STACH Short Story Contest #23: 199 words, 5 winners, 15SBD prize pool!

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Hello Everyone, @kingst here with the announcement for the STACH Short Story Contest #23.

What is a Short Story.

A short story is a story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel. It makes use of plot, resonance, and other dynamic components to a far greater degree than is typical of an anecdote. You can read it in less than 90 seconds.

Contest Rules:

•Write a Short Story based on the topic that will be given every week.
•Write an Original Short Story (Plagiarism will be flagged and reported).
•The Story must contain no more than 199 words.
•One entry per user.
•Story should be pasted in the comment section below, no links.
•Contestants are permitted to post their stories in an article on their blog, so they also get upvotes from the @stach trail.

Winners Selection.

Winners will be selected based on the topic, story plot, number of words and delivery as determined by the selected Judge. One word above 199, disqualifies the entry.

Contest Topic.

Write a 199 words story based on A BLOOD RED SKY.


FIVE winners will be selected for a share of the 15SBD. The story with the most interaction gets a 1SBD prize from @ejemai.
First Prize: ----------------------4SBD
Second Prize: ------------------3.5SBD
Third Prize: ---------------------3SBD
Fourth Prize: -------------------2.5SBD
Fifth Prize: ----------------------2SBD

Good luck guys!

Sharpen your writing skills and throw in some inspiring short stories. XO!

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"Run Ada, Run!" was the last he said as the cursed bullets pierced his chest. I stood there frozen watching his lifeless body hit the ground. Everything seemingly stood still as more bullets flew past my face. I was lost in an oblivion of the event I yet didn't understand; in a moment that seemed eternal.

I crashed down besides my father's lifeless body as I stared at his open eyes. All around me the commotion continued, but I was in another world. Men with guns kept running past not caring to even look. I wanted them to see me, and maybe help me join Pa. Or maybe they didn't care anymore.

People kept dropping around me like birds in a hunt. All I could do was see for I deaf to the sound of their evil guns. In heaps bodies rose, slain be the enemies of truth with no remorse.

In what seemed like centuries, I sat there holding Pa's lifeless hand, getting soaked in the blood that flowed the streets. The blood of my brothers and countrymen.

Those who could fight for us were all gone, and all we could do was watch as they slay our people.

But we shall not forget how they tainted our soil with blood and colored our skies red.



For the first time, Mary saw the bloody sky at the age of 6, in full, just before the awakening. On that day, her father went down into the subway, and then an explosion followed.

Then the girl several times saw a bloody sky, already in reality. She suddenly lifted her head, and even the sky was clouded with flames. The sky was stained with blood before the death of her friend, in front of a serious trauma of a classmate ...

The girl was walking with her mother along the quay in Nice, when her head began to spin, and she saw bloody clouds coming down from the sky, and a truck was emerging from them.

Screaming, Mary forcefully tossed her mother aside, and took a step forward. And she squeezed her eyes, feeling the calm blue turn to replace the bloody rays.

Richy was not the superstitious type but it was hard for anyone not to after series of nightmares, he just had another. He reached for the remaining bottle of Sauvignon Blanc on the nightstand to calm his nerves.

He gulped a cup full of the wine and laid on his back reminiscing how a brilliant graduate of architecture like himself got mixed in life of crime. He wanted out but Emperor would have none of that, he has heard of how killed those that tried to leave. Richy was determined to escape to Ghana after the next 'operation' next Friday.

Chidi drove in like a Formula one driver. The cops standing outside became aware it was a robbery instantly. one was about to cock and raise his Ak49. Emperor shot him. The other two were also down in no time. Kelvin and Emperor were about to enter when shots started raining from everywhere and the two dropped dead immediately. Richy tried to reach the car but chidi zoomed off before he could. Lying in his own blood a moment later and gazing onto the sky. A blood red sky was the last thing he saw before it blurred out.

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"Don't make me do something I will regret later bitch!"
Christy couldn't believe her own senses. Henry never used any harsh word on her not to talk of calling her a bitch. Though she had noticed something was amiss since last session after he was beaten up at a party.
"It is non of your business girl" he would answer anytime she asked what went down.

She had know Henry from Small. Their families are very close, which was why they couldn't define their relationship.
But She could not understand this new Henry ever since he started rolling with the FA guys...She wondered why Henry couldn't see they are trouble.

Christy couldn't concentrate on her revision. She hadn't see him in days. Missing this test would mean extra year. Call home was looking for his trouble. Then he walked in and sat with a straight face. She was interrupted from talking to him by the sound of guns from outside. Then commotion ensued. Founding courage to out of her hidden many minutes later, she found dead bodies and everywhere painted with blood...She was surrounded by her friends, she couldn't look. She looked up and saw a red blood sky.


A legend which dates back to 1641 has it that a Dutch ship sank off the coast of the Cape of Good Hope. The Captain, a Dutch man named VanderDecken, was blind to the signals from the red blood skies raging with signs of a deadly storm. He only realized they have landed on the palms of a crazy storm when the lookout screamed out in terror.

The captain and his crew struggled for hours to get out of the storm. At a point it appeared they would make it. But then the reverse was the case when the ship collided against the treacherous rocks of the sea. The ship began to sink. As the ship plunged downwards, Captain VanderDecken knew that death was approaching. He was afraid to die, thus screamed out a curse: “I WILL round this Cape even if I have to sail unendingly!”

Till this day, whenever a storm strikes off the Cape of Good Hope, the ghostly presence of the Dutch Captain appears through the eye of the storm as a blood red imagery of a ship and its captain. Whoever beholds this blood red imagery in the sky will die a terrible death.


It was 3am I had to hurry before dawn, to evacuate my family. The war had begun, just a few hours before ...

The plane where the vice-president of the US was traveling was shot down by terrorists of Russian and North Korean origin. The repercussions of the allied and western countries were immediate.

The United States attacked with all its force the countries responsible for the events, and they responded. In less than 12 hours, World War III was unleashed.

He drove like crazy, through the zigzag curves of the mountains, to go to the city. I am a geologist and I was in the mountains, studying caves whose walls grew rare minerals.

When I left the mountains, it began to dawn and at last I see the bridge that connects me with the road that leads to the city. When crossing it, he observed with horror, as in the distance a giant mushroom transforms the sky into " A BLOOD RED SKY. ..." In a second I realize that I lost everything I loved, and it is the beginning of the apocalypse.

That evening, grandfather took his grand son on a walk by the sea shore.
"i have sailed several times and wrecked my ship because I was not minded of the signals", he said. "Look", pointing upwards, "a red blood sky is the sailors compass: red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning".
"But grandpa", his 12years old son replied, "I am not a sailor why are you telling me this?".
Still pressing further, he said, "life may sometimes give you warning signals. Before it rained, ants moved to higher ground, cos lay down, pine opened up, and even the frogs croaked more frequently. You must keep your ears and eyes open to hear and understand the time you are in lest you end up with an amputated leg like mine".

He son hearing those words listened with keen interest. "my son always look and look again before you leap. A red blood in the sky is not just a mere artistic display of dexterity by the hand that holds it. Every symbol and every signal has its implications, do not take them for granted".

"It is an omen," the old man said, pointing at the sky. Arbin didn't like the colour either. Redder than usual, it looked as if someone had taken a knife to the clouds and sliced them open. Blood oozed from the open wound and dripped upon the earth, turning the cracked barren soil around them burnt orange. "If we don't leave," the old man continued. "We will be punished by the Protector." Arbin swallowed. If the Protector turned upon them they were surely doomed. But to leave? But where would they go? This had been their home for as long as he remembered. It was true, the earth was dry. Even the goats struggled to find food. "But where shall we go, Grandfather?" he asked. The old man shrugged. "I don't know, boy. We must follow the path of the old river. Perhaps we will find water. Perhaps, not. But if we do not go soon, it will be our blood that rains upon the earth. The mud will be thick with it. Mark my words." Arbin's mother shook her head. “Stop scaring the boy, father,” she says. “I have seen the forecast on my iPhone. It rains tomorrow.”

The Red Night

Hidden among the trees of a yellow building with large windows Michael watched the party organized by the UCLA fraternity, only attended by the most successful and beautiful students of the university, he could not contain the anger and the rejection he felt for not being invited, since he was a child that feeling had been chasing him and he was tired of being mocked.

He waited for the party to end and little by little his anger grew, a voice inside his head told him that the time for revenge had come, that all those girls who had made him feel that way would pay for their mistakes. He entered the fraternity and seeing a group of girls gathered talking in a corner of the room he pulled his gun and the shooting began, one by one they fell into a pool of blood, the screams were heartbreaking and Miguel as if waking up from a dream to see what he had done pulled the trigger directly to his own head.

The next day the headlines in the newspapers read: The night that the sky turned red.

Many years ago in my teenage years, I had a group of friends and we liked to go camping every weekend to the Grand Canyon, we brought food and lots of alcohol. One night, being there, just after assembling the tents and emptying two bottles of vodka in the process, we saw in the sky a set of festellos, we thought that they were shooting stars and we even joked about the desires that would be granted to us. We continued on our own, Carlos turned on his battery radio, we had a lot of fun when we heard a horrible rumble and I swear to God that when I looked up I saw how the sky turned a deep red. Everything happened in a matter of seconds, the atmosphere became tense and my friends panicked. It started to rain, a heavy red rain

  • It's blood!

The sky bled pitifully, we ran to take refuge in one of the tents and we began to pray, two hours later the storm seemed to have ceased, we left our shelter and everything was dry, the starry sky above our heads seemed to mock us. We never really knew what happened.

Mr Jones, a very good friend of mine, narrated this scary experience to me as he pointed me to the sudden change in the colour of the sky; it started turning blood red and oozed out strange feelings of horror and fright. He explained it was a bad omen stating how terrible his last experience of it was.

“I was driving home late one night when a pretty girl in a white dress hitchhiked me. The girl was very nice and such a great conversationalist. As we drove close to the St. Lukes cemetery, there was a sudden change in the colour of the sky as is happening now. This girl pointed up calling my attention to it. I looked up and felt a weird spasm through my body. As I turned to share my sudden experience with her, she had disappeared. I was utterly terrified. I drove as fast as I could to get away from the vicinity of the cemetery. The whole occurrence made me lose control over the vehicle only to wake up the next morning on the hospital bed; they said I collided against a brick wall.”

I wondered what this one would bring about.

A blood red sky

We tried to escape from the city when we saw on the news that a missile was being directed at us. The streets were clogged but we managed to drive until about 25 km. The car had stopped on the road when climbing the hill and on the edge of a precipice.

The landscape was like a surreal sunset. An incandescent oval covered the city. The red clouds seemed to tear the orange sky. The fire danced in the air and toppled the towers. We were stunned.

I looked up and the rider on the horse made me tremble even more as he shed the blood on the ground and waters after the sound trumpet. I closed my eyes praying, hoping that this time God would listen to me. Although I think it's too late.

Bloody Red Sky

For Carlos, prison is a torment, he has not seen his family again. He plans to escape, kill the guards when they reach his cell and leave. When the guards arrive, the fight begins, the cell accidentally closes again, he stabs the jailers with the knife and Carlos suddenly falls to the ground, a strange feeling invad-ing his mind. He gets up, takes the keys and goes out, he looks around and is surprised to not see anyone, he runs to the exit, he is already out of prison.

Carlos runs home, suddenly feeling a void in his stomach, losing the air in his lungs he looks at the sky and sees that it begins to change from a crimson color to an intense red. The shouts of the guards on the other side of the cell tell Carlos to open the door, Carlos just looks at the ceiling of his blood-stained cell, beside him lie the two dead guards. He tries to get up and then he hears the sound of three shots, the last thing he saw in his mind was that the sky was getting redder, bloodier.


Thayru, a beautiful young woman, belonged to the Hakarayum Tribe, she was the granddaughter of the old wise man of that Tribe, who could perceive the future. One night the wise man sensed something bad, it was like that, while they slept the village is attacked by men on horses, capturing all the young people, among them Thayru, chosen by the one who called himself the Leader, separating her from the group.
Among the prisoners was Eithan, the strongest of the young warriors and who loved Thayru; he managed to outwit the guards and freed the slaves, together they tripled their oppressors. The enemy was eliminated, Eithan goes in search of Thayru, but the Leader had taken her. Eithan throws an arrow at the man who has it and it falls to the ground, Thayru runs but the Leader fires and murders her.
Eithan screams in pain taking her in his arms, the sky turned red as blood. While in the village the wise man knew what was happening, he looked up at the sky, gave a last breath and collapsed dying.

At that moment Thayru breathes very strong, his grandfather with his last breath had returned his life!

Our anniversary


Imagination and emotion are the essential elements to engrave a permanent image in our mind. And, that memory shines, as if we were living it again, every time the ideal conditions that produced it are repeated.
And so it happens to me, again and again, every time the strawberries, the music of Air Supply and sunlight hit some clouds, at the beginning of every February, when the wind adds some dust particles to the mixture, that acting as prisms, convert the beam into a series of colors in which red prevails.
The red of our unprecedented passion, the red of strawberries that we taste simultaneously while we touch our lips and observe, on the shore of the lake that inspired the name of our country and that serves as a frame for each anniversary.
Time passes our hair white, our lives are concentrated in the upbringing of our beloved children and beyond that every day, every February and whenever the weather conditions allow it, that blood red sky appears that invites us to love ourselves once more, like the first time.
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A nightmare or a terrible reality?



I shudder. Something happens. The temperature has dropped suddenly. You are not by my side in bed. I get up, look at the clock, which marks 5:13 a.m., and walk to the children's room and I can’t find them. I go to the living room and the door is open. My heart already accelerated, enters a tachycardia and suddenly, I feel a terrible blow to my right shoulder blade.
I fall to the floor. I try to sit up and see a kind of baker's palette lying on the wall, but nobody is nearby. Sore and stumbling I go through the access door to the apartment and see a terrible scene. You are suspended from a kind of tension cable, which falls from somewhere, unconscious, with our baby girl in her arms with her eyes open now fixed on me. Our eldest son is torn between two other tensors who, like octopus tentacles, trap him and seek to surround his neck.
I anguish and jump, to free him and I feel a sharp pain in my left rib, as I fall and die, my hand seems to tear the sky with furrows dyed blood red.

Invasión a la tranquilidad

Albert lived in a quiet, solitary apartment, every night before he went to sleep, he read a book, that relaxed him.
The next day he observes that he has new neighbors, they moved upstairs in his apartment, noises are heard, that stunned him a bit but he thought: "they sure fix their things" ...
The new neighbors were two young people who made parties and listened to very loud music; every weekend they began their noisy parties, while Albert tried to concentrate on his reading, although it was almost impossible.
Days later Albert has a bad week of work, he needed tranquility, and he knew that when he got home he would not have it, so he prepared himself.
The neighbors begin their party, Albert knocks on his door, when he opens it without saying anything, he shoots and murders everyone.
The shooting alarmed other neighbors and the police arrive, they enter the apartment of Albert and they see him sitting on his sofa reading a very relaxed book; while in its roof a great red spot was observed that dripped constantly, it was as if the sky was red, raining blood.

A Blood Red Sky

Who would ever think this day would come to an end. It all started when I woke up this morning, heard my mom calling me from the backyard. I rushed to find out why she was calling, and it was to help her fetch water from the stream.
So I left for the stream with my friend Ijeoma. On our way to the stream, we saw people running, shouting, crying. We were confused and scared at the same time.
Then I stopped one of the girls running and asked what was happening. She responded by saying that the stream had dried up. That does not make any sense, it has never happened. So I asked Ijeoma to join me so we can check it out ourselves.
We got there and of a truth it was dried up. What are we going to do? I asked Ijeoma. No response from her but the only logical thing to do is to go home, right?
On our way back home the weather changed, everywhere was dark and behold the sky the was red.
Then I ran, held my mom so tight and prayed for the day to come to an end.


A rainy night, alone at home sad and depressed nostalgia, the consumption of just remembering, their kisses and caresses, the uncontrolled way of making love, but also catches my anger, love and hate at the same time, that tipa I wrapped it in its claws and stole it, since that day I am not the same and my heart has become dark full of evil, is broken but someone has to pay and Hector return to my arms, I made a pact with Satan the November 14 took the body of my beloved and he himself killed it, the day came and I knew it because it got dark at 10 o'clock in the morning the sky turned red, it rained blood and so on ... The pact was about to meet me rescue in the roof of my house with popcorn and refresh the red sky the screen of my eyes Martha was brutally brutal before dying, the sky exploded with a bloody red. Hector was mine and the payment of my sentence was my soul forever to Satan, hell would be my home and the price I owed for being with Hector.

