Win from a pot of 15 Steem by commenting on a post (Need a Facebook Account)

3년 전

The task is very simple. I am trying to generate "likes" and comments on two posts.
To be able to like the article, you will need a Facebook account.

Step 1. Visit the link below:

Step 2. Click on the "like" button as shown in the pic below

Step 3. Skim through the article and leave a comment in line with it. (comments like "nice one," "great article" are not accepted.

Step 4. Visit the link below

Step 5. Click on the "like" button

Step 6. Leave a comment in line with the article

Step 7. Resteem

Step 8. Leave the name you used in dropping a comment as a comment on this post.

I will use a random number generator to determine the winners on the 15th.

5 people will win 3 steem each. (I might increase it, or try to see if more people can be rewarded by redistributing it.

Terms and conditions.
At least, 20-25 people need to participate, so invite your friends.

Good luck and thanks as well.. :)

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The article was great to read



Thanks for dropping by mate. Don't forget to click the "like" on the second article as well. Cheers.

Promised bro, I really enjoyed reading the article. I will recommend this to my cousins so that their mind will be enlightened! Thank you so much bro for sharing this! Very worth to spare anyone's time reading this awesome article.

Good Day bro! Do you still remember me? Haha
Here's my comment bro!

Typo error- carefully*



Haha. Yes I do. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you saw the second one as well. Noted.