what is your favourite day?

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hey beautiful people!

you are so awsome....loved all your tidy spots you pictured for me.
winners for this challenge are:


rules for my next challenge:

  1. what day of the week is ypur favourite one and why?
  2. follow me! resteem would be highly appreciated:)


I will choose 2 winners that will be selected randomly and give 1 sbd each.

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Wednesday is my favorite day because it is in the middle of regular working/school days (I'm referring to Monday to Friday), I don't know how but I found the day wednesday as a great day for me. I find monday and tuesday as a long day, like busy and stressful day and the time slowly ticking while on wednesday it started ticking fast, like once wednesday is done you will just be surprised that it was already weekend, like it's skipping thursady and friday. I don't know how but for me wednesday is a great day because I find it very excited to weekends.

Friday is my Favourite day and the reason is that i am a muslim and it is our holly day, The day of spirituality and Peace.

My favorite day of the week is Monday , because it seems to me that we started the week with joy and new expectations.

@shubaca 430 I am so happy..love you mam its increasing my confidence to write . Its hat-trick for me... .. I must say you are lucky for me..

So.. Again participating for the contest.. Thanks again for your generosity this is first one time i am winning contest consecutively

Today is my favorite, wherever it falls as learnt to be first be happy in present moment.. For tomorow to be better i must act today as it will reap the rewards what I do now.. As i believe smiles seen today are better than those remembered... Love felt can be returned today.. What other day can be so full??

Specifically Friday is my favorite as we evaluate worth of work accomplished... And we can plan the weekend just before us.. A.. Paradise... In the journal of Applied Research in quality of lifeshowed that the highest spike in happiness came during the planning stage of weekend or vacation as people enjoy the sense of anticipation as opposed to actually taking a holiday.. In the study the effect of vacation anticipation boosted happiness for eight weeks.. After the vacation or weekend happiness quickly dropped back to baseline levels for most people... One more study found that people who just thought about watching their favorite movie actually raised their endorphin levels by 27%..so its said that if you can't take the time for a vacation nw or even a night out with friends put something on the calendar and if you need a boost of happiness remind yourself about it..


@geetasnani you are awsome! love your articulate answers!
I identify with the reserches you mentioned and yes, when I have someting fun that is planned for the rest of the week it makes me more joyful in general so I take more notice in that. thanks:)


Thank you so much @shubaca430.. Your valuable appreciation means a lot.. I guess we read similar kind of books.. Just curious where ur from??

N what you do?? Any personal telegram links if u dnt mind... Love you love you.. Thanks for everything...

Dnt knw how?? Your questions just press the trigger button n the writer in me just starts.. Otherwise i can't write more than two lines on my post... Hehe.. Thank you so much for the great opportunity... Will take a break for others to win.. But will resteem..

Every day should be our favorites for the simple fact that we must always fight, in every second of life. But your question makes me choose a single day so I choose Monday.
That day is very special and full of good vibes. It brings a lot of energy to go out with the head up at the beginning of the new week. Regards!

Hello @shubaca430,
My favourite day of the week is Friday because as a teacher,apart from mid tern break or holiday,it is a day that we go rest for the week's stressful day and a lot of shouting and marking. So Friday is when we teachers do have their rest and also prepare a little for the next week.

I enjoy all days of the week, each one has something special, but the most exciting for me is:


is the start of a new week, opens a window of opportunity and great expectations of what will be the week. The weekend break allows me to live on Monday with lots of energy and enthusiasm. On Monday, is loaded with plans for the rest of the week.

congratulations to the challenge winner from @ shubaca430
I'm happy to follow her.
on this occasion I choose a Sunday to spend, happy and play with my family

my favourite day is monday
and then all people will not believe that!

Hello @shubaca430 happy to be near you ,, congratulations for the winner, for today's contest I chose Tuesday, because day Tuesday the birth of my child, thanks @shubaca430

The day that I die. I dont know yet.


My favorite day of the week is Sunday, because it is the day of the Lord. Special day for his worship

Hello thank you for your contest ,my best day on Saturday to share with my friends

Congratulations to the winner before him, yes I am happy to join this contest, I am happy with Friday because Friday is a good day among other days for me to worship?
Nice to follow you @shubaca430

Hello, first I want to thank for the opportunity you give to users of Steemit. With regard to your question, before my favorite days were the weekends because I used to party since the day Friday. Then I think that with the passing of time and I am more adult and to see that some members of my family suffer from some disease I think every day is a blessing, waking up, being healthy, with the people we love. I would say my favorite days are


In my case, my favorite day has varied by times according to my routine. At this time it's Saturdays because I have more opportunity to share with the people closest to me.

I quite like Thursdays. The weekend days try too hard to be liked, and no-one likes Monday. Friday always arrives with great expectations but it never really satisfies. Tuesday and Wednesday are solid, reliable days - they do what it says on the tin, but you wouldn't go clubbing with one.

But Thursday.

There's just something about Thursday. Thursday won't let you down.

hello @shubaca430 and good luck to everybody inthis contest. My favorite day is Sunday for several things: First, I've just tired of to rest (Yes, so like I sid: "tired of to rest") and Sunday is to say: "Tomorrow to move again, to work again". Second: Is a day that I spend with my family sometimes at home another going out to do something different. And third (May be the importantest thing) because of a religous reason: On a Sunday Jesus Christ resurrected. Mmmm, please, excuse my little English.

@shubaca430 My favorite day is on Mondays, even if it sounds a little crazy, for me it's a day to restart your activities and put the best energy into it in order to have a more productive week full of achievements.

Sunday, because I share more time at home with my family :)

Friday because the weekend starts. These days I enjoy more of my family and friends.

For me, all days are favorites only by living them, I give thanks to God for each dawn, but enjoyed one in particular, on Friday, because the end of the week for work and begins the weekend to share, i like refescarme with some drinks and share with my family and some friends.

For me on Friday gives home to the recharge of enregias helping me to begin a new week looking for give the maximum.

By the way today is friday, happy weekend.


Fridays for the weekend and rest

Hola amigos mi día favorito son los DOMINGOS porque es mi día libre. Me despierto bieeeen tarde golpe de 11 am, después de disfrutar una noche juntico a mi esposo apurruñaditos. El acostumbra colocarse el delantar y prepara el desayuno para luego llevármelo a la camita, pasamos todo el día viendo películas y comiendo cualquier cosa que este en la nevera sino pedimos comida para llevar a la casa (Ese día NO COCINO). Lo mas sabroso de todo es que descansamos ya que el resto de la semana es de mucho trabajo, diligencias y oficios del hogar... AMO LOS DOMINGOS!

Hello friends, my favorite day is SUNDAYS because it's my day off. I wake up feeling like a late punch of 11 am, after enjoying a juntico night with my husband in a hurry. He usually puts on his clothes and prepares breakfast to take it to the bed, we spend all day watching movies and eating anything that is in the fridge but we ask for food to take home (that day I DO NOT COOK). The most delicious of all is that we rest since the rest of the week is a lot of work, diligence and home trades. I LOVE SUNDAYS!

My favorite day is Friday, because I arrive from my school so happy and thinking I am going to rest

Hello to all steemians my favorite day is Friday is the last day of work and begins day of rest and share with the family. Thanks @shubaca430 by the contest.