Pencil Drawing contest (1)

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3.5 SBD Reward for Pencil Drawings!!!!

What about this WEEKLY CONTEST!

First Prize (2) SBD for Amazing Pencil Drawing.

Second Prize (1) SBD and Third Prize (0.5) SBD For low rewarded pencil art drawing artists. The Post must be at least 1 day old and post pending payout must be lower than 1$ at our selection stage. Low Rewarded artist only.

So EVERY Pencil Drawing Artists can win 2nd and 3rd Prize espicially minnows.


1.You must upvote and resteem Contest Post, follow @smartworld and use #smartworld tag.

2.Must include full text description and info about the originality of the work - and explain how it was created, or tell us something about it behind the scenes.( For First Prize Only)

3.Submit ONLY your original creation.
4.Only one #smartworld tag per author, per Weekly contest.

Posts which don't meet our Rules will not be added to list of nominations.

Winners will be selected by our team and announce here 6 days later.

Please Reply if you have some better ideas or questions. Please resteem this post and help to grow our community if you have friends who are pencil drawing artists and low rewarded.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Great! I love your effort supporting minnow artists. Following and resteemed. Hope there's gonna be some luck for me.


Yeah!! Good luck $$$$

This is the link to my entry for the contest, an interpretation of Frida Kahlo.
I hope you like it.

Thank you for the contest @smartworld. This is my submission. I hope you like it! I wish all the best to all participants xx

this is one of my work to participate 😆
just want to share my art of the character of my favorite movie
although do not use a pencil,at least I join this competition!
#smartworld #atomteam and done to resteemed this post 😇
follow my account to see more of my art,thanks mate ! 😅

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You can do what you want.. ✌
Best of luck 👍


Ah thanks again

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WhatsApp Image 2018-03-29 at 11.39.11 PM.jpeg

This is my entry for the contest, you can go to my post.

Great ✌

Nice! I will try to join! When is the deadline? And does it have to be a drawing mafe for the contest specifically or can i use work i already made?


Deadline is 5th day after this contest post coz we'll announce winners on 6th day. You can use everything. But be sure it is yours. Good luck $$$$

Tell me please what day of the week to exhibit works for the contest?


Winners will announce when Contest Post reach 6 days ago.And next Contest will start also.You can use #smartworld tag, vote Contest post and Resteem it to enter Contest. One #smartworld tag per author per Contest. So don't forget to choose your best creation. Also you can check when will we announce winners with this post age.We're planning to make Daily contest soon. Good luck.


Thank you!

Hi) I done it


Good luck friend. Pls resteem contest post to meet criteria.


I resteemed


Thats great

@smartworld Can a work already carried out participate, or does it have to be recent? Is it mandatory to show the process?


Showing processes can indentify your own creation.But not mamdate. Accept every creations you'd' done .Good luck$$$$$.

Good idea smartworld il give it go thanks :)


thanks for your reply.

Hola buenas noches, acá les dejo mi entrada. Saludos!

excellent initiative!

saya baru saja post. apakah masih bisa jika saya menambahkan #smartworld

That would be nice.. Too bad, i don't know how to draw. :(


Neither do i creyestxsa94, doodle sketch with carpenters cheap pencils and on mostly printing paper occasionally, nothing like the quality of the author but its all about doing and enjoying it for me even if it ends up looking like a mess lol i may get better at it if i try more? give it go i will look at it :)


You might just laugh at me though. I have been trying to draw since I was in highschool but, I only know how to draw a human stick figure. LOL :D Yeah, just try harder. There are some people who can eventually get better after having a lot of practice but there are also some who really can't do it better even after very many practice because probably, it's not just for me. :D :D


Here you go creyestxsa94 just stuck this up, loads wrong with this and very bland i would say, if i get a laugh hey thats a bonus as a smile in today's world is more than worth it :)

Hello everyone! First of all I would like to thank @martworld for this kind of contest. This is my drawing, I hope you like it: