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For my participation in the Build the Earth construction hunt for this week, I would like to showcase a very good presentation from the Build The Earth team in Germany. I must truly commend this team, their builds were truly astonishing and I was astounded by the display of the builds both during the day and at night.

I totally recommend checking out these builds by taking a view at the YouTube channel of Build The Earth by clicking on the link HERE

There are lots of videos to choose from but sadly I can't display all of them at the same time which is why I decided to write about the Best Top 3. However, the rest of the videos speaks nothing less of true skills, talents and experience, which is why I suggest checking out the rest of these videos for your viewing pleasure.!/v/stephenpaul/s0v4ts1uit1

Now let's discuss the top three builds by the BTE Germany team thus:


Hauptwache is located in the central city of Frankfurt, Germany. The German word translates to "main guardroom" literally in English and accommodates one of the most famous plazas in the city. This Build was constructed by the creative hands of Mr Würstchen Ganjaguy and Ehrenlachs. And I really think they did an amazing job. The build exhibits the formal guardroom with a cafe as well as the Hauptwache building, which is displayed in Minecraft, showing a stunning replica of the real buildings.

Also, the buildings surrounding the Hauptwache such as the kaufhof and the rest of the departmental stores etc were all elegantly built in a very creative attempt. I couldn't help but notice the remarkable projection of the nighttime. The plaza came alive, powered by electricity,the moon glancing with a thousand Stars....

Still on the same scene; from an incredible aerial projection, you can see the hole right there in the Hauptwache plaza surrounding. The depressed tunnel actually leads to an underground pedestrian area, with several shops and the public transportation station. The locals call it "das loch" which means the hole in English.


This build was created by Mr Mlgilo and this construction is of a city in northern part of Nurmberg. Nurmberg is the second largest city of the state of Bavaria, right after its capital state of Munich. Just as the ominous narrator rightly said, Nurmberg is one of the most recognized cities in Germany because of its role and involvement during the Nazi era. The city was one of the major sites for Nazi rallies and later on, it provided the venue for the Nazi trails, where most Nazi officials accounted for their practices.

There was a very outstanding attempt by the builder to replicate the numerous buildings in the metropolitan city, accounting for the infrastructural civilization of the city. Also, you can clearly hear the builder giving out helpful tips for the construction of a decent build, in the video's narrative. His ingenuity and efficiency in Minecraft is a product of appropriate detailing and description of the surroundings.

Also, the nature goes a very long way in making the builds attractive, the green colour of the trees and plants lighten up the entire build with a natural ambiance,typical of a real life vegetation and environment. In the nighttime view, you can clearly notice the perfect harmony between the trees and the build which combines to describe a delightful evening.

Nurmberg is also quite popular for its attractions which include but are not limited to the imperial castle, St Lorenz church and the Nazi trail grounds. There are also over 50 museums in this gorgeous city. Fun fact: The most intriguing tourist attractions is the 500 year old Haller Madonna artwork and the world's oldest globe.


The top build is the bewildering reichstag building in the metropolitan city of Berlin,the German capital. The Reichstag is a historic edifice in Berlin and has been renovated twice, between 1961-1964 and 1992-1999. The huge structure has a height of 42m which is approximately 154ft. The Reichstag is the second most visited site for tourist attraction.

The build was constructed by DasBirnenDing and is totally deserving of the first place position. The entire build was a complete replica of the live structure with milkly and white coloured blocks used for the main building.

Another striking replica in this build is the glass dome at the top of the building. The Dome is one of the major reasons why the Reichstag has received so much attention. The main hall of the parliament can be seen from the dome and visitors register prior to any visitation.

I hope you enjoyed this short tour of Germany. I really did enjoy the video, especially the short descriptions from the narrators, it was really helpful and enabled the viewers to understand what the builds are all about, although briefly.

Here's the full video from the BTE Germany team, take your time and enjoy!

Specials thanks to @cmp2020 for introducing build the earth contest to the steemit community as well as the group of curators and supporters. Join the BTE community on steemit with the link HERE

Don't forget to leave a comment stating your candid thoughts and opinions. What do you think of the builds? which is your personal favorite?

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