STACH Short Story Contest #27: 199 words, 5 winners, 15SB prize pool!

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Hello Everyone, @kingst here with the announcement for the STACH Short Story Contest #27.

What is a Short Story.

A short story is a story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel. It makes use of plot, resonance, and other dynamic components to a far greater degree than is typical of an anecdote. You can read it in less than 90 seconds.

Contest Rules:

•Write a Short Story based on the topic that will be given every week.
•Write an Original Short Story (Plagiarism will be flagged and reported).
•The Story must contain no more than 199 words.
•One entry per user.
•Story should be pasted in the comment section below, no links.
•Contestants are permitted to post their stories in an article on their blog, so they also get upvotes from the @stach trail.

Winners Selection.

Winners will be selected based on the topic, story plot, number of words and delivery as determined by the selected Judge. One word above 199, disqualifies the entry.

Contest Topic.

Write a 199 words story based on IF YOU MUST LIE, BE BRIEF.


FIVE winners will be selected for a share of the 15SBD. The story with the most interaction gets a 1SBD prize from @ejemai.
First Prize: ----------------------4SBD
Second Prize: ------------------3.5SBD
Third Prize: ---------------------3SBD
Fourth Prize: -------------------2.5SBD
Fifth Prize: ----------------------2SBD

Good luck guys!
Sharpen your writing skills and throw in some inspiring short stories. XO!


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If you must lie, be brief


Karen could not believe what she was seeing. Alan, her brother and husband of Tina, her best friend, was kissing, passionately, Diana, one of the girls with whom she worked in the psychological care office for teenagers in Lagos.

What struck him most about the situation was how great was their passion and need to meet that they did not care to do it in the backyard of the house where he had lived with Karen since they were married for just under two years and in between from a small meeting to which he had invited the family and his closest friends to enjoy the skills that his wife has as a chef.

The surprise must have sprung up in her face, for when she returned to the living room with the rest of the guests, everyone noticed her start and immediately inquired, offering her even a glass of juice. After taking a sip, she only managed to answer:

A storm is coming.

She was lying when talking about a storm in the middle of summer or simply, the phrase allowed her to drain all the emotions.

Only time will tell.

Image Source

Lying for love

Paul for two weeks, he was late from work and always had an excuse to disappear over the weekend. His wife Karen was worried about Paul's strange way of behaving.

One afternoon Karen told her best friend that she suspected that her husband was cheating on her with another woman, who a couple of days ago had discovered that her husband was lying to her, when he told her that she would work late.

Paul and Karen would celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary in a few days, so Karen was willing to fight for their marriage. Without that, Karen knew, for weeks Paul was preparing a surprise party for his anniversary in which, he would bring all the guests and family members who witnessed their wedding, and the priest who married them. His idea was to create the day of their marriage and renew their married vows.

When the anniversary date came, Karen was surprised when Paul knelt at his feet and asked her to renew their wedding vows, and Paul confessed that the lies he said were to surprise her.

Perfection is a flaw compared to the integrity and commendable lifestyle Raymond had. Raymond is excellent perfection in every sense of the word. In the compound where we lived Raymond was the envy and wish of every parent. If it was possible to carry 0 instead of 1st as position Raymond would have had it cause he was extremely brilliant. My parents wouldn't fail to sell me off, add money and buy Raymond if possible.

Thief O! was the cry that woke up the neighborhood at about 5a.m. People have been complaining of missing yams but nobody knew who the thief was. The day was still dark so we couldn't see the face of the thief. Before we knew it lights started shinning left and right from lamps and torches. Ewo! Mogbe! came the words from neighbors. Raymond so na you be the thief and a woman fainted. So na you dey thief our yam. You wey we dey see as angel for we compound. So you be thief. "I wanted to borrow the yam" he said i was gonna come show you. Ask who the people wonder!

Sweet Lies

When my daughter Sofia was 4 years old she went everywhere with her doll Boo, who was the protagonist of her favorite movie Monsters Inc. Whenever she came home from school she saw the film on video and never seemed to get tired of watching it repeatedly. My daughter and her doll were inseparable and she did not fall asleep without cuddling Boo, the doll was like the sister she did not have, in fact, she always said the doll was her sister, not her daughter as most little girls do.

To celebrate her fifth birthday we organized a nice party with balloons, and the decoration was hallucinatory to the film, we invited family and friends to share that special moment. Her mother made her a chocolate cake decorated with sweets, her favorite, when the cake was ready, her mother kept it in the fridge.

The party was very fun and when I took the cake out of the fridge to sing happy birthday, my wife noticed that it was missing a small piece and some goodies, so she asked Sofia if she had eaten the cake, to which she he replied "no, mom, it was Boo".

Mandatory Military Service

When I met Eduardo in college I knew that he liked to go to parties and go out with his friends on weekends, but as he was very handsome and was a gentleman we started dating shortly after meeting.

On those times in my country young people over 18 years were forced to do military service, but as they did not show up to register at military bases, officers made raids on public transport buses to force them to do their military duty.

On the day of our first wedding anniversary, I put my makeup on and my best clothes, I waited for my husband, the hours passed by... He did not arrive. The next day in the afternoon he told me "they recruited me and thanks to an official friend who happened to know them, they letted me go", he exuded a liquor smell and seemed not to have slept, but he never accepted that he was lying. After 22 years of marriage he still holds his lie while smiling, but he no longer attends parties without me.

Source of Image


How to clarify without darkening?

In the office we are all surprised with the change that Lionel has experienced in recent weeks. Of the affable young man who used to welcome us with a smile and invited us to live each day giving the best of each one, there is nothing left.
Now, as always, he does his job excellently with great quality and on time, but practically, he has isolated himself from everyone and everything.
Mary, her closest collaborator, decided to approach him today in the early morning, telling him bluntly.

Lionel, what's wrong with you? You no longer share with us, you do not even accompany us to drink coffee, do you have any problems? Did we do something that made you angry?

He stared at her friend's eyes, answering:

Mary I am living the best moment of my life. I appreciate your concern and that of everyone. I appreciate you, honestly.

After saying this he got up from his seat in the office and left the building, on the way to the dock where he had spent so many hours as a child with his maternal grandfather, took the old rowboat and went to sea while he thought:

How to clarify without darkening?


Image Source
Andrés, the best in the class, meets Rina, a beautiful extroverted girl who is not dedicated to studying, she would be his new partner. They were in exams and Rina decides to approach Andres with her charms, showing interest in him, so that he will help her. Andrés agrees, she takes advantage of him to the point of doing exams for her.
Alan, Andres's cousin, warned her that she was using him, but he did not pay attention to her. Days later, Alan sees Rina with another boy kissing, takes a picture and sends it to his cousin. Andrés very upset, think well to do, and invites her to his apartment, seduces her but she invented a thousand excuses and managed to sneak away.
The next day was the final exam, they arrive at the class, Andrés passes Rina the exam that she would present which said:
  • If you are going to lie, be brief, yesterday there were too many excuses, you only needed two words: I DO NOT WANT ...
    So, as I DO NOT WANT to continue being your puppet. Luck on the exam...
Eliana, a young girl with excellent grades in school, lived with her mother, whom she helped with the house while she worked. At the beginning of the new school year, Eliana meets new friends a little rebellious, she lets herself be influenced by them, lowering her school performance and at home; in the first period she disapproves of two classes, she, on noticing the punishment she would have, falsified the grades.
She waits for her mother to arrive home, that day her mother arrived a little later than usual, when at last she arrives, Eliana excitedly says:
- Look mom, my grades, excellent as always ... His mother interrupts her saying:
  • Anything else you want to tell me?

She answers:

Yes, I apologize for neglecting the house, it was for studying a lot that ...

His mother interrupts again and says:

  • If you are going to lie, be brief Eliana I come from school, they called me, here are your real notes, I felt very sad for your behavior, but now I am very disappointed by your lies!
Eliana was petrified and burst into tears, apologizing to her mom promising to change and get away from those bad friendships.

If You Must Lie, Be Brief


A day like today, a very happy 85 year old grandmother was sharing her birthday with her whole family, always happy and with her witty comments that make her feel like the joy of home, that day she felt a pain not very common. Her children planned to take her to the doctor the next day.

The morning arrives and his eldest son tells the mother that we are going to the doctor to look for his medicines, once in consultation, all the necessary studies were carried out and the result was negative, the grandmother had cancer, the doctor told your son. Once they got home, the first thing they did was plan a party, share it with the family as they always do, it's there, when all the brothers get together to talk about the situation with Mom, who had no choice but to say nothing about that disease, because it would destroy his heart and he would not want to live anymore.

Five years passed and the grandmother managed to celebrate her 90 years very happy, without knowing that those pains were part of the cancer that she suffered.

the truth and lie

One day the truth and lie were found, the lie laughed out loud and the truth asked him:

  • Truth: "Why are you laughing so much?"

  • Lie: "Did not you find out what happened to the little minister Juan, that the wolf ate the sheep?"

  • Truth: "Yes, and do you know why that happened to him? For a liar "

  • Lie: "No, do not blame me, he just wanted to have fun and said that little lie, what happened was that people did not help him"

  • Truth: "Do you know something? There are no small or big lies, neither white nor black; lies are lies, and those who practice them are liars. Maybe some do it for fun and others because they are not able to face the consequences of their actions, but you know? The one who falls into the lie then does not know how to get out of it and the first consequence is that nobody believes him. I hope you've learned that it's not good to lie in any way. "

  • Lie: "Insurance True that I understood you; is more since today I change the name hahaha is a brief lie.

"Why did you do it? Was it not bad enough that you were cheating?", the inspector asked
"All evidences points to you"
"I know I messed up, but I didn't murder her. Yes I lied about cheating and that we were in good terms, the truth is..... "
"Stop it, you implicated yourself, everybody lies. Even if you were going to, a brief simple lie would have sufficed, to save face but this cooked up complicated story of yours makes you seem more guilty".
"I didn't kill her I swear, please believe me" he begged.
"Even if you didn't, where is the proof, you messed up the only chance of an alibi, you lied about your whereabouts during the time of murder. I know you were with your mistress, you'd have just that but this your story of staying late at the office, hanging out with the boys and coming home drunk has been proven to be a cooked up story", the inspector fired at him
"but I didn't want it to seem like I had a hand in her death, that was why I cooked up the story, I didn't even think it through"
"You've implicated yourself Mr."


I got the story, but even if he told a simple brief lie, wouldn't it have implicated him still.


naso, I see am o


you didn't specify, if it was the Nigerian police o, if they did the arresting, then the guy could go free


I didn't even think of that


cool story, with moral lesson


Nice one, lying isn't something good


it isn't


This story really relates to the topic, this is a good write


yes, thanks


me likey, nice write-up


awwwwwn, thank you


I think this man is guilty o



If You Must Lie, Be Brief

This topic made me remember during my Undergraduate school days what happened that i think suits this topic.
During my school days, time came when it was due for we the students to pay the sectional departmental dues; so, the courserep came announcing that the dues for the section will be #1000 instead of the normal #500, that the Head of Department (HOD) insisted we pay #1500, but he with our departmental course adviser pleaded for the said price; Announcement ends. Hours letter the Course Adviser came to lecture us, but something interesting happened, after the lecture, during the question and answer section, a colleague stood up and asked the lecturer why the sudden change of the departmental due from #500 to #1000 as per the announcement given by the courserep earlier before the lecture. The lecture was astonished and said angrily to the courserep and the general class, i did not ask you to pay any thing more than the normal amount for your dues. The courserep was speechless and ashamed as he was caught up with his lies.


The jungle had become the athletic festival of slow animals, most of the animals had as a favorite the morrocoy, without ruling out laziness. It was time for the competition and all the stands were full of all the animals of the jungle, who with banners and whistles gave the winner the morrocoy. The head judge orders that the participants be placed in their starting positions. The morrocoy wore an extraordinary flexible uniform fitted to his shell, laziness had a special suit adjusted to the slow movements of his body. The judge soon announced the name of the morrocoy and the stands were filled with shouts of joy. The name of laziness is also announced and the stands shudder. The participants prepared in their brands, immediately heard the starting whistle. The race began and laziness had already taken a little forward, on the last lap the morrocoy reached it and both crossed the finish line. All the spectators were waiting for the winner. The jury, in the midst of so many expectations and excitement from those present, pronounces and declares that the winner is the lion.



Somewhere in sunderland, little Dan lived with his mother whose father died in a car accident which made his mom heart broken. She found a new lover Nick named "Buggie". Buggie was abusive, he beats her everytime he visited. Dan always cry helplessly each time such abusiveness occurred.

One fateful day, Dan came back from school and saw his mother in a pool of blood with a blood stained knife on her hands and a suicide note. He grabbed her hurriedly but she was dead. He screamed with a loud anguished voice that alerted his neighbors.

The police got involved and saw that it wasn't suicide but murder! Fresh bruises were on her body. The cops searched the house and while searching, they found the license of Buggie on the floor. They surrounded his house immediately and questioned him.
Question: "where is your license?" asked by the policemen
Buggie: "My license goes with me everywhere, in fact, I just used it to pay for some taxes while coming and I kept it in my jacket few seconds before you badged in...."
Police: "you are under arrest, "if you must lie, be brief"
Buggie: "Holy shit!!!"


Buggie was saying too many lies and the police caught him😂. Murderer!


Most lies comes out like that without you knowing you are going too far


@chyvivienne, that's how we see it o


Am a victim of those kinds😂


Buggie was guilty,right?


Not totally, but he was a suspect @madujudith

niño chocolate.jpg

I am the mother of two beautiful children, who love to eat, just like they love to play pranks. One of those days, in their many occurrences I found them very suspicious among small laughs and screams under the sheets of their bed, playing very hidden. After a while they go very quietly to the kitchen and I find their little faces full of chocolate, to which I ask the eldest; What were they eating? He quickly answered: nothing mom, I asked him: And why the baby has a dirty face?, and he replied scared: mommy the baby ate the chocolate! And I said: And you did not eat a little? Telling me: nooooooo! I looked for a mirror and I showed the boy his little face full of melted chocolate and the only thing he did was laugh hard with his brother. That's when I thought that if I had to lie, I had to be brief, since the lie was noticeable.

It all happened two weeks Ago when I lost my grandma.
I Was alone at home with my mum that Saturday afternoon, when we realized that the mild sickness had already taken her.
Though she was 97years old.

I had already Spent all the money I had on me the previous week when she was admitted in the local hospital together with the 30000 naira my friend gave me to keep for his international passport processing.

I couldn't have had money in my pocket and let her die when she could still live, so I had no other option than to use his money.
Now the ideastruck!

If you must lie be brief.

I didn't know what to tell him because he demanded for it Monday which was two days later. I sought advice from my little mind that was already feeling Defenestrated.
It said Don't lie because you're not good in telling lies.
Finally I told the truth because brief lie was my weakness, it once got me into trouble.
My friend shocked me with the Reply Don't bother i was once in your shoes therefore i understand.images(4).jpg


Lol, it's a good thing you told the truth though


Thanks dear @julietisrael for your understanding, I appreciate.


well formulated and spiced up. love the story fam


It is a true life story brother though I'm in a contest.


I wish you sucess bro


Thanks brotherly

The big lie of the designers

In a study of Community Managers, a group of graphic designers were making designs contracting the services of a recognized Design Agency, the bosses were very happy to see these great designs and began to get powerful jobs, began to receive cars , houses among other goods. One day the study of Community Managers tendered for the largest project in the country and one of the requirements was to participate with all their work team live and direct, that news was not at all pleasant for the Designers, since they had never designed something for themselves. The hour of the contest arrived live, and each one of them presented a different excuse for not designing, one said that his belly hurt, another said he could not stand the headache, and so on they were inventing excuses, the study did not win the tender and the designers were thrown out of their jobs.


Good story!


If You Must Lie, Be Brief

So there's this colleague of mine at work her name is Fumilayo and she's a Nigerian. We normally partied together alongside with other colleagues of various departments.

We are at a bar one evening after work and she decided to gist us about her family. How rich they are and how many Cars they have alongside with landed properties. I was buy the story tho.IMG_20180127_163602.jpg

We all believed as per the talk was interesting plus it was such a nice story.
There came this point in the storyline that was a little bit fluctuating.

She had earlier told me that they stay in Enugu with her siblings and parents. But over here she was like she was the only child and the parents stayed in Lekki.

I now saw what was happening behold my eyes were opened. I was seeing what she did there.
Turns out I was not the only one that knew they stay at Enugu.IMG_20180416_203821.jpg

So this other girl decided to asked her about her brother that was in another University. And the time she traveled to Enugu to see the mum.
My dear she was choked on her own lie. I couldn't contain the laugh. I think her name was disturbing her fumiLAYo.


Melancholy of conscience

(Story based on real life)

A boy had a beautiful, attentive and affectionate girlfriend, but he was fed up with her. The girl showed love enough, love, love and attention. She always sent messages of good morning love, calls, etc. Some messages said: "stranger" I love you "you promise that we will never separate. One night before going to bed the boy received a message from her, instead of reading the message that the girl had sent him the boy went to sleep. He woke up and then the mother of the girl called him crying saying that she had been murdered the previous night. The boy hung up and started crying, after about 15 minutes he went to read the message the girl had sent. The message said: love I am in the doorway from your street, come quickly I think someone follows me I love you I'm afraid Moraleja: Never reject the one who loves you and cares about you because one day you will realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars

If you must lie, be brief.

"María, I swear, she's just a friend." Jose told his wife because he got it in a loving act with Juana who is his secretary and lover. The relationship between Jose and María was full of experiences, good and bad but it surpassed anything. His marriage of 15 years was strong, although months ago it was falling apart because they did not spend time together.
Maria entered the house without warning and got them kissing. Jose began to explain, "She's just a co-worker, she's working on the details of the engineering project." His wife already knew everything, she was aware of what was happening between them, it was enough to see them together for a few minutes to figure out what they were hiding. María molesta says to her: "If you're going to lie, be brief." Save your empty words, do not be insensitive and inhuman, at least give me a reason not to hate you, repentant Jose says: "I'm an idiot. I betrayed our marriage for a moment of pleasure. You have the right to kill me if you wish, and I do not deserve to live if you are not by my side.


This story is pretty good. It happens a lot in our daily life. It has not happened to me and hopefully I will never touch that kind of betrayal. Good luck in the contest. Regards!


Greetings @rogers thanks for commenting.
I hope you do not touch go through that situation is very difficult :(


Hahaha I hope it never happens to me. Although sometimes it is better to live the experiences to mature even better, in our journey through this life.


You're right.


I had to live a similar experience. Because of that I ended up raising my children alone, her father cheated on me. The positive thing is that my children grew up and thank God they never missed anything. @apoyolatino


Good to know you were capable of that. Women like you deserve infinite respect. Thanks for comment!


Man as a human being has shortcomings. Hopefully within his defects there was no betrayal. It is a bad habit that is made stronger over the years.


So is. Unfortunately this society improves in some things but continues badly in others.


Lies come and go like everything in life. It's unfortunate but that's the way it is.
I have always liked this phrase "Even if lies have legs, sooner or later they limp.


I've heard that phrase before. I think it's used by a rapper or not?
That phrase says a lot. @jacksonaf

  ·  3년 전

Your story identifies me I'm not sure but I think we all went through that moment at least once in our lives.


So is. Do we ever have to face reality


José got into a strong problem haha. Great story


When I was 12 years old I had a boyfriend, but we neglected each other and we did not see each other as much as before, he was always busy, one day my sister's boyfriend went to the house with a friend and I introduced him, a few days later my sister He convinced us to go for a walk, because she said it was for us to go out together. We went out a couple of times, then the boy invited me to eat ice cream only he and I, without my sister and boyfriend, that day when I was getting off the bus I found my boyfriend who was going up, when I saw him I was freezing and He only saw the boy who was with me. I quickly told the boy to get off the bus and I told my boyfriend that the boy was my cousin who had come to visit and get off the bus, and I told the boy that my boyfriend It was a friend who was waving, and we went to buy the ice cream that afternoon I had a great time.

If You Must Lie, Be Brief

I do dry-cleaning in an army barracks and wanted to go to a party organised by a Major's son. Having no decent clothes, I was so desperate that I took those of Lieutenant Mike which was in my shop, with the intention of washing it after.
So I got to the party and saw lots of young people mingling. Seems the devil was after me, as I unknowingly ended up chatting with Lieutenant Mike's daughter. In an attempt to impress, I kept on telling outlandish lies. At a point she said we should take some pictures together, and since I was feeling myself, I agreed.
Thirty minutes later and after countless lies, I saw her Dad walk in with a couple of soldiers behind. I tried to quickly leave, saying I needed to get something outside but she choosed that moment to hug me, claiming she found me fascinating.
And that was how Lieutenant Mike walked up and she greeted him warmly. Next thing I knew the soldiers behind him descended on me and dragged me out where I learnt the lesson that if I must lie, I should be brief.

You are beautiful tonight my love ... thank you !. Yesterday I was more beautiful and you did not tell me ... is that today I see you more beautiful than ever! That is, other times you have not seen me beautiful! And when I'm with my friends, why do not you tell me I'm beautiful? ... You do not need it, you're the most beautiful among them! ... that is, you have noticed them !! ... you know ... I will not tell you more than you are beautiful! ... that is, you do not love me anymore ... (crying) ...


If You Must Lie, Be Brief

It was almost time for breakfast but I was in my room, finishing the pieces of meat I had taken from the pot last night. After washing my hands, I perked up as I heard my name being called.
Thinking it was time to eat, I rushed out only to see my mum towering over my brother who vociferously denied having stolen any meat yesterday. I immediately started thinking up a lie and by the time my mum turned to me, I was already speaking:
”Mama, you know I was reading my Bible overnight. How will I leave the word of God to steal meat.I also had an headache throughout the night so I could not leave my room. Besides, do I look like someone that can finish the breast and legs of a chicken alone?”
Right then I knew I had said too much as my mum’s eyes widened. Looking at me, she asked: ”how did you know it is the breast and legs that are missing?”
Nothing was going to save me from the beating mum was going to give me. How I wish I had kept the lie brief.


My dad is someone whom you can not easily convince, because he is just like the FBI at times I get to wonder if he was among the MI6 or CIA

His questioning is always carefully selected waiting for you to make the slightest mistake.

The kinda dad I have is the kind that will make you to take time and plan your lie or excuse, because he will make sure he confuses you and gets into your head to get the truth.

With people like this if you must lie you need to make it talented and brief such that he doesn't get you by any means. The plan must be so well that you will not have to change a said word or sentence 😂😂😂

My tears fall from my eyes, like the rain fall from the sky. Pain. That's all i could feel as i look at the photo i was holding for hours. Like i was holding into "us" for the longest time. Me and him being happy with each other. Crying over something supposed to be called love. He betrayed and crushed me.

"you are the best thing that ever happened to me"

"darling, You are the one i've ever wanted"

"i love you"

I kept hearing his words on my head. His lies that blinded me for years. He hurt me like no one else. But i still love him more than he could ever known.

Dont ever come to me again. I cant here your lies anymore. Please stop. Or else i still cant stop myself from loving you all over again even if it will cause me pain.

Is it still his lies who keeps on hurting me? Or is it my lies who kept the pain on my heart?


Carlitos is a very poor boy of seven years, who lives in a neighborhood called El Granado. Due to his extreme poverty he stopped studying. All the time he spends in the street asking for alms, while most of the children of his community go hand in hand with their parents to school. Carlitos only gets up very early, crosses a street and enters the city near his neighborhood and stands at the entrance of a bakery, in which he spends all day until 7 at night asking for bread. People look at his dirty face, his torn dress and his shoes that almost has the sole. Today his appetite was accelerated, he was very hungry and he spent all day eating sweets and little rolls of what people gave him. Already tired and the time came, he crossed the street, climbed the hill where he lived and when entering his humble little zinc ranch, his mother said: Carlitos, what happened to the little rolls of today that you usually attract and give to your little brothers. Already tired, exhausted and almost asleep, Carlitos replied: they did not give me.


It was my final examination and was so excited that I would become a graduate soon. In the examination hall the questions were so simple that I looked around to see if my friends also found it easy. I noticed Jane my crush wasn't writing anything so I offered to help, that was when the supervisor caught me and filled examination malpractice form for me. That was the end, No graduation for me and I had to stay back an extra year… How do I tell my parents?... I had to lie to them that I had issues with my biometrics which I needed to sort out. Few months passed and I still haven't gone back home to show them my result. I had to tell lies upon lies just to cover up my little secret when they became suspicious but one faithful day they came to visit me unannounced and that was when they realized I never graduated in the first place and it was all a lie. My parents were very disappointed because I broke their trust by lying to them…”if you must lie, be brief” my mom said as she left in anger.


Nice story... More like my life...@feebie


Smiles... What was your lie?