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My ink

Her heart seemed to want to break her chest.

She ran up the stairs, listening to the footsteps of her captors, pursued by the sound of their thick and heartless voices.

The air escaped in each step and while climbing that infinite tower, between the cracked holes in the walls, a red sky was drawn in the distance. That sky claimed she as if every second of life belonged to someone else.

As she climbed up those stairs, she saw red lines, like strings on a harp, in each opening of the concrete. Each step brought her closer to the end, to the farewell of that world full of hatred and blood.

She reached the terrace without air, without strength, but determined. The breeze hit her face but she didn't care.

She ran forward, toward the red sky, as red as the blood in her veins, as red as life, as red as the suicidal jump she understood was her only way out.

One step took her to that terrace, but a life full of suffering pushed her to use the ink of her blood to dye the sky.


Isabel's blood on the pavement.

It was a summer night, when Edison decides to walk the streets of the neighborhood. Suddenly! He hears screams around him and when he realizes it is a young woman lying on the pavement. He runs quickly to see what happened to him and he loads it to the front of his home. The young woman was bleeding "Like a sky red with blood". Confused by not knowing what was wrong, the young girl wakes up and asks for help with a trembling voice. He had fainted, hitting the road and that was why he had those blows on his head. In an Angel Edison had become without him knowing. He goes to the hospital with the young woman named Isabel and manages to save her from the dangers of the night.
Edison's air had become another anecdote knowing the love of his life. Isabel in honor of having "saved his life" Edison invited him to eat.

As time passed, they decided to give themselves the opportunity to get to know each other and start a relationship. Isabel gets pregnant and they get tired living a red night of passion in the midst of circumstances rising from the ashes. Edison's confidence recovered her with her new red love.


Revolution time

His fate is cast between penury and desolation; from that cold prison she was taken out yearning for freedom, her past remembered between shouts, in the trial with a pale face and a weary figure, there was nothing left in the antechamber of death; she is accused, booed and insulted, they called she it "the leech"; her she was hated by a people that with hunger and misery did not forgive.

In the streets the crowd waited for her with shouts and insults, while with despair they welcomed her, Maria Josefina with her hands tied the guillotine in the square the executioner was waiting for her and at the cry of "Live the republic", the people with applause celebrating the tragedy. The queen posing her head before all those present eager that the cruel guillotine cut his neck; the head of that woman rolled all over the square, those last minutes the brave Maria Josefina shouted: - I will look at the sky red as blood, that is the blood that will come out of me like the strength of a river. all of you will witness my misfortune, but I I will be his eternal curse.



A happy ending

One day at eleven o'clock at night, I took a few minutes to think about the love of my life called Aaron. I got up from my bed and in the heat of the room I looked out the window to observe the stars. I began to cry because I was submerged by the sorrows of my boyfriend who had gone away from me to live in another country. Suddenly my surprise is that the sky between the constellations that was observed, change color to red. It was no longer a sky in the midst of darkness, but "A sky red with blood." I got so scared that I started screaming and the neighbor next to my house came out when I heard the screams and when I realized it was very handsome. We stared and the attraction arose immediately. He told me to calm down that it was normal and despite the circumstances that I was living, I met another person who gave hope to my destroyed heart. He gave me a cup of coffee and we sat on the grass calming my terrified nerves. Between rizas and alegrías I went to sleep forgetting what happened.


One Saturday my boyfriend and I went for a walk to the beach. It was a full moon night, the sky was covered with stars ideal for a romantic night. When we arrived at the beach I was a bit lonely, we changed our clothes and we got into the sea, there between caresses and kisses we took the moment to enjoy a night of passion.
When it was about 4 a.m, the sky changed color from dark blue to blood red, we both looked at each other and got scared; I told my boyfriend to collect everything to leave, suddenly we heard a heartrending scream that came from a house that was close to the beach. My boyfriend and I somewhat curious decided to observe the why of the screams.
When we leaned out the window we saw lying on the floor the body of a young woman without clothes, bloodied, face and body part was destroyed as if an animal had consumed, my boyfriend and I terrified we rode in the car and we We went from the place. The next day it came out in the news of the newspaper: Woman mutilated by werewolf in a bloody night!

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Tyler never believed werewolves exist beyond the movie world, he never believed that humans could transform into beasts that run on four legs and tear humans apart.

He was only 5years old when he lost his mother, 15 years later he doesn't still know what caused the proposed death or disappearance of his mother.
He got tired of asking and decided to go to the said spot his mother was said to be seen last.
He packed his bags, and began his journey into the woods without informing his Dad.

Tyler being a tall and well framed young man had gauged himself for danger because he planned to stay as long as he would till he gets a clue of what happened to the woman that brought him to the world.

He stayed in the woods for a fortnight peacefully. Suddenly strange things started happening, he began to hear footsteps without seeing anyone.

The night of the Full moon was here he remembered and this made him recall all he has heard about the woods.
The night came, the sky was Blood red he got scared little did he know his mum is an Alpha of a werewolf pack


You this man... Nice one😂😂😂


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Hi @stach, this is my participation to the "STACH" Short Story Contest # 23:

“A blood red sky”

The afternoon fades showing its twilight colors, having warrior fury as the God Mars in full action of struggle.

She danced in her colorful red dress with white polka dots, moving her body... it was too perfect!

There was his love shouting: I love you Marie... I love you!

I, taciturn, cleaning the tables of that place without roof, suffered; my soul was filled with vile envy because I did not have his love. Indignation blinded my calm by shouting: I love you more Marie!

His attention laid on me the jet-black look. She smiled at me tenderly and I looked at her enraptured with love.

The motley audience noticed that this man was coming to me to overflow his wrath for my audacity. Several stabs severed the harmonic beats of my heart swollen with love for that extraordinary woman.

From my eyes came the crystalline blood like a scarlet spring. Lying on the ground, I looked at the majesty of those bright igneous nimbus. The flourishing sunset came to my life with cirrus in crimson fire.

The blood took over the sky and there I left my love...

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Thanks for the contest!


The carmine sun blazed its fiery fury on the little town of Argut, strangely casting an ominous feeling of despair on whomever its rays fell upon. And so while the argutians noticed the unusual colour and intensity of the sun, nor the blood red sky. No one noticed the effect it was having on them. For instance, Nima, the town jester sat taciturnly under the frangipani tree in the market square, counting the number of leaves that fell to the ground and when asked by the now glum children of the town, to say a story to them, told the saddest tale ever heard that left all of them, himself included, teary faced.

Little did they know, that each time a tear dropped and the cauldron was stirred, a sad thought was recollected in the minds of those who stood under the days light, and even if none existed in their memory or subconscious, one was incited until the ideated, was believed. Making them sadder and sadder as the day passed.

The stirrer, was none other than the village wizard.

A man thought only to exist in folklores, told by elders trying to scare little children into acting right.


It was a beautiful sunrise, where Mr. Jacinto woke up and was contemplating the bright sun, the singing of the jays and turpiales, when he suddenly observed a phenomenon in the sky. At the same time the birds stopped singing and everything was silent. Jacinto on the other hand was dismayed by what his eyes saw. For the sky changed color suddenly, it seemed a bloody sky, Hyacinth very scared began to scream The demons are loose!
The reality was different, it was a natural eclipse that was happening, and in effect the sky gradually changed color. All the animals were collected to their nests, like people to their humble homes, thinking that it was a curse or something catastrophic since the sky seemed to cry with blood. For that reason everyone had to stay in their homes to protect themselves, but it took just over 3 hours for everything to return to normal and experts in the field reported that it was a phenomenon never before seen.

My Entry.

A hurried flight.

One morning I got up and like always I made coffee and he sent me to listen to the news on the radio. In one of many, I heard that it was about to leave a flight to Paris, the interesting thing is that it was the first flight of the new airport that built a short distance from my house. I barely had weeks, I do not understand how it was already enabled. The fact is, half an hour later I'm looking through my window and I hear an explosion, I see my neighbor leaving and everyone gets out of control, I run to hear the news and the signal fell, then I go out and a friend tells me to go find out in his car. On the track we managed to receive a radio signal and we stopped to listen; "Between tears and a lot of pain I must inform you, that the sky has dressed in red, now it is a bloody sky because of the explosion of the plane and the deaths of most of those who went there. My condolences".


Appearance in the Firmamento

Sitting as always contemplating a starry sky and a beautiful Lucero that did not stop shining something strange happened. A huge ball of fire was observed in the Twilight, after appearing a range of colors in the sky came a great darkness the moon stopped Shining the Stars hid behind the clouds that as the soldier's march began to parade one after another. That beautiful and clear sky disappeared and became red as blood, the leafy trees shake as they precede a storm the night, was darker than normal, I was surprised by this phenomenon never before seen by my eyes. Suddenly, the Earth passed close to its orbital route and the tail of a comet could be observed more clearly, my eyes did not stop seeing this natural phenomenon that left me completely spellbound. As soon as that Celestial appearance finished, everything returned to normal. That night nobody slept many relatives and friends who got badly embraced and cried of that appearance in the sky.


What the war leaves

Many years ago in Japan many battles took place and all those battles are historical like the one that the Japanese were against the Americans that was one of the worst wars in the world that war left the bloodied skies and many families in disrepair one of those family was mine because I participated in that war my great grandfather William Rangel was 20 years old when he was recruited he already had a son my grandfather visa Roger Rangel my great grandfather fought against the Japanese at sea and in the air he died because of bombings in the Pacific Americans triumphed thanks to their resistance but that war took many lives and put the bloody skies and not only this war all the wars in the world have put the bloody skies and taking away many lives.

Michael raced down from the Crystal City, his wings spread full length behind him, occasionally fluttering here and there to make adjustments to his velocity as he hurtled through space.

Following quickly was the morning star, his great sword thrust out in front of him as he chased Michael. Michael glanced back at Lucifer's approaching form. He took one look at the bundle in his arms and willed himself to go faster.

As he reached the outer atmosphere of the earth's surface, he felt a hand on his ankle as he was pulled back roughly. In that split second, he blessed the bundle in his arms and dropped it into the atmosphere as the pull flung him backwards. He recovered quickly and engaged the morning star, lightning strikes shaking the earth as their swords met.

After a particularly loud explosion and a dying scream from Michael, the bundle and the baby in it began to free fall, spinning haphazardly under a rapidly reddening sky.

And above the roar of thunder, a still voice could be heard:

"And the sky will turn red when you see the stars fall like angels from heaven. This is the first sign"

[197 Words]

Ada grew up to be a beautiful girl: The delight of her widowed mum: Mrs. Ujunwa and the desire of people. But on getting to the campus there was a switch of the kind of life she lived, like a bird that was let loose

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She mingled with friends that her mum had warned her not to. Two weeks to her second semester exam in the university, she became pregnant and the only way to save the disgrace she had brought to her mum was to do an abortion.
In a bid to abort the pregnancy, it resulted in several days bleeding and she was taken to the school clinic and the news got to her mum who left home immediately to visit her daughter.
Her tears knew no bound as she saw her daughter in a serious state of coma.
Mrs. Ujunwa: Doctor, please how is my daughter now?
Dr. Evelyn: hmmmmm, I am really sorry, we couldn’t help the situation properly, her womb has being damaged.
Mrs Ujunwa went blank, she could neither cry nor laugh, it was indeed a blood red sky for her as her feeling was a mixture of fear, anger and tears.

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“Sure a bloody red sky, inn’it?,” the old shepherd said. “Bad weather is coming.”
“How do you know that, grandfather?” The girl asked.
“Every sailor knows it to be true – even Jesus knew it was true. A red sky in the morning is bad news.”
“But surely, that’s just a philosophy of negativity?” The girl challenged. “Life is what you make of it.”
“Not for me. For me, it is what it is… this red sky tells me there’s a storm coming and with ewes lambing, it could make the difference between lambs that make it and lambs that don’t,” the old man taught. “Tell me how that is a ‘philosophy of negativity’.”
“I guess you just have to figure out how to best deal with what Nature throws at you,” the girl concluded.
“You have to ‘hope for the best and work for the rest,’” the old man shared with a nod.
“Teach me how,” the girl said.
He smiled and nodded. “I’ll make a shepherd out of you yet!”
They sat in silence for a few minutes, watching the sun rise above the horizon at last.
“Sure a bloody red sky, inn’it?” the girl said.

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On the verge of death
I was going at full speed with my motorcycle on the highway, I started to accelerate more and more, I dodged the cars and I felt like an innocent child, who does not fear anything because he does not see the danger of his actions. A super closed curve was approaching and according to my calculations, I did not have enough time to slow down and resort to the most important decision. I decided to continue and try to use a board very similar to a ramp, which was on the edge of the sidewalk and that's how it happened. Once in the air I closed my watery eyes, and many moments crossed my mind. After a while, there was only a chilling silence, as I opened my eyes I thought quickly if I was in heaven or in hell, but I was wondering, a red sky? Well that color was the one I saw, I get up quickly and it was my favorite red sheet in my face, I had been dreaming. Hahaha

Blood always runs

The flow of blood through our body is what keeps us alive. Our heart pumps without ceasing. Stop would be a mistake faltal.

Every day there is more blood in the streets, they dye clothes, weapons and even the soul, but as we can avoid death. She never sleeps, because the man is responsible for giving her work, either through jealousy or greed, blood is always present in the concrete jungle. Every day the man gets up and behaves like a wild beast looking for someone to devour, but in the concrete jungle there is no prey they are all hunters


Is that a rainbow glow on the sky, but why is it only in red! Mary said to his sister.

Nope, That's the bloody red sky phenomenom Anna replied.

Why is it only in the red? Mary asked.

Actually, my dear Mary! Scientifically, I didn't know why those phenomenom appeared! But in the myths of our people that caused by the nature respond to the things happened nowadays, might be in our place, or in the other side world. It's like the bloody tragedy, war, crime, that made people as victims. So, thats why the nature responded through the shaped of the bloody red sky as the grieve as react to the world now. Anna replied

Yup, I got it anna, thanks for that Mary responded.

Also, Additionally as the phenomenom exposed years ago about the sounded hum on the sky in european & another continents, this is a nature responding to the world, we never really know! Whether its real as it be or there are some scientifics explanations. But when we see through the world situation & issues now, its called the end of day sign was closed by. Anna explained

OMG, Is that true…? Mary shocked!

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It was a rural area where the inhabitants had to fulfill agricultural quotas almost impossible to pay established by the government. Karla and Rossi were prisoners in a field, the only thing that kept them alive was the idea of escape. They had been locked up for years in prison, life there was unbearable and the work was inhuman, a strong friendship between them is what makes them endure those difficult times. It was in Greece, the prisoners were subjected to extreme cold temperatures, working long hours to get some food.
One afternoon during the work day Rossi manages to get lost and find herself among the forest, a long way started, evading men who were looking for her, however he manages to reach a remote village where he is pleasantly welcomed by an old man and his daughter.
Rossi promised Karla that she would return for her. The mysterious old man had ancestral psychic powers and harbored people who were also prisoners. In this way, I am able to create, together with everyone, a protective network for former prisoners. They were so united and they became so strong that they achieved the freedom of almost everyone among them Karla.

by @norkamoran

Mum was gonna travel for a month cos she had work to do in another state, she packed up her bags and repeated these words severely

stay indoors and don't look for trouble

We weren't used to staying alone cos mum has always been with us since Dad passed away 3years ago.
The day Dad died is the only day whose event I can recall like it was just yesterday.
Incidentally, he left us to the airport to travel out too, after having breakfast, we went together happily sharing some stories with each other while in the car.
Dad wasn't so happy he was leaving his children but he was sure mum would take care of us till he returned.
The sad event occurred when the plane took off, not up to 30killometres from us and exploded in mid-air.

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It was like a dream or a movie but till today, I keep replaying this sad movie in my mind and wishing we could have prevented that day from occurring in our life.

This wouldn't stop mum from travelling cos she had to make ends meet right?.
We only prayed that we never see such blood red sky

They ran home in a rush, panting heavily as though they were under pursuit by someone. Their father picked a short gun and ran out to defend his daughters only to discover nothing trailed them. The whole house inquired in annoyance why they put everyone in such suspense when nothing was pursuing them.

In self defense, they began to explain: "we were not joking, we actually saw something". "We went to the house of the old woman which everyone talked about. As we stood, the whole place seemed haunted, but we couldn't resist the temptation of having the candy bars the woman gave out. Candy bars that weighed at least 11 pounds each. We then walked into the house. A small old woman opened the door and greeted us with a grin. She was toothless. Behind her, in the dark corridor, was a black cat. It stared at us as we received the candy bars. We thanked the old lady for being generous and started walking home.

Suddenly, we heard a roar, the air around us began to whirl. Birds of prey filled the sky which had turned blood red along with the other events. We were terrified, dropped the candy bars as we ran for safety. The minute we dropped the candy bars, a black panther showed up from the blood red shadows and picked them up."

The whole family blamed them for their experience.


Thursday, as many other days, started boring. I did the usual in the morning, whilst I prepared for work. I kissed my girlfriend on her forehead as I went out.
Suddenly, I heard a loud whoosh and the very earth upon which I stood shook and I fell down. I tried finding my balance, when the second one hit and I hit my face on a nearby pole.

I wake up with blood dripping down my face.
I ran to the next street and I see broken houses, burnt cars, blood running down the road and dead bodies on the ground.
I couldn't believe my eyes, until I saw a few guys and I ran towards them. My feet stopped when I saw that these men wore uniforms and carried guns. When I realised what was happening, I quickly jumped behind a fallen tree and I feigned dead.
When I felt I could stand up, I started scouting for refuges, which was around the time I saw a stream; a bloodied stream with the reflection of a blood red sky.

Jafar was confined into a magical lamp because of his evil inclination. While in the lamp, he swore revenge at Sinbad who had bound him with the curse. As time passed, Sinbad was to become the son-in-law of the king, Sultan Markarfi. While the preparation was underway, a marauding band attacked the city and stole from the king’s vault an enormous amount of gold. Sinbad had to pursue the band and retrieved the gold, one of the thieves in a bid to escape ran into a cave and found the lamp. He was happy to find a lamp that had a genie in it, believing that all his wish would come true. But Jafar deceived him and sent him to the desert to die. Jafar managed to find his way to the city and unleashed the power of a genie on the land making the sky blood red. Sinbad was captured and the freed genie Aserta was no match for Jafar. But with the help of the Sedina, Sinbad’s bride to be and his flying carpet, they were able to outwit Jafar and sent him back into the lamp ending his evil dominance.


I couldn't believe that I was at the center of a reckless riot. Barely an hour ago, I was headed for the cyber cafe to post my already written blog post against domestic violence and rioting on the steemit platform.

My attention was drawn back to my immediate surrounding as bullets started flying around, blood flowing on the ground and people were crying and running towards safety. The cloud slowly turned dark, like it was about to rain, but there was no sign of a rain drop, no storm, nothing.

The sky was now turning red, as blood flooded out of people and filled the street and walls. I thought of a simple sentence. A Blood Red Sky. All I could remember was the movie I watched several years back, only in the movie, it was talking about how powerful the human mind could be, not about deaths and riots.

As I headed back for the cyber cafe, I had seen enough to be able to make a good post regarding the dangers of rioting and domestic violence on steemit.

Everything was red. Five year old Syrian Sara stood there silently gazing at the blood oozing from her mother's wound.
That morning Sara had woken up in her mother's arm. After breakfast, her mother played with her and her little brother in the courtyard. Sara was happy. She adored her mother as she was the only ray of hope to her. Her father had already died in an accident a year back.
It was 5 pm and she, along with her brother, was playing when suddenly her mother screamed asking them to come inside; the bombardment had started again. Sara quickly grabbed her brother's hand and ran inside. Everyone was running, screaming and hiding. Suddenly a huge blast was heard. All she could see was dust, blood and rubble. She tried getting up but her eyes were dusty and she couldn't see. Amongst all cries she could clearly recognize her mother's voice, “Sara! Sara!” She quickly got some strength and ran towards the voice, only to find her mother lying in a pool of blood. She grasped her last breath as she saw Sara coming towards her......and there stood Sara silently doubt the sky was blood red.

The rainbow patch in the sky blended with the red blood sky in such a way that seemed very aesthetic. Though a scary sight, as Michael and John recalled bedtime stories their mother told them about ghostly manifestations under the cover of a red blood sky, the blend with the rainbow made it seem less of a horror and more of a natural artistry.

John the younger brother was really terrified, but Michael seemed much braver and in a bid to distract the frightened brother from the entire sight, requested for a hide and seek game.

“Ready or not I’m coming,” cried Michael and off he went looking for John who took first turn. He looked in all the usual places, but he couldn’t find him. The apartment was eerily silent.

Then he heard sound coming from the wardrobe. Opening the door, Michael tried putting his hand out into the mass of clothing to feel for his little brother when a small, white, icy cold hand came out, grabbed his wrist, and tried to pull him into the closet.

So the bed time stories were true, they chanted in horror as they narrated the rest of their ordeal.

My Blood Red Sky

The sky turning red is not something that happens often. I knew seeing one this year was a good sign. I wanted nothing else but sharing the moment with the love of my life, Maria. I went to her house to call her out so we could experience the the lovely red sky together.
And to my greatest surprise, she was with another guy. My romantic red sky turned into a bloody red sky.

As a little child
I love to play under a clear blue sky
For the blue sky is so beautiful and pleasant to behold.
On a faithful day as i played under the blue sky, night time approached and the sunset over me, gradually the blue sky turned red. As red as the blood, fear griped my heart, so i screamed and cried. Then my father walked up to me and said why cry my son?
I said to him the sky as turned blood red. A blood red sky is over me and it is terrifying,
So my father said fear not my son for A Blood Red Sky at night means there will be a good weather tomorrow and A Blood Red Sky in the morning mean the rest of the day will be stormy.
So i wiped my tears and fears away and smile for i will be able to play under the blue sky tomorrow. For a blood red sky at night is a good sign for tomorrow.
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It was on Saturday morning, sweating from the community service in school. Suddenly, everywhere became dark and red. I looked up to find the sky thick and bloody. I thought to myself, this could be the end of the world as we know. "Bro, shut your eyes, you don't look at a blood red sky" said my best friend with his eyes closed and his feet shaking.
"Lord, please forgive me, I don't wanna go to hell, pls let me be among those that will be taken up to you if today is the day" I prayed silently while still looking up, don't know maybe to check for any bright light that will come from heaven.
"Hey Dude, wake up the lecturer is in the class and he is looking at you" my friend shouted, tapping on my desk. With a sign of relief I thought to myself "Thank God it was all in my dream".
The lecturer still looking at me, called me up to come and stand in front of the class so as to prevent the sleep. But I was happy to stand for as long, knowing that a blood red sky was just a dream.


The day had been long foretold. An ancient prophecy that struck grave fear in the hearts of elders, but 'twas a long time ago and as the ages went by the prophecy watered down, became more of a myth.

My people are no longer as traditional as they once were. The sky that morning wasn’t the usual blue, gradually it morphed into something grave. No one seemed to mind or think much of it tagging it a phenomenon. The blood red sky was no ordinary weather change but a warning sign of the terrors to come. The spirit of the lord of chaos was finally free from his prison to roam the world bringing nothing but death.

I tried, really I did, I tried to warn them to stay indoors and lock every window and circle their homes with blood. I seemed crazy and paranoid as I locked my doors and windows and covered my home with the blood of goats before the night and its terrors befell us.

The screams did not stop till dawn. ‎

The Proposal

My dream has always been to get married before the age of thirty. I had the best boyfriend anyone would ever ask for. We dated for 6 years and I knew one day he'll pop the question.
We had great moments, did a lot of things together. We were close to each others family members. Most of all, I was best friends with his mom.
One day, he came to my house and told me had something serious to talk about and I was really happy. So, he started by telling me that he got the job in the oil company and that they'll be taking him abroad for a two year training.
I was okay with that, until he said he would like to end everything we had going on. I was confused. Like we were okay, what could the problem be?
He stood up and walked away without telling me what the problem was. At that moment I saw the sky turn red.


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Beautiful twilight that my eyes every morning admire from my old boat, the sound of the sea against the stones, and that characteristic aroma of sand and beach, an endless sound, the wind water against the stones, are my break when mercilessly assaulting that maelstrom of Memories of that time that I wanted to bury right where now begin my best days, right on the shore of the beach. It was terrible to see my companions fall into battle, with every shot left behind dreams and illusions, families and lives buried in the name of a cause that even in my last years of life I could not understand. How to survive the cruel memories of the past? God taught me to appreciate the small details, change the sound of bullets by the sea, the smell of death by fish and a red sky blood for that sunrise, a great twilight with which he started for some time my days. It is in my thoughts that the battle is fought and the victor, before my most horrific dreams and bloody memories, will always be that peace that surpasses all understanding. A twilight over a blood red sky.


“You… have this one (the arms and legs)"…

"You, that one (the offal)"…

"… And you over there have that one beside you (the visceral but the heart). Who took the head? I need it back with the heart because there’s no better dinner tonight…”

That way, they sheared the king’s body into parts, selecting each part according to hierarchy and influence – an unusual spoil from a fierce battle.

Enmity is poison, everyone knows, but in the heat of war, morality remains theory. The kings of the south and the north have in ages past lived in utter hatred. A hatred that has sunk deep in the blood of their subjects, engraved in their hearts, and embossed on their minds; nothing seemed to bleach it out, but how it all began seemed to be forgotten for it was ages past when the smoke flamed and posterity kept fanning the embers, towing the part of their forefathers in all cluelessness.

And what is it good for? Absolutely nothing… yes, war. Yet the world lives for it, and for it they die, till no one lives to tell when the blood of men slain turns the sky blood-red.

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It was raining heavily as Mrs Artha battled with her husband

"I don't deserve such Ill treatment"

Mr Artha slapped her and kept kicking her aggressively, "Who owns that thing in you?"

Mrs Artha attempting to defend her self in a combat style hit him with her cellphone nearby.
She retrieved her steps as the blood pumped out of Mr Artha's undying head!

The hit escalated Mr Artha's aggression. His face turned red as the cloud lightened and thundered on the building... Mrs Artha frightened, retrieved her steps, Mr Artha picks up a knife and makes his moves speedily.

She screams and just then the gods of the sky harkened unto her voice. Mr Artha was rubbed out by the striking thunder.
The Sky was in her favour today but would justice ever believe her claims?
Would the citizens be in her favour?
As she anticipated the judgment of the public, the thunderous sound frightening her aggreviated.

And there she was in a pool of her own blood!
The sky was indeed red and bloody!

The omen was long prophesied that the god of the Aztec will be appeased in the day of the red blood sky. Thus the quest for sacrificial victims were a constant feature among the Aztecs. Victims from war were sacrificed on the altar of Sapphire. It was hoped that he would be appeased and the rain of blood will usher in the year of fertility. Gruid was one of the victims caught by the Aztecs for sacrifice but was under covenant to be kept secure by the god, Sapphire. The Aztecs believed that the beating heart of their victims bring joy to their god so they always cut out the heart of the victim while still alive and raised it high up to the sky for the pleasure of their god. But when it came to the turn of Gruid to be sacrificed, the sky became blood red in broad day light with an earthquake that dismantled their altar setting Gruid free. The priest looked on in horror as all looked at Gruid as god incarnate. Sapphire was able to rescue his own giving him a godlike demeanor on the day of the blood red sky.

The happy girl

One day in the morning the girl Scarlett saw a group of children making plans to take a walk over the weekend. The girl had not been taken into account because she was very poor. She wanted to be like other children, to have toys, but in spite of everything, the girl had a very happy heart. One day the girl was invited to a kite contest, the winner would be rewarded with many toys. She went and flew her kite with the other children, Scarlett's kite was the simplest but the one that flew higher. Suddenly the sky turned red as blood and all the children felt very scared, Scarllett on the contrary was happy because his kite flew so high that he got lost in the clouds and won the competition, Under a Red Sky of Blood.

Natural Phenomenon

The supplies stored by the Indians were very few, so they looked forward to the arrival of the next moon for the harvest, feed their people and re-cultivate.
That would happen the next night, but the dawn of that day was not as usual, there was a lot of humidity, the sky began to turn red, the desperate Indians panicked, they began to pray and implore their gods to help them, they believed that it would rain blood and their crops and all their work would be ruined.
After a while, the sky gradually cleared and returned to normal, the happy natives celebrated the miracle that the gods had granted them, offering them offerings for having heard their pleas.
They would never know what really happened, for that time there was no science, only their beliefs, the sun's rays almost reaching the surface in parallel, they cross a layer of atmospheric gases, filtering radiation, letting only red light pass, a simple natural phenomenon.

In one of my adventures with Jors, we passed an abandoned cave or at least that's the way we thought at the time. We entered and began to investigate a little about what was inside, we found quicksand, traces of snakes and other reptiles, we also saw some birds like bats. We went little by little, until we came across a small cave-in and we fell completely into a tunnel or so it seemed. We could not get away with any method and began to spend minutes and hours that became days and almost a week. In the midst of that darkness that did not allow me to see even my hands, I heard someone's voice and shouted for help. They were scientists who were going to carry out experiments and held out their hands, they gave us a pair of glasses to go out into the sunlight without problems and that's how it was. I remember that when I left, I could only see a red sky like pure blood and all the opaque environment, until after a few hours I put them aside and I could see again the beautiful color of mother nature.

“if there is a bloody red sky, there must be a bloodshed.” I don’t know, but i remember these words from the past, when i was a child. When our fathers came late, all the old wives of the village get together to tell tales, i guess, cause there is no way that those stories got to be real.
So i just sitting on my chair and think about the bloody red sky of the night and trying to weave the red scarf for Jack. I think that the red color is really pretty on his black velvet skin, but he prefers white himself. I don’t know, maybe it’s because of white kids in the school. Maybe he’s fall in love with a white girl and tried to be white like her, though i hope not.
So i must confess that now i think about those school shooting in the news and also think that maybe there would be some real reasons for that bloody red sky that shines from the other side of the curtains. I don’t know how much time passed but now i hear that the doorbells ring and i think that Jacky has the keys.

It's been five years since hell began. He would never forget the agony he felt holding her bleeding dying body in his arms. His tortured cries could be heard for miles.

She was everything to him and now she was gone and it was all his fault!

He should have listened...she would still be alive.

A burning fire of sweet love, forged from childhood, unbreakable by storms of life was snuffed out by his stubborness.

They were birthday mates and it was always plenty fun with his sweet wife. But that year, she had wanted a quiet event...just the two of them alone at home.

He had wanted he persuaded her and the sweet person that she was, she listened and went along to her death, taking their unborn child with her.

A thousand wishes couldn't bring her was too late to turn back the hands of time.

A bloody red sky appeared this day five years ago.

Maybe...just maybe he would end it today.
Put an end to his miserable existence...the bottle of poison not far from his reach.

Blood red sky... it happened almost monthly. Just about dusk, the sky had this bloody colour that would strike fear in your heart, but after a couple of times, it became the lovers' sky.
Most people, if not all, would come out and just commune with each other... most just stayed with their partners and enjoyed the veiw.
I am just a cobbler, how could I ever ask her out? She's way out of my league. Well, if anything can do the trick, its gonna be the blood red sky.
By the next red sky, I was brave enough to approach her. She was so nice, didn't look down on me or make me feel incompetent. It was heavenly.
I stood behind her as we appreciated the beauty of nature, then the sky got more red, as we looked up to the east, a comet was headed for us.

Bela was very sleepy, while reading a book of suspense in the old chair that is in front of her window, she fell asleep, when suddenly she saw a fleeting shadow, a little scared she went to the door of her house and closed with padlock. Suddenly , from your window the sky began to have a strange color, OH, GOD! Bela exclaimed the red sky this, it looks like blood, began to hear a howl of wolves to see approaching the shadow and struggling with the bolt of his front door, shouted very desperate, were steps of an animal, Bela looked out the window a very fierce wolf, with great corbels that would shatter anyone.

The wolf manages to break down the door of his house, looking at the animal with great breath as one who sees his prey, she sees it and covers her eyes with her hands, about to be attacked by the wolf, Bela wakes up of his deep sleep, still a little scared, with his hand on his chest, because his heart is beating very fast he runs to the window and exclaims: OH! The red sky is gone! all was a dream

Once upon a time,

Peter, a child, who was always alone and very sad because he did not even have a friend, waited anxiously every day with the radiant sun hoping to get a friend, but he always came back sad and just because nobody wanted to be his friend

One night Peter cried and said: I have no friends and cried: I would do anything to have a friend ... really


It was then that he saw a red dot in the sky, ran to that place and looked ... A child from space ... But he was very sad because his ship had crashed and had no way to repair it.

Peter very happy and helped him and repaired his little rocket, but the space boy was still sad because the sky was not like his planet Mars, red as blood, Then, Peter said: "Come on, let's join our planet Earth with your red planet" and let's see what happens.

They joined the planets, and the sky turned blood red.

And they were Peter and his space friends were happy with the blood red sky


It was finally happening, the sky was turning red, after years of waiting, it was finally happening, she was standing in front of an abandoned house beneath the red sky, legend had it that on the night of the blood sky, the house becomes a portal to the steem world, a world of extraordinary people, she had spent the last 7years finding out all she could about the world, and its powers.

She wanted the steem power, to influence others with her actions, she also wanted the steem dollars, because it was a lot more valuable in the normal world, but most importantly, she wanted to be part of the extraordinary world, she wanted to make a difference, she wanted to be heard.

Without hesitation she ran into the house, she couldn't believe her eyes, it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, who could have thought that a creepy looking abandoned house could lead to a place like that, she was finally in the steem world, with all the extraordinary people, she was finally going to get all the power and popularity she wanted, little did she know that it wasn't as easy as she thought.

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BLOOD RED SKY_Our state of mind

Simplicitytech- son, can you detect the state of human mind? Son; no papa.Simplicitytech; Do you know how powerful our mind is?. Son; i never can tell but why is the sky red like blood? Simplicitytech; blood signifies life, red indecate danger while the sky befit our environment. Its a sign of good and bad omen which the gods put using our mind as interpreter.Son; how can we know the message the gods are telling us?
Simplicitytech; its a warning sign of impending doom that will befall our village which are caused by the evils done against humanity by the rich men. We should tell the king and the cabinet members so as to avert the consequences of their actions. What if they are unresponsive to the signs of the gods? Ask the son. Then we will take the bull by the horn, using our minds to alter the physical and spiritual entities of the gods by apprealing to them without the consent of the king and the cabinet because we are talking about our lives and that of the children and our generation as a whole said simplicitytech.

We must be on guard regarding the signs

When I was little I liked to go with my friend Sofia to visit her grandmother, who lived out of the city, in a small town away from all the hustle and bustle of society. We always liked to sit with her for a snack while she told us horror stories. One afternoon he told us about how in his adolescence he had witnessed something very dark. A weekend together with a group of friends decided to go to the river, everything had happened quietly, but when they decided to go back home they heard the cry of a baby that seemed to come from nearby rocks, quickly began to look for the creature and believed find it when seeing a small bulge, but when it turned out to be a small skeleton, full of fear they threw it into the river and just then the sky turned red and blood began to rain, fear possessed them and they ran without looking back. When they reached the road they looked at each other's pale faces without being able to say anything, as they were completely dry and without any trace of blood.

I have vague memories of what happened last night, I know I left my friend Sonia's house, we had drunk a little, but not enough to lose our senses. I was walking home when a car was parked in front of me, from which a beautiful woman asked me where the cemetery was, turned to see me and said: - these are not hours of being alone in the street, you should come with me, I I'll take home. I realized that it was already past midnight and it was very strange that this woman wanted to go to the cemetery at that time, a cold sweat ran through my body and as I could I answered that it was not necessary, since I was almost home. My answer seemed to displease him and his face began to change its features to become almost a skull, with a voice beyond the grave said: soon the time of judgment will come, the sky will be covered in a bloody red and the blood of the innocent will be spilled, nothing can stop it. I think I lost consciousness, when I woke up I was at the entrance to the cemetery.

For weeks now strange things have been happening, every night I hear strange noises on the roof and I can not sleep, I have the feeling that strange beings are planning something dark so I decided to spy on them. Last night I pretended to go to sleep, but actually I went out into the yard and hid there. I began to get bored when I saw the sky turn red and open on my room, little red men began to fall and formed a circle, they turned for a long time and suddenly they raised their hands towards the bloody sky. Fear paralyzed me, those beings kept crying out to the red sky. The last thing I remember was that one of them looked in my direction. Today I woke up in my bed without knowing how or when I arrived here.

The sun had gone down and its set on the west end had painted the sky with a clear-sighted vermilion.

Zuma was within a splitting distance from home when he felt a growing sense to, with all possible haste, write something on his school note.

He had skipped the coaching for the day and used the daily enrollment fee to eat cheeseburger.

He got to his knees off the road way and pulled out his note from his bag to change the date of the previous lesson, to wisely cover his dead work. That was his best!

Hidden to Zuma that his brother was viewing his drama right from a crest in the next street though the vision was vague.

The night came and everything was hunky dory!

"I saw you bending on the road close to the coconut tree, writing something inside your note" His brother enquired.

Shockingly, Zuma almost missed a heartbeat.

Though everyone was all-fired tired and enjoying their spare moment but were all curious to know what Zuma did on his way home under the red blood sky.

He confusedly replied under his breathe like a monk, what nobody really understood.

And everything became comedy.

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Normally the sky is blue. But sometimes it looks red. It is impressive to see the sunset just before nightfall as the sky is dyed with beautiful tonalities.

Showing a wide range of colors between yellow, orange and reddish. Until we finally see a red sky of blood.
It is there when we find ourselves perplexed contemplating creation.
Reflecting on what we see ... and on life.
It seemed that this sky spoke to us, anticipated something that is just about to happen to us. Something we do not expect ...

It's right there when I realized the time elapsed. Life was gone in a moment. That beautiful blue sky had changed ...
I was already my age ... Life had passed so quickly that it seemed like only a dream. In it we leave what we most want, the best of us, our little seeds, The family, friends and our achievements as a beautiful range of colors for others.

When the sky finally dyed blood red I knew that the beautiful landscape that I enjoyed and used to contemplate had come to an end.

It was when it sadly touched me to see the night come.

The day you left I understood that I would never see you again. You were dyed red by the afternoon sun, by the bloody twilight of the sky. You smile You left behind a town that you often told me: "I want it for you, but I hate it for everything else, even for being born in it." I thought: "He will never come back, he will never come back."


Red sky at night, shepherds' delight;
Red sky in the morning, shepherds' warning.

Those were the old rhymes I knew about the Bloody Red Sky while I was a shepherd at one Mountain Village. Too bad that I did not remember those when it really mattered.
It was a nice sunny morning and I was getting ready to prepare for the daily tour with my sheep around the village. I did not pay much attention to the sky which was Bloody Red, I guess I was much into getting all sheep out and feeding the dogs.
So I went on my regular route I go every day. All looked and sounded peaceful. Well, maybe too peaceful actually. That made me think if something was going on.
I looked around if there is anyone or anything close to me or my sheep but I just saw nothing more than a couple of flies and a crow.
And then it happened from nowhere.. A lightning struck down on one of my sheep and a vicious storm started out of nowhere. Right at that moment, I remembered those poetic words.

I have always considered myself a person who does not like to interfere in other people's affairs. However, due to recent events I fear that I can no longer say the same. Several days ago I could observe, without intention, how my life-long neighbor entered his house accompanied by several people with a strange physiognomy, I even dared to say that they were not human, due to my character I did not want to interfere and I continued in my matters, last night when I arrived from my work and parked the car I found the door of my neighbor's house wide open, I wanted to enter, but to my greatest amazement the door closed alone before my eyes. A few moments ago, I heard an incessant noise coming from the side, when looking out the window I see those strange people crying out to the sky and it started to turn a bloody red color, seconds later a light completely blinded me and by the time This happened and I did not see anyone anywhere, the atmosphere still felt heavy, but when looking at the sky it had its usual color.

My father always told my brothers and me that we should take care of strangers, never notice it until today. I was coming to my building when a girl about 20 years old approached me from the other street. She looked me in the eyes and asked me if I could help her with something, to which I answered yes, what did she need, then she opened her bag and gives me a yellow envelope telling me please send it tomorrow to the address that is written on the back but that please for nothing in the world should open it, my reaction is to flip the envelope to read the address you have and the turning his face away that strange girl was nowhere to be found. A few minutes ago I checked the package, it contained a DVD, and when I played it I saw face to face with fear: it lasted twenty seconds and it showed how from a red sky it was raining what appeared to be blood, and in the last seconds the face of that girl without eyes. I really do not know what I should do with this.

I do not usually be a superstitious person, contrary to me, my girlfriend Andrea even exceeds it. A few months ago we went on vacation with his family to the island of Cuba, everything had gone quiet and even fun, the problem arose when we got back home and put on the night table a souvenir I had bought during the holidays, Andrea, that object was spellbound, but I did not pay attention to it. Today when I arrived I found Andrea locked in the bathroom, looking lost and all wet, I tried all the ways to make her react, I bathed her and changed my clothes, when I laid her on the bed and wrapped her up, she looked towards the bedside table and with a macabre smile on his lips he said: they are coming close, we must be prepared to see the sky covered in blood red. That filled me with fear, I ran out with that object in my hand and threw it into the street, I heard how it was broken but when I entered the room I found Andrea with him in my hand.

Here is my entry..

The night before was surprisely cold and the sounds of owl from almost every house in Dapchi was gripped with some kind of weird fear of the unknown, there is this superstition that the howling of the owl is a premonition that something bad is to come. It was no different in the morning as she prepared for school.

The sky was blaring hot with the sun almost burning the skin and it was just 8am, as she and her friends walked to school, she recalled the what she overheard her dad and his friend Jamiu discuss the previous night of how he had traveled from Damaturu to the village with no military presence when the attack of the dreaded Book Haram terrorist was eminent.

It was just past break time and they were back in the class when the worst happened, people were running to the school, Book haram had entered the town and the shooting was endless and drawing closer to the school.

When she came out of the toilet she had gone to hide, there was wailing and sorrow everywhere, 110 of her mates have been taken away, she then thought to herself...little wonder the sky has been red all day!

"Come closer," said an old man in a square and everyone there as if moths attracted to the fire were met before him, "I will tell you a story never told if you allow me" said the old man, he heard nothing "very well good public, everyone has heard about the legend of the bible about the four riders of the apocalypse that tells that when God forsake the human the four riders will be called to dye the world of red and the end of the world. But throughout history, a forgotten legend of the fifth rider was lost. " narrate, the public as if those words unleashed a spell regained their abilities and left and only a young boy remained " so you want to hear the end of the story " Said the old man, the young man did nothing" the fifth horseman will be sending to the earth in search of pure souls before four horsemen arrive to be the new world "he said, at that moment a horse gallop was heard the young man turned and saw nothing there and the old man had already disappeared leaving a red sky on the horizon.

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A long time ago there was this lad who wanted nothing other than reaching the sky and, in his words, “touching at least one star”. On cozy, moonless nights, he would step out of his bedroom to catch a panoramic view at the thousands of tiny lights scattered all over the heavens, wondering exactly how it would feel to grab one of them.

He could not bear the intensity of the desire any longer, so one warm evening; he set out to touch the stars.

He walked a far way, and then farther still in the direction of a particular star until he came to a mill wheel, creaking and grinding away.

Out of loneliness and tiredness, he threw out greeting to the mill; "Good evening". "I would like to touch the stars".

Weird! The old meal groaned in reply; "Really?" "Well, legend has it that the pond on the other side is the door to the stars."

The boy jumped into the pond and immediately the sky turned BLOOD RED in a bid to horrify the boy out of his mission. He was frightened though, but his strong passion helped him succeed. Onlookers beheld the sky in amazement.

The blaze was so ferocious, very red, blood red to be precise. It burnt part of the heavens along with the land. On land it never felt as hot as the radiant heat from the burning skies. Onlookers were terrified by the sight. People ran in different directions in search for refuge.

The more the chaos on land, the fiercer the fire becomes. In the day the skies remained black with red flames all over. Time lost its value since one could not differentiate between day and night. The fire reached out with ten thousand pincers, as though it were made of beetles and scorpions clawing themselves to get up.

The thought of the whole scenario was unbearable; the sight of it was horrifying. The extent of this happening is definitely cosmic I thought. Could this be the end of the world? Why am do I feel more like an observer than a subject of the whole event. As I sat at one corner thinking of these, a tiny part of the burnt sky broke off and headed in my direction. As I stood to escape, I woke up! It had been a dream. I wondered what it meant.

A Blood Red Sky

On the eleventh day of the Darkness, the sky began to bleed. The innkeeper was the first of the villagers to notice.

“Holy shit, Cheyanne, the sun’s back!”

He gaped towards the distant hills he never thought he’d see again. They stood silhouetted against a dim light that emanated from somewhere beyond them. Above the valley, the sky was midnight blue; the impenetrable night had finally ended.

“Suck my toe, it is!”

Cheyanne was awake. She all but hung out of the second storey window, squinting into the horizon. Most of their neighbours had also cracked open their shutters.

“Why’s it so red?” said the baker’s wife.

Indeed, the dull light was rapidly becoming a hot red glow. It seeped across the sky, suffusing the rippled clouds in its otherworldly hue.

“It’s the sun,” said the innkeeper. It was so bright now he could barely keep his eyes open.

They were saved. The Darkness had ended. He could finally get his washing dry.

“I’ve seen a million sunrises, and that ain’t no sunrise.”


And then the world ended. It was a Wednesday.

There was a goddess, Najy, who lived in the skies. After the last celestial war with the other deities of the sky, she was left with an ear injury. Najy loved music so much, especially those of the human species living just beneath. Now she could not hear far anymore. Each time she strains her ears to hear the songs of the human species she gets infuriated because it reminded her of her ordeal. Her anger leaves the entire sky blood red, blocking daylight as long as it lasted.

Santy was a young girl who loved and admired birds of prey. These noble birds, she felt, couldn’t be blamed for enjoying the taste of meat – after all, humans are also hunters? In the fields, Santy would leave scraps of meat on the ground for her feathered friends. She would also extend arms of help to them when they are in distress.

Najy has gotten angry again and this time it has lingered longer than usual. The only solution was to get a human sing closer to the sky so she could hear with ease and be happy again. No one but Santy was able. With the help of her feathered friends she was able to get lift to the skies, sang in her best of voices and calmed the nerves of the infuriated goddess. The red sky cleared and daylight returned.

I walked into my daughter's room to bid her goodnight only to find her unconscious. Rushing to her side, I found the white substance she'd injected herself with.
"oh no! I should've known she was on drugs, I've failed as a mother" I cried as she was being rushed to the emergency ward.
After waiting all night hoping she'd wake up, I stepped out to the hospital terrace, and looked across the horizon and as I noticed the Red blood sky, I knew my baby was gone.
"I'm sorry ma'am, we did all we could but we lost her" the Doctor said squeezing my shoulder.

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“A blood red sky needs blood,” Johnson said to himself while the rest of the team watched in awe as the sun set.

download (3).jpg

He listened attentively as ‘the voice’ gave instructions. He had a clean record, and wanted it clean till the end.

Armed with the directives, he walked away from the team, careful not to draw any attention to himself; the voice was strict about the need for him not to be seen or heard leaving them.

The present mission was hard, but Johnson learned long ago that everything was possible to him that believed. .

In the cabin, he took the knife and stabbed his side until he had enough paint. He had to get the painting to be just as beautiful as the sky he just saw painted by the setting sun.

He had to.

Heaving with each exertion, Johnson painted on the ceiling, his artistic mind remembering the details of the sunset he left the others gazing at.

Finally, he gave the final stroke and sat back to admire his work, a perfect portrait of a blood red sky.

When the others returned, he was long dead, but he had a smile on his face.


That was my second year in Bangladesh, I heard so much of the city, most things I heard could scare the living daylights out of me, but I remained resilient, dogged, quite unintimidated and undaunted.

One of the not so good stories I heard was that of constant, recurring natural disasters that usually swept through the city intermittently leaving behind lots of injuries and deaths in quantum.

I was in Bangladesh to do my Masters degree program at the Federal University of Bangladesh.

I was barely four months into my stay there than the first life threatening disaster hit the city. It was called hurricane Ophelia
I had never seen such a thing before all my life in my little country home of Uyo here in Nigeria, all I could mutter was The Blood of Jesus Christ.
Such whirl wind coupled with torrents of rain that lasted for eight hours non stop.

The sky was bleeding indeed!
It was my first time of seeing a red sky all my life.
I just couldn't wait to get back to my country - Nigeria never to experience such nightmare again!

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Every step sent a jarring pain through my leg. A gash on my forehead dripped blood into my eyes. How long had I been wandering? How long had I wandered before I even found the bastards? The blood loss was starting to get to me. Seven men, dead. All way bigger than me and armed. Fools were slow brutes. Bastards never saw me coming. But they still managed to cut me a few times But now they were dead… just like Uju. The thought made me cry again
I was with her just yesterday. She smiled at me and I made her laugh just yesterday. And a little over a day later, she’s gone. Those bastards took her from me. Those monsters took my little sister from me. I don’t care the consequences. All I know is that the ones that took her are dead. The pain from my foot shook me from my day dream. Somehow I was at a window. Looking outside, the moon was full. It was nice but the blood dripping into my eye painted the world red. A blood red sky is what I saw. A befitting end for what happened tonight

Interesting contest, I hope to follow it. titles about anything?

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I guess the tittle for the present contest was blood red sky isn't it?

It was 5pm and Nicholas was heading home after a long and tiresome day at the office, it was obvious to him that he wasn't going to make it home anytime soon. He not only hated his job but his boss as well for not giving him the raise he always wanted.
He was exactly how every typical worker would be except for the fact that he was insanely superstitious. Move it, he yelled as he pounded on the horn of his car. It felt as if the traffic was unending.
He was so tired that he didn't realize when he dozed off until he was awoken by someone's horn who was just as impatient as he was.Finally the road was clear but the atmosphere wasnt quite the same, the sky was red as chilli.
Alex became nervous on seeing this, he was worried something terrible was about to happen to him or his family, he desperately wanted to avoid this imminent disaster,he took his car to top speed still looking at the sky wondering what his fate would be until he had his final look which should have probably been on the road.

I vaguely remember that when I was little I went out to venture into the forest that was close to my grandparents' house, I had fun picking flowers and observing the little animals that crossed my path. One day I entertained walking more than I should, and by the time I realized I was lost, my instinct made me keep walking and suddenly I found a small cabin, it seemed abandoned, because the surrounding area saw the growing weeds, however, I clearly heard noises inside, so I decided to go in search of help. My surprise increased when I saw a small TV on fire, I fell prey to a kind of hypnotism and sat watching the birds flying from the screen, but suddenly everything was cloudy and the sky was dyed red, those birds were transformed in spots and it did not stop raining what seemed to be blood. I ran out of that place, I do not know how much time I was lost, by the time I got to my grandparents' house it started dusk. I never told you about that.

I have had the same dream the last five nights of this week, I start to worry because I do not know what this means, I really feel that there is not much I can do. My dream begins with me in a mountain reclining in the meadow, I see the birds fly over me, and the breeze moves my hair, but suddenly in a matter of seconds the birds disappear and I am no longer in the beautiful mountain of the beginning of the dream, it seems be the same but everything is different, the grass on the ground is black and everything darkens as when a storm is approaching, and in fact it starts to rain first soft and as it rains more I feel the drops fall heavily on my body to the point where it hurts, I look up and it's like I'm not on this planet anymore, the sky is red and there's no vegetation anymore, everything is gray and it rains again, but instead of raindrops falling on me, it's blood, either I would think that this should terrify me, but in my dream I start dancing under the rain of blood

Hello @stach,

Thank you for this great prompt. Nothing like a Blood RED Sky!

Here is my official entry:

BlackHawk and WhiteDove had heard of the ancient story about the Red Kachina coming to earth and bringing great destruction. Neither had quite noticed earth's changes taking place until the medicine man from the community called the tribal leaders together to discuss what the tribe needed to do to survive the upcoming apocalypse.

The weather changes had started to take place as well as the earth's shift in position. All were foretold centuries before, and their tribe had a kiva in place with assorted food and supplies. The ancestors had told them what to prepare; candles, blankets, food, water, candles, medical supplies, and more.

The tribes had tried to warn the world of the upcoming destruction, but no one would listened. They made sure to share YouTube videos and even the newest crypto platform Steemit, and most people laughed and mocked at them for believing lies.

When the sky started to turn red more frequently, they knew that was the time to be on alert. It was not until the day that A BLOOD RED SKY when the elders came out screaming and shouting to run as fast as everyone could to the secret entrance of their underground dwelling.

Respectfully submitted, @eaglespirit.

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Things began to fall apart the day my sister went for cleansing and never returned. Mama and I had sat inside the Obi in front of our house, watching the girls walk past in twos and threes. Mama would pat my thigh whenever a group approached and Obianuju's slender figure was not among them. My sister was the light in our home; her yellow skin, her throaty laughter. Mama almost died having her, after years of trying and failing to conceive.

"Okwa mmuo mmiri, she's a mermaid," people had said after she was born. Some nosy villagers prophesied she would be a boy, Papa's reincarnation, since he had died six months before she came.

"The gods answered my prayers, nnam. Look at her," Mama always said to me. She wanted a girl.

I shook my head now as I cleaned Mama's body. The smell of the rot was becoming more fetid by the day. It was her punishment for trying to steal my sister from the shrine. She was chosen to serve the gods.

For me, the stillness of the night had become my refuge, for my dying mother and for a sister I would never see again.


As Charles looked up from his study, his first feeling was that of confusion; it seemed as if day had abruptly become night. Then as he stepped outside, confusion slowly gave way to shock. The air outside had the feel of a brewing storm, but then again not any ordinary storm. It looked like, no, there actually were multiple whirlwinds around as far as he could see. Strangely though, everything seemed to remain in place, no flying litter anywhere. He looked up, the sky was blood red, and as the clouds moved they reminded him of the scary paintings of rapture hanging on the walls of the town cathedral. And at that point it hit him; he hadn't seen anyone all this while. So he ran back inside, and as he darted from empty room to empty room, shock quickly graduated into fear, and Charles began to shake all over. "I was warned", he cried, "I was warned, and I never heeded".
Then the atmosphere started getting darker. Charles curled up in a corner, his heart was aching from the trepidation he felt, and just when sight became impossible, light suddenly hit his eyes...
It was all a dream.


Under A Blood Red Sky
By: Rickie O. Pauley (a.k.a. @Lymmerik)

"Morgan and Casey, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g..."
"Stop it, Terry!" Morgan yelled down from a branch in the Cottonwood tree.
"...first comes love, second comes marriage, then comes Morgan with a baby carriage."

Morgan climbed down from the tree and chased Terry through the field. "I'm going to get you!"
Casey laughed at them from his perch in the tree.
Morgan stopped dead in her tracks and pointed to the western sky. "Terry, come back!" Morgan screeched. "Casey, come down from there. We need to get home, look at the sky."
“What’s is that, Morgan?”
“I’m not sure Casey, I think it might be an asteroid.”
“Look at the beautiful sky, Morgan,” Terry said.
“Run! Run to the cave. There’s no time to make it home.” Morgan instructed.

Morgan ran close behind them and felt the hot wind searing at her back all the way to the cave.
“Keep going. Go all the way to the back.”
“It’s dark in here. I’m scared. I want to go home,” Terry cried.

Morgan held Terry and Casey close and tried not to scream as the blood red sky faded from view and the shockwave struck the mouth of the cave.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings!


Great post i like it

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This is awesome count new in. And thank you stach community for the contest


blood red sky.jpeg

Derek and Jane strolled down the beach shortly before midnight. It was a perfect evening; the warm breeze dancing straight off the waves filled their nostrils. Across the water they could hear the festivities at the Sydney Opera House – it was New Years Eve.

They had gotten married, seven years ago, hurriedly, just days before he was due to take up his post at the Chinese Embassy. With both there hectic schedules it was impossible to fit in a honeymoon. She looked at Derek and said, “The honeymoon was worth the wait, you know.” He turned toward her with a smile. He knew the sacrifices he had made to make this vacation even remotely possible. He had planned this trip for months, and keeping the secret from his inquisitive wife, was no mean feat! The trip was nearly derailed, by a diplomatic crisis 3000 miles on the other side of the globe, had he not defused the sensitive situation; in the nick of time!

A flurry of fireworks in the background signaled the New Year. “Happy New Year Mr Duncan”, she said. “Happy New Year, my dear,” he responded –as he witnessed a blood red sky in her eyes.

The friday evening breeze blew with great exuberance, sending chill down their spines as they kissed passionately laying on the beach sand close to the calm sea which glowed as the evening sun shone on it.
He had just proposed to her on the beach where they had first met. She was mad in excitement because she was dreaming of this day to come. He wrapped his arms around her gently, he could feel her nice cleavages .He kissed her lips passionately, carressing her tender body with his hands. she moaned silently, begging him not to stop as he laid tender kisses on her neck. She held his strong arms firmly as he continued to caress her softly making her moan now louder than ever as the hot romance continued.
They made love on the beach as the red and beautiful sunset shone on them, they had professed their love with the sky as their witness.It was a really magical night under A BLOOD RED SKY.
esa noche oscura y nublada me acuerdo que estaba con mis dos hermanos el menor y el mayor esta vamos
muy distraídos jugando escondite y me tocaba contar ah mi para luego buscarlos conte asta el numero 50
y luego sali ah buscarlos y estaba rato y rato buscandolos y no los encontraba estaban muy bien escondido
y luego vi una sombra que paso sobre un árbol y sali corriendo asi aya pensando que era uno de mis hermanos

Cuando llegue ah ese arbol la solpresa fue que no estaba nadie hay yo muy asustado grite y me sentia como que si estaba en un decierto donde nadie me podia escuchar luego se aparecio un hombre que me dijo estas palabra Sigueme que te ayudare

Y yo muy asustado le hice caso y lo estaba siguiendo y vi que estaba alejandome mucho de mi casa y le pregunte que para donde me llevaba y el respondio sigue caminando que ya estamos cerca hay mismo pense este señor es malo me quiere matar y miro hacia ah tras y por la neblina no podia ver nada luego cuando miro hacia donde estaba el sujeto ya no estaba habia desaparecido y comenze ah llorar muy muy fuerte y y cierro los ojos y cuando los hablo estaban mis padre ah lado mio


Cuando lo vi salte y lo abrase y le decia que no me soltara y que no me dejara jamas solo el me pregunto que porque yo estaba llorando y no le conteste y vi que el sujeto que pense que era malo solo me estaba ayudando por que en donde yo me encontraba justo ese dia en ese momento hubo un asesinato hay y les pregunte ah mis hermano que donde esta van y que se ah vian hecho y ah eyos les paso lo mismo que me habia pasado ah mi el sujeto de negro se los habia llevado para que no les pasara nada malo

Adanne hurried through the narrow path to the old woman’s hut. She'd gotten the woman’s contact from Ego that evening.
Information about the old, powerful woman was top secret and those who knew of it, pretended not to.

She looked up fearfully. It was still there; the thin line of red blood sky that followed her everywhere. Soon it would become visible to reveal her secret.

Ordinary seeing the red blood sky was a thin of joy to any woman in otukporo Kingdom. But it was a taboo for an unmarried woman to get it, a taboo punishable by death.

Ego claimed the old woman would flush out the unwanted visitor and also give you an ointment to restore your maiden head.

The dilapidated hut came into view and she hurried towards it.

“Kpai, Kpai, “she knocked and a young wizened looking boy came out.

Adanne greeted. “I seek the Old One.”

The boy stared hard at her, then shook his head. “She is no more. She was visited by the gods for her sacrileges.

Adanne panicked, then looked up. It had gotten bigger and was now noticeable.

She gave a loud piercing shrill, and collapsed to the floor.

"How would I know you are there?" I had asked grandpa.
"Anytime you miss me, just look up to the blue sky and know I am there with you always" was his reply.
That was five years ago on his death bed. Grandpa had been my rock and had take care of me for twenty years after the death of my parents in an accident. It had not been easy for either of us but we had grown to rely on each others' strengths and weaknesses.
And now, five years later, I still look up to the blue sky whenever I get scared and I would feel his presence all around me which usually made me feel better. Today was a good day, I was getting a well-deserved promotion after three years of hardwork. If only grandpa was here, I thought.
As I was about crossing the road, I heard someone scream, I turned and felt a sharp pain as a stray bullet hit my chest. I fell backwards and the last thought that crossed my mind before embracing the cold hands of death was... The color of the sky was not blue, it was a blood red sky.

This is a great opportunity.
Great work to the Stach team.
Lets keep steeming

Ek tha king एक thi रानी दोनों mar ਗਏ khatam khani.

In the beginning the Creator God prepared the earth for humanity. He made a beautiful celestial sky for the day and a beautiful deep blue sky for the night. In such a way that humanity could understand the difference between day and night only by the color of the sky.

For a long time they lived happily on earth, enjoying all that God had created. Everyone was very grateful to God and they really loved him.
But a spiritual being began to envy that beautiful relationship between God and humanity, and set out to destroy everything by putting together a terrible plan. He stealthily introduced doubt into human beings until they turned away from God and ceased to be his friends. Many calamities began to suffer all the inhabitants of the earth.

God the Creator set out to do justice and unmask the envious wicked. So he gave a series of instructions to humanity and a sign in the heavens would indicate that the evil being was destroyed. The signal was that the sky would turn blood red and from that moment they could live again in peace and safety forever.


I've always been more of an optimist, someone who looks to the sky and see brightness even when its really cloudy. I had to learn the optimism creed after loosing Dad and Karena, the only family I grew to know.

I just finished my NYSC in Minna, spontaneous me, I wanted to visit the North. There, I met Idris, the first Nothern guy who was more like me. I am Christian but we share strong values. I think I was falling for him.

I started hanging out with him more, I visited him times and times, in his Lodge. We did some regular routines together.

One night, Idris asked for a sleepover, I nodded excitedly. There is no need for details; at about 2;40 am, after so much struggle and pleadings, I was sitting on my blood and broken virginity. I left his house at 5 am. While walking down the empty street, I wondered as I cried 'If I had to give up my body, I wanted it to be on my own terms'...ofcourse the sky had become dull.

Yes, all I could see was a red blood sky.

It was a day of warriors. Father had asked me to be strong. He was putting on his heavy armour, stealing glances at me.
"Will you die?" I asked.
"How did my 5 year old get so brave? If I do look for me as a star in the sky."
He didn't come back. The king's men had destroyed our little revolt.
Our king was a small, insecure man that thrived in war. I have never seen peace.
I had read about gunpowder. It was new. They called me a maniac.
But it worked. There were rivers of royal blood in the city. I stood at the sea shore, watching the bloody red sky meet the crimson sea.

"Why are you leaving?" Adrian Asked.

The man had followed Adrian everywhere since he was born. He acted as his guardian angel and when Adrian clocked 7 he was able to see him.

No one should be able to see him.

“I have to, the blood sun is coming and they need me?”

Adrian was never friends with the man, he had stopped him from having the fun he wanted but there is no way he would let him leave without some answers.

“The blood sun would cause a blood red sky and on that day evil would defeat goodness unless we do something to prevent it.”

“Hello Nogdock” An ominous voice spoke from behind the two men.

“It’s already too late, the blood sun is coming and there is nothing you can do”

“Just give me the stachogem and I might spare your lives” the voice said as he sent a blast of fire that slowly began to consume Nogdock.

“Take this” the man said to Adrian, even as he took his last breath.

“Protect it with your life. It would show you all you need to know. The fate of the universe depends on you now.”

The Blood Red Sky.

It was the Year 100 after creation, the One had recently thrown away the rebels from the aisle of cloud,but he knew he made a mistake by not killing the singing star, the spearhead of the rebellion.
The white winged was already in preparation for battle,for news had reached the aisle of clouds that the singing star had rallied the black winged together to fight against the One, to reclaim their place in the aisle of clouds again.
The forces met at the cloak of the seventh skies with thunderbolt of lightening hitting each sphere as if it were the end of times, red flames of nothingness fizzled out of the bodies of these celestial creatures who had deemed it fit to die for the cause of their superior, the black winged believed the singing star should be God, while the white winged believed the One should be God a
of all realm
No mortal knows the results of that battle,the only truism was that men saw the skies stained with blood, the rest of the real story has become twisted in myth,this could be the only real version.

One of the things that marked my life was the death of my mother, before that I used to be a calm and happy young man. I count a before and an after since mom left. I left practically all my surroundings, I went badly in class and I started to get together with people who had the habit of taking advantage of others, all this did not matter, all I cared about was feeling that adrenaline when doing improper things. One night, after robbing a store, we met in the town square, I remember the whole gang was there, we were planning our next assault, but suddenly the sky began to turn red as it approached what seemed to be a storm , in less than ten minutes it started raining crashingly and quickly everything calmed down, but the sky was still red, one of those who were with me shouted that it was the end of the world. I ran full of fear to my house and since that day I have always tried to do good.

  ·  3년 전

Once in a village, called elorza was autumn at dusk when the sky was bloodied by the setting sun. The refined sun floated down the calm river that small buoy that runs with the water and threw on the back of the enthusiastic fishermen jhon and levis, a blood red color the other day at dusk when the sky bloodied by the sunset I threw the scarlet clouds in the water, in purple the whole river inflomated the orisonte put a fire red between the two fishermen, and gilded the trees already ensofied, temploroso with a chill of winter, the fisherman jhon looked smiling to levis, marveled responded They did not take their eyes off their lierza. They barely recognized each other, shook hands ecstatically, excited to be in such different circumstances. The fisherman jhon very grim grimio: and what a time, Hay is the first beautiful day of the year. Sure enough, the sky was full of light. Red ensagrentada was the sky.


Sandra and José were a couple in love, she belonged to the upper class of the city and he was a simple worker. They wanted to get married and start a family but her parents did not accept the relationship. José tired of the situation one night he asked Sandra to run away together to be happy and she without hesitation accepted it. From that moment they began to plan their departure together without anyone noticing. José had some money saved and bought some plane tickets.
The day of the trip for Sandra's good luck her parents left and she was able to leave without any misfortune until the airport, the flight was scheduled for 5 pm but she was delayed a few hours due to the air currents that were in the sky. In that they make a call to board the plane, they took their suitcases and left; minutes after the plane took off, the sky turned blood red, it started to rain; José took the hand of his beloved, he hugged her and said: My love I LOVE YOU, finally together and forever!

Everyone judges me for not wanting to go back to school, but I know that if they knew my reasons they would think twice. One afternoon my dad forgot to pick me up after school, so I just sat in front of one of the benches there. The hours passed and nothing came for me dad. Then it was when I saw that so horrible, the sky began to darken suddenly, not as if it were going to be night, but another kind of darkness, I felt fear and I wanted them to come quickly to look for me, but then something worse happened, the sky was totally red, it opened and I saw some decency inside the school, I wanted to run but my feet were paralyzed, I could see how that thing got bigger every time. At that time my dad appeared and I had not noticed that everything was normal around me so I did not want to tell him what I had seen. I feel that my school is dominated by that evil being that fell from the red sky.

The alarm rang so loud and Dave rushed to put it off as the sound irritated him. He wanted to get more sleep but he knew better. He had an important task ahead of him and the earlier he got it done, the better.
He had gotten a tip about a rich woman who had expensive jewelries in the safe at her house. She stayed alone and was out of town for the weekend. Normally, he would have called his guys to come with him but he felt it was going to be an easy one besides, he didn't want to share the profit with anyone.
On getting there, it was very quiet and there was no sign of life and just as he had thought, he broke into the house without much difficulty,he was an expert with locks. He opened the safe although it took longer than he expected and within five minutes, he had the contents in his bag.
As he was about stepping out of the house, he noticed that the sky had turned blood red around the house. That was when it dawned on him that he had picked the wrong house to rob.

I have lived strange things throughout my life, but in the end one of the most outstanding ones was without a doubt to witness what I am going to tell you next. I was visiting my grandfather's grave in the cemetery, I used to take his favorite flowers every Sunday, I was going to go to when I see two graves next to a woman with a white veil, this attracted my attention because in reality It was uncommon the way she was dressed because it looked like a wedding dress, I was watching her for a while, when she suddenly turned to see me, and I begged God for mercy, the eye sockets were empty, I ran out of there but could not find the exit from the cemetery, I had the feeling that the more I ran farther, the sky was dyed red and drops of blood began to fall, prayed to God for my soul, I sat in a tomb and closed my eyes while reciting a prayer, minutes later I decided to recover and almost fainted when I found that it was right in the grave of my grandfather.



Every step sent a jarring pain through my foot. A gash on my forehead dripped blood into my eyes. How long had I been wandering? How long had I wandered before I even found the bastards? The blood loss was starting to get to me. Seven men, dead. All way bigger than me and armed. Fools were slow brutes. They never saw me coming. They still managed to cut me a few times. But now they were dead… just like Uju. The thought of her made me cry
I was with her just yesterday. She smiled at me and I made her laugh just yesterday. And a day later, she’s gone. Those bastards took her from me. Those monsters took my little sister from me. I don’t care the consequences. All I know is that the ones that took her are dead. The pain from my foot shook me from my day dream. Somehow I was at a window. Looking outside, the moon was full. It was nice but the blood dripping into my eye painted the world red. A blood red moon and sky. A befitting end for what happened tonight

My great-grandmother Ana said that when she was young she worked in a farm, she used to water the planting in the wee hours of the morning and one of those times a spirit appeared and told her that if she dug at the foot of the tree that was there, she would find a treasure that would make her millionaire, she did not feel afraid, quite the opposite, I look for a shovel and began to dig, a while later I touch metal and trying to take what seemed to be an old chest the wind began to blow so hard that it threatened to take everything in his step, still managed to get that chest but when he was about to open it the sky was covered in red and a storm was unleashed that returned the chest to the bottom of the earth. minutes after everything had stopped. My great grandmother says that she could never tell if what happened that night really happened



They say tragedy comes in twos. If only it had come in that amount this time, the neighborhood would have been less petrified. Instead, it came in a storm.

Mr Okorie, who was now sitting on the front porch with his hands in cuffs - had an episode again.
Everyone had gotten used to his sudden outbursts in the middle of the night, but in no way did it prepare us for the kind of gore that lay in front of our eyes this morning.

Inside the house lay Mrs Okorie- head attached to her trunk by a rumpled piece of skin.
His two year son Obinna was Cut into half, and left in the kitchen sink, under a running tap.
Initially no one could find their house help Obiageli, but when we found her, her body was perfectly folded into the trash can in their backyard.

Bia Nwoke m.... Why did you do this?... one of the neighbors asked Okorie, in a voice too annoyed to hide his disgust.

Mr Okorie raised his face from in-between his lap and smiled.
So you think I did this?.....he asked no one in particular.
.... And no one heard them scream?.

A Blood Red Sky
Tobi had always been one who hated school. Left to him, he would never go near the walls of a school but he was not yet eighteen and could not make those decisions for himself. So he pretends to leave home for school but goes somewhere else, sometimes he actually goes to school but leaves during break. He had seen a game store on one of his escapades and planned to go play some games till he had his fill today.
All the while the teacher was teaching, he kept looking at his wristwatch and was becoming impatient. He didn't waste anytime when the bell rang for break. He jumped the fence and headed for the game store. After playing games for close to an hour,he was getting hungry and decided to go get something to eat. As soon as he walked into the street, the sky started turning red. He cleaned his eyes with his hands and opened it to confirm what he had seen hoping it was just a dream and he would snap back to reality. It was so dark that he could hardly see and then he wished he had stayed back in school.

A blood red sky
Are we getting close? Rob said as he was growing impatient, he could not wait for them to arrive at their destination. Calm down man, we have only been driving for an hour and we still got close to two hours to drive, Alex answered.
Alex and Rob have always loved adventures and barely passed out on the opportunity to explore new places. Today was one of those days when they went on one of those adventures. They had heard of a cave and decided to go explore it.
Some minutes later, Rob was fast asleep. Alex looked at him and shook his head. It had become one of Rob's habit to sleep off while he drove them to their destination but he was never one to complain.
Alex started noticing the sky change colour, it was turning red and it seemed to get darker with every second that passed by.
Wake up Rob! Alex said tapping him as hard as he could. The sky has suddenly turned red and I've never seen something like this he told Rob.
I told you this was going to be a special trip Rob said as he brought out his camera to take pictures.

I can't believe you actually convinced me to come along with you to the beach. I would have preferred to spend the day wrapped in blankets seeing a movie with a bowl of popcorn, Nina said. Get in the car and stop complaining, we're going to have fun and then you're going to thank me for dragging you out.
Nina could hardly say no to her best friend Rita. They had been friends for so long and people actually thought they were siblings.
Finally we arrive, I thought we were never going to get here with the speed you were driving. You know you drive like my grandma, Rita said. Whatever, replied Nina.
Once at the beach, they were having their drinks and sunbathing when all of a sudden, the sky turned red. Everyone started to panic. What are we going to do? Rita asked in a shaky voice. Nina dragged Rita by the hand and they headed for their car. At this point, Nina wished she stayed home and had never agreed to come to the beach. They drove as fast as they could, the whole thing was starting to look like a scene in a horror movie.

Blood Red Sky

Gina was sleeping, she could not sleep, everything she dreamed was a blood-red sky, a chill went through her body, she went back to bed and was sheltered, she was afraid.
When he gathered enough courage he got up again and went to look out the window and the sky was still the same, he heard some celestial sounds and decided to leave his house to check what was happening, when there was no one outside, he knocked on the door of his neighbor to also see the show that offered the sky but did not come out. in that drops of blood fell from the sky, Gina never understood what was happening.



Red sky at night, sailors' delight.
Red sky at morning, sailors' take warning

"Daddy, i have heard this before, but hardly understand what it means", Pamela said, with a puppy face expression.

Beaming with smile, and thinking where to start from, the dad answered,

"Red sky at night, sailors' delight: When we see a red sky at night, this means that the setting sun is sending its light through a high concentration of dust particles. This usually indicates high pressure and stable air coming in from the west. Basically good weather will follow. This delights sailors as they will enjoy a smooth sailing with no boisterous wind", he said.

Still pressing further, he said, "A red sunrise can mean that a good weather has already passed, thus indicating that a storm system may be moving to the east, a clear sign that rain could be on its way, which is never a welcome idea for the sailors"

"Life may sometimes give you warning, Pamela. We learn as we grow in life, but we have the power of choice. When the chips are down, when the signs come unannounced, the true test come to the surface. Tackle life prepared, love."

Waiting for

There is no worthy expert, nor a scientist of honorific diplomas who can explain why, regardless of the month, when 21st coincides with a Sunday, the sky is dyed a blood red.

Nobody knows the answer, but I do.

It's you, Catherine. Since death stole you from my side, that fateful morning of August 21, everything changed. It's as if the clouds had stolen the precious blood that kept you alive, and in their horrible action, it took away my happiness.

Now all 21 I look up at the sky, cursing the world, stretching your hands trying to reach you, trying to steal a little of your blood from the clouds.

It's useless, right? you will never go back What is the use of fighting when the world crumbles around me? It seems that the only thing that keeps me alive is to look for you every August 21 in that sky, trying to mix your blood with mine, waiting for the same red clouds steal my life.


Muy buenas tardes seria de nuestro agrado presentarte nuestros servicios, somos un equipo de trabajo por y para los venezolanos, nuestra funcion es brindarle a la comunidad venezolana una nueva ventana en su marco de opciones a la hora de llevar sus recompensas a bolivares, cuando gustes te invitamos a pasarte por nuestro discord o solicitar la union a nuestro grupo de whatsapp y con gusto te estaremos añadiendo, un buen dia te deseamos y gracias por tu tiempo

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Ignacio one day decided to take the wrong path, his mind was different, his attitude changed. He became a rebellious boy, bad behavior. He hurt a lot of people, mistreating his girlfriend, his family verbally and physically. Just because he did not have everything he wanted, how to get them? I was fighting for them. His girlfriend convinced him to attend a psychologist or someone who could help him and no, he refused to go. A couple of months passed and Ignacio lived locked up, he did not talk to anyone, and many times he even stopped eating. For his family it was not easy to take that situation, the boy was locked in his world where he saw only a sky red with blood. Hopefully and soon his sky will change for a blue sky, a happy sky, a sky of light and flashes of blessings for him and recover that charisma that characterized him.


This is how it ends: the albino boy is staring at a blood red sky. He is not afraid, not surprised either. He knows what will happen next. The scientists predicted it—after the red sky, the sun will close in on the earth and melt it away.

It is the apocalypse many human generations feared.

The boy is fascinated at seeing mother earth on her death bed. Those idiots who were taken won’t have the chance to see this.

Humanity had prepared for this day. The scientists picked those they considered useful and went off to a new planet to start over. His father and sister were picked. The boy wasn’t. He’s left behind with a bunch of old folks.

The red sky gives way for the melting heat of the sun. People scamper for safety. The boy throws caution to the wind and stands his ground.

As everything around him begin to melt and dissipate into the sun, as part of him begin to fade into the hotness, the last thing on his mind are his father’s words: “when it’s time for the apocalypse, mutter your death wish, say a silent prayer and go as a man!”


The date was 23rd October 2017.

On that day I was at the coffee shop. While taking a sip, I heard the howl of the wind.

The street was a scene of chaos, as everything that could be lifted by the wind was tossed about. The clouds darkened, and people took shelter from the incoming storm.

The rain fell : A heavy downpour that we all knew. But then it changed.

The window was splattered with a drop of red. More drops followed and, the rain turned into a shower of blood.

Just as quickly at it started, the storm abated. A look out the window revealed a street bathed in red.

When I looked up, I received the shock of my life as I gazed at a blood red sky.

5 months have passed since then, and mankind is still as puzzled as we were when we first encountered the red skies.

Various theories have been proposed to explain the phenomena.

Punishment for our sins, aliens, an experiment gone wrong.

No one knows what happened, but what we do know is that that was the day our lives were ushered into a world of red skies.


When I sell the land, I'll give you all your own cut, don't worry, said my father. After he has discussed with his brother and they agreed to share the land they inherited from their father into two, with his elder brother taking a larger percentage.

Weeks later my phone rang, grin grin, I was delighted oh! it's grandpa, my son gave me the phone and i picked the call.....
Hello, hello! I was expecting to hear my dad's voice but it was a woman who sounded distressed '' your daddy fell down yesterday evening and we only saw him this morning"
"Please take him to Mobolaji Hospital" i said, since it's the nearest hospital I said. I picked my car key and off I went.

On getting to the hospital, he could barely speak, I called my mum and siblings. My dad called me "Yinka come here"

He whispered to my hears, "trust nobody". "When your moon is almost full, don't allow humans to turn back your good fortune to blood red skywhich comes out after sunset or right after dawn". Then he gave up the ghost

One day I woke up dreaming that everything was red more than all my sky my sun, since the aliens had invaded us and they were red their ships everything for them had to be dyed red and wanted to save the earth against them so that everything was As before I tried and tried to fight but I could not and they kept dyeing everything in red and I could not stand it anymore and I passed myself as a friend of them who agreed that everything was red but when leaving my house and seeing my city in red completely scared me a lot and I started to cry for not being able to do something against those aliens until I got a weapon that could eliminate them and I started to destroy them all with my ray that by the way was also red like a red laser and in my dream was exterminating them all for dyeing my world, my country, everything in red and thus exterminate most of them and in my way I see the largest ship the nurse and when I was about to destroy them n my laser beam I woke up..images (1).jpg



I saw them are flowers and leaves that walk under the red sky of blood. Alicia come with us, to see how the flowers walk towards a door that was behind the house, is a door that was on the floor very different from ours, but they went fast and they knew something would happen because the sky was very red like the blood.
It is going to be done at night, it was already beginning to see light flying on the wings of the firefly. Alicia saw with her own eyes that the flowers and leaves were walking. After a while Pedro came to see our discovery. He looked at the red sky for a long time and then at the flowers and leaves hurrying to enter the door of his house. Pedro is 10 years old and we are smaller than 6 and 5 years old. He is the one who says that light flies in the wings of the firefly, that the river is a mirror that walks. And he also said if the flowers and leaves walked, it's because the ants are carrying flowers and leaves to protect their house because the sky is red, that's because the night is coming.

It was the curse of the red sun, it happens once in every millennial and brought with it the doom of royalty,the kind of doom that singled out only the elites of the society,for once in has been said, that when the red sun appeared, all of the Kings household were killed by mysterious thunderbolts save the youngest prince.
The prophecy had foretold the expected day of the Blood red sky of this millennium to happen when anyone of the royal household begot a twin, and for over nine hundred years has no one heard of such occurrences,with the advancement of technology, all conception would always be sought out, scanned and aborted, if it were twin, these millennial was going to be like no other, it would be the beginning of the end, the end of the curse.
Young Bose had given birth to twins and her grandma couldn't hide her wake of joy, for the gods had not only blessed her with a grandchild but two,But Bose twitched in fear, for only herself knew who the father of these children was, His Royal Kindness, King Faruma,only heaven knew what would befall the kingdom.

I could smell the dust on the wooden floor accompanied by a brusque stench. I watched as the Yakooza boss moved his round body to the end of the room as he gulped down his usual bottle of Musigny Grand Cru worth $7,608.

Once again he asked, "who sent you?". I replied as usual in a jesting manner, "definitely not your mama". He signaled his macho bozzo who kicked me in my lower abdomen, "fool" i exclaimed and he added an extra blow to my face.

I had just acquired what i needed to finish off all the bozzo's in this room, i had slipped the pen knife off the boot of the bozzo who kicked me. Well ya gonna have to die here, the Yakooza boss said as he instructed his favorite macho bozzo to do the needful.

One slice through his throat as i collected his uzzi and finished off the other bozzo's while taking cover. I didn't need to shoot the Yakooza boss as i watched him on his knees coughing out blood, i had poisoned the wine. All the Yakooza bosses in the state would die tonight, by my hands. This is the intervention!!!.

A BLOOD RED SKY: A Short Story

Adamu, your whole life changed on the day you met the sheikh from Daura. It was he, the Lilliputian, heavy-bearded sheikh from Daura, who told you that a bounty of seven virgins awaited anyone who killed infidels in the name of Allah.

Although you already had five wives and two dozens children, your lust for seven virgins overwhelmed you. You wanted to kill infidels in the name of Allah, to win the the eternal trophy of seven virgins.

So on that memorable Monday afternoon, wearing a flappy garb, you strapped IEDs round your tiny waist, and headed for St. Peter's Primary School. You waited calmly like a python under a mango tree opposite the school's gate. As soon as the pupils trooped out of the gate, you would run towards them and detonate your explosives.

And then it happened. You saw the pupils trooping out of the gate and you rose to your feet. As you took your first step towards them, you slipped. Immediately, the explosives beneath your garb roared loudly tearing you like paper into pieces. Flames. Blood. Flesh. All splattered. You only succeeded in killing yourself.

This story is my entry for the ongoing Short Story contest organized by @Stach.

Nice one !!
A better way to engaged all steemians especially in Nigeria and Africa to join and contest on steemit which will enable them flow and participate in wining more SBDs added to their wallet and daily post

You guys are doing a wonderful job.. keep it up

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My worst nightmare

One day Isabella is bloodied without imagining why, runs desperate to the room of their parents for help on the top floor of the house, but got them lying in a large pool of blood; his mother had been stabbed to death, his father was Beheaded in his heart was the beak of bottle. Isabella cried inconsolably, looking up looking for some explanation and see how the ceiling was red, covered and bloody because there was the body of his twin crucified, everything looked like a red sky covered in blood. Suddenly they knock on the door, terrified Isabella wakes up, looks at herself and sees that everything was a cruel nightmare.

"our targets are Jim Roth and his friend Oliver Gerald Schopenhauer who like to throw ball on weekends. Both of them are married men in their 30s but they have not spawned themselves so they are not burdened with responsibilities of rearing their offspring. Not that I am complaining about the mental acuity of my spawns but are they dumb, man? The elder one tried to fill crude dark matter in his fission powered teleporter as if his life wasn't going to be hard enough with below average dimensional shifting so he has go out of his way to make videos about how dumb he can get and guess what? he says people like that. To watch my son, I hope, intentionally fail to make good decisions and suffer for his ineptitude. I don't get the internet, man. Ok so where were we? right. Jim, weekends ok to put it straight the earthlings are evolving to class B level of intelligence and with exponential rise in technological arena they might be leering closer to breakthrough of dark matter space travel; in fact our agents report they already have but haven't contemplated to consider the implications."

and so it began.




I wish I could sing. I wish I could let my heart speak. I wish I could rewrite the sky. I hoped I never saw those tears running down your face. Those tender opium pyramid shape,its something unique. These are genuine reasons. I always thoughts she knew I loved her. The sky thundered as I make those compromise.

Martha and I have always been the childhood friends. She always has the leisure of calling me Josh-- the shortened form for Joshua. We shared almost every thing together: our breakfast,dinner,stories,church seats, attended the same school,shared the same locker and so many things... until Andre came along.

Andre is a blunt fellow. He is bold,has a lot of charisma,saprano voice tone...and he is tall and vehemently handsome. In a month,he has already gotten Martha.i got angry and stopped talking to her.

On one particular stormy night, Martha and Andre had a hot fraca. She came over to my place and was sweeping deeply. I tried to cuddle her up but she forced me out bloating that I didn't ask her out. I was shocked. She run out and I after her as the sky was turning bloody red.


AKai Sora(Red Sky)<

A Japanese woman who was about to give birth, called her husband saying that he would have his baby.

It was a strange afternoon, her husband ran out of work, got into his car but did not turn on, hurried to get home in time, looked at the sky and observed that two stars collided leaving the sky red, the man who was journalist took pictures, but at the same time scared he left the place. As he could, he arrived at his house, I heard a baby crying, my baby was born, he shouted excitedly.

The next day at work congratulating him for his son and for those photos that he published in the newspaper, since it was a natural phenomenon never before seen in that place and he received a prize.

The man, still astonished by everything that happened to him, decided to name his son Akai Sora, which means in Japanese red sky, in commemoration of that night of a red sky of blood.


The day that the sky changed his colors was the day I fail.

I tried to stop it, I tried but I was not strong enough. They tell me that this was going to happen but I did not listen on time, I left the problem get bigger every time and I only took action when It was already late.

The funny thing about the whole ordeal is that even when the sky changed, I had some hope within me still unscathed I even tell myself in that time Do not worry everything is going to be alright, just think about something and focus on that and all will be normal again. But in the end nothing changed and what little hope had left in me disappeared like a drop of rain in the ocean. Shit why I had to be this weak? if I had been strong maybe I could had do something to not end like this but the truth is that I could not do anything, not then and not now.

The day the sky changed his blue colors to a red like a sea of blood was the day I finally lost my sanity.


It was in summer, our parents and grandparents took us to the country house to spend a week there. We were on vacation so we enjoyed the river and a hill where we always climbed since from there you can see the sky. One night we played domino outside the house because it was very hot, suddenly we noticed that the sky, had a red color, red as blood, we all got scared, we were amazed, we did not know what it was, we thought it would be a fire! Our parents gave us permission to climb the hill and see what happened. Upon reaching the top we saw a large red moon that made the sky take that color. It was an impressive moment, we regret because with the rapidity, nobody realized to take a camera and thus to capture that great moment, we returned and we told our parents. Back in the city we learned that this was a natural phenomenon that had already been predicted and that would happen again in many years. We gave thanks to God for allowing us the joy of observing such a magnificent spectacle

Blood Red Sky:
It was a bloody dawn because not like any other because the sky is dyed red, Annie remembers it like this, lived on a distant island, where being simple is a pleasure, there the nights are long and the days are short.
But that day her husband Dante dies, for reasons that Annie does not understand, she was fishing and they found him dead on the shores of the sea. He went fishing every day.
Annie when she finds out about this breaks into tears, her neighbors try to comfort her, but she does not stop crying and screaming.
Annie says: I curse this day, that red sky was never a sign of something good, that was a sign that my husband was going to die and I regret not realizing it in time.
Her neighbors Priscilla and Tobias who are with her tell her, that's not true, it must be just coincidence. And Annie tells them: my husband told me 5 years ago, when you see the red sky if you look too long for someone close to you will die.

A blood red sky
Run faster boys we've almost got him, yelled one of the police officers chasing after the thief wearing a purple bearded dinosaur mask.
You guys go after him, I have to catch my breath, one of the officers said as he stopped to finish off the half eaten donut he kept in his pocket along with his badge.
Stop now or we'll shoot! screamed one of the men. Yeah, we sure as hell will kill you if you don't stop now said another as he struggled to keep his pants from falling. I can't believe I chose today of all days to go to work without wearing my lucky belt.
Whoa, is it just my imagination or did the sky just turn blood red? Thought the runaway criminal as he jumped over a pretty lady sitting on a bench, stuffing her face with a cheese burger. I have no choice, I have to jump across the rails before that train gets here.
Oh no!! Too late,yelled the miscreant as he gets crushed.

A Blood Red Sky: A Bima Story

The sky is as red as blood in my dagger. Rain of seven color flowers falls to Kurusetra Field. The war between Pandawa and Kurawa suddenly stops.

I do remember how Kurawa humiliated my family. Yudhistira, my brother, lost many times on dice-play against Duryudana, leader of Kurawa family. All our fortunes were sold out at gambling table, including our small house and our dignity. We had became Kurawa's slaves. Dursasana, Duryudana's brother, tried to strip off Drupadi, my aunt. She fell to the floor. "You have humiliated me in front of a thousand eyes. I can't accept it. I swear I will not tie my hair until I wash it with your blood!" Drupadi screamed.

Duryudana was my brother-in-law but he harassed my family. On this war I defied him. The fight was not easy but I could stabbed him with my dagger. Blood poured from his chest. I put it in a shell and gave it to Drupadi.

I stare at the blood red sky. The war is not over yet. There is still unrequited revenges and this two families will continue to kill each other.

Note: This story is inspired by Mahabharata epic.

Blood Red Sky

the town of Montesco already in the year 2450 an old clandestine laboratory where an old man crazy about experiments, experimented with animals with his blood, he wanted to achieve something great.
One day doing their experiments started to rain and lightning fell steadily, a lightning fell where I had contained the blood of animals in which I was going to make a rare invention, but what this man did not imagine was that the sky was dyed of blood red.
The old man was shocked by how the city looked from his window, he had never seen anything like that before, he was fascinating according to him, he took photographs as that would be his next documentary.

It was a legend from long ago, the legend of a phoenix born as a human. A symbol of flames on the cheek was a sign that a child was a phoenix reborn.

A blood red sky was the first sign, followed by eighty-one flashes of lighting.

Everyone thought it a myth, a legend from the annals of history.

But Saya was born with flames on her cheek, her birth marked by the signs of a phoenix rebirth.

This made people wary. After all, Saya was a strange child who kept to herself and could not be hurt by fire, but rather controlled it.

Her own parents were scared of her, they cared for her but kept their distance. In their minds she was not their real child, when time came she would turn into her phoenix form and leave.

And it happened as expected.

On her fifteenth birthday, a blood red sky, followed by lightning, happened as it once did on her birth.

Flames engulfed Saya’s entire being as lightning struck her, and before the very eyes of the people, a magnificent bird appeared and let out a beautiful but haunting cry as it disappeared into the heavens.

The night of the blood sky, the night where the murdered dead take revenge on their killer, it happens once in five century. It was a night of horror; the shrieks, the cries and the stench of decay. People were adviced to stay away from the streets.
Maxwell was a very curious, he wanted a firsthand experience.
Around 12am in the morning, he sneaked out from the house with his camera, bent on taking shots of the vengeful ghosts. A brave one he was, despite of the scary sounds he still walked in the dark armed with nothing but his torch. Heading straight for the towns cemetery, he turned on his camera, as he approached the gates, he heard someone call his name, for the first time time, he felt the cold grip of fear, and almost immediately his legs carried him in a frantic run, he ran and hid behind a garbage bin. Panting for air, he wished he stayed home, before he knew it, he started levitating upside down, as he was struggling and shouting he saw it, scary it was. "Welcome my son, we've been waiting for you " the ghost said
He passed out.


His laughter was half crazed. He giggled without a care in the world as he stared at the people kneeling before him. They were full of fright for the Warlock was indeed powerful in all rights. "Plea... Please, great one" The village head began in a broken voice "Forgive us! We didn't know what we were doing" he pleaded desperately. The Warlock's left eye twitched as he glared at the multitude in front of him. "Fools! Did you think you could get rid of me so easily?" He stamped the rod in his right hand on the floor and thunder rumbled from the skies. "Did you think a mere sorcerer could kill me?". Indeed, the villagers had conspired with a sorcerer who claimed to be able to end the Warlock's tyrant reign on the village. The sorcerer had not only failed and been crucified, he had put the whole village in danger. "Please!" The head pleaded again. "Too late" the Warlock said and raised his rod. Lightening flew out the tip into the clouds turning the calm blue to a blood red sky.

Its common knowlwedge! The blood red sky signifies the death of a king! That was the common superstition in the village.
I'm not one for superstitions, I just went about my business, having fun exploring nature. I usually just go fishing or hunting, but today, I wanna go hiking.
Told my friends but none of them seemed interested, so I went alone. It was the only mounfsin in the village, its safe since its a dormant volcanic one. On reaching the peak of the mountain, to my was just about to erupt, well, I tried running to warn the villagers...
Too bad we wouldn't live to tell the purpose of the blood red sky.

Looking around with pools of tears already formed in my eyes i saw them, i mean the bodies of numerous beings of all categories; dead, wounded and alive.

I mean what would I be doing here wounded with blood profusely oozing out from my left leg if am not here to serve my fatherland.

I still remember vividly how happy and proud I was of my khaki camouflage. I still regret why I willingly volunteered to fight a battle that I did not cause.

Am frustrated because of the thought of never seeing my wife and my two kids. Of never been able on telling my wife how much I love her.

You see I've killed, I've raped and paralysed a lot of people that I've lost count of. I now live like a refuge because i fear for my life, am afraid of what tomorrow holds for me, am scared that the war may never come to an end.

I hope for a better future but all I see now is a sky blood red-A BLOOD RED SKY

After every heavy downpour, the sky would usually turn blood red in the part of the world where Sophie lived. Sophie was a baby sitter for one wealthy home around. This experience was so weird because each time it happened; the kids would come down the stair case crying over nightmares of a clown artifact.

The wealthy home that Sophie worked for were into the business of colleting old artifacts from all over the world and there was this particular one that the kids complained that it was similar to the one they saw in their nightmare. This event repeated severally and at a point it became unbearable for both Sophie and the kids so this particular day when the scenario repeated itself, Sophie locked all the windows to shield the sight of the blood red sky, covered the clown artifact with a blanket and put a call across the father of the kids asking for his permission to remove the clown artifact permanently from the basement.

“Listen very keenly,” said the man to Sophie. “We do not have any clown artifact on the basement!” Sophie hangs up the phone, turns around and the blanket was on the floor; the clown artifact had disappeared! More so, the sky cleared up. From then on, she associated red skies with horror and lived in its fear.

Loud cries and wailing could be heard from the villagers as they all ran to the village square where their princess liveless body layed. An abomination had been done, the land had been contaminated with evil.
The chief priest layed beside the body chanting some incantations silently while the King stood some metres away with his Chiefs who tried to render comforting words. He had lost his wife, the Queen few years through illness and Uloma was the only person he had left and he loved and cherished her more after the death of her mother.
Uloma was a princess but didn't like to be treated like one. She had set out to explore the woods all alone that day without the knowledge of anybody in the palace. She was in the woods when she was raped and killed by an unknown person.
Oh the land has been defiled!
Oh the blood of the innocent is crying for vengeance
O the village has been left in shock and tears
A Blood Red Sky has formed and vengeance must be served.

I knew it had been a bad idea, but I still wanted to participate. My mother had died eight months ago, the pain was still permissible but we were already getting the idea, but my sisters wanted to communicate with her beyond death, and for that they hired a spiritualist. That night that clairvoyant asked us to put our hands together and make a circle, inside there was a picture of Mom, said some intelligible words and in the name of Anom asked to speak with my mother, there was silence and suddenly the vibration changed, things started to move, that lady was still in a trance saying things I did not understand, I looked out the window and saw how the sky turned a bloody red. I started to be afraid and felt that everything went out of control, I wanted to let go and I could not. A bolt of lightning pierced the ceiling and fell just above the visionary causing death. I will never know if it was my mother or the supposed Anom.

