STACH Short Story Contest #29: 199 words, 5 winners, 15SB prize pool!

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Hello Everyone, @kingst here with the announcement for the STACH Short Story Contest #29.

What is a Short Story.

A short story is a story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel. It makes use of plot, resonance, and other dynamic components to a far greater degree than is typical of an anecdote. You can read it in less than 90 seconds.

Contest Rules:

•Write a Short Story based on the topic that will be given every week.
•Write an Original Short Story (Plagiarism will be flagged and reported).
•The Story must contain no more than 199 words.
•One entry per user.
•Story should be pasted in the comment section below, no links.
•Contestants are permitted to post their stories in an article on their blog, so they also get upvotes from the @stach trail.

Winners Selection.

Winners will be selected based on the topic, story plot, number of words and delivery as determined by the selected Judge. One word above 199, disqualifies the entry.

Contest Topic.

Write a 199 words story based on **DOWN ON BENDED KNEES.


FIVE winners will be selected for a share of the 15SBD. The story with the most interaction gets a 1SBD prize from @ejemai.
First Prize: ----------------------4SBD
Second Prize: ------------------3.5SBD
Third Prize: ---------------------3SBD
Fourth Prize: -------------------2.5SBD
Fifth Prize: ----------------------2SBD

Good luck guys!
Sharpen your writing skills and throw in some inspiring short stories. XO!


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Childhood and old age / alpha and omega
One cool morning, I was sitting at the bus stop with my old father, who was carrying a cane, but still clinging to my arm.
I could already see in him a fragility that moved me.
He said quietly, "I feel safer with you.
I remembered what my father's life was like, which is probably like any other parent's life. He took care of me, taught me how to walk. Then he shared my studies, celebrated my successes and was saddened by my defeats.
It is touching to see how, as time goes on, everything changes until there comes a time when it seems like everything is similar at first.
The unstable pace, the fear, in some cases the inability to fend for oneself, are common ground between childhood and old age. At the beginning of our lives, as well as at the end of the road, we desperately need those around us.
Today, on my knees in front of my parents' tomb, I thank God for how good they were.


Nice job, congratulations on writing such a personal story in so few words.


I'm glad you like me.

Thank you very much


beautiful story


Thank you very much


Very emotional and touching. Nice job.

Be obedient

One cold, dark night the grandmother was attending to her husband who had a fever, they were living in a cabin not far from the village, for those days they had their 12 year old grandson Euclid visiting them.
Grandmother asked Euclid to go to the village to buy medicine for her grandfather, she explained to him to take the main route that he should not take shortcuts for any reason as it was very dangerous.
Euclid immediately left for the village, halfway through he forgot what his grandmother told him and looked for a shortcut to get there faster, after 5 minutes of walking he felt that some men were following him, he ran scared and went into the woods by the side of the road, Euclid with his knees bent over hid behind some bushes and managed not to be seen by the thieves.
As he managed to take the main road again, he arrived in the village, bought the medicine and returned happily to his grandparents' hut.
He told his grandmother what had happened to him and, crying, I swear he would never disobey her again.

Perseverance and discipline to succeed

Pedro had a very humble family and since he was 5 years old his father took him to a public baseball school, he learned to play all the positions on the pitch, the one he was most passionate about was the catcher.
As the years passed, Pedro was very good and was always chosen to play for his school selection. His dream was to play in the big leagues.
Pedro's father had a job in a factory where he earned a minimum wage that was only enough to eat and pay for household services, but he always managed to make sure his son Pedro never missed baseball practice.
When Pedro turned 16, he was hired by a major league baseball club. His dream came true and today he always plays with his knees bent in the position of cácher as the team's starter.
All this is thanks to the discipline and constancy of Pedro since he was a child and the unconditional support of his family, especially his father.

The Crime

The police quickly came to the hotel room, they came to the emergency call of a woman who had been stabbed by her partner. They knocked down the door and found the woman dead in bed, the air conditioning duct was open.

The detective looked through the rectangular hole and noticed two lines that cleaned the dust and extended along the pipeline, the attacker had escaped crawling through the pipeline, then and surely he had to be in one of the adjoining rooms. When the detective arrived in the next room a man opened the door, he was wearing shorts and his knees were dusty, he had escaped crawling on bended knees.


When Josef was born it was a miracle for his parents. Amanda and Charles got married, both were 36 years old, having a child for Amanda at that age was dangerous but the desire to be a mother was more than the medical risks of getting pregnant.

Amanda and Charles tried to have a baby for about 5 years, but due to medical complications Amanda lost the baby a few months later. Sad and hopeless were about to give up and look for other alternatives such as adoption when an aunt of Amanda advised him not to give up and have faith.

Amanda listened to her aunt and went to the church where she was baptized and had not walked in more than 10 years. He prayed and promised the Virgin Mary that if she managed to have a child she would go all the way from her house to the church on her knees.

Amanda had a baby. When Josef met his first year, Amanda kept his promise to walk the church to his knees, no matter that at the end of his journey his knees were tanned by the dirty street, because his faith was renewed.

Martha's Knees

Martha, 58, is very distressed because she can't bend her knees, the pain is very intense and unpleasant, she can hardly move, the pain she sometimes causes leaves her prostrate, she has already seen her doctor.

Martha: Doctor, doctor, my knees hurt so much.

Doctor: Martha, the legs are the support of the human body, there the whole weight of a person rests, that's why the cartilages of the hips and knees begin to wear out, with the years, the doctor proceeds to indicate treatment for the pain.

As the days go by, the pain calms down but does not solve the problem, when the treatment ends the pain persists and becomes stronger and stronger, Alicia, a friend of Martha's, comments.

Martha, my grandmother took a powerful herbal remedy that completely regenerates the cartilage, taking it for a very short time, I will explain to you so you can do it alone, using the mixture of a tablespoon of Sage, rosemary, thyme, mint or mint, plus a liter of water.

Bring the water to the boil and add the herbs, after 5 minutes remove them and let them rest for 20 minutes, then take them to the refrigerator. You will take this drink twice a day, once on an empty stomach and once before bedtime. This will be enough to eliminate the pain from your joints. Do it and drink it with much faith.

After 15 days Martha visits her friend Alicia and thanks her for feeling like a girl of twenty years old, until she was invited to do yoga, which she had stopped practicing for years.

Practicing Yoga changes lives.
A bohemian and charming young woman, an architect by profession one day decided to leave everything, work, friends, family, country in search of something that really filled her life. That's how in a distant country he began to practice yoga where she got that magical touch that was missing in her life. The change was not only physical but spiritual, finding the perfect balance between mind, body and spirit. She knew love and together they enjoy this hobby that has now become her job. Now she is a yoga instructor for people with no age limit and note how this practice helps people in their lives, because they learn to manage stress, improve their concentration levels through meditation and achieve a state of total fulfillment. Among the most recommended positions are:
LOTUS: Sitting with your back straight, knees bent and feet crossed over your thighs, hands together towards the sun. It helps to improve meditation.
CHAIR: Standing up, arms straight up vertically palms together, knees bent aligned with the feet and the body lowered keeping the back straight aligned with the arms. It helps to lose weight and maintain balance.

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The miracles of God

A man afflicted with an illness, disillusioned with life decides not to socialize, no longer wanted to receive visits from family or friends. One day his granddaughter went to see him on the day of the parents and gave him a picture of the Divine Child Jesus and said: "Grandpa, you can not lose hope, let alone faith; When you are sad or you feel alone, enter your room and bending your knees and joining your hands in prayer, tell the Divine Child what ails your heart and fervently asks for the miracle you want to do in your life. At night when he went to sleep, he remembered the words of his granddaughter. He got up, looked for the little picture of the Divine Child; next to his bed he bent his knees, together his hands and conversing with God he asked for the miracle of his healing. Although it has not happened yet, God has been giving peace to his heart and in his family they have noticed the change that his life has given because he understood that only bending knees before God and placing all his problems at his feet have a solution.


In the 2014 World Cup of Soccer Brazil, a surprising move took place, a break in the knees made everyone at the Maracana Stadium vibrate. It was the eighth final, the match between the teams of Colombia and Uruguay was played, in the 47th minute of the second half the Colombian team was winning 1-0 and the defensive midfielder of the Colombian team, Abel Aguilar, made a pass with a knee and waist break to the Uruguayan player, The ball pass was received by the offensive midfielder James Rodriguez, of the Colombian national team, who stopped the ball with his chest and also made a knee break with the intention of having a half volley that generated a powerful shot to the Uruguayan arch, hitting the top post and entering the goal, without the Uruguayan goalkeeper Diego Moslera could prevent the goal. This great move with a broken knee gave the Colombian team the qualification to the next stage of the World Cup. FIFA chose this goal as the best of the year 2014.

In this match, Colombia's national team won 2-0 because of the fabulous knee breaks of their players.


The walking girl

niña sonambula.jpg

How is it possible that my daughter wakes up every day with her pajama pants on her dirty knees? Little Karina's mother wondered every morning. Every night, at bedtime, he had the same routine: dine, bathe, and go to sleep after a glass of warm milk. Determined to discover what was happening, one night she stayed outside her room expecting to hear a sound to enter and know how to get dirty. Near dawn he listens when the door of the room opens and the girl comes out, still with her eyes closed. Her mother tries to wake her up, but she does not listen to her and follows her wherever she goes. Go down the stairs and exit through the main door of the house. Walk to the horse stables and start walking through each cubicle of each animal and return to your room. Since then, the mother pays more attention to her daughter and places her more securely at the doors of the house.


A family of father, mother and son, who always cared about the education of their son to be generous and never discriminate against another person by color, race, this child named Jesus grew helping others, every time he had the opportunity, with Love did it, because that was learned from his parents and it was the education he received. Her birthday arrived, the gift was a weekend and she enjoyed several wishes, such as going to a fun park, eating ice cream, gifts and cutting out the birthday cake. When they return home they have an accident where their parents die and they run out of family, sad and in the street, where what they received was contempt, something that was not their education, one day already tired, not wanting to live, with tanned knees and in poor condition; a man approaches him, says: son, let's go home, there I have food, a lot of clothes for you, you know, I lived like you in the street, my parents always instilled me, I helped your neighbor as yourself, what Jesus answered, so feu my education, thank you very much.



