Sotall Prize Pool #1B – If money were no object, what off grid item would you buy?

3년 전

Sotall Directory Prize Pool contest #1B

Earnings from Pool #1 did not reach the minimum payout amount so the earnings from last week, all update posts and earnings from this week will be combined.

This also means everyone who entered post #1 can not get an addition entry by participating in post #1B.


SBD earnings for this post are split 50% to the winner and 50% to purchase seeds and help provide clean water. Total prize payout depends on total SBD earnings, but always a minimum of $1. All SP earnings remain as SP to help increase the upvotes on contributors to the Sotall Directory.

Contest ends when this post pays out and will be rolled over if the $1 minimum pool is not reached.

The is no maximum payout! Total payout depends on total earnings.

Entry is easy!

  1. Answer the title question in the comments below.
  2. Upvote this post.
  3. Resteem this post.
  4. Watch the winnings GROW!
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I would like an underground lair capable of sustaining a lot of people through any kind of disaster.

I would feed all of the Nigeria children living on the streets pie and punch for the rest of their life, then I'd teach every child in Africa English, and then buy a trampoline for the kids for outdoor games..

impenetrable geodesic dome home to fit the family and friends, with central aviary and gardens, hey, room for some livestock, since money's no object...full solar, maybe a pool for excercise...

A mountain in the Smokey Mountains.


A whole mountain! I like this one :)

I would buy an ebike with a trailer attachment and solar panels to charge it with. I've never owned a car in my life, and haven't the stamina to traditional bicycle. I once inquired with RealGoods as kind of a vague, ballpark inquiry if there was some way to buy a setup I could sit on my apartment balcony and charge an ebike with. Yes - for a couple grand. Plus another grand for a good ebike. Ouch!
It would be so worth it to have transport, though, rather than walking everywhere or paying absurd bus fares I can't afford, either (a monthly local pass -which doesn't cover going further into the burbs - costs $100; fare to just go to the grocery store and back is over $5). Ergo ...I walk a lot of miles!

Whatever full solar setup it would take to power the whole house and well pump. If we couldn't run it continuously I'd still like it as a backup, especially for the well.