Free STEEM Silver Round Raffle...

2년 전

I don't know the exact time but I feel like it's only a day left to get your 2019 STEEM silver round so go ahead and make your order then come back and win the 2018 version below!

Well lookie here, I just found one of these 2018 STEEM rounds that are NO LONGER AVAILABLE (unless you want to pay twice as much as the original price) and it's extra, so I am going to send it to you free of charge (if you win (but you won't (but, maybe?)))



How to get into the contest and lose maybe even win!:

  1. Resteem this post

No need to let me know you resteemed, I will use #steemworld to see who has resteemed.

In fact, there is already a potential winner as these six 23 folks are already in the draw!


If your not on the list and think you should be then just resteem this post.

So resteem my post from yesterday (link above and below) and you are in like Flynn.

I will draw the winner in one week from today. All you need to do to enter is resteem the following post:

Here are the contents of the post in the link above.

I don't really know what to say about this because it seems to me I see posts about this all the time. But I guess there are people here on steem that have not heard of the pure silver STEEM coin being minted by longtime Steemian @raybrockman.

This is one ounce of 99.9% pure silver with the STEEM blockchain logo stamped into it. If you love (or even like) #STEEM, #Steemit, #Steampeak, #Steemmonsters, #Steem-Leo, #eSteem, #steem-engine, #tribes, #whales, #orcas, #minnows, #tuna-melt-on-rye, #plankton, #teamaustrailia, #teamwales, #teamcanada, #teamusa, #witnesses, or anything else, then you will love this silver coin.
It costs about $20 usd and can be paid for with crypto INCLUDING STEEM!!!

Buy one here

Good luck my friend

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The new design is awesome, but I'm not able to purchase now - maybe I'll (not lose) win this one!


Hahaha! That's the spirit @wholeself-in! Good luck my friend.

On it! Hope to get a few more sold

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Cheers dude. That's mighty fine of ya. Tip o the hat to you.


Sure thing King! Good luck brother.

  ·  2년 전

Resteemed the post you were looking to get resteemed.. Hope I win. :D


Good luck and thanks!

Ive already bought some but am going to pick up a couple more today before the the sale closes tomorrow.. You can never have to many of these cuz people always want them after they are not available for order anymore.. lol.. I never win and thats fine lol, just want to resteem to help the cause.. 😜


Thanks @moderndayhippie! I hope it helps sell a couple more rounds!

Nice giving up the older round, I hope it goes to a nice home!👍

Arrrh! Thanks for the reminder. Been a wee bit busy over the last 24 hours. ReSteemed!


Good luck Kerris!!

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That's not a Jolly Roger; that's my flag...

Done and done’der!


Okay mofo — resteemed! 😜👍