A very young child goes to work; The first thing that got up was to thank God for one more day of life! and he raised his hands with gratitude! He left with his box, his name is pitter ... his position was in a mall, the one who came asked him to polish his shoes ... And he left them polished and the customers were very happy ... while the boy He was polishing his boots. Canto was happy with what he was doing, when he received the money, the first thing he said, thank you, Diositos, I sleep with you and I get up blessed. When he finished his work, he went home and arrived very tired, either sitting or, sometimes, kneeling. She polished her client's boots and her knees were swollen, she was tired of fatigue and did not have time to apply ointment on her knee, she woke up and went to work ... she did not have time to eat breakfast and she could not stand her tiredness, I was tired, I rested a little and realized that I had to have time for him ... work was his responsibility. It's time to spread ointment on the knees!!!

images (1).png


“You have thirty seconds to open this door willingly or we will take it down.”

Kane froze on hearing this. Regaining his composure, he quickly peeped out the window and saw the squads parked outside, with guns pointed in his direction. He realized there would be no escape this time around.
Previously, he had been a secret agent, working for the government. But over time, he became disillusioned. When some officials orchestrated an attack that killed more than ten thousand people, and blamed it on an infamous terrorist group, he could not stomach it any longer.
Putting together files that would show everyone how callous the government was, he sent it to lots of news stations, both local and foreign. For the past two months, he had been on the run from a vindictive government who wanted him dealt with. But today was not his lucky day.
Members of the secret service barged in, forced him to his knees and placed a gun to his head. Down on his knees, he thought back to all he had done as atonement for the wrongs he had perpetrated and had no regrets.


This is amazing bro.
I almost wish the story was complete, as this could be the plot for an amazing spy movie or something.

Great job coming up with something like this.
I wish I could start my write-up over again. Maybe I'd have written something that hints at action too.


@originalworks ought to upvote this too.

Your submission is nicer than mine.
Well done!


Thank you @paragon99 and @tellafriend for your comments. I'm glad you found this piece a good one.

"The dog with its paw broken"
A puppy suffers a lot for having his bad patas, and was walking the streets; the people who walked, what they did was ignore it, until one day a girl who liked many animals and saw it, the dog lying on a wall with its very tender face, was cast and looked at it ... and how He talked to the girl about the dog as if he were a human ... And saying, what you do only for this place and where is your owner, and what the dog did was complain and moan. The girl saw from the sides and did not know anyone and what she did was grab the dog and I took it to her house, when she got home she put it in her room, hidden from her parents. I look for her in the kitchen to eat, and she had not noticed the bad leg of the dog ... she became sad and crying. I cleaned his wound from his knee; what he did was put a bandage on and he was very happy !!!

Sin títulomariji.png

The Old School

Today, education and treatment of children in our homes and schools is done following established norms and laws, although years ago this would only have been a dream.
This is the case of Leonor, an eleven-year-old elementary school student, who was very excited that day as always to her school in the rural community where she lived. The teacher gave them a surprise evaluation where the majority knew how to respond. But she and a group of classmates did not have the same luck. Then Miss Juliana took them to the patio, it was a sunny day, the stones of the pavement gleamed warmed by the sun's rays and forced them to kneel on them as punishment for their ignorance. The moans and cries did not move at all to that cruel and improvised executioner. When they got up they saw their innocent knees with big blisters while they listened to the incessant scolding. From that bitter experience was only the pain and the "learning" never to stop memorizing the lesson. Today, at 75 years old Leonor does not stop remembering it.
That girl was my mother and all this really happened.

Eran realmente cruel :'(

December 16, a normal day, boring, sunny and without news, at least that Nickel thought, it turns out that after all the Ricketters if they managed to sell the house and the new neighbors arrived that day. Annoyed to do anything, Nickel from his room observes how the things of the truck go down, and as soon as he turned to see the car of the new neighbors, the most sexy girl in the world went down, what he always saw in his brother's adult magazines: big breasts, voluminous legs, flat abdomen and a pretty face, but this girl was not far, was next. On December 20 her family leaves home, he has not stopped thinking about her, the new girl about to bathe plays music, and Nickel knows what it means, takes his binoculars, and observes very enthusiastic, so much that he gets very close to the window and he fall, the girl from the bathroom listens and runs to help him, was in a robe, agitated she asked Nickel where it hurt, said: "DOWN ON BENDED KNEES.", while she pampered him and he saw up close her breasts ... he thought this was the best Christmas.


There was a king who always had a party in his city. On the day of the celebration everyone tried to wear their best outfit. With great cacophony and singing voices, people entered through the gardens of the party hall. The king welcomed everyone present and gave the voice to start the dance. Meanwhile, along the way, the man known by the city was seen coming as the cripple of the hills. He was an impossible man of his legs, who only allowed himself to be dragged and moved with his hands and the trunk of his body. arriving at the gates of the palace, they gave notice to the king, who, going out, saw the legless man and ordered his servants to help him and to place him at the banquet table. Everyone present was amazed. The king ordered that the food be served and on his right side was the crippled leg, who had his knees quite damaged from crawling on the road. The cripple enjoyed the party and the banquet occupying a prestigious place at the table of the Great King.


It was a bittered woman with hatred, a woman in pains and a woman being influenced by hurt. Her eyes were swollen in devastated tears, her mouth could not speak anymore because of her fragility. She was pierced right through her healthy heart when she saw me, her loving husband cheat on her. I knew I was the negative surrounding and betrayal. She needed not to accuse me, have accused myself before then. It saddens me that, whenever I looked into her eyes, I was the reason for that anguish and horror movie. It aggravated to a decision of leaving the house which I built as a rememberance of our perfection, but at this moment, I looked at the mirror and saw my mistakes egoistically dancing in me.

I ran to her to show my sadness of how sorry I was but it was to no avail, until I went down on bended knees and I remembered in our youthful age, she did crave for remorseful acts. On my bent knees, she looked into my eyes with a feeling of the person she loved in her teens and hopefully went back into the house.
"I gasped in joy"


Yes, my grandmother says that sinners go to hell and I say that we all go to the same place once we are dead: to the cemetery. My knees dirty are now bleeding because the imaginary friend thinks my sin is too big and must stay until they decide what my penance ... The court goes to another level, I'm in the final judgment, it smells like candles, singing is heard sinners ... the imaginary friend wants to take me to heaven, I tell you not to waste your time because Aerosmith and took me, drank coffee in the Grail, we ate chocolate on my last dinner while filosofábamos about my stay in Steemit ... while I wait I offer nails - I'm sorry and I have mine... on the walls of the antrum are the photographs of sinners who made history, smells of sin and candles, decide that it is not enough punishment for my stay there, now my judgment is masterful in one place secret. Relaxed I smoke a cigarette I just want to get up and polish my nails. No more! I do not regret my sins, no one forces me to soil my knees.

Tu historia esta alucinante pero tiene más de 199 palabras. Te recomiendo editar.


I already corregi, Thanks for watching Juan, I forgot to include the title of the story.


Muy bien! 199 exactas.


Thanks for being pending Juan, Then I'll tell you who they compared me to with this script... :)


A la orden...


At the entrance to the town, the Honor Guard waves the flags of the Crown. The clarion opening a martial dance, the brilliant fusil contrasts with the cavalry. They try to instill respect and admiration in the inhabitants; But at the same time fear...

They drag a rebel with a rope around his neck, the knots stop his breathing and the skinning leaves a bloody trail.

Kneeling they take him to the hands of the executioner: This man refused to kneel before the King! For this reason he will die hanged!...

...And they gave him the last word:

_ I want to make a clarification before you!; Who should live kneeling? A common man, chosen by the Creator to reign on the face of the earth? or a false King, political instrument, who worships his personality...? Man entrusts the destiny of his people to the King and he has to respond with humility. Therefore, neither have to kneel front the other...

I have finished, proceed!

The executioner raised his sable and in one thrust with the edge, he hit the rope, cutting it in two parts...
Then he said:
The execution is defer by The King's Order!
You are free...


Again, locked in my room! Patching broken pants.
My knees are discarded, just like these Jeans...

͟ ͟͟ "Rob Tyler, you're an idiot... The greatest of idiots..."

I will write down the pending things:

  • Review the Manual Acceleration System of the car
  • Pass by the Administration of the Department of
    for my check
  • Call Mike's wife to find out about her health

͟ "Damn Baghdadi! You condemned Mike to eat for
a Probe; not to mention me... hic! "

...Oh, I forgot it!,

  • Go to the store for my Jack Daniel's Tennessee,
    I could not live without you Dear, hic!

How a man kneels in his own house, kneeling, like a penitent!

͟ "I should have died standing up that day, so as not
to walk today with grimy knees..."

Cheers! I offer for the USA and for this Purple Heart... hic!

͟ "Iraq, you took part of my body, but not my Republican feeling..."

After four years, I do not forget that radio message:

"Command Cobra 5!, Attention, Alpha 3 Code!
We need a doctor, two wounded soldiers...
Hand grenade explosion;
Colonel Mike Spencer opens abdominal injury,
Sergeant Rob Tyler partial mutilation of lower limbs..."


Cases between couples has always been on the fore front of court cases here in my country Waconia. The judiciary isn't even helping matters due unnecessary prolonging of judgement and incessant strikes.

This particular case was a, dramatic type, the husband filed a case for divorce on grounds of infidelity but the woman said no she wasn't . Truly speaking, it was a tough case.

After hours of exchange of words and shouting by the presiding judge, the case was adjourned to a month's time. After the session that afternoon, the man's wife could be spotted on bended knees crying to almost every judge to help beg her husband.

I had never seen a thing like that before!


My brother so you are here?.. Lol
Great story you've got there.

I Am Sorry

"Please, please, please... Don't go this way. Don't leave me to myself. I am just another imperfect. I promised you the world, I did, but please stay."

These words I spoke to reverse a spill, but it seemed too late. A thousand voices echoed in my head - "you should have, or could have, or did, or do, or done, or wait, or just forget it, and her, and who is she, or thinks she is..." every word but an apology.

My ego blinded me. But now I've realized how differently things would have turned, had I said - I'm sorry.

Now I am on bended knees, in front of your door, wishing you could open up and hear me say the words I should have said... "I am sorry". And I would never walk again till you hear me out and raise me back on my two feet - for I have paced back and forth enough to learn these words to say to you... I am sorry.

The best days are those spent in doing good even to the most undeserving. I do not wish to write very long essays but share with you an experience.

