@steemcreative Super Happy Fun Contest of Joy and Mayhem // Week 2 // 25 Steem Prize!


Welcome one and all!

Last week was such a success that we're just giddy to continue the Super Happy Fun Contest of Joy and Mayhem!

We had 23 fantastic submissions and 75 comments on our first contest post!
We are working on putting together some runner up prizes which we can hopefully implement starting next week.

The main prize will be 25 Steem, but there's a bit of a catch....

We want you to nominate another user's post!



We want to help encourage user interaction and reward people not only for their creativitiy, but also for their interactions and engagement on the platform.

Who Is Eligible?

This contest is open to ANY creative post. Not limited to art, but also music, film, needlework, sculpting, mime, or whatever else has a creative element.

So what do you get for nominating?

Well, this is the cool part. We are splitting the prize.

The person that nominates the winning post will receive 10 Steem and the Post creator will receive 15 Steem.

How cool is that?

It's very cool.

We will also be throwing random upvotes on meaningful comments in the contest post, as well as upvotes on entries submitted to further engage and reward. We just keep giving!

As we grow and keep this contest chugging along, we have plans to add to the prize pool to have three winning entries each week.

When Does This begin?

The contest will start with this post and will run from Sunday, October 28th through Friday, November 3rd 8pm CST / Saturday 1am UTC.

Remember, you are nominating someone else's creative post! Self-nominating will not be counted.


  • I see cats in your header picture. Why?

    • Because they are part of the witness team!

  • How do I enter?

    • Step 1 - Find a creative post that you want to submit
    • Step 2 - Put the link of that post in the comments of this post
    • Step 3 - Spread the word about your selection
    • Step 4 - Win?

  • How are the winners chosen?

    • The winners will be chosen by our celebrated and decorated hirsute feline judges with consideration of engagement on the post via non-bot comment upvotes and comments.

  • Can I submit my own post?

    • Sure, but it will be disqualified from winning! The idea here is to promote other Steemians you silly rabbit.

  • Do I have to upvote or resteem the contest post?

    • We would appreciate resteems in order to get Streets Ahead.

  • Is Streets Ahead a common phrase?

    • Well, if you don't know then you're probably Streets Behind.

Thank You For Your Witness Vote!

The link below will allow you to vote for our witness. We would be proud to have your vote to help us keep these kind of initiatives and rewards going.

@steemcreative is a joint witness venture and first Husband and Wife witness team of @swelker101 and @isaria, focusing on user engagement, creative content curation, contests, and supporting worthy projects.

Vote @steemcreative for Witness!

Thanks guys!

Shane (@swelker101) and Isaria... And Snibby The Cat... And Jeffy the Cat

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Hey! I nominated this one over to @curie but they didn't formally pick it up. I want to nominate @rhethypo for a work of original fiction that captivated me and intrigued me about the world he's built, found here: https://steemit.com/writing/@rhethypo/gatekeeper-short-story-guilt-and-guile. You guys are awesome for doing this!

~ Mako

If I can nominate a second post (let this one not count if I can only nominate one), here's an under-appreciated artist: https://steemit.com/dreamkeepers/@dreamkeepers/comm-42-cyber-portal

~ Mako

I have been wating since saturday to share this here. this video is amazing and It needs to be seen by the masses! https://steemit.com/art/@satorid/8l27yesb. I've been enjoying @satorid s collages for a while but this is really special.

So happy to have a chance to share this amazing post with a stunning video for a new song "Haunted" by @yidneth.
I had first heard about where they were doing this video shoot at an abandoned house, on a discord chat - what an incredible find for an incredible shoot! This really tweaked my interest and then right in time for Samhain/Halloween it appeared - Blew my mind! Treat yourself and check it out at: https://steemit.com/music/@yidneth/g8wlbaj3


I'm really happy you liked the video :) and we have brought a little bit of life to that abandoned house :)


Yes, now it can live forever on the blockchain, Youtube and where ever else that video is shown. Awesome, Awesome stuff!


I have premiered my last two official ones on all networks at the same time including here :), will be a year late January that I'm around.


Excellent! I is well worth having on what ever platforms you can - Beautiful work!

Greetings from Venezuela! I've been really passionate about Art and Creativity in the physical world so now that I'm entering the blockchain sphere I'd like to extend my support to some marvelous creators I've found here as well because I truly believe that creation should always be upraised ✨... It's really nice from you to open this space for us 🙏, because (at least in my case) my votes or resteems don't make a big difference on people's posts so here there's a chance to show my appreciation... it's awesome!
I literally fell in love with this work https://steemit.com/art/@jsf/acrylic-painting-on-wood-process-moving-matter so it will be my pick this time..
I was really impressed by the level of details and visual depth. There's so much movement and emotion in it... amazing, I also find the mix of abstract, fluid shapes with implicit graffiti elements fascinating...
Probably I was even more impacted by the fact that what I saw in the post is kind of a piece of history since the artwork doesn't exist anymore... It ended up being ephemeral...
Best of luck to all creators! 🌟

hello friends, Nomino to @dianakyv, I liked this MOHANA publication in the sing it contest, creativity with its voice and the animated character next to it.


Hello dears! I loved this post by @montanacellist in open mic! With a great sonority, expressive phrases in a awesome musical genre. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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You're very welcome.

Yes, the story begins with "The Dog is Arrogant." lol.

Count me in.. Let me go and hunt down creative works.. Must the work be on only the steem community??


Yes. We are looking specifically for people on the platform. Thanks!

Hello @steemcreative I want to nominate this creative and beautiful illustrated alphabet inspired by snakes. The author (@bharathi22) of this alphabet did it as part of a contest for Instagram, really this alphabet is very charming. I hope you like it.


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Hi, thanks for the opportunity, Check the work of this artist, his illustrations are very good, I think he deserves love!: