STACH Short Story Contest #31: 199 words, 5 winners, 15SB prize pool!

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Hello Everyone, @kingst here with the announcement for the STACH Short Story Contest #31.

What is a Short Story.

A short story is a story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel. It makes use of plot, resonance, and other dynamic components to a far greater degree than is typical of an anecdote. You can read it in less than 90 seconds.

Contest Rules:

• Write a Short Story based on the topic that will be given every week.
• Write an Original Short Story (Plagiarism will be flagged and reported).
• The Story must contain no more than 199 words.
• One entry per user.
• Story should be pasted in the comment section below, no links.
• Contestants are permitted to post their stories in an article on their blog, so they also get upvotes from the @stach trail.

Winners Selection.

Winners will be selected based on the topic, story plot, number of words and delivery as determined by the selected Judge. One word above 199, disqualifies the entry.

Contest Topic.

Write a 199 words story based on THE CHILD WHO CRIED WOLF.


FIVE winners will be selected for a share of the 15SBD.
First Prize: ----------------------4SBD
Second Prize: ------------------3.5SBD
Third Prize: ---------------------3SBD
Fourth Prize: -------------------2.5SBD
Fifth Prize: ----------------------2SBD

Good luck guys!
Sharpen your writing skills and throw in some inspiring short stories. XO!

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the child who cried wolf

Once upon a time, in the village of Umuike,
a lovely couples gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, unfortunately for Mr and Mrs akanmu, a chimpanzee ran away with their baby four months after he was given birth to and he spent years in the forest with the animals, the baby grew to be very strong and all the animals enjoy his company but unfortunately for the animals a hunter found him and brought him home but all he could utter was wolf! Wolf!


Boy dials 911
Response: 911, what is your emergency?
Boy: (stuttering in panic) There is an intruder in the house, i think he has a gun.
911: Dispatch team is on the way, just hang on

(Dispatch team arrives)
Boy:(starts laughing) i was just kidding, i was bored and decided to play a prank on you guys.
(Officers leaves the house in utter shock)

(Next week - Boy dials 911)
Response: 911, whats your emergency?
Boy: (talking in fear) I think i’m about to be abducted by four men and…(phone hangs up)

Officers speedily dispatched, gets to the house and meets the boy having lunch

Boy: Hey officers, come and join me, i’m having lunch.

Officers leaves angrily.

The boy tried the same stunt again, the dispatch team got the call and decided to have burger for lunch ignoring his call. Unfortunately, this time, a serial killer was on rampage, and caught the boy, slit his throat and this time, the wolf was for real and he died.

End of story.

The creature had fur and very long fangs, it’s breath was bad and it needed a bath. He was itchy due to flea and mosquito wrath.

The child was lonely no friends in sight. No one to play with during the day or at night. Much time on his own he took to the woods, looking for treasures makes it all good.

Their meeting came by chance that cool autumn day, along the creek side where the boy would often play. Startled by the size of the hairy beast, the boy was afraid he would become a feast.

The creature had no intention of making the boy food. Human meat is not a favorite, its much to crude. It was his fingers he was interested in, to scratch his back. There was no reason to fear an attack.

The boy and the beast became very good friends and they would romp and play in the wildness till days end. The boy bathed the creature in the deep of the creek. The monster was so dirty it took close to a week.
Overcome with happiness that he finally had a friend, tears welled in his eyes as he cried WOLF..

A Lesson for Thomas

Thomas was a spoiled teenager. His father Josef was a man who became rich by trading cattle, but in his childhood and adolescence he had many needs. His family was very poor and humble but full of values and love.

Josef realized that having pampered Thomas so much had turned him into a selfish and liar child capable of saying anything to achieve his goal.

Josef devised a plan to teach his son a lesson, took him to the forest and left him alone. He told him he should go home on his own. Thomas thought he was very intelligent and accepted the challenge, but he knew nothing about how to survive in the forest and return home. Scared spent the night in the forest with cold and hunger. He thought of all the times he lied to his parents just to scare them and get attention.

At dawn his father returned to the camp. Josef told him that he never left and that he observed him all the time hidden in the jungle. Thomas learned that the family was his shield and that without them he was nobody. He promised to behave well and make his family proud.

The Monster I Call Papa

It has been two years since Mama married Papa. My real father died three years ago. From the moment I saw him, I knew something was wrong. I told Mama he was a criminal but she didn't believe me. I told Mama he always brings Indian hemp to the house but because she neither smelt nor found anything, she didn't believe me. As far as Mama was concerned, I was carrying out my threat to make the life of anyone who tried to take my father's place miserable.

Yes, I made the threat but I was only a grieving 6 years old girl. Now, I'm serious. Only this morning, Papa walked into the bathroom and said he wanted to help me with my bath. I refused but he wouldn't let me be. He fumbled with my body and then tied my face with a towel before inserting something long, fat and warm into my mouth and commanded I suck on it. I want to tell mother about it but I know she won't believe me.

I have to live with the monster I must call Papa because, to mum, I'm only a child who cries wolf.

Freed from the wolves.

One hundred years ago, in the city of Cantaura, Anzoátegui, a beautiful believing family of a great powerful God, went on a trip to the city of kaki to enjoy a weekend.

After having spent Friday and Saturday sharing as a family, they decided to leave on Sunday for Caseria, the youngest son and his father, as there were many deer in the area; At midnight, everything became very dark, they heard the various sounds of various animals, yet they continued to wait for a deer; At three o'clock in the morning something terrible happened, five wolves surrounded the tree where they were and when the father saw from afar that the long-awaited deer was coming, his son began to shout wolves! Wolves! Dad, the wolves are coming, they're going to eat us.

His father wisely told him to be quiet; They stayed there for two hours until the wolves left, they left the tree and quickly returned to the camp with the rest of the family, they embraced and thanked God for protecting their lives, returning to Cantaura an hour later very happy.


Watching the pagent preparation from a distance. It seemed like her world was crumbling; she had cried Wolf too much for anyone to take her serious.
Adex, a pretty, young but extremely pampered girl sat in the attic thinking about how she had disappointed her dad. He would never believe her now. All her life, she waited for this moment and now it's gonna pass her by. Where was she going to get the money to pay??!!
She always lied to her dad to collect money for irrelevant things like partying, gadgets, and fancy boots (oh she was a shoe lover). He finally found out she lies to him and would never give her a dime now.

Its the beauty contest deadline day already and she hasn't paid the form fee. She wishes she hadn't requested for money so much without actually needing it. Now all she has to console herself was an ipod playing "it's too late to apologise".. With regrets, tears rolled down her eyes thinking SHE OBVIOUSLY CRIED WOLF FOR NOTHING.

Wolf Child's Poem

The mist of the forest formed the thicket, the icy gray tones mixed the environment, I remained leaning on the bark of a willow appreciating its longevity between the furrows. Then I walked stealthily in the humidity of the grass, wrapped in Lycanthropy, waiting for my child's cry.
Incredible pain trapped in my chest like a thousand souls locked in a dome, a thousand voices in one just about to spill its madness.
My childish silhouette receives a flash of light from the sky; my whole nocturnal being is slowly covered by the moon and its silver mantle; which indicates the moment, which makes my first tear spill.
That Moon invites me to delirium, proposes to me to fall on my knees, hits me on the ground a thousand times while it’s light is my misfortune.
I feel the hair grow behind my neck and my mouth are now jaws and my electric eyes like rubies trigger the supernatural instinct.
With my sharp senses and my sharp ears I couldn’t contain it anymore. And I cried Wolf, the trapped souls became my howls; and wolf I wept without consolation and the voice of the wild preserved my infinite world.


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This is my Entry to the contest:

The Child And The Wolf

_ Do not take me for submissive! It's your big mistake ...

"For years you have lived under my shadow, that's why I am higher"

_ Have we stayed together so long that today you hit me with that stone?

"No, I try to prove to you that if it were not for me you would have died of hunger"

_ On the contrary, you and your generation should be grateful.
Listen well:
We dispense with our habitat, we modify the instinct, we change our body, we change our habits ...
All for you; to live in the kingdom of God as equals ...

