30th August Betting Update

2년 전

Another above 50% return today, but profit eludes us.

Betting Bank Yesterday £1,712.17

Racing Bets - £13.50
Greyhound Bets - £3.00
Lottery Bets - £2.50
Acca - No bets

Total Spent £19.00

Returns £12.61
Given away today £6.30
Given away to date* £473.94

*Since June 5th

New Bank £1,705.78

Racing update

Carlisle win only lucky 15, no returns

King Of The Celts Price (3.50) Thu - 1:40 Carlisle - Lost
Stubytuesday Price (7.50) Thu - 2:10 Carlisle - Lost
Rapture Price (2.87) Thu - 2:40 Carlisle - Lost
Queens Gift Price (3.75) Thu - 3:10 Carlisle - Lost

Chelmsford win only lucky 15, return £5.55 half is 3.908 Steem

Mudallel Price (4.00) Thu - 2:30 Chelmsford - Lost
Gripper Price (2.00) Thu - 3:00 Chelmsford - Won
Encrypted Price (5.00) Thu - 4:00 Chelmsford - Won
Oakley Mimosa Price (3.75) Thu - 5:00 Chelmsford - Lost

Fontwell win only lucky 15, return £6.04 half is 4.253 Steem

Magical Thomas Price (2.37) Thu - 4:35 Fontwell - Won
More Than Luck Price (5.00) Thu - 5:35 Fontwell - Won
Kings Temptation Price (5.50) Thu - 6:05 Fontwell - Lost
Undefined Beauty Price (4.50) Thu - 7:35 Fontwell - Lost

Greyhounds update

Hove win only lucky 15, return £1.02 half is 0.718 Steem

Chantilly In Red @SP Thu - 6:27 Hove - Lost
Prokofiev @SP Thu - 6:44 Hove - Lost
Getrid Benny @SP Thu - 7:03 Hove - Won
Droopys Perfect @SP Thu - 7:17 Hove - Won

Accumulators update

No bets


Trueflip 30th August, no returns

Our numbers 09 10 18 29 31 Bonus 12

Result 48 12 42 31 24 Bonus 07


If you would like to try the Trueflip Lotto please use my referral link below



Back tomorrow for some more bets

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Hey @stimp-bank. If you were to win the jackpot on the euromillions or trueflip, how hard is it going to be to give away half? Ive been following and participating in your contests and have thought it through a few times. You would have to be pretty much the most genuine person on earth to give up, say, half of 32 million euros. Although I guess you would still be lieft with 16 million before taxes. What do you think? Would you still end up giving away half? For the participants it would literally be a windfall! Anyways, thanks for the contests.

!bookkeeping drugwars


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