Steem Monsters Cartography Contest Finalists!!!

4년 전

Steem Monsters Cartography Contest Finalists!!!

These are the finalists for the Steem Monsters Cartography Contest!

Based on the submissions, we saw 2 types of maps that we really liked:
Antique Style Flat Maps and Floating World Maps.

So, we want to include both types of maps in the game.
We're going to meet with each finalist this week to discuss more specifics about what we would like to see on the maps.

The finalists can then present their final map idea and we will choose the winners next week!

We will have 2 winners for this final map contest:
One for an Antique Style Flat Map and one for a Floating World Map.

Congratulations to the finalists and thanks to everyone who submitted!

Antique Style Flat Map - First Place Winner - 30 Booster Pack Prize!

Steem Monsters Cartography Challenge
by @j3cesar

Steem Monsters Cartography Challenge! My 2nd Entry by @j3cesar

Antique Style Flat Map - Second Place Winner - 20 Booster Pack Prize!

Steem Monsters Cartography Challenge! My Map Entry by @dksart

Floating World Map - First Place Winner - 30 Booster Pack Prize!

Steem Monsters Cartography Competition Submission by @omitaylor

Floating World Map - Second Place Winner - 20 Booster Pack Prize!

Steem Monsters Map by @wholeself-in

Runner Ups - 5 Booster Packs Each!

by @ty2nicerva

Steem Monsters Cartography Competition Submission As Floating Islands!
by @berniesecretary

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Whoa, we have so many inhouse artist here. Its like war craft 😄


It Sure Is!

Congratulation @omitaylor: you rock! :)

I love the maps! The flat maps are easier for me to conceptualize but maybe the floating maps will make sense when we are able to zoom in.


I can't speak for all but my sketch was just a drawing I was modeling from. The 3d model in progress is on my page in the actual post. ♥️ That model can be split apart and viewed top down or from any angle, and zoomed into or out of. It can be placed on a flat map too, as well as, a flat or 3d map of each individual continent.

For scale, the center island is supposed to be the size of Australia. 😂

Everything is massive, so that Dragons are massive in contrast to people, and mountains are massive in contrast to dragons. I just can't get that much detail on a drawing.

It may be confusing because I conceptualized a dragon being carved into the side of the dragon mountain and other possible artifacts like flame-size, but an actual dragon would be small compared to the megalithic carving, which is larger as it's so far behind (and I could have blurred it to imply that but didn't.) I understand no one can see in my head though. And I guess I didn't want to reveal too much. My map was the first 3d and floating island and several came after. No issue with that, that's awesome, however; I figured I would get detailed later if I placed.

Same for the names and other graphical elements. We were not given any instruction to do that. So I didn't want to get disqualified by not following the instructions. Had I known it was okay, I probably would have.

Hope you check out the next round. Would love your feedback.

Just came across this blog, very interesting

@dkart please join discord and find me there to talk about one last round for this.


Thank you for the opportunity. ♥️

Awesome, thanks! :) Nice job everyone

Congratulations to all the winners! A lot of hard work went into each entry.

Congratulations.... great work

Yay! This is awesome. Maybe my kids and I can open the decks Live. ♥️

Thank you, I'm so excited to get some cards!

Is really awesome see the progress of this project. Steem Monsters is one of my favorites crypto games.

@jimramones this is perfect for you man!