Your photos are always beautiful.

Trying to impress someone inside the gym with A one hand pull ups..

Waoooh is this a spider crab.
Nice picture

Have a look of, Tarzan'S father......

You took this picture?
Wow! This is very good.

My caption: "Just hold on, you might never fall".

This is crab in his habital environment dagling with a thread.. That is my view for now

Help I am drowning!
Oh, thanks god; got the blue rope to hang on

Damn! I dropped a stitch!

Hanging by a Thread

first to cross the line, we have the crab olympics gold medal winner!

A sea crab trying to eat and cut the fishing line because of anger to the anglers who always disrupt the marine biota. 😊

'Strung Out and Feeling Blue'... @averageoutsider ...

  ·  3년 전

Circus crab thinks scuttling is for amateurs

My caption @scottdphoto / "Just Hang In There, Scottie" Thanks! :)

Resteemed; I hope it'll get you more entrants. :)

"The remarkable way in which a visually impaired crab uses old fishing line to mark his path, from his house to your table!"

Army of spiders creates super web

Wild crab

Its looks little greeny and creepy hahahahaha

"Don't worry Louie I'll cut you free!"
That's my caption, great picture and great colors! Good share

Cliffhanger Part 2: Underwater


The beauty of nature

The little crab swinging and dancing to think about his darling!!!

CAPTION: Clean Oceans Clean Life.

my caption ''that moment when crypto price keeps falling but you are like spiderman and refuse to give up''

Hey buddy,"the floor is lava"

Caption "Just hanging". :D
Beautiful picture, what type of camera did you use? Where did you take this shot? :D
God bless you. :D Have an awesome day! :D


Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature, and Nature always wear the colour of the spirit.

Love your photos, @scottdphoto! Quick question: Would you like to judge the Nature Photo Contest on Thursday next week? The theme will be (as of next week) Textures Thursday - photos of nature showing textures. A little info about the contest can be found in the Introduction (to be updated with the new theme), and as examples you can see the Water Wednesday Submissions Post and the Water Wednesday Winners Post. Thanks for considering! :)

I LOVE crabs, It's such a beautifull photo, Hope to see one like this in real life, someday haha!

practicing to beat Tom Cruise so i got to hang on the line with 1 Crab hand for a 10 min

Spider Man is DEAD! But he will comeback as a CRAB MAN!

When the steem price is continued to fall down



After a long hiding under a rock (until the shell is full of moss), now Mr. Crab begins to crawl to the surface. :)

I might be old and covered in lichens.
But I still have the heart of a young crab.

  ·  3년 전

I gat this!pull up on fleek..might just start a bumpee pretty soon!

Did he say "Cut the BLUE wire" or "Do NOT cut the BLUE wire"? Here goes Nothing!!

'You want to snap me on camera? I'll show you snapping'

my caption is NATURE'S ESSENCE

"Steem price fall all you want, I'll HODL bitch"

an elderly crab hopes for help to survive

Balancing act in reverse side!
Great photo :-). Sunny greetings

Army of spiders creates super web

I can If you can show me

The real meaning of On-line.

Not today

At the end, you are of its own. No one is gonna stand there for u. Stand for yourself, trust me, u r the mightiest being.

Come with me if you want to live.

keep going

"Don't leave me hanging ... to start it all over again"

HODL!! "I don't know how much longer I can hold on"

"Until my last breath......"

Life is like a tiny rope, only little balance is needed to pass the tiny rope

Na na na na na na BatCrab!!!

life need Struggle no word give up before trying.

My captions: "Yee haw finally caught myself a seahorse!"

  ·  3년 전

hola amigo, este seria mi titulo. "Dependiendo de un Hilo".

Hold it like your life depended on it

Hi @scottphoto! Here is my caption for the photo : "Hang in there, steem! Bitcoin will save you!"

wow excellent photography. my subtitle would be:
Nature is like a rope that only depends on us, do not let it break!

Un cangrejo se columpiaba sobre la tela de una araña...

"What did you think I meant when I said I caught crabs?"

Try and try until you succeed

"Hold on like your life depends on it!"