14th September Betting Update

4년 전

The poor run continues.

Betting Bank Yesterday £1,547.21

Racing Bets - £9.00
Greyhound Bets - £3.00
Lottery Bets - no bets
Acca - No bets

Total Spent £12.00

Returns £6.03
Given away today £3.01
Given away to date* £512.69

*Since June 5th

New Bank £1,541.24

Racing update

Doncaster win only lucky 15, no returns

Anna Nerium Price (9/2) Fri - 1:50 Doncaster - Lost
Well Done Fox Price (14/1) Fri - 2:25 Doncaster - Lost
Ben Vrackie Price (5/1) Fri - 3:00 Doncaster - Lost
Amazour Price (7/1) Fri - 5:10 Doncaster - Lost

Salisbury win only lucky 15, return £3.60 half is 3.214 Steem

Cricklewood Green Price (7/2) Fri - 3:30 Salisbury - Win
Dudley's Boy Price (11/4) Fri - 4:35 Salisbury - Win
Feel Glorious SP Fri - 5:40 Salisbury - Win
Silver Swift Price (4/1) Fri - 6:10 Salisbury - Win

Greyhounds update

Nottingham win only lucky 15, return £2.43 half is 2.169 Steem

Revilo Lilly @SP Fri - 6:22 Nottingham - Win
Kirkfields Wispa @SP Fri - 6:39 Nottingham - Win
Swift Mya @SP Fri - 6:55 Nottingham - Win
Orbsen Jill @SP Fri - 7:09 Nottingham - Win

Accumulators update

No bets


No bets


If you would like to try the Trueflip Lotto please use my referral link below



Back tomorrow for some more bets

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Although I know the odds, still amazed the continuing bad streak!

we will win big no matter what

You play very well !! I also want to learn how to play!

after a day of 0% return on the investment it is good to see at least 50% in the day

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