I lost my dad a long time ago and my uncles got up to rob us our lawful entitlements. It was a terrible tussle, blood was shed, allegations designed, it was no small issue. We were massively abused until I was able to break out and succeed.

This is my story, today they are all regretting all they did and I had to raise them from their bended knees and place them in royalty.

How do you treat people?


Great lesson of forgiveness to be learnt from your story.. Mr. Speaker.
That goes to show that you are a man of no less repute.
I am Michael Emmanuel a lawyer from Uyo. Nice to have you here sir. @onofiokluke

From atop the citadel, Zus watched his empire face annihilation. His walls had fallen, his warriors were dying, in a matter of moments, it would be the end of everything three generations of kings had built. He did not fear for himself, for his father had taught him to never fear death. And surely he would die. He feared for his people, the wives whose husband’s had been slaughtered, the children who would become slaves. He feared for the looting, raping and burning that would occur once he fell. A tear dropped. The first one in years. It was then that Zus knew the true meaning of despair. He had no options to save his people, he was out of tricks and he had no allies to come to his aid. Zus only had one thing left to do. He left the citadel and as he stepped into the battlefield, everything seemed to slow down. He walked forward, weaving between his men, watching them die, watching them fall. He walked until he was in front of his enemies and he did what no one expected. He went down on bended knees and surrendered himself that his people may live.

hello here my entry to the contest stach greetings to @sndbox and @stach exelente contest continue forward and success to the participants

At around 6:30am that morning Emilia was awakened by the resounding heavy knock at the door in the hotel room where she lodge. It was James. He had to come that early so he would catch up with her and have the chance to speak out before she would leave for the train station.

"My dear..." he started "I could not bear the pains and regretful feeling of holding my pillows tight all through the night. Every moment without you makes me feel like a butterfly that has lost its wings. Can we please go back to the place where we started, the days our days our love was strong and fresh as new tapped palm wine. I am begging you to come back to me I swallow my pride... I am sorry.
images (19).jpg
Am not gonna point the blame fingers at you anymore. I take responsibility for everything that went wrong and I hence promise be sensitive to your feelings and be fair to all concerned. Am down on bended knees... Please forgive me and give a another chance to make it right with you. I love you so much..."

The life of Joseph
Lucia died giving birth to her son José, staying with her father, who threw him into the street when he was 14 years old, for getting bad grades in school.
José decided to never stop going to school, and move on. From then on, he worried about studying, finding a safe place to sleep, and finding the daily bread.
One afternoon José was passing by his father's house, knocking on the door, and his father came out annoyed, Telling him it's better that you go away, I'm not your father. José without saying anything, left sad for not having a family.
Arriving at the garbage dump, Jose gets into the trash, and finds hard bread, kneels under his dirty knees saying: thank you God for the bread of every day, for your incomparable protection, I only ask you strength to overcome everything.
José never gave up, and 7 years later he became a teacher, the most loved, intelligent and kind of the people. He gave his heart to God, for the gratitude of having changed his life, and gave him strength of spirit. And I forgive his father, for having thrown him into the street without compassion.

Down on bended knees


Oh God give me the reason why he won't understand.
I'm down on bended knee.

This was the cry of miss julieth on her 29th birthday.
She was distressed and didn't know what to say, yet she summoned courage and went to her fiance that sunday morning.
It was a misunderstanding about understanding themselves.
She didn't want to quarel no more.
It was proper i knelt down she thought in her shallow mind. Remember what friends told you she thought again and again how awkward it might look.

It is not self esteem that exalts a relationship,she concluded.
Up her heels she went knocked
Just before he could open his mouth.
Miss julieth was down on her bended knee.
Frank could not control the tears and both were down on bended knee and rose to live happily ever after.

Michael is a very old man, who always tells anecdotes and stories to his grandchildren, whom he adores, so that they learn to give value to everything they possess and emphasizes that the work must be done in a way that produces the best results.

In the memories that come to mind of Michael, one is related to the work done by his ancestors in the plantations of coffee and cocoa that existed for the colonial era, where work was hard and exhausting, subjected to long journeys with very little salary and exposed to environmental and labor hazards, without protection.

The work in these plantations was very rudimentary. Many times part of his legs sank in swamps, being exposed to the sun for hours, from the knee up, which made the skin of his knees become rough and tanned. All for the benefit of a tyrant and inconsiderate patron who grew richer each day.

Just today, just today I decide to live.

And just today, when Brian feels more lost than ever, when he has fallen into a deep depression, just today when life hits him and the bullying of those who believe more than him, he tortures him without leaving him alone, just today, who tell him that he will achieve nothing in life, because he is from the low world, where people have their knees hardened and their place is misery, just today, when news of the loss of their Father in the bloody war comes, just today that for the first time he cries and does not have a person who can console his sadness, just today he has this great pain accumulated, just today, if as you read, just today, decides to face the life. Today he leaves with a positive mind, without fear of anything, he goes against everything, he wants to live his life. Dream and follow your instincts, fight with your heart towards your goals. Just today, the world was coming, Brian can see the opportunities that arise from misfortunes, just today seeks light within the shadows, turning pain, strength to live.

Excellent friend contest, I am eager to participate, Regards

This is a story about an engineer and his helper..
The story of my life..

1999 when i graduated on a technical school.
And my previous company on which i having an OJT absorb me.
My Manager transfer me on Repair and services Department. Engineer Cueto is my Supervisor, and Boss.
He was a great and full of experience he knows everything.
When ever we go, what ever we do he knows how to fix different technical problem.
But their is one biggest problem i encounter.
He never teach me.
He always left me when its my turn to fix something.
Even i ask him how?
He never teach me.instead he always say
"This is not a school im not here to teach you go back to your school'

It was a biggest challenge in my first job having a selfish supervisor.

Even he fix something he does'nt want to watch him. He always say 'Go there fix something don't watch me im not a television'

It was a challenge for me.
I try to learn on my own,
I worked hard and learn on my own,
Year comes Mr, Cueto retired.
He was more than 60 years old.

And i decided also to find another oportunity.
A much better company.

15 years later i become a shift Engineer on a high rise building.
I handled a people with a wide experience.
When my one staff resign we decided to hire a new team mates.

Almost 30 person applied on a vacant position.
But i choose one.

I assign him as my assitant.
I personally teach him everything.

After a year we become close to each other he treat me as his friend, and i treat him as my friend.

He learn more than he expected because i teach him everything i know.

When December comes our company held a christmas party and invite all including the family.
I was late on that time because of heavy traffic almost 40 minutes late.
When i enter on the event area some one from the event stood up and looked on me, 'smiling'

His son come close to me and introduce his father to me.
'Dad this is Cliff my Supervisor, he is the one i always told to you he is responsible why im good right now, he taught me every thing'

I lean my hand and great his father
' Hi Mr. Cueto it been too long since we are you?
Mr. Cueto only smile at me.

His Son ask me do you know my father?do you know each other..

I answer him 'His my Supervisor before his my boss
Mr. Cueto's son was feeling embarass
I know that because before he always complaining about his father ,
He never teach me "he said before.

Mr.Cueto seem very silent, he bow his head when i try to look on him..

I know Mr. Cueto was feeling Embarass...

And the main reason why i choose him because i want to teach him. Thats the way i can fight back to his father, what his father did to me. He never teach me so i return back i choose his son because i want to teach him and i want him to gain more knowledge.

A teacher takes a hand , opens a mind and touches a heart.
Teaching is the act of sharing the knowledge we have been given by others with hope that someday in some way it again will be passed on...

Thats all...

The Kidnapping

On the morning of August of the year 1925, a humble family lived on the outskirts of a very chilly city. The father of the family looked very drowned in the debts with which his family lived. One day he decided to kidnap the daughter of his boss and with his knees bent stated him, from today I will ask for reward for you so that my family can eat every day. The kidnapped girl's father investigated so much that he deciphered that his daughter was kidnapped by the treacherous worker, and that is when he decides to kidnap his wife, who suffered from a Terminal illness that did not allow him to kneel, in that the kidnapper orders Kneel to the lady and she dies instantly. The next morning the businessman's daughter is released and the father of the family dies of sadness not having his wife alive.

Childhood Innocence
She was only nine years old, she wanted to play, in her innocent world there was nothing wrong.
Making sand houses his new dirty dress, his dirty hands went over him, he was only nine years old and in his innocent world there was nothing wrong.
Her mother did not understand her and a severe punishment applied to her, forcing her to kneel on grains of corn, and crying a lot just saying "Mommy, sorry, Mommy, forgiveness!"
Today she has only memories of that harsh reality, today her daughter got dirty and she just remembered, breathed and smiled, changed her clothes and spoke to her, she did not want to repeat the punishments that made her suffer so much.

Miracles exist
Clous family, the Sra clous housewife, is. clous dedicated to his work of merchant, had two beautiful daughters Sofia and natacha, everything flowed well in harmony, one morning sofia mother rises with discomfort gives you a pill and still the pain is felt more strong, took her to the doctor I had tummy too inflamed, after 2 hours approaching the Dr. says "the girl has problems in the slipped his belly is swollen this advanced disease have to operate emergency" mother says, would Dr what the risk? The stakes are high may die in anguish, desperation, they clung to God and they begged him to help them us we're going to serve but please help us, hope was a 5℅, after a few hours the Dr, says clous family? Leave parents Dr says, was a somewhat complicated success but were able to save her, Emocianados receive great news thanked God for the great miracle, today the clous family belong to a Christian Congregation called "Union and force" wearing messages of faith and miracles that exist

Hola amigos, os dejo mi participación, para que los llene a todos de bendiciones.

Plegaria de curación

Desde el pórtico del templo de la vida, donde el oficiante de turno es el espíritu,

el que todo lo da, y todo lo sustenta. Allí en ese lugar me ubico, prosternado de rodillas frente al atril, donde posan las sagradas escrituras,

para suplicar a mi divino creador y al ejército de sanación mundial, por todo ser viviente enfermo,

para que le devuelva la salud y la vida, como atributo único que le corresponde, como hijo del universo.

Y en su lugar él te promete, luego de rodillas agradecerte, convertirse en un apóstol de la vida, de la caridad y del amor incondicional, por todo ser viviente enfermo.

Y al salir al exterior por los caminos, a brindar una palabra de aliento a todo aquel, que en su sendero se encuentre.

Y a cada paso que dé, sus labios se abran para bendecir, para consolar y sobre todo para enseñar.

Permíteme creador, que a donde quiera que vaya, deje una huella impregnada de amor, de altruismo y de fe.

Infinitas gracias

The panela. (Papelón)
Before starting the story, I must clarify that the panela (papelon) is a traditional Venezuelan sweet that is made of sugar cane and is used to make homemade jams. My father told me that when he was a child he and his brothers liked to eat panela, and they liked it so much that they did it secretly from their mother (my grandmother), when she realized they were eating panela, she decided to put it in a place not visible, so they would not take it, but it was so much the desire to find it and eat it, that they always managed to do it, their mother tired of the boys eating the panela, one day punished them, kneeling them on some soda veneers, and such was the punishment for them that their knees were tanned and battered, since then they left the bad habit of eating the grandmother's papelón.

- down on bended knees

Darling I can't walk again until you come back to me.
I just needed one more chance to prove my love to you.
My love where did we loose our way.
I'm down on bended knees.

Moon light drawn by clouds
still among clowns
oh my pretty princess
come back oh come back
I'm down on bended knees.

True love can never be quenched
Yes not by distance nor doubt
I never realized how much my love was
You left and it was a big hole left
Feel me feel my heart my sorrow for love
I'm down on bended knees.

Be courageous be courageous
That's all my friends say
let go let go it must go
Tomorrow brings a new bride
That is all that echoed through their vocal chords.
I love you I love you
my heart keeps beating
Come back for it was my fault I accept.
My true love if only you understand how I feel.

Yes we quarrelled
Yet we agreed
This was I greater
My love let's agree again
I'm down on bended knees.

Sister Maria

Sister Maria is very dear to all in the small church in which she gathers. She leaves her house very early every day, with a smile in her mouth, greeting all the people.

Maria is a humble woman but that does not prevent her from reaching her church even if she is not close to her; she has a little grandson who always accompanies her since her legs are very long. When she leaves her house they all shout "goodbye Maria" she replies "God bless you".

When Maria arrives at her church, she does not waste time and immediately falls on her knees in her seat. And so the service passes between praises and other things, while Mary does not rise because in prayer she enjoys herself.

Mary's knees are not really beautiful, she has suffered many falls that have scarred her, also prayer has done her part because her corns have been formed on her knees as she prays, so is the little sister Mary always ready to pray and With a big smile, if they look for her in the church where she always attends, surely she will be praying even if she gets scars.

Being nice doesn't hurt, it saves one plenty apologies and needless regrets. Several years ago I was an apprentice with a barbershop and sincerely it wasn't a funny experience. My boss had a strong aversion for me.

I will never forget the day he made me kneel in the rain for two hours, I developed a serious cold that nearly killed me and guess what? I struggled to get to work the next day in the face of very challenging health condition, he had the conscience within him to punish me for an hour doing frog jumps.

I left that shop unhappy, victimized and even without my certificate of completion of the training, neither was my fees refunded.

Few years later, my former boss was wheeled in a chair into the pharmacy I worked, he could not work again. He was also hypertensive and diabetic. The children recognised me immediately and threw themselves on the floor on bended knees, begging and wailing for forgiveness.

Koforidua was a peaceful City in the suburbs, a district in the Republic of Ghana where peasants lived, here Kwame was brought up by the Mensah's family who were just peasant farmers.

They had picked him up on the road as an abandoned child when he was about eight years of age, he grew up in the home of these farmers and even went to school.

Fate shun on him gloriously as he was offered admission to read law in China, he was so intelligent a lad. He returned to Ghana years later and was offered an employment at the national bureau of judicial engagements.

He became very wealthy but never in his whole life did he remember to go say thank you to his former benefactors until one day when he went to a church for a wedding, prophet Boateng called him out of the crowd admonishing him to immediately go and make peace with the fingers that fed him.

The following day he travelled to the village where the Mensah's were living and fortunately they were still there, he threw himself to the ground on bended knees sobbing profusely and blaming everything on the devil.


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With the wave of the electrocardiographic heart monitor stretching into a straight line with a long accompanying beep sound. Segun shook his head readjusted his stethoscope and motion on the nurse to cover little vera up. Sarah couldn't take it as she held the doctor strongly by his shirt with tears in her eyes, she screamed, Doctor!! What's going on? Segun replied I'm sorry Mma, your baby's heart has stopped. And so? What does that mean?..I'm sorry She couldn't make it.Sarah couldn't afford to loose her little angel.
She bent down her knees by the bed side with tears now flowing uncontrollably and cried unto God bitterly. Segun just stood there for awhile and as he shook his head to leave the room. He heard a rhythmic beep of the electrocardiographic heart monitor.. He couldn't believe his ears so he immediately turned to confirmed with his eyes..what he saw was more like a dream, The waves were moving, her heart is now pumbing, How can that be?
He rush down to little vera and with his stethoscope on her little chest.He exclaimed surely there's a God that recognises bended knees

Eternal Regrets

Sammy had been sobbing since morning, he refused to stop. There he was by Felicia's door step wailing and crying.

The wife had caught him red handed in a hotel earlier that day and he was trying to make peace with her, but words failed him because he had nothing to deny nor explain so he simply resorted to sobbing and wailing.

Sammy marriage Felicia during their university days, he was so supported by her through school because she was from a very rich and well to do. Everything he needed as an engineering student was provided by her.

Obviously she was too good to him and deserved only the best, but why are some men so ungrateful I asked?

I immediately walked away from their apartment unnoticed but I have never seen a man weep so much in a long time. Will he ever be forgiven? Who knows if Sammy is still at the gate right now?

Who knows?

I am Peace Jimmy and I have been gruesomely abused, victimized and abandoned by those I loved. My first relationship was about my worst nightmare. I loved Chris with all my heart and soul but he became a living monster overnight .

In 2016 he locked me up and beat me for an hour nonstop for complaining he was cheating on me. I developed serious hatred for men after that incidence. Was it the day he made love to another girl in my presence? Or the monies he got from me to give to his concubines.

The job he did for six years and bought a land and car was a job offered me but I relinquished it to him for love, but all I got was time wastage and heart break.

Last week he came around begging for forgiveness but truly I forgave him and I hope he gets over me because I had moved on.


"Ayo why are you begging me now? "
"Why do you want to come back? What happened to your many concubines? "

I shot at him. I was very hurt and broken, my husband had brought in a strange woman into our matrimonial bed. This wasn't the first time he did but it was never this daring to the extent of coming into the matrimonial home. I began to weep profusely and swore never to remain in such marriage again.

"I would file for divorce " I threatened, but just then I felt Ayo's soft hands begin to romance my back softly. Hmmmmmmmmmm, that was my soft spot. I resisted but guess what? Before I could say jack, we were already naked on bed. Arhhhhhhh!

"Them swear for me? "
Well, after the whole drama I forgave him.
I can't exactly stand the sight of my man weeping on bended knees, although he never valued me till it became too late.

Last year December was one of my best moments in life. It's such a sweet feeling to watch those who abused you come back on their knees begging.

ummimda my friend who had abandoned me a long time ago came back after their pastor allegedly told him he has offended me.

I allowed him go on his knees for a few minutes although I still forgave him at the end .

Karina a single woman, of low resources with a daughter to watch over. He had no job to feed his little girl, every day he went out in search of a job but always came home without good news, all he had was tired of having spent days walking days and without getting anything people rejected her because of her dress and appearance, what people did not know was that she did not have money at all, the only thing she had was the willingness to work for her daughter, so several days passed before finally a man the contract as servant of his house, at first everything seemed fine but after a while, this man began to exploit Karina with the activities that ordered, shouted, hit, made evil, and if she refused to not doing something threatened her with hurting her daughter, the man sexually abused her, placed her on her knees to clean him and kiss her shoes. One day Karina could not stand it anymore and with her tanned knees she was full of courage and denounced him, they stopped him and it was like that, not the mistreatment anymore.

The T5 Squad which had been terrorizing the Umuahia South local government of Abia state for well over 7 years was paraded yesterday by men and officers of the Nigerian police.

It was such a thing of joy to see their ugly, blood thirsty faces that had gulped so much blood and rendered many orphans. They were so heartless that they could rip off a child from the mother's breast and kill one of them or sometimes both.
As I looked at their faces with uttermost indignation I could spot one of them going on bended knees begging that he should be forgiven to go back to his family.

"Oh! So he knew the importance of a family? Hahaha" I laughed as I prayed that they be put behind bars soonest.

i go for it!


Stop there!!! or i shoot you, the officer demanded. "My name is Nnamdi and honestly, i was already tired from having a bad day at work. If i hit this officer with my car now, is it an offense?". Ehen! oga where your particulars? If you no get, abeg just hurry up come down from this vehicle now now!!! he ordered. Unfortunately for me, this was my wife's car and i had no idea where she kept her particulars. I proceeded to give the officer #500 naira for his troubles. He looked at me with utter disdain and rejected it, that he needed more. Well i wasn't prepared to be cornered by this officer so we were both standing there for more than 15 minutes. Fortunately for me, a soldier friend of mine was passing by and stopped. On learning about my situation, he ordered the officer to let me go. The officer began to lobby me for the #500 naira which i gracefully declined. Surprisingly he went down on his bended knees and began to weep that his wife was in labor lmao, too late. With power drunkenness comes pride.

On bended knees
Anderson had finally gotten the life he wanted,a nice house,a great family and a job most people could only dream of,now his past just seemed like a fleeting memory which he could only justify as a means to an end.
He was fast asleep that night when he was awoken by some strange noises,which he dismissed at first but after a while the sounds kept becoming louder and sounded more like footsteps.
He got up and headed towards the door but before he could lay a finger on the knob,someone kicked down the door,his wife woke up immediately and on seeing the three armed men in their bedroom she fainted.
Now Anderson was being held at gun point as they searched the room for cash.Anderson could remember being on the other end of the gun when he was younger.
He never really believed in karma nor did he ever keep and considerable amount of money in the house.
When they couldn't find any money lying around one of the criminals held a gun to his head .Anderson went down on bended knees and begged for his life but nonetheless he was left in a puddle of his own blood as the thieves made away with a few valuables.


The Governor's suit had been burned with the hot iron, oh my God, how on earth would I be able to repay and replace such an expensive wear?

