I want to do an appreciation for my followers new and old for helping me get past the 150 mark winning is easy!!

5년 전


Ok everyone who follows me knows i love to post funny things and also things i see that interest me and guess some people like it.

I see many contests that only give away .02 for the reward, for me thats not enough of an incentive or appreciation
I will give away 1/3 of the total rewards for this post and resteem a post from your page to one of my followers that i shall choose randomly. All you need to do is FOLLOW me, UPVOTE, RESTEEM and comment that u did this and i will upvote your comment.. good luck guys!!!

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I UP Voted, Resteemed and Followed........Have a Great Weekend


Thank u.. dont forget to resteem... enjoy your weekend too, good luck


Thank you, dont forget to resteem.. goodluck

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Good for you! I hope i can have a big following just like you! Lookig forward to mo quality content as well! Oh and dont stop on the funny stuff! :D followed you as well!


Thank you very much, dont forget to resteem.. goodluck


Just did. Thank you!

Followed, upvoted and resteemed. Have a good weekend :)

Dont forget to resteem guys