I’ll never forget that early morning of May, I remember that at the beginning of the afternoon the forest was covered with a soft fog, a bit strange for the date it was, even so I did not pay enough attention, I kept picking up the firewood and went back quickly to the cabin was beginning to get dark. A while later I heard a noise that seemed to come from the tree near my cabin and seconds later everything was illuminated for a moment. When I went out to see what was happening I smelled an intense smell and I noticed how the sky began to turn a bloody red, all the hairs on my body stood up, something gloomy happened and I could not find an explanation for it. I ran back home, but it was as if I had gone far, because I could not get there, I sat on the floor to mourn did not want to look at the sky, I was very afraid. I don’t know how many hours I was sitting there, I fell into a deep sleep and by the time I woke up it was dawning and everything was normal.

Janus carried a long face looking forward, depicting that the future will not be favorable. The seer of the gods has cried with a solemn voice and spine chilling tenor. “Beware of the Ides of March, for one who sees all will fall to the ground like dust”. When Cicero took the news to the king, Julius Caesar, he laughed it off as the blabbing of a mystic fool. He failed to heed the warnings. Unbeknown to him, Brutus was scheming to have him killed. As the Ides of March approached, there was an uneasiness that spread through the air, pain seemed to have a smell and everyone in the realm minded their steps. Cicero was moved to remind the king about this prediction but still he waved it off. On the night of March 14th, Caesar was hosted to a feast of wine with his members of council, when the convivial joy was at its heights; Brutus rose from his seat to accuse Caesar of tyranny and asked all to strike him down with Brutus giving the fatal strike with the sword. Caesar’s life was ended on the Ides of March- the day of the red blood sky.

Dustin knew the creed, “Danger shall come to you when you appear weak”. Dustin was a slave sold to a tyrannical slave owner Mr. Jarvis, who hated the sight of weakness. He was renowned for lynching his slaves that fell ill, became feeble and did not recover on time and would replace them with new ones. However, Dustin was in a state of exhaustion having managed to escape death for seven years, he knew his exhaustion would soon be found out so began to devise a plan to either escape or kill Mr. Jarvis. He quickly found willing allies who were afraid of becoming the next victim. An opening came on the Independence Day when Mr. Jarvis was merry with wine, Sokuta the wine server managed to drug the wine with a dose of poison they extracted from a deadly mushroom growing around the edge of the field. Mr. Jarvis drank the wine and died. His death became known to all. This threw the happy moments of the family into sadness, a perfect red blood sky that rained sorrows. To the slaves, the sky could be anything it loved, so far Jarvis was gone.


She saw it coming, spreading like the fog, she panicked and ran into the forest hopingto run away from it, to hide from it but this time there was nowhere to hide but to keep running till she find shelter is the only wise decision and she ran with heavy labored breath, tree branches cut deep into her soft skin drawing out blood that is red as her fear and the doom following her, she has a terrifying feeling that she won't be lucky this time. She stumbled and ran blindly into a path unfortunately blocked by a giant wall, it will take an hour to climb over the wall 'she muttered in fear. She spin around to run towards the other path but her bloodied legs gave away and she collapsed, she looked up and saw the red has spread all over the blue sky ah! Too late,"she said, her blood turned cold in her vein as she saw red and her skin ripped open, she screamed and clawed the earth with her nails, her fangs sprouted out as she let out a growl. The blood red sky has awoken the monster in her.

Sitting on my couch, mouth agape…
9:15pm, 16th JULY, 2004. It was yet another operation, this time around, on a neighboring town, 3km from where I lived. The night before, we gathered at my residence, Justin, James and I; to discuss our next move. It was the house of a business tycoon, Mallam Isa, whom our close source revealed, returned from Dubai with expensive jewelries for his girlfriend, Amina.
My name is Samuel, I’m 25, an orphan, the only family I have left is Sarah, my younger sister. I have been left to carter for her since our parents died.
Guns ready and faces masked, we drove off. As expected, Mallam drove in, we knew it was time to hit. Bullets sprayed, everyone down, excluding Mallam and Anima.
As the leader, having gotten the jewelries, my duty was to execute the targets. They both had their faces down, Amina was dressed in a Muslim attire, with a Hijab on her head. Shots fired! I killed them both, then we left.
The next day, sitting on my couch, mouth agape…I had just been told that Sarah is dead. She was killed last night in the company of a rich man.

I have been a university graduate for the past 3 years. The amount of money I make in a month now is about 3 times less than what I got as up keep cash back in school.
I'm up for any opportunity to make more of myself. I applied for a number of jobs online in different parts of the country.
Finnally, opportunity came knocking. A firm in Abuja had invited me for an interview. The transport fare from lagos to abuja no be beans o!
I was able to come up with the money, but not until the day before the interview. Despite the risks of night travels, I went ahead traveling at night, well, it was a safe trip. Had a short light sleep before freshening up for my interview.
It was a good day, I could tell! The sky was so blue I knew things were about to change for good. I waited for about 2 hours to be interviewed, when it was finally my turn, the interviewer appologised to me, telling me all the spots had been filled. At that moment, my eyes red and filled with tears, I left and nothing was the same. Even the beautiful blue sky was now blood red.

That day was a mystery, from very early, there was a surprising breeze, keila that was in the patio, hanging washed clothes, felt something very strange, suddenly a strong wind came, and the day seemed at night, the sky was red , and Keila was already 9 months pregnant, the moment of delivery was approaching, she felt a strong pain, it was two events that were apparently going to happen, one was an eclipse where the sky took the color of blood and the other event her little one baby was about to be born.

She ran to the phone alone and called her mother. He arrives early because he is about to be born, when his mother arrived, the sky was still red, they arrived in time and saw the most beautiful child born, white skin, on his little face he drew a small moon-shaped spot, it was said that if you touched your belly in the middle of an eclipse, the baby would have a mole, and as a result of that special day and remembering the color of the sky on that occasion, Keila decided to give her name "RED" SKY "a very peculiar name.

It was a time of war and all sides trusted no one. Double agents were everywhere. Loyalty was hard to come by. Harlius looked beyond and saw he had conquered the North and had made his way to the South with still forty thousand men marching in his name. It was a glorious sight and he knew no one would dare test his might again.

All the way in the east, Vlarius prepared for a lost battle. He had barely twenty thousand men and even less money to fund a war. Parlay was his only other strategy to live and fight another day. He had lost his wife and only child to Harlius and thus was driven by rage

Ahead in the west was Cornelius, a meek, wise and very young kind. With war raging on, he would forever change the tide of victory. He did not believe in war but he knew Harlius' tyranny had to end.
As Harlius reached the east filled with pride. Vlarius knew it was the end. From the west, Cornelius came charging. There were more bodies than the ground they lay on. Harlius looked up and it was a blood red sky.

The terrorists disguised as herdsmen continued their onslaught, leaving human carcasses in their wake. Nobody was left out as the peaceful village now looked like world War III. Men, women and children were slaughtered and nobody, not even the government was doing anything about it.

I peeped out again from my hiding place, it was a terrible sight to behold! It took all my willpower to prevent me from screaming out in horror. One of the terrorists was pursuing a young girl, he could easily have shot the girl down, but for these guys, there was no fun in mere killing. They loved to rape and torture their victims first.

He eventually caught up with her and landed a blow which had her falling to the ground. He dealt more blows and when she was too weak to resist, he flung his gun over his shoulder and pulled his zip open.
I couldn't bear the sight; I looked away in pains.

Finally, they left and the whole place was quiet. I peeped out again and the streets were filled with blood. Even the sky above seemed to reflect the river of blood below.

It was a blood red sky.

A brother of mine who I perceived was an occult travelled to China. On his return, he bought me beautiful set of clothing; this was the very first of such benevolent gesture. I was very happy and thanked him, nevertheless, I had some doubts too because stories had been told of such gestures that turned out to be rituals for money.

When I got to bed that night, I heard the wind moaning and groaning and then I heard “Bring back what you owe me!”

I crept further under the duvet as the house creaked and cracked and I again heard, “Bring back what you owe me!”

I thought what I owed anyone, but couldn’t figure out anything at all. I looked out through the window and beheld red beams of light. As I looked up, the sky was blood red and the moon beamed red light. Then I knew there was trouble! As I wanted to stand from the bed I woke up; the later part of this experience had been a dream.

Nevertheless, that morning, I burnt all the gifts I received and the experience never repeated. What would you think if you were in my shoes?

The blood red sky groaned, with thunder, the smell of rain and death. A broken moon stared through the curtains at the form curled into a ball on the bed. The mattress, rust stained, sat naked while the bed sheet hid its secrets on the floor.

A door opened as a toilet flushed and a man came out into the room with a white towel wrapped around his middle. He walked to a chair and sat down. He pulled a stick of cigarette from a pack and lit it. He drew in the smoke;

“Get up and clean the room.” The man said.

The form uncurled revealing a young girl, lips trembling as she gathered herself, who then crawled to the lip of the bed. Her hands shook as she climbed down to the bed sheet. Blood had clotted but the cracked path of its flow still sat between her thighs.

The curtain billowed and the man looked up at the window and saw a white moon. The girl jerked as she walked towards the door and from the corner of her eyes she saw the bleeding sky. She cringed and crawled away; a thing made of pain.

Mr. Dean knows about the bad omen associated with blood red skies. He always thought: “is this phenomenon real or just a figurative description of some bad shit that happened to people?” This question never received another thought or consideration until the night before Chritmas in 1999 when his wife became deathly ill.

The weather was calm, the sky was not red par say, but was near red in colour; it was more like brown than red but the uncertainties within Dean’s mind started conjuring a red sky. Human thoughts can be very powerful.

Mr Dean called for the doctor. By the time the doctor could arrive, his wife had died, or so it seemed.

Her husband was so grief stricken that he locked himself in his room and began chanting lamentations to the sky. “Why me, blood red sky, why me?” he asked. “Why would you go this extent to teach me the mysteries behind your colouration?” Everyone tried to calm him down, but he refused to be consoled. As I watched in amazement, I was left with no option than to wonder too: did the sky and its colouration have a hand in the entire event?

In the nearby village. When the civil came to an end a woman who did laundry for survival moved to the city with her husband. They occupied a house situated at the end of a street.

Every night, the woman would hear footsteps outside the window; it was usually very loud and clear. She narrated this experience to her husband who only just told her, "the next time you hear that, don't look out". She she further told this to her neighbor, who then explained that the footsteps are those of Confederate soldiers who died in a hospital nearby during the civil war. They think they are still alive and thus march to fight the every night.

The next night, the noise came again and out of curiosity, without heeding the husband’s advice, the woman peered out of the window. She beheld a horrifying sight. The sound indeed came from the army of the dead – dead soldiers marching like zombies, grumbling as they advanced to the war, followed by horses, chariot ambulances, and cannons they pulled along.

The sky above them was terrifyingly blood red ushering in blood drops against the natural rains. It was petrifying!

In a small district in the Caribbean part of the world. The sky turned blood red after a few flashes of lightening and a strong roar of thunder. The entire occupants of the vicinity came out to watch in amazement. Some said it was sign of an alien invasion. People narrated their different opinions as to why the situation was like that.

For a thief in the neighborhood, it was an opportunity to take advantage since people where outside their houses watching the unfolding event.

A couple lived in the neighborhood, they also were outside enjoying the sight when this thief broke in.

They had a dog, Jumbo. As they came back into the house, they found Jumbo choking. So worried, they took the dog to the animal doctor, who requested they leave the dog with him for further inspection and to remove whatever was choking it. The couple went back home, after leaving the dog in the vet’s custody care. The vet in succeeded in bringing out what the dog was choking on – “a man’s finger!”. The intruder had escaped.

The police intervened and with DNA match procedures, the intruder was apprehended.
"What a blood red sky night?" the couple wondered.

SOURCE: Pixabay
Juan and Pedro decided to go fishing for the first time in their small boat, when they left the sea was very calm. Juan said - the weather is good for good fishing, being out at sea fishing, the night was falling, suddenly the sky turned red as blood and the sea began to bite and very high waves were formed that could not control the small boat. It was there when Pedro said, "we have to return to the mainland because in this time we will not be able to fish, my grandfather always said that it is not good to fish when the sky is red as blood was not good for the fishermen or for the fish. Juan told him, "Do not believe in superstitions. We're going to keep fishing and that's when a big wave overturned the boat and they fell into the sea. They spent the whole night clutching the overturned boat, and at dawn they were rescued by another fishing boat that took refuge in a nearby island and told them they were lucky because in that bad weather no one could fish, every time the sky is trimmed the color of blood always the sea is taken with the some fisherman.


The long ride from the port proved stressful. Max was thinking about home: his wife and his little girl whom he would see again after 7months. It was past noon. The day was hot and the bustle about the city was at an intense peak.

He alighted at Fark Lane and decided to stroll home. A little distance from home, his phone rang. The screen showed "Unknown".

"Hello" he said.

"Piece of advice. " a distorted voice said, "Don't go into the house."

The call ended. Max's stared at the phone, confounded. Then, the words registered: "the house!!".

Just then, Molly rushed out screaming " Daddy!!"

Martha appeared by the doorway, a loving smile in her lips.

Max began to run, shouting:

"Leave the house!! Leave the house!!"

Molly stopped, confused. Martha didn't understand. Molly ran back to her mom. In that instant, the house went up in flames; an explosion that hurled Max backwards till he smashed on the hard tarmac.

When he looked up, his house was gone and a wild fire seemed to be burning the clouds. His blood rained on his face and body, and through it, all he saw was a bloody red sky.

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The twilight of the morning

Santiago, sitting on the top of a hill, after having had a long and complicated work, seeks in that place divine, spiritual tranquility and rest, closing his eyes he begins to pray to take shelter in the peace he desires. Enter an ecstasy of peace where time passed and he did not see, feeling rejoiced by an emotion different from the one he brought.

He listens to a voice that said open your eyes and enjoy the wonders that nature gives you was the twilight of the tomorrow he sees it as a representation of a young man flying with a star on his head. whit drops of water or dew with a glass, and a swallow flies near it. Others give him a torch and a large veil spread over his head; but a little backwards, to represent that the twilight participates as much of the light as of the darkness slowly sees how the firmament turns the sky into a crimson red, it is the most beautiful thing that sees Santiago from there the iconology of the twilight of the morning is born .


I am a Medical Examiner, and this was my story. When arriving at the morgue two corpses awaited me, a woman and a child approximately 28 and 6 years old, these bodies rested on stretchers waiting to be claimed by relatives or friends, but in 3 years this did not happen therefore they were donated for future studies , he did not know the motives of death according to other doctors just observing that the woman died of asphyxia and the child for rape, the next day they should be prepared for further study by a group of medical students in Forensic Science, they would learn how to perform autopsies and therefore identify the possible causes of death, I began small incisions with the scalpel and at that precise moment the room became dark, the desks floated, the walls dripped blood and the ceiling came down you could see the sky, which became of an intense red and suddenly a burst that ended in a bloody message in the sky "THE CURSE", terrifies me I suddenly blinked and moved to a stretcher where I was brutally raped and murdered. They condemned me to die the same way they died
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I stood outside my mother's shade,
Playing with the other kids whose fathers or mothers equally sold in the market. (20)

Friday evenings are always the busiest of all,
workers rushing from work to get food supply for the weekend. Today was no exception. (43)

The sky started to darken as the sun waved goodbye in the horizon. The sunset was beautiful, but my infant eye couldn't explore it all. Tomorrow's might be prettier. (73)

With tiny, dusty legs, we played in the dusk, outside my mother's shade. I noticed a boy watching us play. There was no enthusiasm on his face, this strange boy. (103)

He walked shyly into the crowd. Curiously I followed him. There, in the center of the market he stood with arms spread out and head lifted to the heavens. (132)


In that moment, the sun was resurrected. The boy shown as bright as a thousand stars. The screams that followed, screams I couldn't hear, would echo forever in my young mind. (164)


The explosion turning the evening SKY RED with the BLOOD of innocent men and women, children buried in the debris. I lay faced down to the earth, bleeding, hoping to see my mother's shade again. (199)

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Badara lifted the man up by his throat gripping him tight with his left hand. Killing has become an hobby for him, he was always restless when ever he didn't kill a day.

So far, he has killed a thousand men. He regretted not having to Kill Clyne his Achilles' heel when he had the chance to...

Suddenly, the sky turned red, everywhere looked scary, a very loud scary voice boomed back and forth.

Then Badara saw blood falling like rain, with Clyne descending from the blood red sky with a battalion of scary and ugly aliens. Badara was doomed.