I had given one of my client's clothes to my apprentice to press while I did something else not knowing it was his Excellency's wear, I had to sum up courage and deliver the cloth on time.

I was fidgetty when the job was to be delivered so due to fear I couldn't say what was wrong with the cloth and zoom they went. Few hours later the man returned with two police vans, "Oga enter inside this motor " a police man beckoned on me. I was already on bended knees begging.

Little did I know I was on my way to becoming the Governor's personal tailor.
I was so happy that I began to dance and kpaaaaaah the slap came heavily on my head. I was dancing on the bed and busy hitting my elder brother on the eyes .

What a dream!


Then the office smiled with me as he faced me. His mouth was widely opened and his eyes on the floor.

It was 5 years ago and I was desperately in need of a job. I went to my Uncle to sign a recommendation letter that would qualify me to face the panels. Just facing the panels not even getting employed.
He gave me conditions which included worshipping at his church and that was the peak of it.
Two years later, he lost his job and his wife. He spent all his savings while trying to make her recover from her illness.

And here he is in my office applying for a security Job.
He went on his knees and I asked him up.

"Life is not easy. Sir, On bended knees we pray to God daily for success but we obstruct the flow of another man's ambition. Then we go on bended knees to plead for forgiveness. Then we go on bended knees to apologize to that man we hurt. We are nothing but slaves to our own existence."

Until you know it. Self-love.

After lonely nights waiting for the love of my life, looking out the window had become a torturous karma, a desperate anguish and a fearful heart had become my companions.

The burden of a toxic past and errors that could not be corrected, were the executioners of my days and my nights.

A life full of faded hopes and unfounded illusions had ruined my skin and my desire after the passage of time.

Dreaming of blue princes and castles with the smell of home were even more painful, I took my reins, I painted a smile on my soul and in my heart and decided to take control of my life, I looked back inside and gave continuity to my dreams. deeper dreams.

To assume the challenge of being happy and living in peace had to be my nortes, to learn from mistakes and my failures had turned the links to the top.

I should ingratiate myself with my spiritual peace and above all with myself, so in that unexpected way as the most wonderful things happen, I get the most sincere, pure and faithful love, the "self-love".



Mark had just left the hospital after the doctor had told him that Anita his 12 year old daughter who is battling cancer had just few month to live. He went to the church, headed to the alter and got down on bended knees as he said a prayer. Lord, “chuckles”... Do I have the right to call your name?... I have never really believed in you but I do know my daughter does and every morning she prays to you. “Tears began to slide down his cheeks as he continued “... Lord her body is racked with pain and life has become really difficult for her… the cancer is encroaching through her tiny frame, Lord I do not have the right to ask for your mercy but Lord I don't want my only daughter to die… all I ask for is that you come and pulse through her body and restore life back into her. Mark felt a sense of calmness within him which he couldn't quite explain, he wasn't sure if he had done the prayer the right way but for unknown reason he believed his prayers were heard.

Dear Diary,

Today was very eventful, although in the negative way.
So I did the normal things that people do when they wake up and prepared to go see a lecturer in relation to my results. I thought being a guy, it'll go smoothly without any disturbance and much attention. Little did I know that I was in for a shocker.

I knocked on her door to see if she was around and I entered. I greeted her and she asked me to sit down, which I did very politely. I proceeded to say why I was there and she said she was expecting me. This should have raised a flag, but my class governor already mentioned that only one person had issues with that course, so I was calm.

She said that I was the only one that forgot to write my registration number properly and I remembered how bulky the course and agreed with the possibility.

That's how she stood up to give me the script and it 'accidentally' fell on the ground. As I knelt down to pick it up, I saw her directly in front of me and her skirt pulled up.

Grace and George had taken their son to the pool to have a nice time. They both shared a drink and little chatter between themselves as they watched their son have fun in the pool with his friends, just then they heard a scream which caught their attention. Their son had slipped and drowned in the pool and quickly George dives into the pool to bring him out as he laid lifeless beside the pool. George got down on bended knees to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation as he placed both hands on his son’s chest and applies pressure, grace stood motionless, her face covered with tears as she quietly prayed under her breath that her son doesn't die…George was panting as he continuously drills more force on his son’s chest… c'mon, don't do this to me… “please cmon” were the only words he spoke as he slowly stops and placed his head on his son’s lifeless body… No No No…. Grace couldn't fight back the tears as George stands up to console her, drawing her close to him. Just then dey heard a cough as their son whom they thought they had lost jerks back to life.

On bended knees
The thought of letting her go was inconceiveable and made him sick to his stomach.
some part of him had always known the day would come when his futuristic promises would not be enough to make her stay.
sure they argued a number of times before but it had never escalated to the extent to which it did now,in an attempt to make sure it didn't go beyond it's current state he went on to recount past events which they had both been through all of which had no effect on her.confused as he was,he watched as she packed her belongings.
it might have been due to the fact that he never knew her to make rash decisions or maybe it was the expression on her face that told him it would take a lot more than words this time.with no other option he struggled to keep her from leaving the house.
How could he blame her for wanting more in a relationship,but for him tying the knot would have to wait,so he pleaded even harder than usual and when that didn't work he went on both knees but sadly it wasn't enough.

These stories will be very good down with tanned knees @stach

this is my entry


Knees tanned lesson of confidence.

As a child, when I went to the beach, I had the habit of sitting on a circular float and paddling out to sea without knowing how to swim. It was always my older brother's turn to swim to me to tell me to leave, it was time to leave.
Once I was as always sitting on my float far from the beach, when I see someone swimming towards me, being the fence, I do not know who he was and he turns me over and a wave pushed me a few meters away from the float. The guy took his course and I stayed there, terrified and swallowing a lot of water.
I do not know how I got it, but I got to my float, and kicking like crazy until the rocks arrive that was as close as I had. I hurt myself when I arrived and left with my knees hardened and that time my brother did not have to go look for me. I began to cry secretly and I never told my family what had just happened to me.
It took me a few days to get back into the sea, but when I finally decided, I already knew how to swim!

Here my entry for this contest "Please, Dont Call Muslim as Terrorist"

"You're a terrorist!" he said to me with snarl.
"No, Muslims not a terrorists."
"Your religion has killed a lot of people in this world," he continued.
"You're wrong, if you want to know a lot of carnage are committed by another religion, what you call him a terrorist." I said once again.

A lot of people say that Muslims are terrorists. But that's wrong, I said that our religion doesn't teach to killing people to get the heaven.

We are indeed born with all the difference. We also different in God where we down on bended knees. But we are still looking at the same sky, we have the skin that can be pain when injured. We have the same blood. So what you're looking for?

You must know that a terrorist should not be pinned on the label of any religion. Religion is there to humanize a human being, not make its adherents into a savage. That happened are the seizure of a power and make the religion as its doctrines. Remember what you said to God in the bend your knees at the morning before you start the day. About the peace and tranquility of life.

In difficult times

In hard times humble people are known first for their love of neighbor as God commands in these times we are capases to help if nothing in return but as there are good people we also get with bad people.
Laura a girl of good presence and good family in all merits knows a friend of low resources which can not fulfill their dreams of studies, Laura for being a girl of good feelings gives him the opportunity to help her but his family members are not According to her decision, it was not her high command and she did not look good, but Laura, being a good girl, entrusted herself to fill herself with courage and help her great friend achieve her dreams for nothing. money is not everything alone with love and god ahead we can help our neighbors who need it the most for nothing.
Never prove the material if not sentimental because God sees feeling not money or fame he only knows what he does and why he does it.


Ojo thought lies are ways of telling others how brave you are. He was good at telling lies, manipulating people for his advantage. He kept this act for long time and would give himself an accolade anytime he successfully fraud a friend. He would enter into his room and praise himself. One day nemesis caught him in a bus as he was trying to steal a phone from a sleeping passenger's pocket. The passenger knew what was happening but pretended as if he knew nothing. When they got to a bus stop, all the passengers came down from the bus and the sleeping man put on his cassock about entering to St. James Catholic Church that was opposite the bus stop. Ojo looked back from where he was trying to run and saw that the sleeping man was a priest. He quickly ran to the front of him, knelt down and started confessing what he did inside the bus. I was going for 8am mass on that Sunday; I saw Ojo on his knees and ran to the scene down on my bended knees and pleaded that he confess all the other sins he has committed to the priest.

This is my story

Encounter with my childhood.
Alber sat in the cafe nervous about the meeting, it had been many years since he had seen her, she the golden-haired girl, his childhood love, his girl with knees tanned. I was going to see her again, it was a meeting, she was passing through the city. They were going to meet in Mr. Javier's cafeteria. He was sitting drinking his coffee, when I saw him come in, it was like a radiant sun coming in through the door, I was able to remember him 20 years ago when, together they ran away from school to go and get the chocolate rolls where Mr. Javier. Her inseparable friend was the one with the tanned knee so he told her, because she climbed in the trees, they ran in the forest, it was her secret love and she was there 20 years later, a whole woman with a well distributed body was perfect no longer she had her golden braids, her hair was neat. He got up and saw her up and down she gave him a kiss on the cheek and he smiled back he said to you in low voice, you no longer have tanned knees.

The creature that Bent the Knee

In an ancient time that man no longer remembers, there was a giant creature that moved over our world, made of darkness and corrosion who was dedicated to destroy man along with all his creation, they called him the one who devours existence. When the creature flew through the skies, it shadow was able to cover whole cities, with its rays he skinned the flesh of men and with its corrosive breath ate away entire kingdoms of iron, stone and wood. At the time, when only the last remnants of civilization could stand, man could finally defend himself, break it wings, avoid it rays and put on down the knees, humiliating the creature that devoured existence, tearing it into pieces and dividing every part of it decrepit soul in different runes.
Now, thousands of years later, man lives in huge buildings of metal and glass, moving in flying machines of steel and fire that vomit black fumes. The heavens have burned and in them an eternal blackness reigns, bringing increasingly fierce storms. The few people who have read in some old book that story of the man-eating beast that bend their knees, wonder how much reality there is in that old tale, wondered if maybe that being really existed and also wonder if their desire to disappear man was perhaps to prevent their world, once green and fertile, burned and reduced into a dying land ravaged by constant cataclysms. The world that was left to them by the creature that in its last breath, released a tear and bent its knees.

Good night! My Name is Rosangel and I'm very excited with this contest. Here is my entry. I hope you like it.

