Steemit Celebrity Emoji Contest [Upvote Rewards]

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Slacking with Custom Emojis

In the world of chat rooms - strong communication is key. But sometimes, you might experience a Steemit-feel that can't quite be represented through the traditional family of emojis. Within Slack, @sndbox likes to communicate using the local lingo.

And so, the Steemit Celebrity Emojis were born.


Bounties on Bobbleheads

Emojis are a staple in chatroom communication, ranging from the iconic and immutable “smiley” to the “Kappa” that wallpapers Twitch chats. Since Sndbox's backbone is Steem, we’ve integrated Steemit celebrities into our daily communication. Here's a working list of our personal favorites -
brian_happy.png brian_sad.png

ned.png dan.png

  • Feel’n like a Founder w/ @ned and @dan



papapepper2.png papapepper1.png



jerry5.png jerry7.jpg



  • Trust me, it’s a bubble w/ Jamie Dimon



  • And we once mispelled “” as “” and came across this little gem

sndbox emoji.png

  • And of course, classic Steemit and Sndbox swag

All emojis posted here are png files - free and open to download / use in your chatroom channels!

In honor of Friday, we thought we'd have a little bit of fun. We invite you to submit your own emoji! We’re especially looking for ones that reference figures within the Steemit community and express particular emotions, experiences, and attitudes we find on this platform. Here are the steps to follow -

The Competition Process

  • Choose image(s) of your choice
  • Format the image as an Emoji, 128 x 128 pixels PNG and preferably with no (transparent) background
  • Create a post on your own account explaining why you chose the image(s) and use #sndbox in the tags and [Sndbox Emoji Competition] in the title
  • Link your post in the comments below!

Submissions will be gathered until next week Friday evening EST, October 13th. We’ll put it to vote amongst Sndbox members and each chosen submission ranks 1-5 will receive between 10-20% upvotes. All submission posts will receive a partial Sndbox upvote.

Have fun and happy (head)hunting!


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Crab (from a bucket)


Black Swan





aint nobody got time faddat.jpg





WaaAa, nice


vote mrazi


I know. We talking about hot chocolate.


Aap india me reihte he


Namaste ;)

Here's my second and last entry, @eric-boucher as "The Mystic Dread, Elder of Haida Gwaii"! I hope you all enjoy. Namaste :)

For Slack-folk, here's a tutorial on how to add your own emojis...


very nice post.


lol ... on sad and happy brian :D
dimon isn't even here :p

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Feel free to vote ;)

Nice post

You can create emoji from my arts

All are awesome! But I found this one (bottom pic) the wittiest emoji.

This is awesome!! I can't wait to vote on some emojis :-D


Looking forward to some creative responses ;) happy Friday!

I want to be Steemits next top Emoji!
bork! BORK!

Greetings today's success Steemit friends.,,I am glad to have you as my friend

Emojis of your own face or can do someone else face too?

@sndbox, you are doing a very wonderful job. I am really learning from your creative endeavors.


Nice indeed! Hah, thanks @ashik555 :)

Why my emoji is not already in the list. Someone make my emoji!! Between why aren't you guys on discord. Slack is a headache with spam messages sponsored by slack bot.

super post


hallo @sndbox. meet again.

how can i order this as an emoji.?
without having to copy the image upload link.

I want this to be a part of emoji in my keybord.
how to @sndbox. Help me.

This is very fun! I'm looking forward to seeing Steemit Celebrity Emoji! :)

Very nice! Thank you for including me!

very awesome @sndbox
by the way im graphic designer , my post focus about design
please come in my blog. maybe you can give suggestion . please

Good post! I'm going to follow you to see more post like this and for support us!

Oh this is a fun contest I really wonder upcoming ones hahaha !


Thanks @steeminator3000... I think we might need a "Steeminator Emoji" in the mix here ;)


Over 400,000 members on Steemit now, I hope they all see your great posts also.

It was really fun reading and seeing quircky emojis.

Let me prepare for the emojis war.

Hello @sndbox.
I think this is a very interesting contest.
Please see below my first entry.
I chose the image of @ned, a founder of Steemit
Hope that you like it.

Process pictures
Thanks and have a great day!

vote+comments please replay and follow me please please

comment back

Hello @sndbox.
This is another entry, this time I chose to make an Emoji from @dan's image.
This is the Emoji of the founders.

Thanks and have a great day!

Nice & Great Post Brother....
I'm beginner stemit,,
I hope u follow me to brother... 😊
Best Regart @irdiansyah

these emoji make me laugh, thanks

header kontes emoji.gif

Hello @sndbox. here my entry for this contest. thank u

Emoji Results

emoji PNG 128 x 128 px

emoji hushed.png

emoji PNG 500 x 500 px



Testing emoji is slack

testing emoji on slack.png

Tutorial and other in my post..

Here my post.

I hope you like it and vote.

These are all great haha

Hello @sndbox.
I created another entry.
This time I chose the image of the popular @@sweetsssj


Here are the Emoji that I have created thus far:

Thanks and have a great day!

Haha nice one ... @heiditravels rocks, Jamie Dimon not so much .. Nice post Cheers ;)


Haha Jamie certainly doesn't rock like Heidi, he bubbles (babbles?) either work.

Bobbleheads of famous steemians, a lot of people would pay for that!

I love a good contest so I advertised this one in my last beer tasting! I hope it gets you more views!



Thanks so much for the support @buzzbeergeek! We could use a celeb-beer emoji in the mix ;)

I want to start up a new contest and you can easily check my blog for the info

If I were a big Steemian (it's coming, don't worry), I'd offer to CREATE all emojis. I'm VERY expressive. ;-)

This is so fun! I love it! 😍


Thanks @carrieallen! Hah, you could make an emoji of yourself, this is a judgement free zone ;)

Brilliant competition idea and loving your examples!

If I get some time later I'll have a go.


Awesome, thanks @sammarkjames!


Top 30 witnesses...then we could make a new one each time they shift :P


Oh whoa that's an awesome idea...

How i wonder what it feels to have some designing skills....would have picks ionlysaymeep...

Hello @sndbox.
Not sure if there is still time left, but this is my fourth entry:
@papa-pepper, and all the previous ones that I created.

Thanks and have a great day!

give us
these emojis
in markdown code
so we will be
forever blessed


Right Click > Copy Image Address

That should give you the file! :)

Amazing You are awesome sir . Thank you
Thanks a lot for share this


Thanks for your support!

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