"Ok, but who sheltered them in our village for generations, gave them to drink and eat, added them to work and gave them protection, let's see what you say?"

_ I'm sorry you are just a child and with these tears in my eyes I tell you that you are unable to understand our wild nature, which your ancestors have used at will, making us different from what we would have wanted to be ...

At the end of the conversation, The Child and the Wolf were touched and embraced and cried together before the reality that for centuries maintains its incomprehensible relationship ...


Peter suddenly began to find happiness in scaring people. He would shout only to laugh at those who rushed to quench it.

Gosh! Was he mad or something?

Someone must have thought he was possessed by the spirit of fire but hey...., the young dude was simply catching fun in his little game.

At one time, a visitor was sitting with his father when he ran in through the gate, as usual, shouting fire fire fire...!

Knowing his new behaviour, his father tried to ignore him. But after a brief pause, he murmured softly: "this boy will not change if he hasn't seen me down with high blood pressure."

"That was pretty scary. My heart almost flew away from my chest. Is he always this silly?" Asked the visitor.

His mother's kitchen finally caught fire one Sunday morning. All the members of the family had gone to church when Peter decided to prepare noodles and eat before joining them in the church.

Nobody attended to his plea to help put out the fire because they didn't believe him at first. Not until smoke began to puff through the chimney.

In a village surrounded by beautiful forests, lived Ochu, a child who from small showed features not common in other children. Ochu had abundant hair on his back and arms, he frequented the forest near his home. He maintained daily contact with the animals and especially with the wolves.

He was so familiar with them, that he learned to call them in his language. As the relationship with the wolves grew, it became stronger.

But, on a full moon night, he transformed into a wolf child, the boy who cried like a wolf, and wept and cried all night, until he fell despondent and without strength. This was his first and last transformation, he died.
niño lobo 2.jpeg


"!!!" That was Imeh, screaming from the inner room in the dead of night.

People – his uncle and neighbours ran into the room to find out what was wrong but upon questioning, they found out that nothing had happened to him. That was the second time Imeh would wake the entire neighborhood with false alarm.

He had made a plan to force his uncle to send him back to the village because he was missing his friends at home.

"They call me a child but I'm going to prove to them that I'm smart," he had said to himself.

"Why would mom allow uncle David to bring me to this lonely city home in the name of sending me to a better school? I'm going to feign sick or do something that would leave him no choice than to return me back to the village," he concluded.

He soon began to carry out his plan. But as fate would have it, it was not long before a snake crawled in and bit him right inside his room. He screamed, writhe and wailed but nobody bothered to come. They called it another deceit.


The boy and the wolf of the jungle

José is a happy boy, he lived in a jungle hut with his family and he always liked to go out and explore the place, in one of those outings I can see a wolf and since then he went out every day to see if he saw it again, and He never saw it, he thought it was just his imagination and he became very sad.

In a few days the boy tells his parents to go to the lagoon to catch butterflies, sitting on the shore heard a noise among the trees, when he turned around, he was surprised to see the wolf come out and approached him although he was very scared because he seemed furious, even so, he approached slowly to the great wolf, but when he was a meter away, the wolf turned around and escaped.

The boy ran in his search and shouted Wolf comes back! And he followed it until the wolf stopped, the Child approached and realized that it was not bad, On the contrary, he was very affectionate and since that day they are very good companions.


In the city of Athens, a young child went to the bank of Erivan’s River, to fetch water. That very evening a hungry Wolf came up to the stream, hunting for something to eat. He soon got his eyes on the child.

Mr. Wolf, wanted to eat her but the child looked very helpless and innocent that the wolf felt he ought to have some kind of excuse for taking the life of the child.

Wolf: “How dare you paddle around in my stream and stir up all the mud! He shouted fiercely. You deserve to be punished!

Child: “But your highness,” do not be angry I can’t muddy the water while fetching water.

Wolf: you do muddy it! Retorted the wolf savagely. And besides I heard you told lies about me last year!

Child: I didn’t!

Wolf: if it wasn’t you, it was your brother!

Child: I have no brothers.

Wolf: Well, then it’s someone in your family, But no matter who it was, I don’t intend to be talked out of my breakfast.

And without more words the Wolf seized the child, “the child wailed Wolf please! Wolf please!” and the Wolf ate the child.

The child who cried wolf
The doctor of animals in the jungle is fox, One wolf went to the cave to take the medicine of fever.
then he saw a beautiful lady rabbit lying in silence.
wolf Said to the fox, I am again suffering into fever, now can I wine is eaten for fever?
fox said, that's the biggest medicine now.
The wolf sent fox to buy wine with money. Prior to the return of fox, he had done sexual intercoarce for three times with the female rabbit. But there was no such change in the rabbits,she did not stop him.
The wolf asked the wolf, who is this rabbit?
Said the fox, she had come from nearest village to cure AIDS!
One child passing the cave of fox, he follow all the things and make a funny sound...
opps wolf, opps wolf....
How it is possible?😃😃
And he is the only child who cried wolf to make fun with him(wolf)

The priest and the servant

One day I went to the village called san benito, because he didn't feel safe, there stumbled me across the sins a clergyman who, coming to beg, I wonder if it is wise to say mass, I said if, finally, the cleric I accept as a servant of the tapeworm wrench an old chest and lockable always in his coat, in the House there was to eat only was a bunch of tomatoes, locked with a key, I asked him the key on one occasion me the sedio, said; - Jack and devuelmela immediately - instead of tomatoes hanging from a wall , the counted tapeworms if I ate I cost expensive. After 3 weeks I was with, I got skinny my legs felt them weakened and pure hunger, and use my tricks did not have occasion or happiness, when we were at the Offertory an eye it had on people and the other in me, was able to steal you a coin , And hiding their pettiness I said many things at your discretion, but the miserable lied, because he ate as a dog and drank more than a quack, and ask God every day to kill him.

The House of Terror

Long lived 3 young people called jose, daniel, and Luis Jose was that Daniel was always was fearful and Luis put the trapas. These young people lived in a dark House was very large average night were in the courtyard of the House looking for a so-called "secret treasure" they were bad with people say that trying to discover the secret neck more returns says 'luis' says José : but I do not think that are just myths and legends says; Daniel will check says; Luis' waiting hopes you are not going to put in or if? Without fear we said; daniel' well okay but on one condition, which? We are going to bring food and traps, when they enter carefully encounter a ghost out chasing the ghost and lost sight of it are going to put the ghost hunting traps says; Luis good idea, end the trap but need bait says; would José which? Look it telling him that it was the bait shy Joseph accepted, they just put a mirror and Jose was there then fell the first Ghost in the trap and flew to mirror the

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The child who cried wolf

There was a liar child in a village, which located at the side of forest. He is always screaming by wolf! wolf! wolf!
The villagers come to save him but he laugh and make fun with them. One day he really wolf came to him & he is crying that day! wolf! wolf! but none come to save him, everyone thought he make fun.
As a result wolf killed him.

so no one should make fun with serious issue, if make it, he will vein today or tomorrow.

hello this is my entry.

Andrés was a 3-year-old son of a very humble woman who worked as a servant with a very wealthy family. His mother always took him to work because he had no one to leave him with. One day some criminals entered the mansion and killed all the servants including the mother and took the child thinking that he was the boss's son. With the intention of asking for a ransom for him, by not giving it to him they decided to abandon him in the middle of the jungle, where he was raised with a pack of wolves. Those animals taught him to eat, to hunt and how to walk in the jungle to defend against predators. Time later it was found by some hunters who kept him with them while adapting him to civilization, teaching him to talk and to walk since he did it on all fours. Once civilized, they took him to the city to tell his story. The boy who is now a young man does not remember his biological mother but he does miss his wolf pack that raised him and taught him to survive in that world that he considers wonderful as is the jungle.