Well I lied about my grades. @feebie

If You Must Lie, Be Brief

For some months now, I had been saving part of my salary to get a new phone. Last week, I got a new Iphone6 and on my way to church, friends saw me with it and started hailing me, believing I had gotten a job that paid handsomely.
Matters came to a head when my pastor said: "Brother Gbenga, it seems the Lord has blessed you. Don't forget to show your appreciation to him in a meaningful way."
Knowing what the pastor meant and having two 50 naira notes on me, one for offering and the other for transport, I quickly told him: "Pastor, God is yet to bless me. This phone with me costs less than 30,000 naira as I got it from someone who sells spoilt phones and had it repaired." To make sure he left me alone, I added, "I even need money urgently right now."
That was how the pastor told me to sell it to him for 50,000. In his mind he thinks he is helping me. Phone that I bought for more than 100,000 naira. Had I known I should have kept the lie brief.

If You Must Lie, Be Brief

I got on a bus this evening on my way back home from work and got a seat beside this extraordinarily beautiful lady. I noticed she was busy chatting or something on her Iphone and was looking for any means to get her to notice me.
So I took out my phone and pretended to be making a call:
“Hello Mr. Kunle. I was told you have the shipments ready to move. That is good. This is how it will be going down. You’ll send me your account details and I’ll send half the payment. Once my goods arrive, you will get the remaining fifty million naira.”
Glancing at the girl, I could see her looking at me, so I faked calling another number and said:
”Funmi, mum told me your school fees is a hundred thousand naira. I am sending three hundred thousand so text me your account details. Manage that for now.”
Now I could see the girl staring at me so I turned to her. She pointed to the floor and said: ”your phone’s battery fell down when you brought it out.”
I felt like disappearing.

If You Must Lie, Be Brief.

Fly by Night described him perfectly. Absent for the years in which I needed him the most. Sure, he sent cards & generic birthday gifts. I even got occasional phone calls from exotic locations - But for the most part these interactions were out of obligation, not love. Dad moved around a ton. He had to, he was a confidence man. A con artist.

The day before my 30th birthday I stood outside Sunnybrook chain smoking. Once inside fear and sadness quickly overtook me. My legs trembled as I made my way to the east-wing of the 2nd floor. Oncology.

Barely the husk of a man. Tubes. Wires. Oxygen mask. Translucent skin. For what it’s worth, he seemed peaceful. I sat at his bedside. His eyes fluttered open. Joy. He took my hand. His sandpaper palms were rough but comforting. He pulled me close. Shifting his mask to the side.

“I’m sorry.” His eyes pleaded. I nodded. He swallowed hard and spoke again.

“If you must lie, be brief.” Suddenly his heart rate soared and he coded. He was gone. Just like that.

Thank you for coming today. Even if you’re only here to make sure he’s actually dead.

The End
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"If you must lie, be brief"

These were the words my supervisor whispered as I was ushered into the interrogation room. I am an accountant at a construction firm, and my supervisor had engaged in some shady deals which I covered up. Apparently I didn't do a thorough job, because the authorities found out.

In the world of 2025 corruption was a serious offence. The authorities had acquired the assistance of a device for interrogation. A lie detector that none could fool. It had sent ministers and other high ranking members of society behind bars.

During interrogation I was grilled with questions. Remembering my supervisor's words I kept my replies brief. The interrogation ended without any alarms going off. I heaved a sigh of relief as I was discharged.

A couple days later, I was informed that the device's manufacturer had been awarded a contract by my firm. A closer look at the books reveals shadier dealings that I wasn't aware of.

This makes me wonder, was I really lucky enough to beat the device or was it all prearranged?. Was I interrogated by a lie detector or was it just another lying machine?.


@jacksondavies - You're welcome.

If You Must Lie, Be Brief
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Tim was punished in his school for having stuck a chewing gum to a girl in his classroom. The teacher gave her a letter informing Tim about what happened to Tim so he could give it to his parents. The child knowing that his parents would scold him hid it. The next day the teacher asked her if her parents received the letter, the child told her that of course. The dubious teacher told her that she would call her parents to confirm it in the break. Tim, scared at the break, tells the teacher that he could not breathe (all to delay the time and the teacher could not call). But the opposite happened, they called 911, the parents, the friends ... in the end the lie was revealed. So...If you must lie, be brief...


The Lie

Princess Alicia ran happily into her father’s arms, King Arys, the Mad King. She clasped him in her embrace and couldn’t believe her fate.

“I’m glad father. For a moment, I feared you thought I was lying.”

King Arys smiled wryly.

“You’re the pride of my heart. How could I not believe you unless you give me a reason not to?”

He slowly got out of her embrace and began to walk to the throne.

“I didn’t even know that you didn’t sleep in the palace. I was just asking about your night.”

“But father, I slept in the palace.”

“Oh. Then why did you talk about the heavy downpour, the one that only happened in Riverrah where that blacksmith lives?”

King Arys stopped speaking when he got to the throne. Alicia’s eyes widened in fear as he picked up the crossbow.

“My sweet daughter,” King Arys continued as he turned to look at her, “in your next life, if you are going to lie, be brief.

The arrow caught Princess Alicia in the heart.

Ruth struggles to get the best grades, driven by the illusion of entering Medicine, but lately her performance is falling. And is that Ruth has fallen in love, but not a boy in his environment, with a boy that knew by Internet and who shares her passion for reading. They spent many years sharing and thus getting to know each other but as Ruth is determined and her virtual love refuses a date, she intends to surprise him, so starts her inquiries with the few data she has available with the help of an old friend.

And everything turns out to be false, a lie, neither the photo nor the name are real. So who is really that special boy? She confesses everything to her parents and feels regret for the abandonment of her studies. Soon her friend finds the whole truth and decides to reveal the identity of the boy with whom she shared the most intimate emotions. It comes from prison, the boy is a murderer. The disappointment for her was very great, however she knew how to overcome, and she continued her studies in medicine and now maintains a cordial friendship relationship with that young man.

By @norkamoran

Katerine loved her husband so much that she believed in him blindly and did not believe in anything or give importance to what the people around her said about him, her confidence was so great that he had things in his noses and still she did not see anything. But the day that caught her attention so much was something unusual in him, her nervousness betrayed her she knew something was not right, and tells her that love happens because you sweat so much that it happens and to evade it was short I have a work meeting super important that could change our lives, she believed it, but I keep sounding in the head and investigate. And it was true he would change their lives because he would have a child with another woman; which was Katerine's best friend.


I met kike while serving in sokoto,she was always telling people how her parents stays in U. S. A and she will be joining them after her service year, she acted like she doesn't take a dump like every human alive.
She will criticize you for everything , I nearly strangled her one day when she threw out the rice I gave her to the dogs because there was no chicken.
After POP she came to our lodge to ask us if we were taking the bus or flying home without waiting for reply she rambled on about how her mom called from abroad and warned her not to take the bus and has already book her flight.
The corpers in my lodge were supposed to travel together but something came up and I left before the others, I rushed down to the park and quickly bought the ticket and claimed the last seat in the bus, the seat beside me was occupied by no other but kike who was suppose to be on the plane to Lagos, the shock on her face ehen , I told her to take a selfie with me so we can remember that day forever.

He was such a lying man that he did not spare time or place to lie; And a friend thought and said: it will be possible that if I manage to talk to him very early in the morning, perhaps because he is so early, I can get some truth from his lips. He managed to see him early, so much so that the dawn was breaking. He greeted him and said: how are you friend, so from tomorrow to here? And he replied: I go to the hospital quickly, I have my mother hospitalized and he is moved, he says: hear how sorry I am, give him my regards and wish it to go well. The friend replied.- Thanks friend, hey, you will have some money that you lend me, I need to buy a medicine and take it to my mother and he very hastened to answer yes, of course, how much do you need? They agreed on the amount and thus continued their journey ... And ... He meets another friend and says: I just talked to Juan, who has his mother hospitalized and I lent him money to buy a medication he needs. The friend replies, as well? Yes, I just saw Mrs. Rose watering the garden plants and she was smiling. -Can not be! He lied to me again! He did it again, Noooo!1.jpg

At the top of the lowest.

Juan was a very popular businessman because of his enormous income and luxury, but he was even more so when he was denied before the court. He was a trafficker; He used his products to hide drugs and thus expand his company around the world. He was able to convince anyone, his way of speaking was very serious and made you imagine that everything was true. Each phrase because its security in each phrase had no comparison with anything. His motto was always "If you're going to lie, be brief".

His lies were very elaborate, and thanks to that, he always got the way so that no one would realize that his business was based on drugs. All that fantasy happened until the day that "Ben", undercover detective, I look for the most forceful evidence to capture this mobster, who rose and fell in a short time.

The week of classes begins and after a weekend all relaxed, watching movies, eating and sleeping it's time to go back to school, PABLO is time to get up to go to school and try to prepare as fast as possible. late, says Pablo's mother. He tries to invent an excuse not to go to school and convince his mother not to take him with his lazy million. PABLO began to mourn and put on tears of water pretending a stomach ache and that he could not walk, the mother all worried went to the room, asking him what he felt, he told her that he did not feel well from the stomach because of everything what he had eaten the previous day. The mother very naive, I look for and I prepare a chamomile tea for the discomfort and told him to drink it and stay quiet lying down, until the pain passes. PABLO took his chamomile and fell asleep, the mother did not take him to school.


At some point in our lives we have said some pious lie, this time I will tell you mine.
One day my boyfriend and I planned a trip to Mérida but since my mother was very jealous to let me out, I told her that I was going to spend the weekend at a friend's house and she accepted without any problem. When we arrived in Mérida we stayed in a hotel that had a pool, restaurant and recreational areas; the next day we visited some parks, museums and squares. Everything was perfect until two days after leaving the hotel we got with an uncle who happened to be staying in the same hotel for work. The meeting was not the best, I wanted to die when I saw it, I had no reason to excuse myself from my big lie, he just told me that he gave me the opportunity to tell my mother the truth.
The day I arrived at my house I was armed with courage and I had to fight the truth to my mother, then the big scolding and the chant of why I had lied to her. From that day it was difficult to lie again.

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_imagesFTSB2GT5.jpg

You must lie,be brief

Becky was always very spoiled by her parents, they gave her everything she wanted, they did not skimp on buying her likes and whims. Her parents boasted about their daughter with others, Becky is the most beautiful, best student in the classroom, she goes to the best school in the city. Her parents enrolled her in art class, and piano, apart from high school. Suddenly her parents begin to see that Becky did not return at the end of her classes, but that she arrives too late, always arranged, but her parents decide not to worry. One day the principal calls the parents and tells them that Becky is not attending classes, her parents still do not believe it but decide to find out.
Becky's mom then discovers through a letter and a rose in Becky's room and thinks Becky has a boyfriend, and she never told me, that's why she's missing so much class, in the afternoon Becky arrives and her mother tells her find out that you are missing from the institute, you must lie, be brief.

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She thought long and hard, finally heaved and said “Lying is a solution many people resolve to for several reasons. It could be getting out of a sticky situation, easing someone's pain, saving face, avoiding punishment or whatever”

She paused, I could sense she wasn’t done so I didn’t interrupt

“Some try to justify our lies by coming up with righteous reasons for them but in the end it's still a lie and though we know it's wrong we still choose it over telling the truth. This is because lying always seems easier than being honest” she continued.

I had to interject ”are you saying lying is acceptable and better than the truth?”



“Sadly it is not. Lies are hard. They pile up overtime due to the fact that another lie has to be told when confronted by the initial lie and before you know it you're stuck in a giant heap of lies.”

She continues

“But sometimes we lie for a noble cause or to protect those we love.”

“Ultimately if you must lie, be brief.”

He can't lie anymore.

It’s Tuesday

And I think he needs to pretend happy again. He does it all the time. Not just every Tuesday.
But, today is different. He can’t lie anymore.
He was cursed.

If he became genuinely happy, something will be taken away from him. And today, he met happiness. But he’s afraid.

The world can see it. And he can’t lose anything more. He can’t smile, he can’t laugh, unless he fakes it. But how can he be fraud, when it is right in front of him?
Tick tock, tick tock…
The twinkle of its eyes shivers his body. He can’t stop dancing.

Tick-tock, and boom. It bursts. He can’t fake-happy anymore. He can’t lie again. He truly is happy. But, he has nothing to lose. Except his life.

He doesn’t care anymore. “I will die a happy man.” He whispers.

There’s a light.
The Universe.
He’s alone.

With happiness.

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dark and deep. I love it sis.


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My mom always sends me the errands because I am the biggest and that bothers me, one day I sent me to the warehouse and I was upset on the way I met some friends from school and we went to knock down mangoes in a house that is abandoned, I was with it there, about an hour and I had forgotten what my mom sent me to buy, on the other hand my mom who had left to find me found me, mounted on the bush and I saw her throw me, and as I saw her angry I told her I went to all the cellars and there was not one in which I just rode to kill a sleeve that caused me, and my friends told my mother that it was true that I had just arrived, so I saved myself from a good scolding

If you must lie, be brief.

I woke up this day, moody, upset, motivated to do something to help the cause. I got ready to go out and join this little movement, I'm in the car thinking of nothing and everything at the same time all the way. By now these feelings I've brought up early are getting amplified, I encouraged myself for the cause, at the moment I was ready I jumped into the streets. Hours after of protests these ''officers'' caught me doing nothing, robbed me, hit me and left me abandoned on the highway. They did that to thousands of people, not only what they did to me. They murdered people. They are still doing it.
It was at the Venezuelan protests in 2017.

My parents had saved up for over a year just to raise money for me to travel out of my home town and seek opportunities in the big city. I stood by the road side with my luggage when a man with an expensive car parked right in front of me. He offered to give me a ride,Reluctantly I agreed because he was traveling to the same city and it would help me save the money I had reserved for transportation… few hours had passed and we were already chatting like we had known each other for years… what's your story? He asked… I told him my parents died and my family took over their property and ever since I have been struggling with life. I told this pathetic lie just for me to be pitied and for him to offer some help because I sensed he was really rich. He offered me a place at his house till I got settled and when we got there I got the shock of my life… my distant aunt happens to be his wife…Don't ever lie about your situation but “if you have to lie, Be brief”... He said.

Tunde and lilian stared at jide for a while, they couldn't believe he was lying again. He silently prayed that, his lies wouldn't be their end. A few yards away, men clad in neatly starched military camouflages surfaced. they came from a nearby barracks. Tunde immediately took lilian away close to the walls of the canteen leaving jide and the fair pretty lady to a forced privacy. It’s time he told the whole truth.
"see ehn baby, i'm sorry i've hidden this part from you. Jide is a…" tunde swallowed as he imagined how lilian would bear the truth.
"sister lilly! pls come" the fair lady called.
lillian rushed off to meet her cousin, as tunde further sank in regret, his love life is just about to end all because of some silly "bro-code".
The two men clad in military camouflages halted all of a sudden, one kept still whilst the other walked towards lillian's cousin. “Sergeant, take this man to the guardroom, show him how much of a bloody civilian he is”
"ah... my life, jide don kill me!" he muttered.
“Take this one too along! Next time let your lies be short as you!” lilian added

I just received the worst news of my life. I have terminal cancer. There is nothing to do except wait for death, my doctor gave me a stipulated time of three months, three short months. What am I going to do now? I leave stunned consultation, I only hear in my mind "three months" I enter a bar, I ask for a strong drink, I drink fast, I ask for another drink and another, the man who serves the drinks stares at me and asks me if everything goes well, I do not answer your question. And so I continue, drinking quickly, my mind is in chaos, it seems that in three months I will die, so what's the matter, I've never done this. The bartender keeps watching me, tries to flirt with me, I'm not interested in anything he's saying, I just want to drink. Soon I will not be and I know that this is not the best way to take my situation but I am very disturbed. All the alcohol begins to take effect in my body, I call the bartender and smiling I tell him: "if you are going to lie, let it be brief"

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Roxana frequented a library where she met a nice boy who liked to talk with him. She observed that she has a friend who visits her too, a chubby girl and good looking. She detailed a lot of trust with him. It devoured the curiosity to know who he was, and one day he could not stand the intrigue and asked ... "You have something with the chubby?" The question weighing, because he expected another answer ... he said "Yes, some time ago I had something with her "and began to tell him with luxury and details all the intrigue of the adventure relationship she had, her life, and everything else she had lived ... It was sincere, she did not hide anything from him, she did not lie ... but Roxana would have preferred that he had given him a short lie to a complete truth ... she felt that being completely honest did him more harm than being a liar passenger. I would have simply said "No" and I would not have believed him, but I would have done him less harm. Sometimes you feel you prefer to cover the truth with a vague lie.

Joseph and Miriam make a happy marriage, but not everything has been rosy. Joseph is attractive and has been involved in extramarital affairs in his workplace. After five years of marriage and three minor children, Joseph was discovered by Miriam, by a whatsapp message, of course he denied it right away, and told her that it was not true, that it was just some messages, that if she was crazy, and it extended so much in explanations that it convinced her, until the following year the story repeated itself but with another one. Joseph gave the same explanation again. After this a year later, again Joseph continued to chat by whatsapp, but with another, but this time Miriam realized and ignored, knew the story and the explanation that Joseph was going to give trying to convince her, so Miriam was dedicated to being happier.

Joseph and Miriam continue together, they love each other, they need each other, they enjoy more time with their children. Miriam tries to reestablish the lost confidence, and when Joseph tries to explain any situation, she warns him IF YOU MUST LIE, BE BRIEF.

By @fatimap

I want to tell you The lie is something that currently invades the world of adults in an excessively natural way. However, young children, when they start talking, only tell the truth.
Children learn to be dishonest for different reasons. The main reason is probably because they learn that telling lies can prevent scolding. On the other hand, they can also start lying to win the favor of others or discover that it may be the way to get the reward they are looking for. Of all these reasons we can say that children learn to be dishonest by the attitude of others, especially adults. In this sense, we should not blame them, but ourselves.

Children need to be taught the importance of honesty, avoiding retaliation and valuing the truth. A child who is dishonest or a liar is often because he does not trust others and there is no greater educational failure than a child who does not trust his parents or teachers.

There are a number of concrete steps you can take to teach children to be honest.mama-nino-bebe.jpg

On vacation with aliens!

Talking to a friend, I told him my experience about my past vacation. I went with my family to the mountains. One night when I was getting ready to sleep, decided to go out to pee. Suddenly I heard a hiss, turned my head to check where it was coming from, the moon was slightly lighting the field and the tents, but I could see in the distance a shadow that looked like it was digging the ground, they looked like children, but small and slim. This worried me, I thought it were my nephews who went out to play and they could miss in the forest or something worse, I decided to walk and talk to them, so they get in the tents. I walked a few steps and suddenly the shadows stopped doing what they were doing when they felt my presence. I returned to the campsite and checked that all my nephews were there and everyone was sleeping with my sister so I decided to go to bed too. I told my friend that after this experience I can say that there are aliens, to which he replied “Friend If you're going to lie be brief”.

by @alexanderjunior

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The grin on his face is wide enough to make me feel vaguely nauseous. And it looks like he heard somewhere that a sincere smile meets the eyes, because he's trying to crinkle his nose up in this weird sort of nose smile. It's quite unsettling.

"I just want to say that I've always admired everything that you do and as your neighbour I'm really honoured-"

I cut him off with a raised hand. "If you must lie, be brief."

The smile drops from his face like a screen fading to black. We both stare at each other for a while, before turning to look at the front of my house, caved in from his truck after it smashed through the front living room. How do you manage to accidentally drive that thing all the way across the front lawn? To make matters worse, the truck looks relatively unscathed. He could probably drive it right on out of here.

He rubs his chin and appears to consider my request. If you must lie, be brief.

Then he looks back at me and now I see that the smile has returned.

"I'll pay the damages as soon as I can."


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mujer fingiendo dolor.jpg If You Must Lie, Be Brief

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You must lie,be brief

The soup
Jean is a young man His mother asks him to take him A soup that she made at her grandfather's house, on the way she gets hungry and eats vegetables but leaves the broth.Then he comes to his grandfather and tells him that.
His mother sent him the soup, then Jean tells him that when he came he dropped his soup and the only thing I could pick up was the broth and Grandpa let out a laugh If you must lie, be brief.

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One day, the King and the Prince left the castle together. They arrived at a village, at which point they separated. The Prince went back to his normal behaviour, getting on everyone's nerves, but the King returned unannounced and caught the Prince red-handed, up to his tricks.

The Prince took advantage of the fact that in that village there was a youth who looked just like him. He told his father that it had been the youth who had done all these bad things. However, the King, seeing what a lying snitch this person was, concluded that the boy in the village must be his real son, the Prince.

So the King took the boy back with him to the palace, and left the real Prince in the village. the Prince finally came to regret his previous life filled with lies and accusations. The other young man heard of this, and decided to forgive the Prince. He confessed to the King that he wasn't his real son after all. The King left the castle and brought his son home, and the two young men ended up as inseparable friends.

I must go out and get it myself but desperation was the major drive it was now my turn i walked in sat down but noticed the eyes of my interviewer gazing at me so lustful She said u could get this job if u want to do you have a wife where could She be heading to but I said no u look handsome I want u to be my man friend and you be the manager of this company I agreed just to have the job u have to prove that 8pm today at lion guest house by 8pm going out my wife ask me where are u going to so dressed up I told her I have a vigil to attend then my phone rang She want to pick it up I drag it from her She said put it on speaker my employer said is that the voice of your wife no She is my sister asking me if am coming back tonight give it to her let me meet your sister since we have agreed to date I could have just said NO I thought within my self am about to loss both party

If You Must Lie, Be Brief

Have you ever been fed with so much information that you can’t help but notice it’s all lies?

As I looked through the corner of my eyes, I could tell from experience, that she was lying.

She had almost bought me over with her sugar-coated story until she added that she even spent that night with Daren the night of the murder.

How did she know the exact time it happened?

Funnily, Daren and I were having a drink over the previous case I was still investigating. It was the same time she had claimed to be with Daren, and it was the same time the murder happened.

She was guilty, I could tell.

Vanessa was a very beautiful girl, she was a university student. He had a boyfriend named Jaime with whom he had more than six months of relationship to what his parents opposed since the boy had a reputation as a womanizer. In spite of everything she continued with the romance, she always got annoyed with her friends when they told her that they saw Jaime with other girls. One day she went shopping with her mother to a shopping center, they observed a couple who were very much in love kissing, something catches her attention and she observes that it is Jaime with another girl, very furious she comes to claim him; when he sees her he is surprised, he stutters and says: let me explain to you is not what you think. She says: what are you going to explain to me? Please, if you're going to lie to me, be brief!

Luis and Alberto were two pre-teen children. They liked to practice karate, they were good at that sport, but bad at school, their parents told them that if they were to postpone a subject, they would be removed from the karate classes. They were worried because on that Friday when they would be given the newsletters they had the final competition and they did not want to miss it, the problem was that they already knew that they had left a subject and did not want their parents to find out about the competition. Alberto was the boldest and most ingenious of the two, they decided to put together a plan for that day. When the day of the competition arrived, Luis asked Alberto what we were going to say to our parents. He smiled and said, "We will tell you that the teacher who delivered the newsletters did not go to class because she was indisposed. If we are going to lie, we should be brief, and on Monday you will find out the truth but we will have already competed.

Kelvin was known as the naughty one. He did terrible things, he was the class bully, he stole things whenever he felt like it, he lied alot.
Two days back, he had stolen from a shop not knowing that a very good friend of his family had seen him. Mr Smith made him return what he stole to the shelves and had reported him to his parents. When he got home, he met his mom at home and when she asked him about it, he denied stealing anything from the shop. He said he was in school all day and from school, he headed to his friend's house to play video games that he forgot it was getting late. His mom decided to wait for his dad to return before deciding on what to do to him. She knew he was lying and had the perfect plan. She would ask him to repeat the exact things he told her in the their presence. When they asked him again, he had forgotten his lines because he had lied so much to so mom.
If you must lie,make it brief.
CARLOS, he worked in a company as a programming technician, they gave their service to the company by placing programs on their computers.
Carlos had a defect was very irresponsible and unpunctual with his work, His brother who was the head of the company and he took advantage of that situation, every time his brother claimed him for the delay in the delivery of his work he always invented an excuse One day he did not comply with the delivery of a program to a company, his brother claimed him and told him that this situation could not continue and threatened to fire him. Carlos promised that it would not happen again so he dedicated himself to working hard and would not let it go wrong with his clients. But it had not been a week when Carlos returned to miss his work and stopped delivering several programs to several companies. The other day in the morning and his Brother was waiting for him in the office that as soon as he faced him he told him IF YOU ARE GOING TO LIE SHORT, that from this moment you are out of my company.


What's the point hiding the truth and loosing trust when it will eventually unfold itself one day?

Amaka's husband trusted her to use funds for there delegated purposes. She would always give her husband feedback on how she spent the funds. Just like every other day, funds were given to her to pay their daughter's school fees which she invested all of it in a Ponzi scheme without her husband's knowledge. Twenty days later, he went to pick their daughter from school only for the principal to tell him his child was still yet to pay her fees showing him the records and it was true.

He immediately paid the fees and apologized for the delay. When he got home, he asked his wife if she had paid which she affirmed with a YES and so he asked her to get the receipt of payment which she was on her way to her room to get. He stopped her in the process and said to her, if you must lie be brief, I went to our daughter's school only to realize school fees wasn't paid and I paid for it. She immediately confessed and begged to be forgiven.
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Word count: 198

One day Juan was walking through the square and when he got to a fast food cart he found a movie ticket lying on the floor, he curiously looked at it and seeing that it was for two people, he kept it in his pocket quickly so that nobody saw him and take his girlfriend. At the end of eating Juan goes home again, but when crossing the street he sees a child crying inconsolably and a very sad mother, when approaching and asking him what happens the mother says "We are poor, but I worked a whole week to fulfill him I dream of my son going to the movies, and now I lost my ticket. Has he seen it by chance? "Juan immediately answered" No "and started on his way, after 5 minutes Juan tormented himself and said to that woman if he had found it, but it is yours, take your son" and that woman with tears in her eyes said "Thank you" and Juan replied "forgive me for lying" and that sweet woman said "always remember, if you're going to lie, keep it short"

A boy named Pedro always used to lie saying that he felt bad for his mother to go look for him in school, his lies were so frequent on this matter that one day his teacher decided not to ignore her complaint of discomfort, when the time came of recess she notices that all the children go out to play less Pedro and with curiosity she approaches him and says Pedro, why did not you go out to play? but this time Pedro did not answer him, after asking several times and without receiving an answer, he decides to raise his head that rested on the desk and noticed that Pedro had fainted, quickly called emergency and his parents and receiving medical attention discovering that Pedro if he felt bad really but product to his past lies it was hard to believe him. From that day on, Peter promised never to lie again, just as his mother told him. If you are going to lie, let him be a short son of mine.

Maria was a poor girl who always tried to look wealthy for her friends to accept her, she used to lie saying that she lived in a mansion, that her parents had big cars and that she had a big pool in her house. After listening to their stories, her friends told Maria Please, invite us to your house, Maria quickly answered. I cannot and left. One of her friends decided to follow her back home because she suspected that everything was a lie and seeing her arrive at her small and destroyed house decided to confront her and said: I knew that everything was a lie and nervous Maria responded What are you doing here? to see if your mansion really existed but I see that everything was a lie, because you lied to us? and Maria with tears in her eyes said I thought that they would not accept me if I told them that I am poor and her friend's response changed Maria's life: It does not bother us where you live, your lies bother us. You have to be honest and show us how we are, if you're going to lie that is brief.

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Rosa's mother asked him to take the car to the workshop to check the brakes, when Rosa was on her way to the workshop she met her friends who were on their way to the cinema and she went with them, she called her mother to tell her that it would take a long time since the workshop was full. After seeing the movie, he decided to return to the workshop but it was already closed so to avoid getting into trouble he told his mother they were perfect, they had already fixed them. The next day she receives a call that wakes her up and it was her brother saying "Mama had an accident, she was without brakes and she is hospitalized" Rosa could not contain her guilt and between tears she arrived at the hospital and said to her mother: " Forgive me, I lied to you "His mother asks: What are you talking about? Rosa answered "Do not take the brakes to repair, I went to the movies and when I returned was closed, sorry mom" and her mother told her If you are going to lie that is brief, take that advice "


The double deception

It was a summer afternoon and Aihnoa is getting ready to go to work. While making breakfast, the husband of aihnoa phone rings with a message from a woman. Surprised by that scene, the woman proposes to be together in a hotel. I fall into panic and despair. I go up to the room to find my husband and I realize that he was gone. I sit on the stairs waiting for him, when he returns to look for the phone. I return it with that sarcasm and leaves. I secretly got into my car and started to chase him. My husband's car arrives in a hotel and when I observe it is my mother who has made the invitation. When I surprise them, I tell my husband: If you are going to lie to me, it is better to stop before beginning the divorce proceedings. In the midst of crying and a disgust of disgust I return to my house. My mother begins to touch the door insisting that I'm wrong, telling me we're just friends, she's helping me with a job! The impudence continues touching my life and again I say to him: If you are going to lie to me, be brief because you will not see me.

If You Must Lie, Be Brief

One fine day, my granddaughter, with many habits of lying, pretended to feel a strong pain and began to scream:
girl: it hurts, it hurts! Help, it hurts!
I, in the midst of despair, charge her and ask her:
Grandma: where does it hurt? in the head?
girl: yes, my head hurts.
Grandma: Or does your stomach hurt?
girl: yes, my stomach hurts.
Grandma: Or does your arm hurt?
girl: yes, my arm hurts.
from one moment to another I reacted to his answers and said: do you want cake?
and very fast replied: Yes, I want cake
Grandma: and your pain?
girl: it does not hurt anymore.
Grandma: So, your pain was another lie?
girl: no grandmother, it was just a little lie.
then I sat her in the living room and I told her you should not lie to me I'm your grandmother and I love you so much
girl: is that I saw your cake and wanted a piece
Grandmother: Children have the right to ask as long as they fulfill their duty to be good and not lie

Juanita was a very curious girl and her mother always loved telling her things that would make Juanita think. One afternoon while they were having a cup of milk, Juanita asks her mother: Mommy, did my grandma always tell you a phrase?
His mother could not help smiling and said: Sure daughter, but you would not understand.
Juanita curiously asks: What did she tell you? And her mother responds: If you're going to lie, be brief.
Juanita remained silent for a couple of minutes and finally approached her mother and said: If I understand mom, my grandmother taught you not to lie
And his surprised mother said: If little daughter, do not do it either.

I don't think I've told you before
You see, what I do is toy with your mind
When you think I'm actually shaking you, I'm checking your pockets.
That's not all!
I'm someone you call a magician
Now let me tell you something
I maintain illusions like Anansi,
I'm faster than Hermes could ever dream about.
And I also tell lies.
Lies so beautifully crafted you have no choice but to say the truth.
So answer this carefully, what do you want?

I want to be richest man imaginable,
And to look at the world like I own it,
To have the sexiest women at my beck and call,
And to have everything and everyone beneath my feet.

Wish granted...

Two ants went through the forest and after four days had passed, they were already exhausted, mainly because they had not found anything to eat. One of them saw a grain of rice in the distance and decided to lie to her companion saying: Go ahead, I need to be alone for a while.
After having left his partner, the ant looks for the grain of rice and begins to eat until he sees again his partner at his side very sad for being deceived, so he said: Why did you lie to me? Was not it easier to tell me that you did not want to share with me?
And with shame the ant replied: I'm sorry, it was very selfish of me and very dishonorable to lie to you. I always hear that if you're going to lie it's short, but this time look for my own interest so take half and half.
And after eating, both ants followed their path quietly and honestly.

Well, this story began when Julian was with his friends and already spent the afternoon and part of the night his mom calls him it's time to have dinner, he did not want to go in that moment because he was having a great time so he had They lie briefly telling their mom that she was going to stay at her friend's house to sleep, after hours the children finished playing and everyone eventually returned to their homes, except for Julian since he was left alone on the sidewalk thinking how to I went home without his mother discovering it, I really tried everything to enter through the windows, through the back door, through the garage, but nothing turned out, in the end he had to call his mother through the door to open it as he felt very afraid to pass the on that lonely road, after several cries his mom came out a little worried about the screams but when he left he noticed that everything was fine, so he welcomed Julián without first scolding him and punishing him for lying, so that he learn that However small or brief the lie is always discovered.

Hombre llamado José que le gusta mentir mucho en cada momento y más le mentía a su esposa, él estaba casado con maría su esposa y el era muy mentiroso un día maría secansa de tantas mentiras desprecios y de infidelidad por que José trabajaba de 7 Am hasta las 12:30 del medio día y llegaba muy tarde a su casa halas 8:00 pm maría estaba cansada de que su esposo llegara tanda y no le decía nada ella savia que José le estaba montando los cuerno con otra… Hasta que un día decide seguirlo para ver si era verdad lo que ella se imaginaba y se fue a donde José trabajaba, cuando Salió José y maría ve que compra unas flores y José a garra un taxi y ella también y maría le dice al taxista que siga el taxi…..


José se baja del taxi y camina hacia una casa y maría ve que José entra hala casa.
Y ella, entro hala casa ve a José y maría le dice de todo y José le dice perdóname sé que soy muy mentiroso…. Te amo esta es nuestra nueva casa… FIN

Huguin Embustin, a boy who was president of a country. Where his main image was to be like a hero, the liberator Simon Bolivar. He wanted to liberate all peoples of America and be an internationally recognized figure, being the president of a country very rich in natural resources had: gold, diamond, oil and many valuable elements and that was his support to be recognized at the American level and outside of it, in his town the speech was always heard I WILL ALWAYS BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE POOR, because in this world there must be equality, socialism before everything. Converting a conformist and humiliated people, manipulated by him. Believing himself the liberator he always wanted to be, he went beyond the borders giving away oil, making refinery and many other things to other countries. After 18 years as president, he died, BUT NOT, LIKE THE PRESIDENT OF THE POOR, as he used to say. He left his family with a wealthy status and billionaires and Huguin being one of the richest presidents in the world, leaving his people in crisis and badly managed. Having a single error! LYING FOR 18 YEARS. WHY LIE SHOULD BE BRIEF

Hello greetings friends, I am eager to participate in this contest ......

Hurriedly, I ran to my pastor to inform him that my mother was ill, and needed my urgent attention. Confused, he asked me to leave the church service, even though I was the lead vocalist for the day.

I had been invited to sing in a gospel concert and I was to be paid alot of cash which I couldn't turn down. I boarded the next bus headed for the location of the concert, and to my dismay the concert had already begun before my arrival. I hurried to the back stage to meet the organizers, and I was due to perform next. I said a few words of prayer and mounted the stage.

As I lifted my left arm to raise the first song, I heard my name "Chris!!" The voice was familiar, and as I turned towards the direction of the voice, there stood my pastor cheering me, and unconsciously, my left arm fell and I was filled with guilt.

After the concert, I went to him to apologize, but he just looked at me and smiled and the words he said next changed me forever: "If you must lie, be brief" he said.

Fiction or not, I'm not telling. But, be sure of one thing, you will learn from this.

If you must lie, be brief.

My entry..

Jane was the love of my life, she's an epitome of beauty, I've kissed and hugged her a thousand times, I've held her hands, moved my lips close to her ear and I remembered whispering sweet nothings. All this happened in my dream world.

It would have been real, but, that Friday night destroyed everything. That night would have been the best day of my life.

She likes bad boys, don't get it twisted, I don't mean dangerous boys, a better name for them should be "players". Well, that was actually what I thought.

I sent Jane a message a day before for a meet up. Before then, I had to beg Jide to give me a hype. He'd told Jane a lot about me, better still, he told Jane nothing about me. It's my fault, I told him to make me appear even more bad.

That night, Jane walked up to me, gave me a kiss and whispered three words "check your mail".

That was the last time I saw Jane.

I opened my mail the next day, Jane had professed her love for me two days prior.


Ify told Emma that they’ll not have sex until their wedding night and when Emma asked her why, she told him it was because She has promised God that she’ll have sex for the first time on her wedding night. Emma who didn’t want her to go against a promise she made to God decided to exercise some patience since they’ll be getting married soon.

After the wedding of course honey moon starts. Emma was dying to be in her arms. That night, Emma started making out with her.

During coitus she bled and Emma was banging on His chest for maybe the I hit it first feeling.

The second day during sex, she also bled and Emma felt her wife was probably the most authentic virgin. And the bleeding didn’t stop.

She kept on bleeding every day during sex and that’s when Emma knew there was trouble.

Emma made sure they went to see a doctor who after checking her discovered she had Vaginal Cancer and requested she be operated on quickly.

Ify fell on her feet begging Emma who was already crying and feeling foolish before her. He turned to her and told her “IT’S OVER”.


There was once in a distant town called EXISTENCE, lived a man called LIE, had as a primary element to assert their false testimonies without effort or difficulty, leaving with theirs, reigning in that town, hypocritically deceiving all with their lies, slander, entangling those who came across his way resulting in a people in hardship, sinister and sinister living for many years in total suffering until finally he came to know the arrival of a woman named TRUTH, loved to come to light , shine like the radiant sun, affirming its direct and sincere clear position showing itself and making itself known in that desolate town, a totally realistic lady representing an absolute fidelity, destroying all that evil in that town; From then on he was reborn and the EXISTENCE of splendor, brilliance and sparkles was filled ... Conclusion: In our EXISTENCE we say quantities of LIES that we sometimes think or assume that are necessary to cover holes, what we do not know is that at the end of the story It turns out to be a source of problems and complications that will sooner or later come to light with the great TRUTH.


For three years now I've lived in Portugal. When I was still planning to move here I had a lot of friends. Most of them would tell me, "I will come visit you in Portugal!"
Months later I got a call from my friend Josyne that never planned on visiting me in Portugal. She had some trouble at home and wanted a short holiday. She asked if it was ok for her to visit me in Portugal. I told her the same I told all my friends who said they would come and visit me, "Of course, you are always welcome in my home!"
Two days later Josyne sent me a message, she booked a flight to Lisbon. I was so thrilled to see her and show her my new hometown!
Since I moved, I've gone back to the Netherlands four times to spend time with my family and friends. Whenever I saw friends (other than Josyne) they all kept saying, I will definitely come and visit you, very soon!
Until now, Josyne is still the only friend that ever visited me in Portugal. So to all my other Dutch friends: If you must lie, be brief...

She had gotten the beating of her life last night, her only offense was having the audacity to ask where he had been for two days. Two days of absence from his matrimonial home without trying to inform her of his whereabouts.

She could not speak freely to her husband anymore without risking a hot slap or another round of beating. Tears ran down her face as she thought of her youth.

She had been so beautiful and proud of her looks too. It was quite unfortunate she was not entitled to happiness in marriage.

Her parents had warned her but she wouldn't listen and they were visiting tomorrow. Her mother was sure to ask penetrating questions. Well, she won't let her catch on.

A brief answer would be her salvation, after all, if one must lie successfully, it must be brief so the other person doesn't catch on.

She could not afford her parents leaving her house sad and depressed with helplessness. In their culture, marriage was for room for a divorce.
"This is my cross," She thought. "They must never know".

Immediately we entered the church that first day, we sensed something wasn't right, everything was in disarray. The pastor had almost replaced God as every song sang was with the pastor's name in it, praising him and commending his good works.

Pastor Randy was one randy fellow who had one of the biggest congregations in the city. Although we heard so much about him, we couldn't go because we weren't sure of his source of power.

Here we were with my husband sitting under this man who had a pedigree in sleeping with people's wives. My marriage was crashing, we had been married for eight tears without children, not even a child so we decided to pay this popular prophet in town a visit, at least; "at all at all na im bad pass!"

Immediately we entered, he beckoned on my husband to stand, he began to prophesy initially everything he said seemed to be true according to what my husband went through, we believed him until he said my husband's fourth brother was after his life. That was when we walked out from there.

My husband had three sisters and no brother. Indeed BE BRIEF WHEN YOU LIE

Madeleine missed school today, went out for a walk with your friends at the park. Between laughter and ice cream his cell phone rang. Quickly searched in his backpack and his hands sweat when you see on the screen that who called it, was…his father.

His thoughts ran quickly in his head…that answer?

Her courage and answered the call by saying:

"Hi dad, I am in class. When you called me, I can warn by using the cell phone."

I take a deep breath and felt a great peace of mind to think that that lie would have resolved the difficulty.

His great surprise it turned out that when you get home, Dad was saying:

"Tell me the truth, where you were when you call? You weren't in class, the sound of the fund to the calling was allowed when they go out for a walk."

That day Madeleine understood: THE LIE YOU WILL REACH NO MATTER HOW SMALL.

Hola, saludos amigos, estoy ansioso por participar en este concurso

Lie for love

I never wanted to lie to you! Roberto said starting his letter to Leticia, a few minutes before having taken that poisoned drink that marked his end. I did not want to lie, you made me a liar; today I only say what you want to hear.As a pious act, lying is a way of saying I love you; as long as I am not the target of your worst angers; I lie like a sick person and see you in the eyes.

Every word destroyed my soul! you never understood that I always lied, because you would never believe, everything was to make you happy, for looking more like the perfect for you. I do not support this tale of terror that killed my heart. I just want to say my beloved Leticia, that everything by did the love.

A great sigh makes Leticia, stagger leaves her mind blank, and unable to contain spills all the pain in tears.

Leaving a true moral of this short story, IF YOU MUST LIE, BE BRIEF. Do not cling to build only a world where you will not go very easy.

''Lie is catastrophic, but more humiliating when the truth is unveiled''. This was the favourite advise of my grandmother. So, i asked her why she loves this advise so much; then she said:
''I was 26 years old when i graduated. I submitted my Resume to an oil company; but, because I was told the company accepts between 22 - 26 years only, i reduced my age to 23 hoping of increasing my employment chances. Fortunately, i was called for the interview. I had already answered their questions and they believed my lie about my age. Due to that pride in me, i chose to lie some more, so i said 'when i was 25 years old, i traveled to the United States for a short course...' I was caught with immediate effect. This was how i lost the job and the company further tarnished my reputation by sending my name to other remarkable companies which led to my suffering for 15 years before getting another job. Since then, i vowed never to lie again; but if, by chance, i fall a victim to lie, i will make it as brief as possible so that i could easily make amends.''


I grew up papa always tells me if I take an afternoon nap, I’ll have my snack and mama will get back home.

As a child, I would always believe that.

But it was always a lie. A lie I would always love to believe in.

As usual, when I woke up, I will always have my snacks, but never my mama. Sometimes she calls, but she’s always crying.

She always tells me that she misses me, but she can’t go home because she’s doing it all for me.

As a child, I would always not believe that.

But that is the truth, I will never understand on the moment.

I couldn’t understand why she needs to take care other children abroad, and letting me live a life without her. I always missed her, that I sometimes I forget about papa.

And last night I called her if she could come to my birthday just this once.
“Sure baby, I will. I love you!” That was brief. That was a lie. I know. But that was a lie I always prayed to be true.

Hello. That was my entry. Hope you like it.
thank you!

A new lady invented herself on the wheels of beauty; she was so classy. 

I was addicted to crush on her; the burden of wishful thinking placed on me was beyond borders, my emotions  walk on waters. 

I told my best pal, he built-up my mind muscle to ask her out with his sugar coated words he injected into my blood.

 Walking with him one day we saw this beauty and the spirit that ignites my existence left me in a flight. My friend noticed this, he instilled the fuel of courage into my brain. 

I confronted her, funny enough; she was mild mannered and soft spoken, birthing a success story I shared with my friends. 

One out of my friends said, she was his girlfriend from college for as long as he can remember, that they both spent their dates in Obudu ranch, they where the best couple on campus, the fabric of their love was painted bright gold and the fumes was as that of a rose. 

And afterwards he said further, please I misplaced her contact can you do me a favor? 

Oh please, 

If you must lie, be brief 

with the I details, I responded.      

If you must lie, be brief
So yesterday I wrote a test, and today I got to find out that the questions leaked two days before the test. How it happened still remains a mystery to me.
The news was everywhere, names were mentioned and some of the names really shocked me as I was not expecting such from them. Anyways, humans are not to be trusted. I do not know what hurt me the most, if it was the fact that some of my friends knew about it and didn't tell me or it was the fact that I didn't know before the test.
I called some of them and asked if the rumors were true and most of them went on and on that they didn't know of any leaked questions and acted surprised while some said they found out five minutes to the test.. wow. I could see the lies through them. I decided to asked the leaker.. lol sorry, the guy that supplied the questions about the whole thing and he confirmed that he gave most of them the questions. Still thinking if I should let them know I know the truth or let the matter die. What do you think?


After leaving school, I routinely walked the five blocks to the transportation stop. I carried in my backpack the books that Mrs. Fedora Spencer, the librarian of the London School Society gave me. I planned how to tell my mother that I had fought with Ben Lancaster, a high school boy, who left me with a black eye. Upon entering the house, my mother was waiting for me at the front door. Quick, I thought, when she saw me, I would tell her that I tripped on the railing when I got on the tram. I went to the living room, he turned his back on me and asked: Have you seen my makeup bag? I can not find it anywhere. Instantly that idea came to me. I searched between the cushions of the room, I got it, I applied a bit of the most favorable shade for the color of my skin in the left eye and now. When I handed him the case in his hands, he exclaimed: What happened to your face! You have a purple eye. Then I noticed that my way of lying was so brief that I had made up the opposite eye.

Andres is a boy who is ashamed of his economic situation, for living in a neighborhood and humble home is something low, he fell in love with Lucia; she of wealthy parents. Andres did not know how to make her look at a boy like that, what he came up with was to pretend what he was not and make her believe that he had everything. I get to do antisocial things so I can have money and take her to the best restaurants, borrowed cars to go to her home. Lucia was falling in love every day of him, but in one of his days together the girl discovered who she really was, that hurt because he lied to her. He said, Andres, I do not care if you have money or not, if you live in a neighborhood or in a mansion, love is not keeping an eye on those things. Love is born without requiring a car or the best restaurant to eat, but you would have been ashamed of your situation I am sure that I was fixed on you. If you're going to lie, be brief.

Pedro was a very sentimental child with very fragile feelings, but he loved to lie, one day during a family dinner his mother said to him: Pedro, if you are going to lie, it is short because if not the monster of lies will come for you.
Pedro mockingly replied: Good try, mama, I do not believe in that.
After a couple of days Pedro lied to his mother telling him that he had excelled in his grade exam when he actually failed him. That night while he slept a cat had lied in his room and he had not noticed, during the course of the night he heard noises in his closet, then he felt something was on top of him and it was hard to fall asleep.
The next day his mother to see him tired for not having slept at all asks him: Pedrito what happens? Did not you sleep anything last night?
Pedro just looked at her and said: I lied about the exam breast and the monster of lies was in my room. Even though it was just a cat, from that day on, Pedrito never went back to lying

Juancito used to always lie to his teachers to justify his absences and avoid being suspended, one day after having exhausted most of his excuses, he opted for a rather difficult one, after missing a week of school for going to a video game room. to her teacher: Sorry, I did not come to class because my father died.
Upon hearing this news that teacher was so moved that I call all the teachers of the school so that together they could give a present to Juancito's mother. After several days of planning that gift was ready and they decide to take him by surprise, when he knocks on the door it is just his father who receives them, confused they ask Juancito's father: Have you not died?
The father responds confused: No, who told him that?
And the teacher's response was only: Juancito and we decided to come and bring this gift in the name of the school.
Since then Juancito distressed understood a great saying that his grandparents said "If you're going to lie, let it be brief"


"Have you slept with him before?"

"He stinks, I can't."

Cynthia looked at Dorathy smilingly,"OK!"
Silence swallowed them, then Dorothy started again.

"That guy is poor, very broke. He is not my type, he cannot take care of me. He's so disgusting. What kind of girl dates such individual? Let alone having sex!..." Dorathy argued alone.

Cynthia was still on her phone, going through gallery. She swiped from one picture to the other. Dorathy observing her silence was startled because Cynthia was usually more talkative.

Cynthia was a lover of gists especially topics concerning gender, relationship and emotionally inclined conversations.
But today she was not into that and that got Dorathy anxious.

"Why ask?"

Cynthia stares at Dorathy, "Actually I was in the hotel room the other day you guys had sex. I was in the wardrobe".
Dorathy was speechless.

"You know, you could have just said, 'No I've not had sex with him' than criticize his whole existence."

"If you must lie, you must be brief so people don't create cases out of it."
As Cynthia uttered these words, Dorathy looks down in shame.

The police were after Tunde. Someone had betrayed him but who could it be? Well, I'll have to figure that out later but now I have to focus on getting away from these cops he said to himself. After sometime,he came out of the dark alley and there was no sign of the police. He made his way to his safe house with one thing stuck on his mind. He had to find out who betrayed him.
Tunde was a drug dealer and sure he made enemies,and was not sure who went as far as to tip the police that he would be at his warehouse at that particular time. Only his trusted employees knew when he went there.
Tunde had someone in the police and decided to get the name of the person that tipped the police and before an hour, he had a name.. James.
Tunde called James to his office the next day and asked if he tipped the police.
No boss, how could you think I'ld do something like that. James said. He talked so much that Tunde got irritated, brought out his gun and said 'if you must lie, be brief '.

Two ants went through the forest and after four days had passed, they were already exhausted, mainly because they had not found anything to eat. One of them saw a grain of rice in the distance and decided to lie to her companion saying: Go ahead, I need to be alone for a while.
After having left his partner, the ant looks for the grain of rice and begins to eat until he sees again his partner at his side very sad for being deceived, so he said: Why did you lie to me? Was not it easier to tell me that you did not want to share with me?
And with shame the ant replied: I'm sorry, it was very selfish of me and very dishonorable to lie to you. I always hear that, if you're going to lie that it's short, but this time look for my own interest so take half and half.
And after eating, both ants followed their path quietly and honestly.

During a class the teacher tells her students to say their favorite saying and explain why it is, and the one who does best goes to the break 10 minutes earlier, the excited students begin to remember that saying has been the best they have heard.
One of the students gets up and says: Master, my favorite saying is "shrimp that falls asleep, it gets carried away" because it says we should always be active. Another student got up and said: Master of mine is "Cría fama y acuéstate a dormir" because it represents the importance of our actions. Finally, Rosa gets up and says: Master, mine is "If you're going to lie, let it be brief" since a lie can question thousands of truths, lying can cause great irreparable tragedies, nothing better than being honest.
All the students applauded Rosa's intervention and that day they began to think about the consequences before lying.

You must lie,be brief

Javier, lucian, dominic would make a surprise birthday party for samantha, and also invited to lia. Each one was left to bring something for the party to drink javier, canapes, dominic balloons and lia committed to bring the cake. The day of the party at the home of Dominic are decorating the surprise party for Samantha, they are all but lia, Lucia calls Lia and tells her that it is coming out that she had an unforeseen that they do not worry. The party starts with music and good atmosphere spends an hour and lia not yet arrives. They call her back and she replies that this fence is coming and they tell her to hurry up that Samantha will arrive. Hang the phone and touch the door is samantha turn off the lights and surprise him. Samantha is happy but her friends are upset with Lia who was not that day and lied to them. That night all the friends stay in that house appears lia, boys excuse me last night ... to which interrupts lucian if you must lie,be brief.

A man was walking down an avenue and saw a very interesting sign that said "If you're going to lie, keep it short" and had a little subtitle that said "Lies open cracks difficult to cover" and when he stopped to read that great sign he remembered All those times he lied without measuring the consequences of his lies, so he embarked on a new journey on the way home.
When he reached that place, he hugged his wife and said: I'm sorry, I do not want to open more cracks in your life.
His surprised wife does not say a word, and as he left he said: Did you see the sign on the corner, right? And that man could only answer: Yes, no more cracks honey.


The first leg Champions league semi final between Bayern and Madrid was a very tough match to predict even though the German machines were in their home.

Emma told me and showed me his 9ja bet ticket. He stake home to win and over 1.5, I saw it clearly. He bet it 20000 naira. He is to win 85000 naira if it plays as he bet it. It was time for the match. We went together with the thought in his heart that Bayern will win and over 1.5
We were inside, he was so happy with how they were playing Madrid from the beginning of the match to scoring their first goal by Kimmich. He jumped up and hold me and said " I told you to bet this match with me you didn't"
I told him don't worry let's wait till the end of 90 minutes and see. Marcelo and Asensio made him cried that night for losing 20000 naira.

He got home and told other friends that it was away win he bet it. I drew his head close to my mouth and whisper to his ear and told him

If you must lie be brief.

If you're going to lie, brief
In the house of Marcos he lived, his father, his mother, his aunt and his little sister Sara; In his house there was a mystery: every time his father bought sweet bread covered with sugar, his father always bought 7 rolls, since they came in a package of 7 units. Each member of the family took some bread and the rest kept it for the next day, however, they always disappeared and nobody knew who ate them. When this happened repeatedly, Marcos's mother was more attentive and secretly hid Sara by eating the remaining bread. Then, at that moment, the mother asked:

Sara! What are you eating?
To which Sara responded scared: Nothing mom, nothing!
The mom asked: So, what are you doing with all that smeared sugar in your mouth and cheeks? If you're going to lie to Sara, be brief.

A great businessman after being about to break his company decides to create a new product, to promote it expressed all the components and ingredients he had but it really was not like that, in his desperate attempt to save his company decided to lie about his product to sell it fast and be able to pay old debts.
When his first client arrived and made his first sale that businessman thought that everything was resolved, but the next day that client returned with a fine for that company. When asked what the man was about, he said: Your product is not what it claims to be, nor does it contain what it says it contains. That ruined businessman asked him to please do not do this to him, that he needed the money to be able to recover his company and he had to lie to try to achieve it.
But that man just looked at him and said: Bad way to try to recover your friend, nothing is recovered based on lies, always remember: If you're going to lie, let it be brief.

If you must lie, be brief

And that day came when I had to enter among the 40 people who were missing to close the registration of that course I wanted to do in summer, I arrived early at the registration site, but the number of people who were too many, between 65 people we were alone would choose 40, we all wanted to be among the 40 for the course, I walked and walked thinking what to do, what to say to enter the course somehow, before they finished entering the last batch where I went, I said I should say a pious lie and that is credible, it occurred to me to faint when I was inside the registration room, I got everyone to approach me, the instruptor asked everyone to continue with the selection and when I felt that the instruptor approached me , I made him come back and throw a few false tears of my eyes, and he told me how I can help you, I said to the ear, allowing me to enter between 40 for the course is my desire to do it, and he answered, give it for granted, you will be between 40, So I felt fulfilled.

Lying is to distort the reality. It is a concept or law of the Ten Commandments which should not be used because God is real and true. However in today's society, human beings are moved in lying and posesionan to pretend they have, what they are not, what is not, what do not feel… queen what we believe that it is . In other words lie to achieve objectives is to turn away every time more of the true essence of the human being, because that was the true thought of God in creating man.
We have come to believe as truths the lies presented to us, we fall many times in uncertainty, because we do not know whether all is well… humanity in general, lies with what is known as pious lies, which does not do much damage, which are white lies. We must not forget that if the end is out of step with the lie we must be brief, not letting the words employed to affect the emotional stability of the partner, be brief is the measure of control from which to further its goal is used, if you are going to lie is brief.

Daniel and Amanda were celebrating their anniversary, they had been married for 12 years, they seemed a happy marriage, but in reality their lives had become a routine. Amanda had dedicated herself to being more mother than wife.
Daniel meets a girl, chemistry was done to each other, she gave him the attention he did not have at home. Amanda began to notice his change, he did not look for her as before, but his behavior was the same. Daniel deep down did not want to lose his marriage, but Amanda somehow pushed him into the arms of the other.
One day Daniel would go out with his friends, Amanda was not very convinced and asked if there was another person, he denied it and changed the conversation, she insisted and asked for sincerity, saying:
  • If you're going to lie, be brief!

He looked her in the eyes and said:

  • There is nobody, but if you do not change, I do not promise you otherwise!
    I think I was brief.
Maria is an excellent high school student, that day she had a math exam, but she had a friend, Alicia who had not studied and convinced her to go with her to see the stores in the center, because they had offer bags and purses and since I knew that she liked those accessories, I did not want to lose them; she told him with pleasure she accompanied her but after the exam, her friend insisted and told her that we can do that exam tomorrow, and I, talk to the teacher.
When they arrived at the store, there was a real offer of all kinds of handbags and purses. They were fascinated by these types of items, and they began to choose. They became so distracted that they did not notice the time when they left the store. night.
Maria said -God that I'm going to tell my mom I had never been late to my house is going to bother.
Alicia told her quiet friend tells them he was studying at my house.
Maria answered him - but I do not know how to lie.
Alicia laughed and said, "If you must lie, it must be short.

Hola amigos esta es mi historia...

What happened?

—What do you think he says when he finds out?
—I do not care what he says, he is responsible for all this disaster! Puff!
—Why do you say that?
—Because he allowed everything.
—But he did not expect this to happen.
—Yes but I knew well of the dangers involved.

What had been feared happened. We do not usually think that it will happen to us. The lunch hour promised to be intense. In her room, the 16-year-old rehearsed again and again how to tell her father the whole truth. In the kitchen, her mother and older brother continue the heated discussion.

—It's entering the house right now!

The father stared at them, he knew something was happening, but he could not imagine what it could be. He looked at both of them and, noticing the fear on their faces, he asked:

—Does anyone know why the car is missing a lighthouse?

A few seconds of deep silence passed.

—No —the mother answered dryly.

The father left the kitchen without saying anything else, confused with the answer.

—What do you do mother? —asked his son.

—I only apply a simple bad rule: If you must lie, be brief

The house on fire

In a neighborhood called a single town, lived a family of 4 people, the parents Yerania and linen and their 2 children called Juan and Bella of 5 years and 7 years of age. Lino worked as a welder while Yerania was a housewife, the children studied in the morning hours, while in the afternoon they played, on a sunny afternoon her mother decides to rest but before doing so she tells the children: no pranks to sleep for a while, however they continued playing with the stuffed animals in the room of beautiful, john being the most restless takes a box of phosphorus and begins to light them, in one of these one of the stuffed animals caught fire, watching that the flame stretched scared children ran and hid in the yard, his mother woke up with the strong smell of smoke, as he saw himself as the room burned in flames, shouted in a great way alerting his neighbors, they rushed to pay the fire, as soon as the scare happened they went to the patio in search of the children asking them. What happened ? and they answered I did not go, I did not go!!

If you must lie, be brief
Toria had been friends with Gift for so long, infact they were like sisters. They practically did everything together and most people wished they had what they both shared.
One time, Gift's boyfriend now ex though had cheated on her and the way Toria stood up for her, one would think that she was the one whose boyfriend had betrayed her.
Toria's relationship with her boyfriend was growing stronger by the day and then jealousy slowly crept in as Gift was not happy with the fact that she was not as lucky as Toria with relationships. She felt she had to do something about it. She started calling Toria's boyfriend to tell him so many bad things about her. Andrew knew better than to believe Gift. He told Toria about the whole thing and even showed her their chats. Toria could not believe her best friend could do that to her so she decided to confront her.
Gift denied everything and was really upset that Toria would believe Andrew over her. She lied so much that Toria's ears hurt badly that she screamed 'oh please! If you must lie make it short'. And that was the end of their friendship.

Arthur left the house, leaving behind his wife and little daughter; despite both loved him, Arthur didn't feel happy. His step in the marriage was brief, because it only lasted 9 years, perhaps never adapted to the marital commitment and always remembered with nostalgia their single life until she returned to her. But with that excuse went home and began to revive the single life full of night life, hobbies and enjoyed her money only in the., To the short time he forgot his family. Arthur always justified with lies its decisions

After 10 years the circumstances changed. This time Arthur wanted to return home with his family, probably because he was alone or because they were tired of their single life, or because they did not have enough money. The reasons for Arturo were vague, but things were different, his family for a few days showed him compassion and received it at home but firmly told her: "If you must lie, be brief". They were determined not to allow the excuses or lies of Arturo return to hurt your feelings.


I remember that day when my grandmother left me in charge of her pig farm and told me, she only kills the white pig, not the black one; and I replied: it's fine! But after killing the white I liked using that machine and decided to kill the black one too, put it in the machine and I gave the lever down I enter the living pig through a little window and the other came out stewed ready to eat. In that my grandmother arrives and when seeing what she had done she got angry and scared I grabbed the lever and I went up to return the machine and the pig ran again, I did not want to lie because I had to invent a lot to believe me. That's why if you're going to lie, be brief.

One day Luisito was sitting with his grandmother drinking coffee in the patio of his house and his grandmother took the opportunity to talk a little with him and said: Luisito son, I know you like to lie a lot I can give you advice?
Luisito just laughed and replied: Claro grandma, tell me? and his grandmother said: Have you ever heard the proverb If you're going to lie that it's short?
Luisito doubtfully replies: I think that no grandmother, what does it mean?
And his grandmother affectionately took him by the hand and said: Son, that your lies are never so big that affect others, it is better not to lie than to affect others with lies.
Luisito under his head and said: Granny why are you telling me this? And she smiled and said: Because I already lived it my son.

One day Luisa and her mother were walking to the market and Luisa wanted to eat an apple, but her mother had the exact money for what she had to buy, so when her mother was careless she took one and put it in the pocket of her jacket and he went his way. When he gets home, his mother watches Luisa eat an apple and asks: "Daughter, who gave you that apple?
And she nervously responds: The man who sold it
But since she used to lie to her mother, she did not believe the story, so the next day she went to ask the man who denied giving an apple to a girl and her mother after paying her back to her house to talk with Luisa.
And after giving her advice and punishing her for a week, she told him: If you're going to lie short, luisa, or better yet, never lie.

A sweet old woman was sitting in front of her house when a girl was passing by with her mother who was scolding her for telling lies, that old woman full of wisdom to see that told the girl's mother that if he let her talk to her moment. The mother nodded and the old woman said to the girl:
Why do you like lying so much? the girl not knowing what to say just said: I do not know, is that sometimes I can not tell the truth so that my mom does not get angry
That old woman said: Take this paper, there says "If you're going to lie that is brief" every time you want to lie look at it and think that your mom gets angry more for a lie than for a truth and always be honest
The girl with a smile said: Okay, so I will
From that day the girl did not lie again and every afternoon I went to that sweet old woman who helped her to be an honest girl.

My niece Susan is an 11 year old girl, she has been very restless since she was little, she breaks everything, touches and makes a mess. It's amazing but always says that she never does anything, always walks with a story when something happens, disguises with lies what she does. Several days ago at school she had an accident, she was in a kikimbol practice but the teacher left them alone for a moment and she decided to ride on the stage of the school that is a little high, she started to run with her classmates and he fell hitting his spine and arm. The teacher immediately called us to tell us what happened and take her to the hospital, she could not move, we thought the worst but thank God it was just a scare. Susan was pale she did not find that to tell us when we asked her what she was doing there, she went out with her story as always inventing her stories of never ending with lies instead of being brief. That is a defect that I would like to take away because when he says the truth we do not believe him.

Alexis is a neighbor I've known for many years. He's a hard-working man and he has a rubber company that is taken care of by him, his children and his wife. This great friend has a defect; It's good to lie, 100 words 80 are lies. Everyone in our community knows what he is like and we call him a fresh lie. Days ago I meet again with my brother who had many years that he did not see, he has told a story that the mayor of the municipality had transferred a billion Bolivares, which we know is a lie because we know it. My brother surprised by so many lies tells him, my friend is not going to bother but if you are going to keep telling me lies, I will be brief.

Sofía a very applied and obedient girl, her teacher entrusted her with a written work of investigative type, and since at home she does not have internet or any type of device that connects to him she had to go to the library to look for some books in order to be able to she did her job, there was no complication to arrive or ask for the books, the afternoon passed and she was halfway through her work and she was already impatient because they were going to close the library but the very nice lady offered to take the books and I will bring them tomorrow morning, offer that Sofia accepted without thinking, I spend more midnight but I finally manage to finish, the next day I give the work but it takes more than a week to deliver the books to the lady of the library, which led her to lie at the time of returning the books by making an excuse that she had health problems and the very innocent lady to see the speech of Sofia believed it, in the end she was saved from the proches.[Bill.Branson.Public.Domain].jpg


Well my story is something that has happened recently and is the story of a courtship in time of economic crisis in a country, although you should know my country (Venezuela) is going through a serious situation in which the minimum wage is 2.42 USD and a liter of milk costs 0.42 USD, I meant it to be short and to enter into emphasis I have a relationship of 1 year and 7 months with a girl I met in a different state from mine with 2 hours away. She moved to the capital of my country since most of the free universities are there and her father lives here, she decided to move for studies but the truth is that the situation in which we live is very alarming in her house. They gave her food and they were not paying attention to her so she took the initiative to tell her to move to my house so she could eat so I must lie with my parents every day since they help us by saying that if I have eaten so that they give food to my girlfriend so she can feed herself while I feed myself with what little I can raise from steemit.

"Gbenga, what is happening? You've been acting strange all week", I asked him.
"Nothing", he said
Gbenga never hid anything from me, we've been partners for years even before we got married. We talked about anything and everything.
I asked again, he still stood his ground but he was carefully avoiding my eyes. I knew he was hiding something from me.
"Gbenga, look me in the eye", I demanded
"You want to know the truth?" he shouted back
"Here it is", he was calm this time
"I sense something at work, I think I'm going to be laid off. Not just me, Mark also, we've been writing to different companies, including companies in Dubai"
I was believing his story, even began to empathize with him, but he blew it. When he mentioned Mark and Dubai, I knew it was a cooked up story. If only he had stuck with the "laid off from work" path, he'd had sold his story perfectly.
Gbenga would never work in Dubai and Mark just got a raise.
"Liar, liar" I shouted at him.
Then he said it, "I can't believe you slept with Mark", you lying cheat.
OMG! How did he know

If you must lie, be brief
Eddy had always known he had one of the worst jobs imaginable. He was always patronized by the most annoying customers, who mostly just wanted someone to vent their frustration on and his pay could only be described as laughable. He wanted to leave but not empty handed, so he made an arrangement with a rather shady acquaintance to rob the store where he worked. It was all planned perfectly.
Eddy played his part as the frightened attendant almost too well. Soon after it was all over and his partner had safely made it to their rendezvous point. The police arrived at the scene and found everyone lying face down. They scanned the entire area to find clues which could help in their search for the robber but it was all to no avail so they went ahead to ask the witnesses a few questions which included Eddy.
Can you identify the suspect? Any features you can remember? Asked the officer. No! I guess not, he continued. I had something in my eyes,he answered all the while sweating profusely. This had the officer believing Eddy had something to do with it and later his apprehension.

The house felt quiet and out of life as he came in, where is Bella? he asked himself, he dropped his suitcase and went into the kitchen but she wasn't there, maybe she had gone to get groceries from the nearby supermarket he thought to himself as he went up the stairs.

As the water rinsed the soap lather out of his body, he felt cleansed from the hard work of the day, he wore his robe and slipped his legs into his slipper and headed down to the kitchen, he was too hungry and focused on the fridge to notice the figure beside it.

It was Bella, she had a gun in her hand and tears in her eyes. Did you have to lie about the fact that you were married already?

Lanre turned back, he was shocked and terrified "what are you doing Bella?" You should have asked this before the day you lied and vowed to be with me till the end of our lives. She pulled the trigger before he could say another word. As he took his last breathe, she whispered in his ears "If you must lie, be brief about it."

Cindy was not like other children, she was a lot smarter than most children her age. So many people were astonished by her incredible language skills, even her parents were surprised at how quickly she had learnt to talk. She had a lot of good qualities which she was constantly commended for but her temper was not one of them. There she was sitting in class one day when the teacher points at her to answer a question which she knew the answer to but refused to say a word because she thought the question was beneath her. She could hear the boy behind her giggle. The bell rang for break and all the children began to run outside. Cindy took the opportunity to smack the boy behind her as hard as she could and left there quickly. The boy went straight to the teacher to report and Cindy was called and asked if she really hit the boy to which she replied no. She's lying, the boy said. Cindy couldn't help but say it's your fault you got smacked, you little twit. By this time Cindy had realized she was in trouble and would be punished severely.

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If you must lie, be brief. That’s how the old saying goes. Unfortunately sometimes life doesn’t always play by these rules...

Henry returned from his weekend away “with the boys,” which in fact was not the case; he had been away with his personal assistant, Rosella. They had a fling.

Henry and Rosella admitted their error to each other and decided to put the incident behind them. Since it was a once off event Henry easily suppressed his deceitful deed.

Marsha, Henry’s wife would often casually ask him after love making, “Would you ever cheat on me?” To which Henry would promptly and briefly respond, “Of course not! Why would you even think a thing like that?”

For many weeks life continued normally; but all that was about to change. Rosella was completely out of sorts when she reached the office one morning. “What’s wrong?” asked a concerned Henry. “I’ve been to my doctor last night and I’m pregnant with your child,” tears filled her eyes.

Henry felt the blood drain from his face. His lies to Marsha would now be exposed. Henry’s world was falling apart.

Often the brevity of truth trumps the brevity of lies - hands down!

We had been dating for a year now and i knew that i loved this guy. All my time in college i shy away from guys because i was scared of emotional break down. But here i was ,feeling like the luckest girl in the world . I had a great job , healthy parents and siblings and above all, a great guy.
I had moved in with seyi and we were having a nice time getting to know each. It had been 2 months staying together and truthful it wasnt easy but i still loved my man. Wehad sex regularly but seyi started asking for anal and i didnt understand why. "I just want us to be adventurous " . I had never imagined been involved with anal sex but it seemed to be a big deal for him. Finally my heart got broken one afternoon i came home to find seyi in bed with another youngman. I just stared and to my surprise he was trying to explain. Well if you are gonna lie , just make it quick cos we're over anyways. I that's how i got my heart broken the first time


On my way to church, I bumped into an old friend of mine, We chatted for a while, exchanged numbers before we departed. We spoke on phone and decided to hang out again.
After months of several dates with Mary, she insisted on coming to my house. I got home, furnished my room with borrowed belongings before her arrival.
She got home made herself comfortable, as we were about making love, some hefty men sent by the landlord broke my door and collected the sound system I borrowed from my friend, all because I was owing a year rent. As if that wasn't bad enough, I sited my neighbor from the window coming to collect his gas back. I quickly left the house and told him to follow the back door to collect his gas. While I was sneaking through the back door to assist him in carrying his gas from the kitchen, Mary went looking for the restroom and bumped into us. Mary feeling so dissapointed left the house and I ran after her to explain to her that her supposed rich guy is a pauper.
She looked me and said

"if you must lie, make it brief".

Surprised I felt that day that I went to visit my girlfriend and whoever opened the door was her best friend. There she was in very sensual and insinuating clothes. To make things worse while delicately sliding her fingers down my leg she whispers to me that my girlfriend is not at home and that we are alone. Looking at me while licking her lips tells me that she has always wanted me and wants to make love with me. Immediately I stood up and walked determinedly to the door. At that moment I saw my girlfriend hidden among the curtains... It was a test¡ She hugged me excitedly and told me to forgive her for distrusting me. What she and her friend will never know is that I was going to look for the condoms I had left in my car.

Lies are inconsistencies in speech which are untrue, deceptive and misleading.

My uncle Timothy fell awesomely well into this category of liars, but his limiting factor was his inability to remember anything said to him. He suffered acute dementia (loss of memory) for over a decade since the death of his wife Imelda.

There were several instances when uncle made a lie that got him hooked, one of the instances that got him into trouble was when he deceived a senior Police officer that he was an importer of Suits who travelled every month, facilitating his businesses across the world.

He was given a large amount of money to transact a business in Dubai, he misused the money, completely forgetting he was ever sent on an errand. It was few weeks before the policeman's wedding that reality dawned on my uncle what mess he was in.

He was arrested and charged to court, at the court he kept making statements which contradicted the audio recording the police had as evidence against him.

Today marks one year in prison for him, as I sat thinking about uncle all I could say within me was if you must lie, be brief


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I was spending most of the time on the phone. Yes I was talking to a boy. We met at the school gate after exams. It's was the summer holiday and I can't see him until school resumes. I was pretty much in love with him and wanted to see him. Just then he told me his parents were travelling and he had the house to himself and wanted me to visit. I wanted to but my parents. So after hours of deep thinking. I came up with a plan and immediately went to meet my mom, I told her my friend's sister was having her wedding and I couldn't miss it since she will be leaving the country after the wedding. I made sure it was a friend mom was familiar with. She agreed and I took off the next day. On getting there, my battery was drained and I couldn't contact mom. She was so worried she had to get my friend's number and called to confirm if I arrived safely but I wasn't there and there was no wedding... My little brief lie is all ruined and I need another one to save myself

Nice one let's do it.


Mary was about to leave the restaurant, she had waited more than two hours, when suddenly George appeared, disheveled, his shirt messy and stained with lipstick.

— Honey, Im so sorry for being so late, you won’t believe how hard it has been for me to get here — George told Mary, while he's arranging his shirt

— On my way here, some clowns closed the street and stopped traffic to complain and then things got hard when I told them to let me through. They were many of them and they sprayed water and then confetti at me, so I got angry and started to beat them, other drivers left their cars and they fight them too, then the police came and fortunately I manage escape without being notice.

Angry and unbelieving Mary answered

— If you must lie, be brief. It's over George. I don’t want to see you anymore

As much as George swore that everything he said was true, Mary left without looking back.

Mary came home crying, tv was showing news about the great strike carried out by the circus against the big television networks ending up in a big fight against angry drivers

"He was my very good friend. We never quarreled for once, so what cause do I have to hurt him, talk more of killing him?

"We grew up together. I can't count how many times he'd saved me from trouble and how many times I've returned the favor. It's quite appalling that I should be standing here, being tried for the murder of my best friend..."

The defendant went on and on ranting for minutes on how he was very innocent. The more he spoke, the clearer it became to the judge that he wasn't entirely telling the truth.

"...And I killed him for sleeping with my lover" the defendant concluded after a long narrative.

There was a loud gasp from the crowd.

"Umm.. I meant... Erm... I could have killed him for sleeping with my lover..."

More gasps.

"Sorry, I _couldn't have killed him for sleeping with my lover... Slip of the tongue your honor."

But the judge didn't need to be told at this point that the defendant was not innocent.

"A good liar doesn't talk much" the judge said calmly.
"If you must lie, be brief."

And with that, he went ahead to give his verdict.

The life of a designer.

The most ambitious 22-year-old boy named Carlos was a great designer and also very creative and responsible with his designs. Life was spent in front of his computer because he always had work pending, but if he did not work he would not have money to cover his expenses, so he had no choice but to design and design. He always delivered his pending designs the day and at the established time. Of course, he never revealed his secret to be fast and efficient, he liked everyone to get their methods and to create their work routines according to their needs. I had a 17 year old brother, attracted by this artistic world of design but a little more daring. One night Carlos turned off the lights of his room and said he would sleep to wake up early and continue his designs, but his brother after several hours went to the room to spy a while, and to his surprise, he sees Carlos on the computer designing and It was 3 am. His brother quickly deduced: "He always says he'll go to sleep but he keeps designing behind the scenes, it's his secret to be more responsible".