WAPAT (W.rite A P.aragraph A.bout T.hat) writing contest! $1 sbd for the best prize.

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1.Write a paragraph inspired by the image and leave it in the comments. 2. Upvote the post. 3. Follow my profile. 4.I'll choose my favorite for a $1 sbd prize! ready set go!

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Daniel had just joined the Steemit community, and was feeling a little confused, until he saw a whale swim by in all its magnificent beauty. That was the moment he knew what he wanted to be.

The black represents evil in general sense and white represents good. so the many black shows that sharks are mostly dangerous but the white depicts goodness that nature has put in it. its beauty as its good. The boy playing with it shows that human like danger but also see the good in iit probably as a source of amusement .


That's a whale.


my bad... a whale . i used the description of a sharks appearance to describe the scenery

The cord tightened around Joey's hand as the whale slowly lifted off the ground. Buoyed by the light breeze. Joey maneuvered to his left bringing the whales head directly into the wind. A break in the clouds presented a clear runway of sky. Joey dropped the tag line as the whale, with a flip of it's tail broke free and disappeared into the endless blue depth.


Nicely done! Thanks for playing.


Thanks for hosting!
I hope to see much more participation, resteemed!

What a flying whale. I hope as you are working on steemit you will one day be that flying whale with plenty comments and upvotes on your post. Seeing your SBD grow like a wide fire everyday

Phrodo has amazing ambition. He wants to earn money to support his mother, who works 5 jobs a day. He has always loved writing and he found Steemit! It felt like he has found a shining ray of HOPE! He can finally use his skills to earn money for his mother! But, reality is harsh and unfair. His writings are sinking within the huge seas of fishes, minnows, dolphins and whales. When he saw a whale swimming around upvoting posts that are lower quality than his, He told himself, "I'm gonna be a much bigger whale than you and develop minnows to be whale!! I will be better than you!" That signifies the beginning of Phrodo's newly found ambition on Steemit.

Look it's a bird. Look it's a plane. Look it's a whale? What? What's it mean? How'd they? Hey Mikey let's go to the park and fly your whale? Who in their right mind... A whale? To each his own I guess. I think if I had a giant something to fly it'd be anything but a whale. Maybe a camel or a donkey... Yeah a giant jackass is what I'd get. I mean after all I've heard of flying fish and monkeys that fly out of people's buttocks but I've never seen nor heard of a flying jackass..... I wonder if it's filled with Steem?