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After a successful giveaway I did two weeks ago I decided to do another one. The first one brought me around 130 followers which was pretty cool and the amount of SBD I made on it was even more than what the giveaway offered which was 5 STEEM.

The giveaway winner last time was @petar.pekovic I got to know him a little bit after he won, cool dude check out his page!

This time I will be giving away DOUBLE THE AMOUNT IN SBD!

10 SBD = $52.5 at the time of this post!

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Here are the rules :

1. Like this post.
2. Resteem this post.
3. Comment a random number from 1 - 1000.
4. Follow me.

After you do all this you are eligible to win the prize, winner will be announced in 72 hours, good luck everyone!

I can send funds to any SBD wallet you prefer.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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666 is great number :-) I hope You will win ...


blaze it


LOL...after you draw my number I will for sure!!!

If no one gets the number exactly, will you give it to the person who's number was closest?


I was thinking about generating random numbers on random.org until it hits one of the numbers that someone guessed. But this sound like a good idea too, we'll see it depends on how much people will participate

You've done well @selfhelp. Who ended up winning?


Lol not sure how I feel about these ways of buying followers etc but they seem to work don't they? Same with likes on FB. Seemed wrong to be buying likes. But that's the way it is. Good luck with this.


Well the followers aren't fake, they're real people and I think everybody can benefit from self help that's why I think my page will be big very soon.

Mine is


hello... here's my number..


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nobody choosing the 700's yet...

This is STEEMIT-CITY, where steemians grow their selves
Here is our Telegram link to join👇

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620 .. hoping you can pick my number 😅

what if there will be steemians with the same number? and luckilly, you pick the same number too? hahaha

grabs popcorn

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For me it wil be,


769 Thank you!

124 is my number :)

Good luck 👍🍀

Good luck to me! 857

Resteemed done!

My random number is 492 . Thanks and good luck to everyone.

You got a 17.86% upvote from @bearwards courtesy of @selfhelp!

Resteemed, voted, followed as requested :)

This is an interesting idea. I would love more SP so here's my entry: 162


Dear luck..... Please be good to me, badly need this SBD TO fund also my contest!


Nice inspiring idea to organize giveways! Seems to have an impact indeed! =) Thank you for having shared the link, I am glad that I found your profile!

777 is my pick @selfhelp. Great contest!

  1. Upvoted. Resteemed

There is no other number possible besides 644, as it’s the most used number in the world!
Ok maybe it isn’t, but I sure hope you used it this time :-)

I choose 309

485 lucky number


Satan is that you?


:D just acknowleding that strange, meaningful or even numbers have equal statistical opportunity at succeeding.

wow my guessing powers are low,, lemme think hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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Thanks @selfhelp! cool idea I might borrow once I get rolling a bit...

You got a 5.09% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @selfhelp!

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interesting way to get sbd


This post has received a 2.03 % upvote from @boomerang thanks to: @selfhelp

Hello my friend, my entry


My entry is 446

98..... It just has to be 98 lol