The Cat



I was so high that I didn’t care about nothing. I couldn’t understand why I was acting like an idiot, but I think that it was just the pot I was smoking. And then, the little cat just appeared from nowhere. I didn’t see him; I just heard the bang in the front part of the car. I felt my heart stop. I got nervous and my partner just looked at me freaked out. Quickly, I got out the car and bended on my knees, I just saw him; bleeding and with his bones broken.

  • What have you done?

  • It was not my fault. I didn't mean to hurt him.

  • Look at your hands! They’re bleeding.

  • It’s not my blood –I said sobbing.

I left him on the pavement, closed my eyes and started to move around. I was acting like I madman. Suddenly I heard someone knocking at my window.

  • Sr, are you ok?
My nerves woke up again. Where was I? Where was my car? Why was I in a white room?

  • Where’s the cat? I killed the cat!
  • There’s no cat. Animals are not allowed here.


Everyone had called her perfect, from her parents to random strangers who observed her from afar. She was the darling of her town while growing up, and through her teenage years she had held the title. Other girls looked at her with envy, and mothers used her as a reference point when grooming their daughters.

When she got married to Tunji, the fast rising banker, It felt like a match made in heaven. For some it confirmed that Shade was special. For others, it provided more reason to point her out as an example for their daughters to follow. Shade was lucky everyone said, she had come to earth with a blessed ori (destiny).
And truly all was well with her, until Shade's mother died...

Since then Shade has spent a lot of time and money running from one hospital to another. She has visited herbal homes, and has probably used drugs that outnumber the hair on Tunji's head...

Yesterday Shade came to me, and I told her the truth;

"Your mum's prayers kept you up, but now your mum is with me. If only you had stayed on bended knees."

Shade was a sickler, and I am God.



On Bended Knees

The first time I saw you, it was so impressive, I did not know whether to laugh or cry at that moment.

Your beauty established a before and after.

In seconds I debated between running towards you or going.
Finally I decided to pay eternal tribute and surrender myself body and soul, kneeling before you.

It is so much my emotion since that precious day, that three decades later, with inexhaustible continuous joy dedicated to follow you, to take care of you, to look at you and to love you with an intense feeling that mixes with perfection, all the ingredients with which you give flavor, smell, texture , light and music to my life.

And time will continue to advance until the Providence says, accompanying the best planting I could do in my life.

Hola , que buena iniciativa, me sumo al concurso, y desde ya trabajaré en ello. Gracias por la convocatoria.

One day a boy named jose worked Bolero single salary covered half eating, their very low income family, one morning a man approaching, asks. Millet that cost is polishing her shoes? Joseph watching the elegant man, answer "2 weight Lord" the Lord sits with his newspaper after 20 minutes.
"" Says the Lord "and have family Joseph?" "If Mr", do study Joseph? Not only Mr work to help my family, after a long talk the Lord departs, the next day becomes a car works where low jose glass slowly, saith the Lord, "Hey millet come from today will change your life come and climb" surprised jose question Lord and my family? "Quiet millet family will be fine" Joseph was with the Lord, spent 3 years. One morning comes 4 cars are parked at home of Joseph his family with curiosity because you never a truck had come to his house, a young man with gold bling Baja car suits, crying in tears was embracing his joyous family , Joseph says the mother because we won't be down on the knees TANNED

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"What have I done to deserve this from you? I gave you my life and you treat me this way?"

Mocking laughter greeted his query and his heart bled.

He left the house that day and disappeared without a trace.

The author of his misfortune soon met his comeuppance, all his wealth disappeared like a puff of smoke, friends deserted him in his time of need.

Then his daughter fell sick. After months of hopelessness and endless prayers, he saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

A charity would sponsor the expenses for her treatment abroad. They just had to get the final approval from the main sponsor.

His daughter's application was rejected by the boss for no reason at all, this dejected man was told. He found out the boss was that young man he had destroyed years before.

What coincidence!

What courage did he have to face the young man after the atrocities he committed against him.

For the love and life of his daughter, he would lay down his life if need be.

He asked for an audience with the young man and on bended knees craved forgiveness and mercy for his poor child.

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Women all over the world are usually at the receiving end of various forms of abuse, sexually, emotionally, psychologically and so on but like the book of Proverbs says, a woman that fears the Lord she shall be honoured.

This was the case of Chioma, the choir mistress of Help from above ministries, she was betrothed to marry Kunle and were together for eight years. Every single successful of Kunle could be traced to Chioma. She was a virtuous woman indeed.

As luck would have it, nine years into their relationship, Kunle was appointed into the state cabinet as a Commissioner. It was a great elevation, and everyone thought the next big news was the marriage between Kunle and Chioma but no! He jilted her and married another woman.

Chioma was so hurt that she would not be consoled, she stayed for days without food, she nearly lost her life due to trauma, it was that bad.

It was not long before Kunle was relieved of his appointment for grafted charges filed against him. It was then reality dawned on him but it was too late.

On bended knees Honourable Kunle went before Chioma, looking very dishonorable and rusty.

The little Nataly

Nataly was the daughter desired by her parents, after three consecutive abortions that her mother had, she finally managed to have a baby her adoration, the parents are very happy with the arrival of Naty, they consent, she is a very happy baby but when Nataly starts to grow do not let her do many things, because they are afraid that she falls, Nataly get out of there, Nataly do not get up there, Nataly do not run that you can fall.

So the girl becomes nervous and insecure, she cries and she is afraid of everything. Then her parents decide to go to the psychologist with her daughter, and they tell the doctor about her daughter's problem, to which the doctor tells them the problem she does not have it if you do not overprotect her too much, let her play, jump, let her fall like that Bend and hit your knees, and from then on your parents let you be like Nataly.

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And the Sun set...

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The room was deserted, only illuminated by the dim light outside; The Sun was setting on the horizon.

Sitting still on the throne, the emperor pondered about the past.

"I still remember the day of my coronation, in this same room, then the roof was decorated with the flags of the empire, I remember the optimism of my citizens, the commitment of my collaborators and ministers, the support of my family."

He looked to his right, looking at an empty chest.

"I remember the glories of my reign, the success of my policies led this nation to be the most powerful and influential in the world, where the sun never set…"

Then he looked to his left, an old picture of a family.

"My citizens had the best standard of living ... I ... I did everything right."

A heavy tear rolled down his cheek.

"In the abundance we got lost, drunk with ourselves, with our vanity…”

Then the emperor rose from his seat, under the small staircase and fell to his knees, while his crown bounced on the floor.

“My time as great power has come to an end…”

One morning my boss assigned me a project outside the city, and asked me to organize everything for the next day, I had to go alone.
My mind these days, was in disarray, I had so much desire to get pregnant and for more things that nothing happened.
When I arrived at the place of work, I did the activity that I was doing, but my mind was lost, I could not concentrate, I finished my work, I took the taxi that took me to the hotel, when I got to the room, after a long I bathe, bend my knees and pray to God, for the son I so longed for, with tears in my eyes, raise my arms, and give him my anxiety, I asked that his will be done.
From that moment, something magical happened, my mind managed to release the bad thoughts and filled my days with joy.
When a laboratory study shows a positive result, I understood the power of bending knees before God.
Today I am grateful for allowing me to be a mother and now my daughter is my joy and my responsibility to teach her to bend her knees before God.

Every Wednesday, Saints in my Country is fulfilled with a wonderful Tradition, the Devotion to our Jesus of Nazareth or as the Nazarene of Saint Paul says for his innumerable Miracles granted to the people who ask him with Devotion and Faith. That day from hours Very early the Churches open their doors to the Parishioners Masses are made and the believers make tours of seven temples. So much is the Faith that barefoot and kneeling devotees make journeys to thank the conceived Miracle or to ask for one, no matter if their knees are mistreated, they are stained with the pavement or they are in pain. The important thing is to reach the Nazarene in gratitude for the favor. Mrs. Rosalia is one of these believers to her a vehicle the trampling destroying her column did not give hope to return to walk prostrate in a bed with Faith and Devotion promised the Nazarene to get on his knees to his temple if he returned to walk that miracle happened and He cured himself in gratitude and made a half-kilometer journey until he reached the Nazarene with his knees torn, battered and dirty.

The power of bending the knee!

An elderly woman went to the temple to thank the LORD for his infinite mercy to her and bowed his knees in a sign of deep joy, peace and above all confidence that her prayer was raised like the smoke of incense and answered in due time. She had experienced in her daily life the economic, familiar lack and the most feared, terrible and painful loneliness, which no human being is able to face and endure; in her despair she bowed her knees, closed her eyes and with a broken voice and with an indescribable pain in her heart cried out to heaven and the LORD answered her request and provided everything necessary. She was so amazed, that same afternoon her two (2) only children she had not seen for more than fifteen (15) years arrived on the road, visited her and brought her gifts! And they even made the market for six (6) months each shared their life experiences. The woman with tears in her eyes now experienced the happiness that comes from life.
The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them and delivers them from all their troubles.

Three brothers on their knees.
jovenes orando.jpg
Three brothers from a Latin town played every day after school and one day they found their mother dead and they were orphaned and alone, after a long time they were without money and they did not have to eat, the young people began to bend their knee and They prayed to God and asked him to help them get a decent job so they could eat and have for their needs. God listened to them, they worked and studied a lot and they continued to pray on their knees and to all married and with children and very prosperous, because their jobs produced A lot, when they were old they told the story of their past lives to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren no matter that their knees were a little battered

Down On Bended Knees

Professor Agidi noticed how people were looking for seats in the already crowded auditorium and smiled proudly to himself. He turned his face from the microphone and cleared his throat. When he turned back, he noticed a clergy man seated in a corner of the hall. Professor Agidi was furious.

“I can’t believe that in this age of enlightenment, some people still want to hold us back.” He bellowed into the microphone casting a disgusted glance at the clergyman. He continued his speech.

“They want to hold us to the manacles of subjugation perpetuated through religion. They want us as human to grovel and beg for forgiveness from a God that doesn’t exists. Well, humans have become wiser. We will remain tall and proud. We refused to bow to any God, real or imaginary. The atheistic convention this morning is a testament to that monumental fact and…” The pain pierced through his heart like hot iron in butter.

Professor Agidi opened his eyes to mystical beings around him. He lifted his face slightly to see a very large throne with bright lights radiating from it. He looked at himself. He was down on bended knees.