Jason the only son of Mr and Mrs Lawrence decided to help his father by becoming a shephred boy just like his fsther. But he was always bored, as most times he was not in the company of his friends, he always sit on the hillside watching his father's sheep. And so he decided that he was going to play prank on the father, and the villagers, by shouting Wolf is coming to destroy the sheep, Please help!
He succeeded in bringing both the parents and the villagers out, three times by cryingout Wolf! Wolf! When they came to help him, they discovered it was just a prank. His parents been so angry with his actions, gave him the beating of his life and warned him to stop deceiving people, but jason never heed to the advice because he took it as fun.
The Wolf however came at last and the shephred boy now really alarmed, shouted in agony, prayed for help but none came because they felt it's one of Jason's prank again. The Wolf, at his leisure lacerated the whole flock and the boy narrowedly escaped death. Experience became his best teacher in life.


John was an undergraduate of osun state University who loved to play pranks. One night he called his friend that they were been robbed in his hostel and he needed help. His friend called some other guys with whom he rushed down to help John but to their amazement john was in front of his room cooking Jollof rice and this annoyed his friend and everyone that came to help him. A Month later john got a distress call from his younger sister who was in first year in the same University and he called his friends to follow him there to help his younger sister but nobody believed him as they thought it was one of his usual pranks. John had to go to the police station which was quite far to her hostel and before they got to his sister’s hostel she had been raped by the armed robbers that came to rob her hostel and this left John shattered and in regrets. The incident left a big scar in his heart and he swore never to cry wolf again

the child who cried wolf

Mr Edafe, his wife and their 7 year old son were returning from church one evening when they decided to take a short bushy path because they did not want to get home late. They child was in front of them when they saw him suddenly turn around and started running towards them, screaming; "dad, snake! snake!"

Before he could scream "snake!" The third time, Mr. Edafe had already left his wife and kid, running back as fast as he could. It was when his wife shouted, "honey are you leaving us here to die?" That he stopped abruptly, picked a stick nearby and started running back towards them. He ran passed them and stopped abruptly again.

He bent down to observe the object lying across the road. Suddenly he gave a loud laugh and shouted, "this child will not kill person o! Make una come make we dey go jare! Na stick!"

Little Angela walked hurriedly to her parents with an expression of horror on her face. Her white pyjamas was stained with blood, she cried loudly in pains on the door-way to her house where she exclaimed to be bitten by some wired animal. This attracted her parents to quickly run for her rescue. As they ran to help her up, without warning, she started laughing intensely which signified "it was a prank". This made her parents dumbfounded due to the fear engrossed in their hearts.

Again, little Angela called her dad one cold afternoon, crying to him on how she was knocked by a car after salsa rehearsals. Angela dad with fidgeting hands quickly entered his car in great fear and drove towards her rehearsals centre, as he was driving with so much speed and became close to the scene, his car hit a pole which made it stumble. There he was, dead!

Little Angela who was siting her dads car from afar in order to laugh at him once again, ran in tears to his car and held his shoulders in pool of blood. She cried and screamed- It was a prank!, Dad, please wake up!PhotoGrid_1531046808904.jpg


Fred, the only son of Mr and Mrs johnson is an asthma patient but this little secret his parent only disclosed to his class teachers because they didn't want the other students in school to feel they need to exclude him from their activities. Fred knew this and took advantage of it, he would feign sickness sometimes just so that he could escape been punished. Samuel his closest friend persuaded him to tell him why the teachers are usually very cautious with him and he told Samuel his secrets after Samuel promised never to tell anyone. Samuel and Fred were in trouble once again after reporting to class 30 minutes after the break time had ended and Fred as usual tried to deceive the teacher but Samuel told the teacher how Samuel as always been pretending all this while and this made the teacher very angry that he punished Fred severely. One faithful day Fred had an asthma attack and the teacher who thought Fred was pretending so he could go home early ignored him but thankfully the teacher exuded to check Fred and noticed it was serious. Fred was counselled and promised never to play such pranks again.

Mama osariemen was about to prepare their evening meal at about 6:30 p.m when she asked osahon, her neighbor's 9 year old son to help her watch osariemen, her 3+ year old son. She wanted to rush the cooking before papa osariemen would return from work.

In front of their compound was a ring well that the outer ring was not very far from the ground. They have been told to raise it higher several times but they have been paying deaf ear to it. 15 minutes after she went inside, osariemen ran to her in the kitchen shouting with teary eyes, "osariemen don't fall inside well!!" "How??" She shouted and rushed straight to look inside the well.

