CONTEST#2: Earn Daily Upvote (Steem Basic Income) Result#1

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Hello Steemians 😀


I am running a contest where winner or winners would get voting shares from @steembasicincome sponsored by @sillentkiller

We successfully completed our last contest, We received some good number of entries.

Rules were simple but still few entry got rejected because they failed to fulfil all criteria 🙄

I am sorry but "Rules are Rules", we can't break it or amend it 🙁

I have been through every eligible entry and visit their profile to check their other blogs and activities on Steemit.

Any Contest can't get successful in terms of revenue until Big Whales show support for it.

We didn't receive that much revenue in our last contest which was forcing me to pick just 1 Winner but after been through those entries I felt there should be more than 1 Winner 😃✌

So I converted my last few SBDs to Steem for @steembasicincome voting share for each Winner, after all this contest is hosted by Me 🖖

Winner Declaration

So Ladies and Gentlemen Winners of our Contest#1 are

  1. @jysui
  2. @glentoy
  3. @shivamraichura
  4. @altcoinbuzz

Congrats!!! 🎉🎊 Everyone for Winning this Contest

For those who missed this time, Please don't lose Hope and be consistent and work on steemit on regular basis...

... That's the only way to have success on Steemit 🎖🎖🎖

Proof Of Prize Distribution


Who is He?


Hint: Electricity

Rules(Please Read it Carefully):

  1. Give 100% Upvote to this post - so that we get a decent amount of revenue to distribute

  2. Resteem this post - so that other people also get to know about this contest

  3. Follow Me - so that you can get updates on this Contest and other Upcoming Contests

  4. Comment Your Answer with one of your Best Post Link - to help us know you better and for the tiebreaker ✌

  5. Contest Open Till: 26 Feb 2018 (7:00 PM) UTC

Don't Worry about its revenue, Winner or Winners would get their share guaranteed!!! It's my Promise to You ✊🤘



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that would be Nikola Tesla. I posted his quotes last Valentines day. Here is my latest post. Thank you:

Listen - great idea putting on contest - I'd like to help you promote this and get more followers and contestants - I am part of a groups that helps to promote games and contests - especially newbie contests - if you would like for us to help promote it - please add #newbiegames to your tag to get as much exposure as you can - best of luck to you!


Hey we have just started a contest too at PoetsUnited we are mostly newbies in that community so I guess we can qualify too for more exposure ...

Obviously, it is Nikola Tesla 😉
I'm not sure whether I should leave a link to a new post or if it could be an older one, so I thought I'd leave a link to my favorite one...

SteemIt Isn't About The Money... Not Anymore!

I guess Nikola Tesla as well... Nice contest by the way like the idea... awesome... Here is a link to one of my good pieces :

interesting idea - you should be getting more participants .. airhawk-project may be of help


Thank You Mentor, for always been there to answer my silly questions ☺

Good stuff...and good oppyrtunity....👍


Thank You so much 🤗
I really appreciate your feedback

Nikola Tesla. Hey, what kind of contest is this? u are putting an image of someone as famous like him. You can raise the bar slightly more I guess. I am not against the idea of having the contest, in fact it's great that you are doing it. But do it not just for the sake of doing it. Let's have some fun.


Actually, giving correct answer is not just a main concern of this contest, It requires one's blog post link so that we can judge their overall quality and activity on steemit.
The winners would get a share from @steembasicincome so it's our responsibility to find out a right steemit profile.

Contest is simple because it is targeted for Newbies 🙂

I Hope my answer would fulfil all your queries 🤗

In order to participate, please upvote, resteem and share your post link 🖖

Stay Happy Stay Blessed Always 🙃


The link we include has to be the best post and not the latest post?


Yes, any post which you feel is your best write-up till now


Okay, I'll submit my entry soon. Thanks!


Nicola Tesla I Didn't Even Have To Look Him Up.. He Is My Favorite Inventor
Here Is The Link-
Could You Sign Up @brandonfrye If i Win?



It feel soo good to hear you happy 😊

Stay Happy Stay Blessed Always


Thank you so much sir!!

Great idea for a contest! Nikola Tesla is your man

Also - here is a link to a blog I just did -

Please follow the rules of the group : Steemit for Resteem ↕.

We have a promotion now and you can use the opportunity.☼ Special Promotion ☼

Nikola tesla, I am greatly interested in this contest, btw here is my link for this contest;


Resteem this Post for eligible entry ✌

His name is nikola tesla is a well-known inventor invention radio among other objects here see this post so that you smile... here my blog


Resteem this Post for eligible entry ✌

His name is Nikola Tesla. He is was an inventor, electrical engineer and a physicist. He was born in 1856 ans is famous for his contributions to the design of the modern current electricity supply system. great contest

With full respect Nikola Tesla.
Here is my entry thnk u so much for giving an opportunity to the newbees

If I’m not mistaken, That’s Nikola Tesla.🙂


Share your best post link and resteem this post for eligible entry ✌

Nikola Tesla

His name is Nikola Tesla. He is was an inventor, electrical engineer and a physicist. He was born in 1856 ans is famous for his contributions to the design of the modern current electricity supply system.
Here is the link to my best post


We still need your best post link in order to accept your entry 🖖

Thank You ☺

Nikola Tesla is a hero of mine.
I would like submit...

Thanks. Cool idea...

  ·  3년 전

That's Nicola Tesla... And this is my entry for the competition

Nikola Tesla, that's his name he was an electrical engineer.

I appreciate you for your good works @sillentkiller.

Here is a link to my post

It's Nikola Tesla.
I am a student with the Science background, that's why I know him.
I like to writing article, It's my latest post hope that you like it. And I follow all the rules you said, Thanks for this contest. @sillentkille

  ·  3년 전

Nickola Tesla, fue un inventor, físico.
Creo que es muy buena idea el concurso... Lastima que no tengo tantas esperanzas porque soy nueva en steemit.
Te dejo mi última publicación

He is Nikola Tesla
Born : 10 July 1856
Died : 7 January 1943 (aged 86)

He was a electrical engineer and inventor from america NIKOLA TESLA

That man is Nikola Tesla! Such a brilliant inventor and engineer, and without him we wouldn't be writing here on Steemit :)

Here is my latest post, about motivation:

He is Nikola Tesla :) one of the greatest inventor and discovered electricity.

~What a cool contest! Thanks for the opportunity!~
This is Nikola Tesla, of course! :)
My more recent post that I enjoyed has to be a recipe post! Cant go wrong with food! Thanks for checking it out!

This man in none other than NIKOLA TESLA.

I am writing a series of Relationship Tips that I would like to share with all Steemians who want to improve the quality of their relationship with their partner/spouse/child. This is my 3rd post of the series,