There was a man named Augusto a person who since childhood liked to work since his father left him with his 3 brothers and being the eldest son despite being a good student he had to leave school to fulfill a role that at his young age it did not require it, as it was to be a brother and father at the same time, going out to the streets to sell different types of meals prepared by his Mother. Augusto began to develop from small with people and their environment, something that made him a rogue boy and pile at his young age. Augusto at age 15 had his first child Cesar Augusto, already he was an experienced teenager but that did not help him because the stages of life have to be enjoyed in his corresponded time, he continued working and his mother had to raise his son because The mother of the child abandoned him when life began to put obstacles, and so Augusto gave his face to life and could with adversity and raised a family of 5 brothers and his son being a hero for all his family.

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"The village of ashes"
It was a town that was only a little to the north, but to the south and a little to the west. Its inhabitants, who were characterized by having their knees hardened down, lived with a constant affliction since it was almost a challenge to survive, in the town where they lived; it was almost like a ghost inside his country almost nobody knew about this territory, all the inhabitants of it lived in agony for not being able to get the necessary to feed every day was a constant struggle to stay alive, one day the light came in its lives to know of the miracle of God some missionaries who came to this territory brought them a word of life, from this moment his life would change forever and they would no longer be the people with tanned knees.

Down on bent knees

Mariana was an old woman who possessed a strong character. One day she felt very bad and her daughters took her to the doctor to do a checkup, once the doctor reviewed her, she informed them of the diagnosis: Mariana has Pulmonary Cancer and she has little time left to live. The news was surprising, both overwhelmed and dismayed decided to go to the church to make their prayers to the child Jesus because they were very devout. Once they arrived at the church they knelt before the image of the child and with tears in their eyes they made their supplications.
When Maria and Ramona arrived home they called their mother to tell her what happened, Mrs. Mariana's reaction was to laugh, and she answered: they are crazy, what they want is my inheritance but I will not give it to them. On the night before sleep, I call her neighbor and give her all of her holes, leaving nothing of value. The very clever neighbor fled with all the belongings. The next day they found Mariana dead, who had been poisoned.


Leonardo and José were slightly naughty brothers, they used to make their friends do what they wanted. One day José took a toy airplane to school to make fun of his friend Rafael, who was very humble and loved airplanes. When they went out to recess, Rafael asked José to lend him the plane, the very naughty man took the opportunity and said yes, but on one condition: he shot the plane in a deep puddle of mud that was in the back of the school and Rafael told him to get on his knees in the mud and take the plane with his mouth. Rafael to play with the plane, agreed to do what his friend had asked. At the time that everything happened, a teacher happened to be there and saw when Rafael was kneeling and with tanned legs.
She was angry at what Jose had done, called her parents to tell her what happened, Jose was expelled from school, his parents punished him and Jose learned the lesson that he should not humiliate anyone for a toy.


Tony younger sister Tina was sick and hospitalized. The parents hope was all lost about Tina illness because it was a deadly one which beat all medical treatment. One day Tony as the doctor what can I do for my sister to be back on her feet,and to save her from the clown of death. The doctor replied, 'only a miracle can heal her'. Tony who is a young and very inquisitive about everything ask the doctor how much does a miracle cost. The doctor replied it all depends on God's final say.

The reply of the doctor gear Tony up to go on his knees daily to ask for just a miracle from God. Days goes by, weeks and it seems nothing was improving but the little boy keep on praying and his face bow down to heaven.

After a whole month of intensive prayer, just like a dream Tina who has been in coma for a long period of time came back to life. All trace of disease all gone and she was back hale and hearty.

A woman named Venezuela, a long-lived woman of over 70 years, with hair completely white, silky and long and eyes that shine like stars, but much more beautiful than these because their expression is sweet and conveyed a feeling of peace and tranquility for any who looked at it. At her age she lived very pleasant moments of abundance, prosperity, without any need, who shared joys with her children, seeing them being professionals, people of good, with principles and, that now in this life she with very accentuated footprints in her hands and wrinkles in his face not only because of age but because of the great sadness that his heart embarks upon seeing that the abundance he had in a time that he could share with his neighbor, he does not have it, see so much need around him and can not help even though he tends his helping hand of hope and love in silence for each and every one of his neighbors. She knows that her great sadness is shared, it is mutual, therefore, all in the same heart are "down on the knees hardened" by a hope that everyone longs for loudly because Venezuela and its neighbors are prosperous again.

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A young man decides to go out with his girlfriend to the viewpoint to see the stars.
Everything was going well until suddenly a suspicious car appears, and slowly approaches, the driver gets off, which had a suspicious face.
The man approaches the couple and out of nowhere pulls a gun and tells the young man to get off the car pointing with the gun.
He takes the young man and without any reason has the desire to kill him, the young victim was a very religious and believing person, tries to convince the criminal not to do anything but he does not reason and tells him to kneel that today is the day of your death.
The young man answers, I kneel but not before you but before God, who does not abandon me.
Then the criminal without a word pulls the trigger and the gun does not shoot, the police arrives and takes him prisoner.

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Where, where...where...?

Can't be lost! Was in my hand, then it was gone!

How? If I tell them I've lost it--again--they'll think there's something wrong with me. Won't let them know.

They whisper at night, when they think I'm asleep. But I hear them, and I know what they contemplate. This will be the end of me. No! I have to prove myself. I have to find the key. But where?

My pockets--turn them.

One dollar. And dust. Nothing more.

Retrace my steps to the car. Nothing, nothing. No silver glint--more precious now, than the house to which it promised entry.

This key will prove, or disprove, my fitness to remain among them.

Quiet, quiet, quiet.....Too much noise....Focus, focus. It's on the ground, in the hemlock, under the curb....Where?

If I get close and run my fingers through the soil...That's it. Down on bended knees. Eye to the dirt...Look carefully...It's here, and I will find it! I must, I must find that key!

The Picture: Is from Pixabay and was created by Michael Gaida under a CCO license.

I took Mr. Gaida's lovely, haunting picture and decided to distort it with a fractal application.

In the yard of the grandmother's house, branches fall from a mango bush of the neighbor. They are rich and juicy mangoes. Every time they visit, they take the opportunity to savor these delicacies.
But the neighbor, Mr. Joaquin, gets upset because his handles grab him, the grandmother tells him to grab mangoes because I not only pick up leaves and rot but I also have the right to them.
One day Mr. Joaquin claimed the grandmother, that his grandchildren were eating the mangoes, and she answered him so as not to have problems, cut the branches that he gives to my patio, we did not think that the neighbor would do that because one day very early we heard In the patio of the neighbor a loud noise and shouting. It was the neighbor who misplaced the stairs to cut the branch and came down and fell to his knees, he scraped his knees and legs but the most important thing is that he did not cut the branches of the mango bush and that I pass by selfish.

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there was a girl whose knees were very low and tanned, she was a street girl, a beggar, who was an orphan and had no one to pick her up and take care of her, it was a street child that her mother sorely needed for her to counsel her and tell her what was good and bad. She was called the girl DOWN ON BENDED KNEES.
But a good Samaritan woman welcomed her, educated her and gave her the love that she so much needed, and from that girl there is not even a shadow.

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A long time ago in a very remote village an honest farmer without work is on the way to a lender as soon as he looks at it and says sir why he brings that face, the farmer replies I do not have money to feed my family the lender I take advantage tells you that can change if you so wish the next day the peasant went was where the lender had already gone long so long months and the poor peasant worked worked without rest came home with knees dirty from so much Arodillado sowing to pass the day on his way home saw a tunnel and went to the tunnel the curious peasant saw an endorme rock to escape so the peasant went every day to that tunnel to escape until he found a piece of gold Oh my God ! the very happy peasant went to his house to tell what happened to his family so it was that poor peasant after so much despair humiliation exploitation that peasant found a sustenance to his family if he did not always have a dirty knee

@stach, the contest can be done in Spanish?

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Arthur wiped the sweat from his eyes and leaned on his shovel, "getting too old for this". He was planting carrots, trying to ignore the thick stems of quack grass in his lawn, mocking him. "Devil's grass, my nemesis". His shovel struck something hard, and he painfully squatted to investigate; a root ball, nearly hidden by a tangle of shoots. He growled "you... finally found you after all these years".
"Hello Arthur". Arthur gasped and dropped the shovel. "We go way back, don't we?" a pleasant voice replied. Arthur muttered, "better check my medication", picked up the fallen shovel and struck at the root. The root ball snarled, "I keep much hidden in the darkness, my shoots go deep into your family. I know you better than you know yourself." Arthur struggled to continue, the voice sapping his strength. "No, I want you out!" His eyes sparkled blue steel as he struck again. The root ball was severed, silenced. He sank to his knees but as he lifted the ball from the earth, his victorious smile went crooked. He found himself lying on his back, arms splayed out cruciform. His vision faded, but he wasn't afraid anymore.

The moment Ajayi moved away from the mother, to the other side of the road, he heard the greatest blast of his life, it was an accident.

A moment ago he was exchanging words with his mother, and now there lay his mother's body lifeless. A car had lost control into the pedestrian pavement and killed mama Ajayi on the spot. There he knelt crying and sobbing, begging her to come back and at least forgive him for being recalcitrant.

But alas! She was gone, he was just on bended knees, begging her cadaver.

Life is short, be nice when you still can.

A Wish

A piece of bread and a glass of water is the modest breakfast that Juan eats that rainy morning. He has to get ready to go to school, he dresses and runs to avoid being late.

Juan tries to be the best student of his class, his dream is to get a scholarship to go to college, he wants to be able to help his mother and get a job that allows him to buy clothes and food for his little siblings. Tears of sadness run down Juan's cheeks every night when he sees his dear mother arrive, tired and down on bended knees from washing other people's clothes in the river.


Ragar was a proud man. He had accomplished so much and took more pride in the fact that he had no help to get to where he was. Things were about to change and he did not know just how much.

The end of another month and Ragar had bagged another client in his firm and was ready to brag about it to the board. He came in quite early and took the first chair. Others came later. They all set up and it was time. Before he could tender the news of his big win, the head of the board passed an envelope to him.

He was in awe at the contents. It was his resignation later. To the right were the security to walk him out of the building. It was a hostile take over and he hadn't the backing to fight them.

It had been two years now and he had nothing but just his pride. Broke and nearly out on the street, hadn't a decent meal in days. And that was when it happened. He dropped down on bended knees and begged a stranger for little money to eat. How the mighty hath fallen....


The silence of the night was broken by a loud bang. The beginning of a series of bangs that signalled the end of Darkos. Darkos was a mining colony in the asteroid belt that had taken sides with the independence movement in the colonies. This action had incurred the wrath of Union forces who were currently bombarding the colony with orbital weapons.

Stephen Flynn was Darkos' leader, and he had prepared for this event. Sirens went off in Darkos informing residents that it was time to board the evacuation ships headed to the outer solar system.

Stephen oversaw the evacuation; as leader he couldn't leave until everyone was safe. Darkos was evacuated save for Stephen and his security detail.

A direct hit from a space cannon obliterates his ship, killing his security detail in the process. Battered and broken Stephen looks to the skies on bended knees. He see the white glare of the ships mercilessly pounding his home. He also sees his people; tiny dots on the horizon making their way to safety. Not all would survive, but those that did would forever tell the story of Darkos. He died knowing his legacy would never be forgotten.


Everyone wished them a safe trip and threw in last bits of advice as the bus rolled out of the school’s premises for the week-long camping trip. Just when the teachers were getting used to the fact that the dreaded JSS3 was gone for a week, screams could be heard from different parts of the school compound. Coming out, it was discovered that a number of teachers had been called and told the kids had been involved in a ghastly accident which had claimed every life on board.
Only later was it discovered that Helen, the diminutive daughter of the parish priest had survived but had to go in for surgery. The doctors narrowly managed to save her legs, but she had to be on wheelchairs for a couple of months. A week later she was dismissed from the hospital.
Despite being told not to use her legs at all, Helen went on her knees when she got to church, as different emotions rioted through her. Sorrow at the unfathomable loss of her friends, joy at being alive at all. On bent knees,she wept profusely.


The four girls were very excited about spending their weekend on the beaches. They had been planning this trip for a while now and were all looking forward to a fun-filled weekend. Waking up early, they began loading stuff into the trunk of the sedan they were taking.
With everything necessary stowed, their mother called them, telling them she’d feel better if they took a Bible along. As if on cue, they all said no, but if she insisted, she should drop it in the trunk with their other stuff as they did not want it with them. So they drove off with it in the trunk.
About an hour later, the mom was called and told her kids had been involved in an accident. On getting to the hospital, her daughters were in bad shape, but there was a curious thing, despite how bad the accident was, the trunk was neatly arranged with a Bible on top.
On hearing this, she fell to her knees, crying profusely. When asked why she was crying, she said the trunk was safe only because her kids didn’t want the Bible.

Hi, thanks for this contest. Below is my entry. :)

Catie have been trying to figure out her purpose in life as she felt she was just running into circles. She started to felt that way when her beloved relative passed away and it has been years. But still the painful memories were seemed to be just a moment of yesterday.

Down on her bended knees she asked God for guidance. She suddenly realized that she cannot just let herself feel all those pains and need to at least move on in the present. Catie said to herself, "It is not forgetting, it is more like accepting that there are people in our lives who we can never see alive again." She started to try recalling happy memories instead of the sad ones.

She started to feel more alive again and learning how to enjoy what life has to offer for a moment. Down on bended knees, she began praying with a thankful and stronger heart. As what have been said so many times already, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”


Laura, Eric’s wife smiled at him; but she was concerned about him because he looked more stressed than normal. “You should really change your job, if it’s affecting you this much,” she said. “My job is fine,” he responded with some hesitation.

The reality was, Eric had hid the fact that his gambling problem had gotten out of control and he had borrowed money from some “bad people” to fuel his habit; crucially he had just missed his second repayment.

Eric was stunned when an abrupt knock at the door interrupted the meal. He went numb and cold, but sweat droplets formed on his forehead. Hesitantly he left the table to open the door. He faced three hooded men. One of them spoke, “We’ve come for the money, all of it!” Eric, now visibly shaken tried to bargain, “Can we work something out?” “NO!” was the simple reply. “The money or on your knees,” was the abrupt instruction. Eric slumped to his knees.

The silence was broken by with a single shot to the back of Eric’s head, followed by a delayed shrill from Laura. The men vanished into the night.


Catherine Cooper: August 1965 - February 2018

Edward had found it difficult to believe the news that his mother was dead. He had been sent to Libya on a peace-keeping mission last year. Over there he had lost all means of contacting family members and so was not informed of anything going on at home.

After a year of incessant fighting to restore peace to the region, his squad had been relieved from the mission and they had returned home together. On getting back to base, he was handed a stack of letters and a list of calls that had come in for him while he was away.

Opening a random letter, he was confronted with the news of his mother’s burial in April. Abandoning everything else, he rushed down to Abuja, refusing to believe his mother was gone. But it all became real when he was led to where she was buried, with a tombstone mounted.

He had had great plans for his mother, but now she would not enjoy the fruits of her labor. Going down on bended knees, he dug his hands into the soil, screaming her name.

Night of fear

At 3 o'clock in the morning sleeping at home I hear a strange noise that wakes me up, peeking out the window I noticed that a man who was trying to enter my house, quickly scared called the police and his response was that they would arrive in 15 minutes, when I hang up the phone I realized that the thief was gone.
I felt calm when I did not see it and decided to go back to sleep, when I was falling asleep someone started to hang me, I could not breathe, it was the man I had seen in the window, I could have entered my house.
Between the asphyxia I remember that under my bed I had a baseball bat but I could not move so I kicked him in his intimate area to get rid of him, quickly take the baseball bat but I take out a knife and try to stab me but I dodge it and hit him to his knees and immobilize him until the police arrive and take the "murderer"

Down on bended knees

Elena, the most hardworking slave but the most humiliated to be black. Her complicated life led her to be near death by a suicide attempt, after her employer abused her and also verbally assaulted her, saying things like "Damn black work, you're mine, I own your disgusting poor life and tanned skin, obey every order or I'll kill you. " These were always the words of that man without feelings, that after that act of suicide of Elena, was forced to disappear a few days. When he returned to the house everything was in order but in a carelessness all the slaves came over him, hitting his face and leaving him unconscious. When he woke up he was tied with chains, now he was the slave and Elena his boss. They turned him over to the police and in jail they made him pay for every damage committed in the same way he committed them.

Down on bended knees
With a bottle in his hands all his problems vanished but the only problem Jack couldn't solve was his addiction. It began when his daughter died in a plane crash, since then the only place Jack could escape reality was getting drunk.
His wife was the only one left to deal with his drinking problem since he had no relatives while trying to cope with her loss. She thought talking to a psychologist might help his situation since he insisted on not going for rehabilitation. One night, he was brought home by a friend who claimed he had gotten into a fight after getting drunk at the bar. This led to a serious argument between Jack and his wife. When he had enough, he went out and drove off still under the influence of alcohol. He didn't notice how fast he was driving until he hit someone trying to cross the road. He got out of the car to check if the person was still alive, before he knew it he had been surrounded by the police and knowing fully well what he had done, he got down on his knees and put his hands behind his head.

Down on bended knees
The reason behind his parents separation was never a mystery to Charles. He promised himself never to be like his father, knowing how infidelity ruined his childhood but it was easier said than done.
Charles grew into a young man trying to avoid the lifestyle his father once led but the harder he tried,the more he was pulled into it. He couldn't make any relationship last due to his wandering eyes he cheated without considering the feelings of his partners and neither did he accept responsibility for his mistakes. At a point, he began to convince himself that his behavior was normal, after all his father did the same. Perhaps there was no need to change himself, maybe it was his destiny. Later on, charles got married but his conscience was already dead, so he kept on having affairs. His wife begged to him on several occasions to stop. Until his wife caught him in the act one day. She locked the door, picked up a knifeand attempted to stab him. With nowhere to run, Charles went on his knees and pleaded for forgiveness but he should have known the kind of woman he was married to.

Arnold received a call from his parents asking to see him. He had a feeling that whatever they had to say had to do with the girl he had introduced to them as his fiancee the previous day.
On getting to his parent's house, he was met with their unwavering disapproval of his choice of an ideal partner. They explained that within the short period they spent together, they could already tell that their relationship would not last. Arnold couldn't see past her physical appearance and therefore chose to go against his parents.
Within the first few months of their marriage everything was going on fine but it was only temporary. Arnold soon started noticing some behaviors that were not evident in her before. She no longer listened to him, hence they never agreed on anything. She became demanding, nothing was ever good enough but she managed to look past all this till he was fired from his job.
He had just gotten home from an interview that day when he was greeted with divorce papers. He begged her not to leave, even went on his knees but that didn't stop her from slamming the door in his face.

Down on bended knees
Alice and Reese had always placed more importance on their jobs than raising their son. Most of their parenting was done by babysitters. Their son Eric had spent more time at his grandparent's house than at home as a boy, making him grow up to be resentful of both of his parents.
The only time they spoke to him was when they blamed him for getting into trouble or when he was acting out. His father was the sheriff of the town where they lived while his mom worked as a doctor.
At the age of eighteen, he was arrested for possession of some illegal substances causing his father's reputation to take a huge hit.
His father was at work one day when he received a distress call regarding a breaking and entering. He arrived at the scene to find the armed suspect escaping. They both fired at each other until the burglar was hit. Keese went over to take off the mask only to see his son's face staring at him lifelessly. He dropped to his knees with tears flowing freely. He blamed himself for what his son had become and how he ended up taking his life.

On the lookout, one afternoon in a restaurant came a couple talking in fine tone dining together. Sitting opposite, I closely watched as their conversation deepened with huge chemistry.

The guy stood up and with his metallic spoon and a glass cup, making a resounding noise as he smashed the glass with the steel, attracting the attention of many in the restaurant.

He fell on his face right in view of everyone in the café, in tears that knew no bound he cried out with a loud voice and spoke: In front of you lies the damsel that the heavens sent to set me free. The woman of my dream that every man will wish to have for keep sake.

With my faith hinged on that of everyone present here he said, falling down to his sit switching track to a tunnel of deep silence with his eyes locked on her gaze, he reached out for his rear pocket and rooted out a little box colored in red making everyone wonder

Profusely shedding tears, dropping down on bended knees he popped a question that broke my heart in two.
Asking the woman he said, “will you marry me”.