She saw the water shaking but couldn't see inside clearly. "Oh my God! This pikin don kill me o..!!" She kept shouting. She rushed inside to get her touch light so she could see inside the well clearly. As she opened her door, she saw osariemen sitting quietly on the sofa, all by himself. "Osariemen, how did you get in here?" "Devil is a liar! See the way this pikin wan kill me just now!" She knelt down and started thanking God.

This is my entry.

Daniel was a very lonely child, because of the problems that his parents had that at every moment they were fighting. So as not to hear them discussing, he always went to a forest near his home. He left in the morning and returned in the night and his parents never noticed him, until one day he decided to leave his house to live in the forest. He said that he felt more secure with his friends in the forest, the birds and the rabbits that lived there. One night sleeping in his shelter in the hollow of a tree, I hear the howl and fight between several wolves, he felt scared but he stayed calm until he felt a little wolf cub that entered his cave. When the puppy saw him he got between his legs falling asleep. At dawn he woke up feeling the lambido of the puppy in his face and said to him- little friend, now you will be my companion, I know that I will never be alone again. From that moment they became inseparable. Legend has it that in that forest deep inside a boy lives with his wild wolf.

On a cold night in the Selva amazonica, there was a little boy called a wolf, they lived far from the city because his father was a hermit, and he did not love the bustle of the city, and he went to live with his wife and his son to whom he gave that name because the wolf was very hairy.
One night when they were asleep, some hunters approached the cabin, and the parents did not notice and the wolf started crying, but their weeping was like howling wolves, the hunters listening to listen that the wolves stalked and ran away, the astonished parents rushed to the room to calm the poor wolf who cried incossible, calmarze explained to their parents, and thanks to their crying the hunters did not bother again, as a result of that there was created the story of the child who cries like a Wolf.

Hello my entry

the child who cried the wolf

There was Once in a forest an abandoned child cried, some wolves passed in droves heard the cry of the poor child. The wolves were moved and took him to help him gave him fruit. The child was raised in the forest with the wolves, spend time and the child was 8 years old and his parents.
Wolves died the boy sat on a rock and cried for the wolves.

child who cried a wolf

Daniel and his father went hunting and in the middle of hunting they see a wolf fighting with a bear, the surprised father hides with his son behind a tree, the wolf has his calf and tries to protect him from the attack of the peri bear the bear kills the Wolf. The bear is leaving. And the father and his son come to see the little wolf, the father takes the wolf with the child and decides to take care of it until it is big enough to be free. Then Daniel becomes friends with the wolf and they live great adventures together until the wolf grows and it is time to release the wolf and between tears the child dismisses the wolf and lets him be free.

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The boy and the Wolf

In a neighborhood away from the village at 6 o'clock in the evening and with it the darkness the inhabitants are shut up in their homes scared and silent by the howls of Wild Dogs that come out of the thick jungle that make even the snakes hide. Only a child that no one knows who he is and where he came from dares to leave with that frenzy of howls but nothing happens, the neighbors wait to arrive the next day to see what has happened to be surprised by the courage of that child. One day they decided to hide in the bushes to see what happened when the child goes into the jungle and are surprised to see that he simply played with those ferocious wolves that see the child leave their laments and just run to him to lick and receive their petting. The neighbors approach without fear and only receive licks from those wolves that are not as ferocious as they seem. As the boy moves away from the Wolves and the jungle, that frenzy of howling begins again like a weeping of wolves for the company of that child.

La historia puede ser escrita en español?


Rubén was a dark-skinned boy, he lived in the woods in a cabin with his grandfather, his parents died in a tragic accident when Rubén was just a baby, so he lived in his grandparents, but his grandmother had died the previous year.
In the forest, Rubén has a friend with a friend, and as much as he calls her with a grunt, and both communicate, they have such an intimate friendship that one can say that Rubén also considers himself a wolf.

One day Rubén is in the forest as if he were a habit and other wolves try to kill him, but the wolf friend of Rubén defends him, attacks the other wolves, Rubén survives but his Wolf does not, and it is when the little Rubén cries his wolf.


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Cristóbal was a boy who liked to go to the forest a lot to play, especially at the edge of the river to throw stones because he liked the sound of the splash of the stone falling into the river.

One day he was very angry and went to his favorite place to relax, but his annoyance was so much that he threw the stones into the river with great force and they did not fall into the river but they passed through it, on the other side of the river was the wolf taking water on the shore and at that moment Cristobal lassoed a stone so hard that it injured the wolf, the boy seeing what he had done was to help the poor animal and help him.

The boy and the wolf became good friends and the wolf introduced him to his friends and family as THE CHILD WHO CRIED WOLF.

Miguel was a 7-year-old boy who lived with his mother in the forest. They ate what they hunted, when his mother fell ill and he died alone. He lived for a time in his hut, but then he moved to a cave where he fed on meat that he hunted in a peculiar way, climbed on a deer and beat them with sticks to kill him. When the wolves began to appear Miguel shared the meat with them little by little he was accepted as one of the pack. When they went hunting, Miguel howled and the wolves came and accompanied him wherever he went.
If he cried when he remembered his mother the wolves pulled him by the arms with his mouth until making him laugh; So it was 5 years, until one day a Forest Guard found him, he was a boy who walked stooped with long hair to the waist and covered with deer skins. His feet were full of calluses, because he was barefoot, and he barely knew a handful of words. They say that when he acquired more vocabulary, what he always said: "Someday I will return to my home with my brothers wolves"

The Wolf who Cried Boy
Little Roof was very excited to be on his first watch. The moment he saw the boy with the strange round object he sounded the alarm. His howl was more of a yelp, but he yelped as hard as he could until the big wolves came.
‘Silly cub, it’s just a boy playing with a ball’.
The next day, Little Roof spotted a boy with a stick in his hands. He knew danger when he saw it and yelped the alarm once again.
The big wolves shook their heads and Big Roof, his father, spoke with an angry voice:
‘It’s just a boy gathering firewood. Stop wasting our time’.
The third day, more men came carrying big black sticks in their hands.
Little Roof did not make a sound, but slid back quietly into the heart of the forest and hid in a bush. Just in case.
‘It’s around here that I heard the wolf howling’, the boy said.
The villagers crept their way into the clearing, where all the big wolves were sleeping and killed the whole pack.

The child that wounded the wolf.

Juan Simón, was a boy who spends his time in the streets of Caracas selling sweets in order to help his mother. Juan, like every day, was walking through the center, checking each footprint as if searching for something, when suddenly his eyes could not believe it, he had found an object that he could not identify, he approached slowly and could realize that it was a box with something very bright inside, maybe it was a precious stone or something, he came a little closer as if wanting nobody else to see it and in that a big hairy figure got in his way, it was a huge wolf looking at him fixedly!!! Juan heard in his head a voice telling him not to get closer than that treasure belonged to him. Juan a little confused could not understand how he heard the voice of that wolf, but he was filled with courage and decided to fight and with all his strength he hit the wolf and could leave him wounded and he took that box with the treasure, he ran like never before in his life , ran looking back to make sure that the wolf was not chasing him in that fell into a huge hole that made him feel a void in his stomach, only to then wake up startled and realize he was in his bed, he wondered about his treasure As he looked towards his side his mother hugged him and a light that filtered through the ceiling illuminated his face, Juan understood that his treasure was his beautiful mother.

Thiago a child who was orphaned at 10 years of age, his parents were intercepted by some thugs, when they were in their tomato crop. The thugs wanted to strip them of their belongings and the fruits, they resisted and unfortunately murdered them. Since then Thiago was alone with his grandmother who took care of him, the child was very hurt by what happened to his parents, little by little his heart hardened and he was always on the defensive of everything, he told his grandmother that he was going to do justice to his parents. One day the grandmother sent him to pick tomatoes to grow, when suddenly he heard a noise and the earring and once prepared with a stone in his hand began to look for where the noise came from, in that moment he began to imagine what They had made their parents and started to get angry, the sound was that of a wolf that when he saw Thiago was on him, the boy could injure him with the stone he had with him and that's how he got rid of him.